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How bad do you have to fuck up as a parent to go from the picture above to the picture below?



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  1. Myiq2xu says:

  2. westcoaster says:

    Cuteness overload… OT- I just watched Taran Killam and thought his version of Trump was much worse than Darrell Hammond’s (who also did Bill Clinton). Check out this from 2011 (it sounds like now):

    There are other skits here: https://www.nbc.com/saturday-night-live/cast/darrell-hammond-14921/impersonation/donald-trump-70441

    • DeniseVB says:

      I just flipped on Fox and Trump’s discussing the show! He said he loved the cold opening, but hated the wig they used. Also said Hillary did fine too (they played the clip of her imitating Trump). My take away is that Trump’s going to live rent free in the SNL writers’ heads this fall. I enjoyed Miley too. What’s happening to me? LOL.

  3. Dora says:

    So, what was Hillary doing last night? 🙂

    ‘Massive Crowd’ for Bernie Sanders in Boston

    Well over 20,000 people turned out for a campaign rally Saturday evening by independent socialist Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders who is running for the Democratic Party’s presidential nomination.

    Locals reports state the crowd inside the Boston Convention Center was around 20,000 with several thousand in an overflow room and thousands more outside who couldn’t get in but hoped for an appearance by Sanders–a hope Sanders later fulfilled.


    • DeniseVB says:

      Trump just defended her on Fox ! Though Bernie’s grabbing the crowds, SNL is a feather in your cap and a great honor. The ratings will be huuuuge ! 😉

  4. DeniseVB says:

    Meanwhile, Prezzy Stompy Foot threatens to shut down the government 2 weeks before Christmas because Congress is stupid or something. This really didn’t make much sense beyond the bullying…….


    In other news, my “non-essential” Fed employee friends are cheering what they hope is another 3 week PAID vacation! (yes, they were fully reimbursed for the last shutdown).

    • helenk3 says:

      don’t the congress critters go home about that time anyway? for the many of the government workers it will only mean no Christmas party.
      IMHO go for it

  5. AFVet says:

    Russia is bombing the hell out of ISIS.
    Hey, if that is what it takes, go for it.
    Here’s the article, great pics of rusky jets.


  6. Dora says:

  7. mothy67 says:

    Jeebus on a cracker. It went down to the high 30’s last night. The heat dd not kick in. I had a whole new system put in two years ago. Has a five year contract. Which little did I know means before heat goes on they check it. I cannot turn it on. I spent a lot of money re doing entire system. It sucks. No forced air. Heat rises tosh. Thermostat is on ground floor so it keeps ground floor at 65. Upstairs bedrooms are freezing. This piece of shit cost me a mint but it was approved and I get 10% off electric. I have to use space heaters so I save nothing. I want to move the thermostat upstairs. Downstairs is busy all day. Seems I need a permit. WTF is this petmit stuff. I had a dishwasher it passed away. I bought a new one. 135 for installation plus 20 for a permit. I do not understand why I pay 20 to replace. Lowe’s guy was honest he said I have no idea. Now I just want to move my thermostat and on top of fee there is a 20 dollar permit. Who gets this money? I only took notice because when I bought dishwasher the guy had to get up. I was left staring at his screen. 20 bucks permit. Insane. I have a super small kitchen. My dining room is yuuuuge. I am looking at knocking down a retaining wall and making one big room. As it is very tiny dishwasher broke 3 weeks to get a new one installed. Water bill up 18 dollars. Whatvis this 20 dollar permit fee? Dishwasher saves water so why am I paying a fee to replace one. My home is brick very active during the day. Downstairs is warm. Why do i have to pay a 20 dollar permit to move thermostat? I am no butcher of heat. My upstairs is cold. Asshats that made my high tech energy efficient home are idiots. I have to crank up living room air to 80 to get upstaird to 65. My utilities are 25% higher with my smart home. Don’t even get me started on the 7 % booze tax. Supposed to fund buses for poor people. I owned a bar not one bus for miles but I paid about 2,ooo a month for bus. I smoke but I refuse to pay insane prices. I bought my mom a pack. 7.89 for one pack. It is all tax where does that money go? I do not know how to drive my state ID expired 28.50 for a new one where does that money go. They keep trying to push for a sugar tax. Where would that money go. I do not understand tax on tax. I buy a bottle of wine. PA charges 5 dollars tax on 750 ml then I pay and they charge me tax on tax. Where does the money go?

    • AFVet says:

      We recently had our house checked because of high heating bills.
      They essentially created a vacuum in the house and found that we were losing heat through the 2nd story attic.
      They sealed that off and it appears that it has helped.
      It hasn’t hit the 30s yet in Ohio though so we shall see.

    • blowme0bama says:

      I told you a couple of articles back how to cut your cigarette expense. Yes, it is mostly Tax.

      You can buy a good rolling machine for around $50. 200 filtered cigarette tubes cost anywhere from $3.00 – 4.25 (100s are more expensive). Buy large bag of “pipe tobacco” (it’s just long cut – same tobacco as cigarettes – not taxed as cigarette tobacco) for $13 – 17 – makes 2 cartons and 2-3 packs.

      Wife and I’ve been doing this for years – cost of pack of cigarettes is 77 – 85 cents / pack. It is not hard and you can make a pack of cigarettes in less time than it takes to go to the store. Good God it saves us, conservatively $4,000 + year.

      • Constance says:

        AND when they legalize pot in your state you will have a high paying job opportunity as a joint roller and will be able to work when ever you feel like it. There has been a pretty good market here in Seattle for pre rolled joints.

  8. DeniseVB says:

    Common sense, fellow travelers, common sense ! I’m on TSA’s side for this one.


  9. Kathy says:

    What a beautiful grand daughter you have, Klown !

  10. piper says:

    Someone needs to explain ‘phishing’ to me which is the message I get on the Lucianne site. I only read the headlines, rarely click on any link and never comment.

    • DandyTIger says:

      Phishing is an effort to hack into a computer by luring the user into a scam website for example. In that case, the act of clicking on a link is giving permission to run a program on the computer. Usually it takes more than just going to the site in the first place, often it requires clicking on something within that scam website.

      • lyn says:

        I received a phishing e-mail from “PayPal,” but I looked at the address and it wasn’t PayPal. I reported it to spoof@paypal.com that shuts down fake PayPal Web sites, and PayPal shut the site down. PP also thanked me for reporting it.

        • lizzy says:

          I had a similar experience with Pay pal. I think I was told there had been charges on my Pay pal and they wanted to correct it. I checked with Pay pal and it was a scam.

    • AFVet says:

      What DandyTiger said,……
      If you are at all unsure, delete it.
      Also, some have been known to install malware to your computer.
      I f you can get an adblocker, I would recommend using it.

    • NewOrleans says:

      Never EVER click on a link to a website that is included in an email. NEVER EVER! (The one exception is if you have just joined/signed up at a website and they send an email that requires clicking on a link for ‘verification.’)

      Whether it’s your bank, PayPal or whatever, type the site URL in your browser BY HAND to check your account. Phishing emails make the URL look legitimate, but they actually aren’t. Once you type your username and password into the fake site, they have your info.

  11. piper says:

    Hope you’re paying top dollars for those beautiful pictures of a mini sweetheart – enough to send her to a top rated university where she can earn a law degree to keep you out of the line of fire.

  12. Dora says:

    Reading about the frantic calls to Washington reminds me of the frantic calls for help coming from Benghazi not too long ago. 😦

    NATO ‘Deeply Saddened’ After US Bombs Hospital

    Medics frantically phoned NATO and Washington as bombs rained down on the hospital, killing at least 19 people.


  13. DeniseVB says:

    Whoa, the Breitbart Sept Poll is the polar opposite of Hot Air’s.

  14. DeniseVB says:

    Oh wow, Doctors without Borders tweeted this and the responses were “not a war crime” it was a “terrorist attack” because we are no longer “at war” with Afghanistan ? And good luck with finding a neutral country to investigate this.

  15. helenk3 says:


    can someone explain to me why the dems would go to war to fund human chop shops and defund veterans programs?

  16. DeniseVB says:

    I’m impressed with Trump’s team building, he just picked the guy who helped defeat Eric Cantor in the Primary to lead his Virginia team. Also some others who have been on winning campaigns. Gives me a clue on how he’ll put together his administration, we already know he hates losers 😀

    • Dora says:

      Thanks for posting that Denise. I’m so glad to see it. During his last few interviews – including the ones today with Chuck Todd and George S – Trump was asked what it will take for him to leave the race. Or how low will his polls have to go before he drops out. I am glad to see this announcement and I’m especially glad to see the words “We are in this to win it”. So there. 🙂

  17. driguana says:

    Anyone know what’s up with Weasel Zippers? They haven’t posted anything new for quite some time. Did they change sites?

  18. foxyladi14 says:

    Hill on SNL. 😆

  19. foxyladi14 says:

    Just heard RD is back up.
    For those that are interested. 😆

  20. DeniseVB says:

    Here’s a good review/summary of SNL last night, with the highs and lows of the show. I pretty much agree with it, except I fell asleep during the Weekend Update. Yeah, from the only site on the whole damn internet I’ve been banned from, I just can’t quit them 😛


  21. DeniseVB says:

    This made me wonder, if PP is reimbursed for Medicare/aid patients, why aren’t there other alternatives to seek an abortion with other doctors and/or hospitals, public or private ? Or the free clinics all over the place? I always thought PP was just a place to go because not all doctors will perform abortion on demand, so to speak. Something about ethics and their profession? Why not go after them too ? Why not make every doctor and hospital perform an abortion? Period. End of PP.


  22. Dora says:

    These R the real Polls! Don’t let the media Lie to you!

  23. DeniseVB says:

    I created a Trump Safe Room because I’m tired of explaining why I support him. Just kick started my old blog. Feel free to join in anytime 🙂


    • helenk3 says:

      In this country you are free to back the candidate of YOUR CHOICE. What others think is not important, Every one has their own reasons for their choices.

    • mothy67 says:

      Applause. Kills me how they try to marginalize him. He has em all running scared. Pataki, Romney, Boosh all saying he will not be nominee. Cray cray. They are calling 1/3 of their. Party an idiot i see yuuuge support for the donald everyehere. Ezra Klein and his ilk are read by five people. Our betters in the media are trying to frame the recent tragedy as some gun issue. Real people hear are you a Christian.
      I bought the Donald hat Wating for a bus in downtown Pittsburgh the hat is a fucking magnet. Some smelly kid with those yuuuge earings decides to confront me. Fair as I have the hat on. Thing is they are loud and abusive. I am being screamed atvby some smelly idiots when some big black woman steps in. I was trying to be polite. She instructed me to stand by her kidsand proceeded to lay out the punks. I was prepared to have a discussion. No chance with these hoodlums. This woman had no fear and then everyone at bus stop joined her. I felt inadaquate to say the least. i was embarassed. She said you Tim. I said yes how do you know that. I had loaned her sister money for a rent deposit. She paid me back every cent at 50 a month. Woman got a GED and then an LPN. She was homeless with baby daddy in jail. Three kids living on assistance. I met her by chance. I was dropping off clothes at a place called Harbor Light. It is a 90 day rehab for men. There was a guy there at the same time trying to get in. Normally I think clients go there after rehab not walk ins. They were not going to take him because he could not read. I said I can teach him. I did I called every literacy program in thecphone book. A teacher from CMU got wind and he provided books. He can read. For me teaching adults to read is like doing the Sunday Times crossword. You have to see where they are coming from then everything falls in place. I was teaching a 49 year old smack head how to read. Books were a joke. Predicate nominitive. Say what. Guy was almost 50 a twin his brother had od’d. He was afraid that was his future. Dangling modifiers where not high on his list. The rehab he went to is great. 90 bucks a day. They use REBT(Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy) along with 12 steps. Thing is there are work books that deal with shame, guilt, anger, sex. I had to go through all those with him. I am a better man because of that. Two months in he had feelings. I am only half moron. This guy had shared his most private thoughts with me. A misplaced erection was not going to cause me to abandon him. We talked it out. No shame. I was touching a piece of him to long neglected. He learned to read got a call can I go to an NA meeting his one year clean. I went. He got up and read the rules. I cried. One white guy in the hood crying. Anyhow as I blubbered this young lady sat down next to me. She said nothing just sat by me. I was impressed. I have memberships to everything so I’d take her kids to museums. Watching a 4 year old boy dig for dino bones is a sight. Never cost me a dime. I am a member. Little ghetto boy fell in love with history. Mother pulled her shit together and got a pharm tech job in the burbs. She did not have money for deposit. I loaned it. She paid me back. Every holiday there is a card to my brat from her. I so won. I can tell my little girl she is a thought in someone elses head and she needs to be responsible. I have no energy for poor poor pitiful me.
      Anyhow this woman that went gestapo on punks attacking me for Trump hat is her sister. Small world.

  24. mothy67 says:

    My rep in the house is an idiot Mike Doyle.last election he was unopposed. A generic piece of shit. I live eight blocks from the city. Tim Murphy had been my rep but when they redid districts I was placed in this new democrat given place. I am thinking about running. I am Irish Catholic. My dad has 6 sisters they all had average of 5 kids their kids had 5 kids. My mom has four sister two brothers.THey have kids. I went to four high schools all in my district. I am a conservative gay. I nned no ad money. I will dress up in tin foil and do the marcarena. I have stuck out every day of my life. I stuck out in New York. Why not put it to use. My rep is a party tool. I am already known. Think about it four high schools. I was the first gay anyone knew. 1984 was a different time. I see people and they tell me I am so brave. I wasn’t given much of a choice. Stuck out. A few years ago my brother bought a bar. I ran it. Had been a drug den. Cops hated it. I turned it around. I walked door to door speaking with neighbors gave them my cell and asked to correct me if I slipped. I had a curse jar that went to the grade school at Chrismas. Somehow a junkie bar turned into a decent place. A struck a deal with my purveyor that pool table was always free he got to keep all profits from cigarette machine. All the stores nearby closed at 10. I got so much traffic for smokes. One of my favorite short stories is A Clean Well Lit Place by Hemmingway. I was vehement aboot being clean. Before we opened I took a tour of the neighborhood. I found out Kathy that owned the local beauty parlor drank Seagram’s 7 and ginger ale. You betcha I bought her a bottle. Two weeks after we opened she came in with the local priest and all the do gooders from the parish. Ichurch was doing a food drive. I gave the normal donation but then I saw all this stuff i will never sell. Schmirnoff kiwi. You get free stuff all the time. I had tons. So I took my hand truck and loaded cases on rectory porch. They have a fair and booze baskets are always a prize. He caught me leaving. No speech. No absurd lecture. He called my an asshole and smiled. Everyone calls me an asshole. Jeebus but a priest? My gay thing worked out really well. Small hole in the wall dive other bars put it out that it was a gay bar. Not. I am but boy did that backfire. Women loved the place. I had one wall that was books. Free to take. People dropped off cases of books. We did not open on Sunday’s until.5 so I gave up my parking lot as a flea market. 5 bucks a tablethat went to Catholic food kitchen. You cannot sell booze in PA until noon on Sundays but I would open up because people needed the bathroom. I made yuuuge money. People left me money. My curse jar. A few weeks before Christmas people were swearing to make a donation. Oddly there was a bar about a block away. She started the gay thing. Well I got so busy her numbers went through the roof. We got so busy people went to her bar. I met her. No lie she used to work for my dad. I knew her as a kid. I got fired by my brother because they had video cams and I did the dirty with a woman on the pool table. My brother didn’t care. His wife freaked out. She is so dull. Her gay brother in law having a go with a woman shattered her. She had tears. Anyhow I think I can beat Mike.Doyle.m

  25. Dora says:

    Their attacks on The Donald haven’t worked, so now they have to attack his supporters.

    USA Today: “Trump Supporters Uneducated”

    Media Calls Out Trump Supporters As Stupid


  26. Dora says:

    This is frightening news. 😦

    Netanyahu: Israel ‘in fight to death against Palestinian terror’


  27. mothy67 says:

    I am steaming mad. 1984 I went off to Purdue. My granfmother gave me 50. I never touched it. I placed same 50 in the lining of baby girl’s purse. Well i use bing to get free hulu and youneed the cell phone to get a text for code. I no longer have a cell. I use baby girl’s. I always keep a roll of quarters in her purse plus the 50 and 300 on t-mobile app. I got my free month of hulu but needed her phone for code. Three quarters, 50 gone, then I checked t-mobile debit card. I have 1.18. 250 spent at Dave and Busters. 45 spent at a $tore that cannot be googled. By court order she has to have a cell phone. He can see her twice a week for two hours. Has to be public and she must have cell phone. Crazy. I thought it was a bit extreme. My mom sits in Starbucks for two hours every Saturday. Court ordered. He has never spent a penny on her. He plasters facebook with her green belt pictures and rants about his pride. How bout that green belt cost me 175 a month. I was non plussed about the money until I opened her purse. He took quarters and used her safety money. Years we have waged a battle with him about baby girl’s safety. Family court is insane. He beat his girlfriend up so badly she lost her front teeth. He was ordered a psych eval he refuses to comply. He refiles over and over again. We have to respond. 175 an hour for lawyer. He admitsvto judge he smokes pot everyday and tells her it is okay lots of places made it legal. To a judge in a courtroom. My attorney is like please let him speak. We always end up going to trial 3 times he was in jail on court date. Absurd. CYS enables it. Brat has never gotten a B. Never been in trouble. Good kid. No gloom and doom. Several kids are being raised by grandparents and there exists this pity. Fuck that. Shay is raised by great grandparents and great gay uncle. No room for pity. I grew up with piss or get off the pot. To add insult to injury her dad tried to withdrawal her savings. Fought with bank screamed it is my daughter I am her father. Too bad all her stuff is in my name. I die it goes to my brother. I have 529 for school but I put all gifts into savings. She is gonna need a car. He tried to take her savings never ends. He lives with a woman. Illegally as she has section 8. Met him for his two hour visit and his girlfriend’s daughter was clad in Shay’s old clothes. He lied. I said look in breast pocket. I write notes all the time. Sure enough I despise you written in red sharpie. He told me he wrote it. Lies to my face. Sorry I think children’s services are a joke. Look at school records. Pup is doing very well instead of looking at real neglect we have had social workers over for inspection. Drives me nuts. Start of school year I bought this girl a toothbrush. Her breath was foul. 9 years old and didn’t have a toothbrush. One dollar. I fully support section 8 but there has to be some guidance. Cheap/free rent does not fix what got you there. What if they offered a choice with food stamps. You can get 100 and buy what you want or 125 with limits on purchases. Why not a crock pot cookbook with EBT card. Chile is so cheap and you get tons of meals. I see these kids with kids and they are clueless. Dumbest thing ever my brat is vegetarian. She gets Chip because my parents are old enough to get medicare and I cannot add her to my plan so she gets chip. Seems any kid on chip gets free lunch. Punk packs her lunch but drinks a ton of milk. Well free lunch only counts if you get the whole meal. Seriously do not care about her milk cost. I had no idea she was getting an extra milk. I got a call reaming me for my outstanding balance. 7 dollars. I was like is this a joke. Lady went hard core on why brat should eat school lunch. Seems I am depriving poor kids. I said fine she is vegatarian create a special menu for her. Click. So screwed up lunch full price is 2.25 small milk alone is .95. Kids can only buy using their account. No cash. Biometrics. I said fine put a hundred dollars on her card. We can’t do that balance is only good for one month. Fine make it 30. There are only 19 school days in October. Fine make it 19. Would you like any balance returned by check. No why can’t it carry over. Sir that is not how this works. We strive to provide nourishment to all students regardless of income WTF i was stuck on phone for half an hour. I owed 7 dollars.i could not pay to shut her up.

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