Hump Day Open Thread

“What hump?”

Ace gets it:

Ben Sasse says the public is turning to “demagogues” like Trump, with all of his bullshit, because we’re tired of the old demagogues of the establishment, and all of their bullshit.

I have bad news for people, and maybe the country: There is no way to stop Trump until “respectable” politicians begin to understand why he’s winning and begin destroying the Legacy Failure of leftist mediated political thought themselves.

People keep talking about “When he loses.” Listen to me: He is not going to lose. Not on the current trajectory, he won’t.

Trump is setting loose passions — some useful, some vital, and some demonic and destructive — and people find it liberating to think freely for once in forever.

You can’t beat that by offering rhetorical pablum like “I’m willing to say ‘Radical Islamic Jihad.'” Well bully for you, and who the hell cares? The fetish with this phrase is a rhetorical stunt designed to convince the listener that the speaker has a Bold Apologetic Plan for Destroying Terrorism, while masking the fact that the ideas being proposed are basically Obama’s, plus more bombing.

Trump is not going to “lose” — passive voice. Someone will have to actually beat Trump, and no one’s going to beat him by simply regurgitating the leftist-enforced Polite Company Conservative line.

Most of the candidates have been trying that; like Obama’s “strategy” to “contain” ISIS, it’s failing, and for the same reason: Because it fails, conceptually, to understand the problem and the nature of the enemy.

There has been a lot of hysteria on both the left and right concerning Donald Trump. Some people need to get a grip or take drugs or something.



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46 Responses to Hump Day Open Thread

  1. Myiq2xu says:

    Both sides are pulling out their worst insults. The Left is calling Trump a fascist and a racist. The Right is calling him a liberal.

    • DeniseVB says:

      I really don’t care if Trump is an alien from another planet, I agree with you and Ace, he’s tapping those of us who have been thrown under the Dem bus via Obama….. from 2009 !

  2. Myiq2xu says:

    Dear conservatives: You aren’t gonna beat Trump with eminent domain. Most people DGAF about Kelo.

  3. Myiq2xu says:

  4. 1539days says:

    You can’t beat the guy who has the only lemonade stand in the desert. Trump’s positions are “extreme” because they are on the lonely side of the street from every other politician who proposes variations on the same theme. They don’t even promise new ideas as lies. What’s devastating to those other guys is that most of the American people find themselves on Trump’s side of the street more often than not.

    Ronald Reagan gave a speech years ago about the Republicans being a party of bright colors and not pale pastels. Trump is the bright color.

  5. NewOrleans says:

    Oh, Dora . . . 🙂

    Morning Consult (12/3-12/7) (2,047 Registered Voters) (±2.0 percentage points)

    Trump 41%
    Carson 12%
    Rubio 10%
    Cruz 7%
    Jeb! 5%

    Zogby (271 Likely Voters) (±6.0 percentage points)

    Trump 38%
    Carson 13%
    Rubio 12%
    Cruz 8%
    Jeb! 7%

    • Dora says:

      Oops – I just posted the Zogby poll. I was so excited that I didn’t notice you had already posted it. Oh well, news like this can’t be repeated too often! 🙂

  6. leslie says:

    votermom . . . Check my response to you in the last thread.

  7. leslie says:

    OT: I was just emailed a youtube link to the trailer for the movie “Youth”. Has anyone seen it ? It looks pretty amazing. The comments are also pretty amazing. I love movies and seem to have very little time to actually see them. 😦

  8. swanspirit says:

    My son hates politics, and he thinks Trump is “wild”, because “He says what he thinks” .
    I think so many people in this country have had it up to their eyeballs with politicodoublebackwards speak, that The Donald , being someone they already know; is just absolutely refreshing; and so many people are enjoying watching him sticking it to the politicians as much as we are 🙂

    • DeniseVB says:

      We need to be Politically Incorrect again, for the children ❤ These past 7+ years have redefined racism, misogyny, sexism, homophobia and faith, I find that refreshing we may be changing it back.

  9. leslie says:

    And now, another Special Snowflake whining sighted…

    • driguana says:

      Interesting…Ohio U is my alma mater in 1968 and I’ve recently been getting lots of mail asking for donations. They can now forget that!

  10. Dora says:

    N.E. Police Union hosting Donald Trump in Portsmouth, NH on Dec 10, 2015

    PORTSMOUTH — In the midst of bipartisan criticism, for his recent anti-Muslim remarks, presidential hopeful Donald Trump is scheduled to be a guest of honor in Portsmouth Thursday night at a meeting of the New England Police Benevolent Association.

    The meeting of the New England-wide police union is described as a “presidential candidate’s forum” for the purpose of endorsing a candidate for president and will be held at the Sheraton Portsmouth Harborside Hotel.

    Read more:

  11. DeniseVB says:

    Via Facebook, our blog buddy Dweet49er had a very successful aortic valve replacement yesterday at Stanford Hospital and is recovering nicely. Should be home in a day or two.

    I was thinking of putting up a special post on our TCH FB page, a simple bucket of flowers (with a 49er theme?) and speedy recovery from the Swamp family. It’s a public page so I won’t use his real name. He’s always been a faithful liker of the page posts, so he will see it 😀

  12. leslie says:

    Gotta get back to decorating…………….. It’s taking me much longer this year. I wonder why.. 😉

  13. DeniseVB says:

    FB TCH followers, did this work? Non FB subscribers, just wonder if you can see this……

  14. DandyTIger says:

    So let me get this straight, the people that tell us all cops are bad, and that there’s no distinction between good and bad cops, are now telling us that you can’t pick a group of people and say they’re all bad, that you have to distinguish the good ones from the bad ones. I’m so confused.

  15. Dora says:

  16. votermom says:

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