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Lies, Lies, Lies

You don’t have to know what the truth is to know that she ain’t telling it.

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GAME OVER: WaPo Claims “Facts” Are Subjective

Ever since she blasted Planned Parenthood in the second debate Carly Fiorina has been targeted by the Lamestream (Democrat) Media. First they said she lied about the PP video, then last week The Fact Checker at the Washington Post claimed … Continue reading

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Jammin’ with Lilybug Open Thread

It’s 3 am and this is all I got.

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The Donald vs. 60 Minutes

I’m not gonna tell you what he said because if you were really interested you’d watch the video and if you’re not interested I’d be wasting my time. I will say that he didn’t say anything particularly new or shocking, … Continue reading

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From “Ruminations on the 2016 Election” by The Z Man: The 2016 election is driven in large part by the realization of the frogs that the gas has been on and the water is boiling. It may be too late … Continue reading

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A Picture Is Worth 1000 Words

Can you imagine what it must be like to work for the Obamas? I’m not talking about the political appointees, I’m talking about the permanent White House staff and the military guards. I’m sure the money is good but it … Continue reading

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Freaky Friday Open Thread

I knew it was coming and I still flinched.

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Thursday Open Thread – Autumn Edition

Fall colors somewhere near Williamsburg, VA. Let the cooler weather begin!

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Hoax, Hate Crime, Or Hyperbolic Stupidity?

You can’t make this shit up. On second thought, yes you can. Gerti Wilson was one of the first people to see what was thought to be three makeshift nooses on the Newark, Del., campus. Wilson, who found out about … Continue reading

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This Will Be The Stupidest Thing You Read Today

Maybe all year even. An Open Letter to Katie Pavlich Dear Ms. Pavlich, You don’t know me, and I certainly don’t know you but I wanted to say some things to you since we’re currently occupying the same mile radius … Continue reading

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Tuesday Open Thread ~ Maxine’n’Foil Edition

…and we’re off for Tinfoil Tuesday !

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Live-Tweeting The Emmy Awards

This was me, last night: I don't know who Andy Samberg is but he's not even a little bit funny. #Emmys — I. Dindoo Nuffin (@realmyiq2xu2) September 21, 2015 This could be the worst opening monologue in award show history, … Continue reading

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Ben Carson Can’t Say That, Can He?

Oh, the humanity! Ben Carson: Muslim should not be elected US president Ben Carson, a Republican presidential candidate, has said Islam is antithetical to the US Constitution, and that a Muslim should not be elected president of the United States. … Continue reading

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Bizarro World

We live in a bizarro world where everything is ass backwards. Ahmed’s Clock and what Donald Trump didn’t say are scandals, but Emailgate and Planned Parenthood are not. Cops are bad guys and thugs are heroes. A man wearing women’s … Continue reading

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Saturday Open Thread – Carly The Cosmo Girl Edition

Hillary’s is some deep doo-doo now, she’s lost the feminists in this one amazing tweet …. "@CarlyFiorina is the candidate I wanted Hillary Clinton to be" — Cosmopolitan (@Cosmopolitan) September 18, 2015

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Here Comes Lilyputt Open Thread

Guess who climbed the ladder to the upper bunk of her brother’s bed today? That’s why she looks so pleased with herself. Her mom, on the other had, had mixed emotions (fear and pride) and a new crop of grey … Continue reading

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Friday Open Thread : Trump 1990 Oprah Interview Edition

You may think this is a Trump thread, whether you support him or not, the man never changes his, uhm, persona. I just find that an interesting quality about him. So no, it’s not a fangirl post, but I’m starting … Continue reading

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Carly Kicks Ass

Fight like a girl: Carly’s Night From the beginning of her campaign for president, Carly Fiorina has had to deal with lowered expectations, encapsulated in a frequent question: Aren’t you just running for vice president? “People ask that because I’m … Continue reading

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GOP Debate Open Thread

I didn’t want my Taylor Swift thread getting sullied so I’m starting a fresh one. Is anybody watching the Kid’s Table Debate? I gotta go mow the lawn.

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Taylor Swift Is A-Maze-ing

If you live in the vicinity of Maryland you can see it for yourself. This is an open thread.

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