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A Strange Hill To Die On

The media is trying to prove a negative: NBC’s Chuck Todd did his best to paint Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump as a liar Sunday. Trump appeared on “Meet The Press” Sunday where Todd accused Trump of “feeding the stereotype” … Continue reading

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I Guess Nobody Else Is Gonna Post Today

I haven’t commented on the shooting in Colorado because it isn’t clear what happened or (more importantly) why it happened. I will say that it is logically consistent to believe that both abortion and murder are wrong. I still don’t … Continue reading

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Post Black Friday Survival Guide

Let the remaining holiday season begin…yo! It’s a good time, trust me and it’s an Open Thread m’friends, enjoy !

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Black Friday Open Thread

I got nothin’ so this is an open thread.

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A Very Special Thanksgiving Request

I don’t ask for much, but this year I have a very special request. Can we please have a politics-free Thanksgiving? Just this little bitty blog, just for 24 hours. No mention of him, or her, or them, this, or … Continue reading

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TCHanksgiving 2015

Since I’ll be around this weekend. thought I’d start a generic thread where you can drop in and out, AND I don’t have to worry about cleaning the guest bathroom 😉 I’m really grateful for this amazing blog community, to … Continue reading

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Cui Bono?

Remember in All The President’s Men when Deep Throat told Robert Redford to “Follow the money”? That is always good advice when trying to understand what is going on in Washington DC. Daily Caller: Grover Norquist Urges Congress To Change … Continue reading

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