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Good Riddance To 2015

Face it, the year sucked. Let’s start over fresh tomorrow. Advertisements

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Almost New Year’s Open Thread

We’re going to be alright kids and I’m so looking forward to the month of Jan 2016 pre-primary kick-off, and if the rest of the year doesn’t work out so well, we can always move in with Jadzia ❤ in … Continue reading

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It was a tragedy, but not a murder

Sometimes shit happens. Tamir Rice shooting: No charges for officers Prosecutors say the police officer who killed 12-year-old Tamir Rice outside a Cleveland recreation center last year won’t face criminal charges. Neither will the other officer who was with him. … Continue reading

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I Hate Mondays Open Thread

This is a weird time of year. Officially it’n not a holiday, unless you are a teacher or a student. Our elected officials are off having fun, but government employees (except teachers) have to work or use their vacay days. … Continue reading

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This Is Your Brain On Koolaid

This guy has been snorting Koolaid straight from the package: For all the bad feelings that Donald Trump’s naked religious bigotry and race baiting are conjuring up, they are also providing our nation with an opportunity. The ugly rhetoric just … Continue reading

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The Day After Christmas And All Through the House!

And counting down to New Year’s Eve. Will you be doing Anderson and Kathy on CNN or Trump on Fox? Or,like me, be in bed by 10 😉 Open Thread.

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Merry Christmas!

May all your gifts be returnable.

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