#HillaryMen Play The Vagina Card


Hey, the race card worked for Obama! Maybe the vagina card will work for Hillary.

Peter Daou and Tom Watson at #HillaryMen:

Ugly Truth: The Hillary Email Issue Is About Making a Powerful Woman Bow Down and Apologize

In the aftermath of a Hillary Clinton interview with Andrea Mitchell, MSNBC is running an online poll asking if Hillary should apologize for using a private email at the State Department.


This comes on the heels of weeks of (mostly male) pundits condescendingly suggesting Hillary should apologize for her actions.

No, Hillary should not apologize for doing what she was legally entitled to do.

This isn’t about the emails anymore. It never was. It’s about making a woman bow down before the powers that be, something Hillary has never done.

Hillary is the one of the most popular women in U.S. political history and the first with a legitimate shot at the White House. She is bold, dignified, and brilliant. She is Hillary Clinton in a world where there isn’t supposed to be a Hillary Clinton. Because of that, the institutional purveyors of gender bias want to tear her down.

Words like “contrite,” “apologize,” and “sorry” imply submission. Hillary’s detractors want to see her grovel. They will hammer away at the email faux-scandal until they get what they want.

And they will blame her for it if they don’t. How many times will we hear the media and commentariat accuse Hillary of “allowing” the email story to drag on? How often will we hear them criticize her for “not putting it to rest?”

What a farce. Hillary can no more stop these people from obsessing over the emails than she can stop the sun from rising tomorrow.

With each new day, the anti-Hillary forces march into battle, fighting to destroy and demean her, to make her sorry for being who she is.

Excuse me for a second.


Okay, where was I? Oh, yeah.

As we learned in 2008 (and many, many times since then) Barack Obama is a nearly perfect human being. He is smarter, wiser and cooler than everybody else. The one and only reason that anyone would criticize or oppose Barack Obama is racism. They hate him for the color of his skin.

Everybody knows that this email thingie is a huuuge nothingburger. Hillary is never made a single mistake in her life. She has nothing to apologize for. She is the second-best qualified person to ever run for President.

The one and only reason that anyone would criticize or oppose Hillary Clinton is sexism. They hate her for her vagina.

No, seriously.



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  1. Myiq2xu says:

    Either my browser or my computer is acting up today.

  2. helenk3 says:

    what an insult to women. We have the capacity to be responsible for our own actions, right or wrong. I do not like using race as an excuse and I really do not like using gender as an excuse for wrongdoing.

  3. helenk3 says:

    off topic

    I thought this would interest you, since you live in California


  4. DeniseVB says:

    Why isn’t Carly Fiorina “historic” ? Why wasn’t Sarah in 2008 ? Maybe because the HeMan Hater’s Club on the left is skerrred of these wimmims ? Can’t “control” them, may as well bash them.

    Both Sarah and Carly are the closest FE leaders we’ll get to Margaret Thatcher, why does the left hate them so ? As far as Hillary goes, I NEVER thought Hillary and Margaret or Sarah as equals, EVER. And like Trump, I just can’t think of the names of those other FE world leaders right now, BUT, I like them 😉

  5. Myiq2xu says:


    If I were to approach a person on the street and list off traits like “doesn’t drive,” “needs food prepared,” “needs help with the remote control,” “needs people to bring her beverages,” “has trouble remembering things,” and “doesn’t pay her own bills” about someone anonymously, he wouldn’t think I was referring to a current presidential front-runner in the year 2015. He would think I was referring to his poor nana, whom he had to place in a home because she wouldn’t stop yelling at the lamp and was at risk of accidentally microwaving her dentures.

    But, as we now know courtesy of the ongoing FOIA e-mail dump, all of these traits accurately describe the current Democratic front-runner and (as she is always eager to remind us) doting grandmother, Hillary Clinton. Amidst the e-mail revelations, an alarming pattern is developing about Clinton’s personal dependency on those inside her inner bubble. She isn’t just delegating important tasks to underlings, as any executive might; these aren’t urgent matters of national security, such as aides’ fetching satellite intelligence or the latest reports relevant to a managing executive. Rather, it appears that Hillary is either helpless or unwilling to perform even the most menial and trivial of daily tasks. In a recently released e-mail from January 3, 2010, she personally messaged an assistant, wishing her a Happy New Year, and then offered a demand list to start the year off:

    I’d like to work w you to prepare a menu for Jason. Also does he give me a monthly bill for the food he buys and prepares for me? Could you or he buy skim milk for me to have for my tea? Also, pls remind me to bring more tea cups from home . . . Can you give me times for two TV shows: Parks and Recreation and The Good Wife?

    Yes, this is the delightful paradox that is Hillary: a woman who claims she will fight for the shrinking middle class but who also happens to employ a personal chef (or Visiting Angel) that she’s not even sure she pays. A candidate who Understands People Like You but apparently isn’t familiar enough with the strange Google machine to look up television listings (I found it in one click after searching “The Good Wife times” and going to the official CBS homepage). A person who was actually in the habit of e-mailing her drink orders to aides at the State Department: “Pls call Sarah and ask her if she can get me some iced tea.”

    Ponder that one again for a moment: She e-mailed one person to call yet another person with an order to bring her a beverage. A normal person, incapacitated and laid out in a hospital bed, can usually get beverage service in fewer steps than what Hillary was requesting.

    • 49erDweet says:

      Wow! Just wow! We’d need to extra staff accommodations to the WH for her. Two more floors wouldn’t cover it.

    • helenk3 says:

      Is she trying to outdo meeeeeschele on creating wh jobs?

    • leslie says:

      Okay, I’m not making excuses for Hillary. But, I STILL don’t know when the one or two programs I like to watch actually air. And in order to remember some things, I leave voice mails for myself and put things right in front of the door so that I don’t forget to take them whenever I do leave. I certainly wasn’t as important as Hillary, nor was my job. But I had to develop strategies so that I could function while working a very stressful job and having only an hour or two at night after returning from long days at work.
      I kind of resent the implications that when people use what works for them, and those strategies are not necessarily the norm, it means they have something wrong with them.

      • 49erDweet says:

        Thinking about that a moment…………..still thinking……………..nah, still the wrong message for a presidential candidate.

      • lyn says:

        Hillary could have watched those shows online. Of course, Obama always got the DVDs before his favorite shows aired.

      • smile says:

        Difference is that you and I are not running to be the US President. She is running for one of the most demanding jobs in the world after suffering from a concussion that put her out for 6 months according to her husband. Also, the strategies we developed to remember things still allows us to function independently and competently. I don’t see her’s as strategies to be independent, but a way of life that is dependent on servants and “Yes-people”. If she was this dependent on others 4-5 years ago, how much more she must be dependent now that she is older and has had a serious concussion.

        • DeniseVB says:

          Smile, you made me smile, I so agree with you because you put it so nicely. I’m Hillary’s age and I whine a lot too. I can barely drag my ass to neighborhood social functions much less an Oval Office, which I would imagine is more demanding than twin grandbabies or slogging through HOA monthly meetings. No thanks!

          • Kathy says:

            I have to put notes right by the coffee pot and in my purse. That is the only thing that works for me because I used to forget where my notes were.

          • AFVet says:

            Yes, the siren call of the ego to go forward at all costs because people expect you to.
            At a certain point it is time to stop and smell the roses.
            Hillary may have suffered a concussion but her ego is still intact.
            Like an athlete that has gone beyond their prime, time to give it up.

  6. Myiq2xu says:
  7. DeniseVB says:

    I put an Open Thread in the TCH barn for o’dark thirty publish on Saturday ET. See ya’s in the mornin’ if not before :waving:

    • 49erDweet says:

      Write if you need bail money.

      • leslie says:

        Hahaha. That’s what my clients/patients used to say when I’d leave for a weekend of protesting. And one time, they were so convinced that anyone who protested (the war) was in danger of arrest, they actually took a collection. They were so happy when I arrived back at work on the next Monday morning, it was sweet.

      • DeniseVB says:

        I have it scheduled for 3 am left coast klown time, so do drop in 😉 I’m usually up so freaking early my time, selfishly, I like to play early.

  8. swanspirit says:

    Then there is the Terminally Obtuse Contingent. Ordinarily, I would not post a link to the Daily Cheeto, but this is too shadenfruedelicous not to share. No cheeto minded when NPR worked for team Obama, but now , when they are obviously not supporting Sanders, “the faithful” are upset..


    The problem is, no one minded when NPR worked for team Obama, but now , when they are obviously not supporting Sanders, “the faithful” mind.

    NPR political correspondent Mara Liasson performed acrobatics before a live audience of radio listeners today (9/2/15) — twisting herself into a pretzel to avoid mentioning (whisper:) Bernie Sanders and his stunning campaign successes.

    Her four-minute piece focused on Joe Biden and whether or not he would choose to enter the 2016 Democratic presidential primary. But halfway through, she veered to the existing Dem field — but mentioned only one name: Clinton.

    Ironically, Liasson began this part of her, uh, analysis this way… (below the curlicue).

    [Biden] certainly can’t capture the anti-establishment fever that’s been sweeping the Democratic Party base…
    “Fever” is a pretty intense description. Something dramatic must be going on, right?
    Must mean Liasson’s now going to mention the main focus of this fever, the Dem primary candidate who’s been drawing 10,000 to nearly 30,000 people at events! The guy who’s rejecting all PAC money! The one who’s raised over $15 million in small donations from over a quarter million ordinary folks, people who got the fever and feel the Bern! Right?

    Well, no.

    Liasson hops back to Joe. After all, he is the topic of this commentary.

    [Biden’s] certainly not beating Hillary Clinton with key groups, even though his political persona is authentic in a way that she’s not.
    Okay, here it comes, Liasson’s comment about the candidate whose brand is built on authenticity — the guy who sticks to substantive issues, walks the walk, and votes the way he talks!
    Right? Well…

    So for [Biden] to win, [Clinton] has to implode.
    What?! There’s no other candidate Biden would have to beat? If Clinton implodes, then Biden’s a shoo-in?
    …And there are real questions about whether it’s already too late for Joe Biden to raise the money and build an infrastructure for a campaign.
    You mean the way another Dem rival has already been doing with almost unbelievable success?!
    Hey Liasson, you know who I mean. The guy who’s now leading all Dem opponents in New Hampshire. The one who’s now, shockingly, just 2-3 points shy of a statistical dead heat for the lead in Iowa, according to the Des Moines Register/Bloomberg poll published just two days ago?

    C’mon, Liasson, give it up, give us that name!

    One of the real questions is, whether a run would be good for [Biden], good for [Clinton], good for the Democrats…
    I think the Party would welcome it, the Party wants competition, there are many Democrats who think it would be good for Hillary Clinton to have a serious opponent, and it would help her to become a better candidate.

    [Emphasis mine.]
    Whoa, Liasson! Aren’t we missing something here? It WOULD be good for Clinton to have competition? This is a joke, right?

    Like, Clinton doesn’t already have competition — surely none worth mentioning.

    In Liasson’s insular world, grabbing the lead in NH against all odds, and running close to a dead heat in Iowa, obviously doesn’t qualify as “competition.”

    Sparking political fever in hundreds of thousands of fed-up folks? Nope.

    (By contrast, Clinton attracted 5,000 people to an event exactly once: the day long ago, in April, when she announced her run. Hasn’t come close since.)

    So I guess the Bern — that remarkable passion and popularity, spreading like wildfire — doesn’t qualify as competition, either.

    Oh, wait, I forgot. All those ordinary folks aren’t Wall Street millionaires and billionaires. So they can be safely ignored by a veteran Washington insider like Liasson, regardless of how completely out of touch she appears as a result.

    To Liasson, these folks are unpersons, like their candidate. They are beneath notice. Not worthy of mention in ‘serious’ commentary about ‘serious’ candidates and, by extension, their supporters.

    Nah, that’s can’t be what Liasson’s really saying. I’m just being too sensitive. Silly me.

    Right now [Clinton] is basically running against herself and her problems.
    My god, Liasson actually said it: Running. Against. Herself.
    You know, like playing solitaire. It’s just Clinton and her foibles. Who knew politics could be Demsplained so simply? So cleanly?

    Nothing to see here, folks, just move along…

    One more thing. Could it be that all those Sanderistas aren’t really clamoring for Bernie, but against Hillary?

    Well, let’s ask some self-described Sanders supporters.

    The Iowa poll I referenced above, also asked people who favor Sanders, why they do. Ninety-six percent said it’s because they like Sanders and his position on the issues, and not to make a protest vote against any other candidate.

    In fact, many of these Sanders supporters listed Clinton as their #2 choice.

    This poll finding takes the theory that Sanders’ success is, hey, really just about Clinton after all, and blows it to kingdom come. Obliterates it.

    Ninety-six percent assert that it’s all about Bernie Sanders and his decisive, commonsense policy positions.

    So, I think Mara Liasson owes a public apology to Senator Sanders and over a quarter million of his avid supporters.

    I’m a Sanderista too. And, Ms. Liasson, that doesn’t make me or my candidate an unperson.

    It’s time Liasson and her corporate media cronies got the memo. You can leave a courteous note for Liasson here. The show is All Things Considered.

    The comments are a fun read, if you can get past the scary lack of awareness..

    • lyn says:

      LOL. Poor babies.

    • DeniseVB says:

      So the Kossacks are feeling the Bern 🙂 Cute. I’ve seen lotsa of Biden “leaks” today. Still mulling a run, just so sad still, but Beau would want him to, if I run, I’ll do it for Beau, because sad, but strong for Beau. Oh yeah, he’s running. 😉

  9. DeniseVB says:


    • DeniseVB says:

      I didn’t read the link yet, but, methinks the Clintons had always used the SoS position for their “foundation”, much more lucrative than VP, IMHO.

  10. 1539days says:

    I can honestly say I am indifferent to Hillary Clinton’s vagina.

    • DeniseVB says:

      Speaking of, where are those Dancing Vaginas for Hillary ? Haven’t heard a peep from the feminist left in support. Are they chomping for a Warren or Gillibrand ticket with Uncle Joe? Those lefty friends I do follow on twitter are just all so hatey-hating on Trump now, sure doesn’t help me support their candidate, who ever that is 😉

    • DeniseVB says:

      The House and Senate GOPe will not be putting defunding PP on the table this year according to McConnell. There’s 8 Republicans voting for the Iran Deal. I just don’t feel either party is listening to the people. No wonder Trump has struck a nerve.

  11. Friday night on Twitter…might as well be Kanye!

  12. DeniseVB says:

    Yeah, the Twit’s on fire tonight ….

  13. DeniseVB says:

    Feel the Bern !

    • 49erDweet says:

      He’s quoting a line from an old Jimmie Stewart movie, and hasn’t clue one as to what it means.

      • DeniseVB says:

        Yet nobody’s calling the Bernie supporters stupid 🙂

        • insanelysane says:

          Rather than stupid, I see them as simplistic and naive. Just like Obamabots.

        • 49erDweet says:

          The progs know Hil’s not one of them, so B’s the best they got. I can understand progs wishing everything was peaches and cream, but it’s not. What I don’t understand is the D’s who still support Hil. It’s like a logic fail plus denial – squared. I realize they have no bench, but they should have a lttle pride.

  14. DeniseVB says:

    I think the GOPe will panic harder ? I still hate polls ….

  15. mothy67 says:

    Ugh I cant even go as far as its an insult to women. I think its an insult to insults. Same page as 30 week abortion is a woman’s health issue SHut up. Have read loads of men here talking about kids … girls. Sure there are real issues out there about women. HRC is not one of them. I did the phone bank thing stood on the highway with a sign door to door on primary day. I find this pretend war on women so ugly. Hillary does not personify what a woman is. Sure as shit my mom does. HRC has no right to be in the same room. 2008 was bad but she took SOS. She is not a young mother living in a trailer park abused with no where to go. Really sucks there are women out there stuck in hell. Being a first lady, senaor, SOS, Ivy league grad. So gross. She could have fought in 2008. She did not. Maybe Soros made more sense than her millions of voters. Ifind it funny the pundits all seemed to think her voters were groupies. I was listenning to Krauthammer and he was basically saying Hills army is blind deaf and dumb.
    I really like Megyn Kelley. Some talking idiot is not going to explain to me why I like her. The Trump thing. Idid not care. She got on the biggest stage in the world. Not a weeping willow. She owns every color shape and size of big girl pants. Sorry Donald is beyond brash. I think some things should never be said. I am dirt poor Irish Catholic c, b f words have different meanings on the street. I have three brothers. I could never have survived if I took every gay slur to heart. I think of my mom as a bitch. She can never remember my name I am son of a bitch. We is not going to he Methodist church and saying peace be with you. We are dark humored people. Fuck off and die means I love you. Very strange you cannot explain it to do gooders. I tell Shay get away from me you smell and you get on my nerves. I am an asshole she is my best friend and sometimes she stinks.
    CYS lady told me I need kinder language. I said wait do you mean I shpuld not call her an asshole. Good grief Charlie Brown I get schooled for calling a kid an asshole. She goes to taekeondo, takes tap, ballet, jazz, hip hop, modern, voice, pisno acting, clarinet. I get a home visit. Some lady on he local news sat on her kid. The kid died. How do you not realize you are sitting on a kid??????
    I am fine with home visits
    I just don’t see how it makes sense. Go after me and ignore real signs of trouble. Shay gets on my last nerve but she is 9 and has passed all lifeguard stuff. She cannot be a lifeguard because she is seven years too young. Didn’t matter all the kids wanted to teach her. She can be a lifeguard. I attempt to make her life a wee bit easier. She is my pup. I want her to know there is a placesafe and warm from the crowds My arms. I do not want to teach her ugly things like Rachel Madcow. Who would want that future for a child. I recall when she was tiny i was so afraid I would go to sleep on the floor outside her crib. I was so afraid. SiDS scared me. She lived. I have seen a lot of bad shit with kids. Lola was right it takes one person. I am Shayla’s great gay uncle. I stepped into her life by mistake. What she got was someonewho validated her. I let her know she matterred. Kids need to count. Lola nailed it. Stuff seems so obvious but it does not happen. I had CYS all over me because I said kid was an idiot. I had home visits and urine tests. All i did was look at her and say you are an idiot. I got put throug hell . Some woman actually sat on her gramdkid snd killed her. I got arrested for saying to a child you are an ass. I get it bad to call a child an ass. I accept I am an asshole for calling a baby girl an ass. I did not sit on her and kill her. How do you sit on a child. Local media is defending her. Some how it is a war on women. I am 48 and raised my little brothers. I never ever sat on one of them

  16. helenk3 says:


    sometimes people can turn victory into defeat. Keep pushing when you do not know the law and people will turn on you

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