Yes, this email thing really IS serious!


Hillary’s Shills are out in force these days, claiming various things and asserting various defenses. They want us to believe that this whole email kefluffle is a big nothingburger. She didn’t do anything wrong and besides, everybody does it. These are not the servers you are looking for. Move along.

It is serious. In fact, it’s a Big Fucking Deal.

It all started with Benghazi. Obama and Hillary claim they have nothing to hide, but when the investigation starts they stall and delay producing records, then finally produce a few and claim the rest are lost or privileged.

Eventually it is revealed that Hillary kept a private email server that she used exclusively for official and personal business. This is against both law and official Obama policy.

After months of delay she produces thousands of printed documents rather than electronic copies. She claims she deleted everything else and says she will not produce the server. Then we find out the server was professionally wiped.

Eventually (despite her claims to the contrary) we find out she was sending and receiving classified information on her unsecured private server. This is both a huge security risk and a serious crime. People have gone to prison for less.

She has been caught in numerous lies. Her private IT guy is taking the Fifth to avoid self-incrimination. Hillary and her minions have been caught in numerous lies and misstatements.

Meanwhile she keeps running for president while claiming she did nothing wrong and has nothing to hide.

Does this seem overwrought? How much worse does it have to get before you think it is serious?

I didn’t even mention the Clinton family “charity” and trading official favors for donations thingie. The server would be a key piece of evidence in that investigation too.

This is way more serious than anything Nixon ever did.

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  1. Myiq2xu says:

    Benghazi took place in 2012. It is almost 3 years later and Hillary is still stonewalling, hoping to run out the clock.

  2. Myiq2xu says:

    Clinton spokesman: I don’t understand what people mean when they say she “wiped” her email server:


  3. jeffhas says:

    I’m still going with she needs to get Obama to pardon her preemptively BEFORE the FBI wants to file charges… of course this would look TERRIBLE, but she still might be able to finish running for President. Until then she’s playing this game of chicken whereby ‘maybe’ the FBI won’t pursue charges, THEN she wouldn’t need a pardon, and she could continue the race for President (as a stronger candidate then one under investigation/indictment).

    What I think is going to happen; she’s getting indicted. BO will pardon here – but the indictment means she’s out…. period. Biden is in (which is what BO wanted all along) – these things didn’t happen out of the ether – people don’t find out about her server without White House leaks, etc. The Media isn’t even ASKING why it is The White House has no responsibility for keeping track of whether someone has a personal server or not given 4 years of emails – the media completely protects Obama, and he and his team (Valerie) have made it that way, they are undermining HRC at every turn.

    I’ve said it a thousand times, “She should’ve just stayed in the Senate, she could’ve gotten real things done and run in 2016 (or 2012)”

    It looks to me like she/they got greedy at the idea of being SOS and traveling the world extorting $$ from Governments…. I’m still betting the agreement to no floor vote, suck it up, etc. was all about “You will name me your Secretary of State, then I will cooperate and Bill & I will help you”… The foundation could never had made the kind of dough they made with her as VP.

    But now, they are being played by Obama…. again.

    Her only hope now for that pardon is How Much Does She Know???…

    • Myiq2xu says:

      The Feeb would not announce they are investigating her unless the WH told them to do so.

      • jeffhas says:

        exactly – nothing ‘just happens’ when it comes to investigating a Presidential Candidate and a former SOS/Senator/First Lady.

        I’m not sure she will get a heads up about indictments or not… so Bill better have been on that Golf Course negotiating a Pardon.

        • Myiq2xu says:

          I don’t particularly want to see her in jail, but this kind of shit has got to stop. I’ll be satisfied if she has to end her campaign and drop out. I also want to see every single one of her minions who broke the law barred from any future public office.

          And I want the same thing to happen in future scandals. Zero tolerance for corruption and abuse of power.

  4. Myiq2xu says:

  5. insanelysane says:

    WSJ reports that the rules pertaining to use of private email for business was not the law while Hillary was serving as SOS.( as well as Powell and Rice) The rule was made/changed after her tenure.
    While she and her predecessors served, it was OK to use private email for business.

    From the article ” the Federal Records Act, which requires government employees to use agency accounts in order to store the contents of the emails for historical and transparency purposes.
    However, a new report also show the Federal Records Act was not changed to address the use of private email accounts until after Clinton’s tenure ended, the Wall Street Journal reported…An overhaul was made in 2014 requiring any email sent from a private account to also be copied and forwarded to a State Department account. ”
    I believe you stated that she did send copies to State as required. I realize it may have meant copy electronically, that may be an interpretation.
    To me it looks like she followed the letter of the law.

    As to Benghazi, when I see/ hear some proof of wrongdoing, I will just believe she and Obama are incompetent, but not criminal.
    The video lie was reprehensible and I believe Obama pressured Hillary to lie so he wouldn’t be saddled with having a deadly terrorist attack on the Anniversary of 911 just before the election. I know of Chicago Combine politics and have no reason the think Obama didn’t threaten her.

    • jeffhas says:

      I buy that this is all plausible…. I have thought much the same about Benghazi as well – but an Ambassador DID DIE on their watch, and someone should get to hold them accountable (no one even acts like that’s a big deal – but an F’ING DEAD AMBASSADOR should be a big deal)…. and if they (HRC & BO) were fortunate enough to dodge their responsibility by deflecting a story about the video, etc. etc. lie, lie, it is only fitting that they be brought some serious pain by way of House Oversight committees, etc. It is only a small slice of Justice in my mind… I mean neither of them got dragged out dead into the Libyan streets.

      Incompetence deserves to be held accountable too.

    • leslie says:

      You may be right about incompetence rather than criminal – until the lies began. When I think of Benghazi – and I do – I think of the lies on top of lies on top of lies that were repeatedly told to cover up the incompetence as it were. That the incident was badly mishandled could be chalked up to lack of preparedness and ineptness. The cover up was due to lack of decency and was due to a criminal – or at the very least lack of ethics and I view that as criminal, imo.

      • Underwhelmed says:

        Not to mention the guy who went to prison over the video that had sweet FA to do with Benghazi in the first place. This woman is a stone cold bitch. She crawled into bed with dogs, now the fleas are eating her alive. Serves her right.

    • Myiq2xu says:

    • Venus says:

      Incompetence doesn’t excuse COVER UP AND LIES. Remember Nixon — “it’s not the crime, it’s the cover up.” That’s what the lib idiots like yourself chanted way back then to impeach a POTUS who knew nothing about the rinky-dink break in until AFTER it occurred.

      And COVER UP and LIES is what they (Hillary and Obama) did with Benghazi and what she (Hillary) did with emails.

      “Insane” is the perfect name for you.

    • Myiq2xu says:
  6. jeffhas says:

    Side Benefit to a President Trump:

    Which other candidate would/might put the Barack Obama ‘legacy’ in it’s proper perspective if elected?

    Jeb! will just graciously wax on… ditto all the others… with maybe the exception of Cruz.

    It would be a fitting reward after having the Lightbringer for 8 years if someone would come in and tell the truth about what a Cl*sterf*ck’ has taken place…. Just once ‘d like to hear. “well I inherited this mess from President Obama” after 8 years of hearing BO sing that song about Bush…. but Just once, not all the time, it gets old and tired, but once would be good.

  7. mothy67 says:

    Here is one for the record books. My dentist asked me if I knew I had had a trach. I have seen him twice a year for eight years He wsnted to know if I knew. One does not easily forget breathing through a whole in your throat. I said you know I had two open hearts and you write me profalactive prescriptions every time I see you. He had no idea.

  8. Venus says:

    This is way more serious than anything Nixon ever did.

    Yes it is.
    Sadly, Obama has done way, way worse. But the media will NEVER go after him. Heck, I’m convinced that the *only* reason the media is covering the Hillary story at all is because Obama wants them to (and it’s a story that doesn’t directly implicate him — Sec. of State runs her own department).

  9. gram krakka says:

    As SOS Hillary had both the authority AND responsibility to classify email that she originated. It appears that Hillary herself did not properly “mark” emails that she originated and then sent out via her home bathroom located server.

    It is disingenuous for her to now claim that she didn’t send any emails that were marked “confidential” AT THE TIME when she is the one who failed to properly classify her own “born” confidential emails. Looks like she learned about triangulation lawyer speak from her husband.

    Correspondence on properly secured government servers has to be marked correctly. Higher classifications may require the use of more secure servers than the standard government office server. It is also illegal to paraphrase or copy “marked” correspondence and put that information into an unclassified email in order to skirt requirements.

    Hillary let the Clinton’s paranoia get the best of her. Who was she more paranoid about, the Repubs in congress and the senate or Obama’s oversight via Samantha Powers, Susan Rice, Val Jar, et all?

    • As SOS Hillary had both the authority AND responsibility to classify email that she originated. It appears that Hillary herself did not properly “mark” emails that she originated and then sent out via her home bathroom located server.

      The judge called it a “home-brew” system. I have to agree with what you said here. She’s been thoughtless & careless. It reminds me of stories that were circulating about security brass being worried about Bill Clinton being so careless with nuclear codes while he was president. There are serious trust issues with Hillary. I wanted her to be better than this, but she’s just not.

  10. votermom says:

    Check out attkisson’s TL

  11. mothy67 says:

    Oh my god baby girl forgot her one page of math homework at school. Tears. Devestation. I went to her friends house to make a copy. We were on the grocery store making a copy. What are the odds the woman behind the counter was a student teacher. She took the copy and used white out on the answers. She was at work and she said I wished one of my students cared that much. Somebody is gettinga very nice bottle of wine. I place a high prioity pn education. Itell her I beleve in her.Many times I say fine don’t put in the effort grow up and be a waitress. I waited tables and tended bar for 20 years in Manhattan.Toughest job.

  12. Myiq2xu says:
  13. votermom says:

    James Woods should be the next Press Sec.

    • jeffhas says:

      Can we just title this picture… ‘the pout’


    • leslie says:

      I remember having a book in my childhood with a drawing of a young boy/man reaching toward a reflection of himself in a pool as he gazes longingly and lovingly at that same reflection. Clearly the man/child is in love with his image.
      I may refer to himself as Narcissus from time to time in lieu of bronco.

  14. votermom says:


    • Venus says:


      Love him or hate him, you have to admit the guy can really pick out his opponent’s weakest point and hit on it like a laser.

      • Myiq2xu says:

        The only people upset by Trump’s answers to Hugh Hewitt today weren’t gonna vote for him anyway.

        • Venus says:

          True. Romney knew all the answers on foreign leaders, policy, etc. — and much, much better than Obama did, may I add, because time has proven that everything Romney said about China hacking our emails, Russia being our #1 geopolitical foe, etc, has been proven right — and it didn’t matter one wit. The only people who actually *care* about a candidate knowing those kinds of answers are the political nerds; not the vast majority of voters — and Trump’s appeal is to the masses, not the political nerds.
          Hell, the fact is the only thing a POTUS needs to do is put the *right* person in the *right* job — and Trump has as a better than most shot as doing that as he’s been able to do just that in the business world.

    • DandyTIger says:

      This is the best election cycle ever. Jeb going nowhere and Hillary up in flames. Cathartic.

      • Venus says:

        Failure to Launch Jeb! v. Hill-denburg is fun, isn’t it?

        Almost makes up for the 2008 Dem primary.


        The political establishment/the MSM *actually* thought Bush v. Clinton 2.0 was going to be the BEST THING EVAH!!!!! Could they *be* more out of touch with the rest of the country?

        And Trumpzilla came along and fucked it all up. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

        The establishment elites really have no one but themselves to blame.

        As for me, I think I’m going to buy stock in Orville Redenbacher.

      • jeffhas says:

        It really is delicious.

        • leslie says:

          It makes me a bit nervous, to tell the truth.
          WHEN is the CNN debate? I need to set that evening aside and get some of that popcorn.

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