I did not watch the debate last night. I have seen enough reviews to come to the conclusion that who “won” depends heavily on who the reviewer already supports. (Democrats think Hillary won.)

The real question is whether the debate will change anything. I doubt it.

Trump remains the frontrunner. Can anybody catch him?



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  1. Myiq2xu says:

    The Donald was supposed to have faded away by now, or crashed and burned. And yet he now holds the biggest polling lead to date.

  2. Myiq2xu says:

    I was gonna watch the debate last night. I turned it on. I recorded it on DVR. Then it started and I just could not watch the talking heads bloviate so I turned off the sound. I skipped over the opening statements. Wolf asked Trump a question. He answered. Then Jeb chimed in and that was it.

    I watched reruns of Friends instead.

    • leslie says:

      I was, too (gonna watch). But I babysat later than usual and I was exhausted by the time I got home. I had it on for a little while but was put off by the moderators and the “master debaters” and fell asleep with the show still on. I woke up from time to time and saw bits. I was not impressed with what I saw.

      • Somebody says:

        I didn’t watch it either. I ended up babysitting late too, but that is pretty much normal for me. My son got here and then proceeded to hang around for another 45 minutes diddling on his phone, ignoring the girls. I’d already fed them, all he had to do was take them home and get them ready for bed. Finally hubby told him we had to do some grocery and Christmas shopping, so then we were forced to head out to the shopping center up the street, LOL!

        We actually did pick up a couple of small Christmas gifts and then did our grocery shopping for the week. We didn’t get back home until 10 minutes after 9EST, so the debate was already going on. I watched about 5 minutes and turned off and went to bed. It’s recorded on my DVR, but I don’t know if I’ll watch it or just delete it.

        I wish we could have better debates, what passes for debates these days is crap.

  3. votermom says:

    Jeb was on teevee this morning crying that Trump bullied him

  4. Myiq2xu says:

  5. Myiq2xu says:

  6. leslie says:

    I’m gone again today. see y’all tonight – if I survive the day….

  7. Myiq2xu says:

    Honest question: When is the last time an Arab army defeated a non-Arab army without non-Arab help?

    • gram krakka says:

      If you consider Arabs to be Ottomans, was it The Battle of Grocka, fought between Austria and the Ottoman Empire on July 21–22, 1739, in Grocka, Belgrade?

      • Propertius says:

        Turks are not Arabs, so I don’t think this applies. In fact, it’s probably a counter-example, since Murad I ended the last Arab Caliphate in the 14th Century and took the title of Caliph for the Turkish Sultan.

    • threewickets says:

      Saddam was beating the Persians until they began sending suicide regiments against him.

  8. votermom says:

    By the way, the debate showed an obvious non-aggression pact between Trump, Cruz, and Carson.
    I done toldya the Trump-Cruz kerfluffle was a faux food fight.

  9. Myiq2xu says:

    Jeb Bush’s $35 Million: The Least Effective TV Ad Campaign in Presidential History?

    It’s maybe too early to completely write off Jeb Bush’s struggling presidential campaign.

    But it isn’t too early to declare that the $35 million – and counting – that Bush and his allies have spent in TV ads since September might go down as the least effective advertising campaign in presidential history.

    Consider: Despite that more than $35 million, spent mostly by the pro-Bush Super PAC Right to Rise, Bush’s national poll numbers remain stuck in the single digits, with a recent national Monmouth poll showing him at just 3 percent.

    What’s more, Bush and his allies have spent a whopping $17 million in New Hampshire alone, but Bush is just in single digits there.

    And they’ve spent $9 million in Iowa, yet Bush’s favorable/unfavorable rating is upside down among GOP caucus-goers, according to the Des Moines Register/Bloomberg poll.

    All told, the $35 million-plus that Bush and his allies have spent over the past three months– with another $28 million on the way in future ads — is nearly as much as the rest of the Republican field combined.

    According to the ad-tracking data from SMG Delta, Bush’s Right to Rise Super PAC so far has spent $34.6 million in TV ads, with the campaign chipping in almost another $1 million.

    By comparison, the other Republican campaigns and Super PACs have spent $41 million – including $15.5 million from Team Rubio, $8.8 million from Team Kasich, $7.7 million from Team Christie and $2.8 million from Team Carson.

    Donald Trump has spent just over $200,000 in advertising.

  10. Myiq2xu says:

    Treacher nails it:

  11. piper says:

    Polls, smoles, whatever the question no one seems to be asking is ‘who’s voting in these polls. Wouldn’t surprise me if some of these telephone voters were democrats voting for Trump as a FU to the GOP throwing the system into an uproar until the general election where they’ll either vote the dem. ticket or stay home. Polls on the internet can also be rigged.
    Remember previous years when candidates like Huckabee won the Iowa caucuses but did poorly in the G.E.
    I’m Trumped out – need to houseclean for the overpriced Santa visit next week.

  12. piper says:

    Here’s my true feelings about this election pandering – media driven rot to drive up viewership and ratings, and avoid reporting the real news showing the POS as a lackluster irresponsible twit who prefers golfing and vacationing (better shut it before black helos start flying here and shut off my internet connection).

  13. Myiq2xu says:

  14. Myiq2xu says:

  15. piper says:

    Last one stolen from gal Wisconsinite,
    Military Strategist Explains Why Donald Trump Leads—And How He Will Fail

    Air Force fighter pilot John Boyd’s theory about confounding opponents with a constantly shifting battlefield applies to Donald Trump and all GOP aspirants.

    No matter how much you dislike Donald Trump and his effect on the Republican presidential primary race—and there are many, many good reasons to do so—you have to spare a little grudging admiration for the sheer madcap genius of Trump’s ability to disrupt, unsettle, and exploit the primary system.

    We can better understand what Trump has done successfully, as well as his ultimate limitations as a candidate and why he would be such a terrible president, using the ideas of military strategic theorist John Boyd. Trump has been, thus far, the true Boyd candidate in this race, yet he is already exhibiting symptoms of precisely the flaws that Boyd saw as fatal in combatants.

  16. Myiq2xu says:

    Jeb Bush is an example of why inherited aristocracy failed.

  17. DeniseVB says:

    Drudge Poll

    Only 7 weeks to Iowa ! Watching GOPe heads explode, priceless 😉

  18. driguana says:

    This just in…apparently the Word of the Year this year is not a word but a suffix…”ism”. I’ve been warning all year about “ismatic” behavior!! Wonder if it’s because of Bernie Sanders and people scrambling to look up all those words that end in “ism”??

  19. DeniseVB says:

    This is nice, a former Trump skeptic finally gets it. Good read and a bit different from other post-debate “wrap-ups” …. from Keith Koffler:

  20. mothy67 says:

    Ido not care about my stupid cable bill. I am done. I am more concerned about my medical records. More than 25 years ago I drank a gallonbof vodka and attempted

  21. votermom says:

    Trump is the only one who can win as GOP candidate at this point. Because many of his supporters will sit out the election if he doesn’t get the nomination.

    The real contest is in auditioning to be his VP.
    Cruz & Carson are obviously in that race. But there are unknown others he might pick.

    • Somebody says:

      I disagree that Trump is the only one who can win the GOP nomination, it’s still too early to declare that. True his supporters might sit the election out, but whether they did or not would depend on how DT himself handled defeat. If DT legitimately lost to say Cruz or Carson, it is conceivable that he could campaign and stump during the general for them and bring his supporters along.

      If the nominee is somehow Jeb, Kasich, and several of the others…..then you’re correct DT couldn’t stump for them in a believable fashion and his supporters who clearly prefer an outsider would then sit out the election.

      • Somebody says:

        Votermom, if you looked back at any number of previous elections you’d see plenty of inevitable, only one who can win, candidates that fell by the wayside. We haven’t even had the first primary or caucus, some of the voters haven’t even tuned in yet.

        An old seasoned politician I worked with used to always say “Anything before 30 days out is just lobbing rounds in the water”. He was referring to 30 days before the election. Rounds in the water make a big splash but rarely do any serious damage, unless they strike close enough to sink something with the wave they produce.

  22. foxyladi14 says:

    True story 😀

  23. helenk3 says:

    Mistrial in the Freddie Grey case in Baltimore

  24. Myiq2xu says:

    It doesn’t matter who I like. Our primary isn’t until June, and the race should be decided long before that. In November Hillary will win all of our Electoral College votes.

  25. Propertius says:

    It really bothers me that Rand Paul is the only candidate from either party who seems to have read the Constitution.

    • Myiq2xu says:

      What a quaint document.


      • Jadzia says:

        I am not a huge fan of libertarianism, but Rand Paul has really done American expats a solid in participating in the lawsuit that is pushing back against the ridiculously draconian tax penalties that have been imposed on us.(*)

        (*)I know I said I would write another post, and the Rand Paul lawsuit is the general topic, and I am hoping to get to that by the end of the year, but I gotta make a bunch of money this month for reasons that will be clear when I write the damn post!

        • Myiq2xu says:

          No hurry, no worry.

        • smile says:

          Yeah, I want to read about this. Looking forward to your post, Jadzia. Also want to say how much I enjoy your posts, even your “woe is me” posts about Christmas market shopping in France due to the enhanced security. It is lovely to hear an American perspective from another land.

      • Propertius says:

        Well, as Ezra Klein pointed out “it’s like a hundred years old and nobody understands it.”

  26. Myiq2xu says:

    • DeniseVB says:

      I just got a fundraising letter from Jeb! telling me he was disappointed he didn’t see my name on his donor list because election is really important and he needs money, blah, blah, blah. Scrolled down to see the Romney Pac disclaimer. Bought his list and not using GWB’s ?

  27. Dora says:

    Trump made the greatest entrance to his rally this afternoon. Very presidential. 🙂

    Donald Trump just dramatically entered a campaign rally by pulling up in a Trump-branded 757

    • DeniseVB says:

      I remember seeing Trump’s plane at JFK when our plane taxied passed the private planes parking area. Looked like a whale among a school of guppies. Impressively yuuuuge ! He should hold all his rallies at airports.

  28. mothy67 says:

    Off topic and apologies if I aleady said this. I go grocery shopping for several older women. Not a big deal. Pittsburghvis hillywalking to a bus stop is to hard. I am no hero I just shop for them. Piss off anyone who remembers I hate stores. Different I take all their lists and shop. As much as I hate stores it is kind of fun or at least not annoying to shop for others. I use my store card because sales are dependent on card. You get fuel perks. I don’t drive. Never paid any attention to it. Found out I can convert every 50 cents off gas into 5 dollars off groceries. For years I have been shopping for older women. I’d say I spend just shy of three grand a month. My dad helps out. Twice a month I get hit with big orders. I assume SS check day. Anyhow I can call in fuel points and get grocery credit. I was so happy went into liquor store to buy a bottle of wine. Very very old woman in front had a magnum of Yellow Fin wine. Her cards were rejected. Fuck no I am not big on karma but I had just saved 20 shopping for seniors. I had to buy her wine. I am not a cosmic person but I was buying a nice bottle of bourbon with my new found savings. This woman was older than my grandmother her cards got rejected. I bought her wine. I do not believe in karma shit but why chance it. So in the end I got 20 off groceries. I went and spent 40 in store. Then I went to buy a 40 dollar bottle of Booker’s. Bought a 17 dollar bottle of wine for a stranger. I ended up spending 80.

    • Myiq2xu says:

      I discovered a long time ago that you can go broke saving money.

    • smile says:

      You are so sweet. I believe in Karma. As explained in Yoga, it is really basic Newtonian scientific theory of the physical world which also works on the non-physical world, that is, “for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.” Anyway, you are creating mighty good karma. But even more profound, I think you are very spiritually evolved to even recognize the needs of others and respond to it so spontaneously.

    • NewOrleans says:

      “I do not believe in karma shit but why chance it.”

      ^^ THIS ^^

      • votermom says:

        Reminds me of this story about Voltaire. As part of the last rites, a priest asked the dying Voltaire if he would renounce Satan and all his works. Voltaire replied, “My good man, this is no time to be making enemies.”

  29. Jadzia says:

    Klown, did you see the season finale of Fargo? I thought the last episode was a bit of a denouement (bc really, the penultimate episode was untoppable), but OH MY GOD, WHAT A CAST.

    • votermom says:

      I am around 3 episodes behind – it’s on dvr.

    • Myiq2xu says:

      Season 2 wasn’t as good as Season 1 but that is a really high bar to pass. I never expected a UFO though.

      • Jadzia says:

        “We gotta go!!!!” I am not sure which season I liked better, given that both were phenomenal. In terms of casting, I think that season 2 was a smidge better. Because of all the Easter eggs that got dropped in the finale (Votermom, CATCH UP PLEASE! so I don’t have to worry about spoilers), I think I’m going to go back and rewatch Season 1 next, during the loooong wait for the back end of The Walking Dead, Season 2 of Better Call Saul, and Game of Thrones.

        Continuing the Breaking Bad cross-over with the Fargo cast, I would LOVE to see Hank and Betsy in Fargo Season 3. : ) I just saw Hank playing the “straight coach” in The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, and he was hilarious. (Also funny: Hank in the Breaking Bad webisodes, especially the “Hank and Betsy’s sex life” and “Hank and Betsy’s wedding” clips.) Although Anna Gunn certainly LOOKS the part of a rural Minnesotan (at least if she would re-gain some of the weight she lost).

        • mothy67 says:

          I binge watched Season one on Hulu. I have seen two episodes of season 2. I am spoiled by Netflix. 17 minutes of commercials. Egads Ads are fine during a sitcom or a Law &Order type show, but some of the new shows are like reading a good novel. I feel like I take a trip. I have this funky lung rot. When the weather goes up and down I hermetically attempt to seal my home. I have a scrip for steroids but I prefer alcohol abuse. Guess its a mold allergy. Rotting leaves destroy me. Booze really does help. I struggle to breath scotch relaxes me. I crawl under the covers order in and binge on TV. By the way the Twilight series rips off the TV show Roswell. A kid sci-fi show but the dialogue is well crafted. I think cable is not unlike !yeb¡ And Hillary campaigns. Her tweets are astonishingly awful. Trump is by his nature a funny guy. He gets away with making faces while Bush trash talks him. Thing is his reaction is real. I feel like I can relate to him. Rubio makes me sick. I think he is a lying tool. The most socio path borderline person can look you in the eye and lie but they cannot control sweat. You lie you sweat. Rubie keeps a calm voice while sweating. I have spent years in court with a borderline person I can ID that voice that manipulative tone. Thank god so can a judge. Preparing for Christmas day and the police. By court order he can see her for two hours at his sister’s home. He says he is taking her to his house and no one will stop him. By law my parents have to report him they are legally responsible. Kids be stupid they post every feeling on facebook. He is violentin and out of jail. He knocked out his girlfriend’s front teeth. Idiots post it all. He never gave a shit about his kid years he did not even call then health insurance and care came into question. We got along fine for years. Zero problem taking her to a doctor then no. She had a broken collar bone from a slip n slide We could not get treatment because we had no custody. They set the bone and treated her well but said you have to get authority. When I was a kid I went to ER a lot. My grandmother’s fourth husband would just drop me off. I did all the triage stuff alone. Today no waytheywill treat a child without a parent. Had to file for custody. Asked for no money zero but you have to have custody for medical treatment. So my parents filed for custody becausewe had to. I hope none of you ever have to endure family court. So trashy. I got accused of sex abuse. I moved into a hotel. Gave them free range in my apartment. Gavethem my laptop and passwords. Pup had to be interviewed. They told me she was going to get a vaginal exam
          I was in tears begging that they not hurther. I was caught in this firestorm I would have gone to jail as a child molester before I let anyonehurt her. Charges were dropped andcthe shrink apologized and said she is a lucky girl. I understand people were doing a job. I expect them to be diligent. Anyone can make an accusation I am conflicted. I wanted to sue but I also see the need for anonymous reporting. Thing is it is abused in Family Court. I watch local news and I hear awful stories about kids. A fat grandmother was being paid to watch her own grandkids. She sat on her grandkid and killed hi. She was sitting on a child she killed a kid and she was being paid to watch him. I have no respect for child protective services. I think they are dumb. I went through hell over a baseless accusation i swear they wanted to find something wrong. So bizarre pup has straight A’s she did her ballet thing at tree lighting people cried. She has been in ballet sinceshe was two. I am white older I think they wanted to see me as a foul monster rich white guy. I fit a theme they wanted too bad I am gay. I know it is odd that a great gay uncle raises a kid. I don’t see us as old gay guy and kid. I was 39 when she hatched. I picked the crud up from a hell hole day care center. I quit my New York life and changed diapers. I have a big back story. Lots of tough stuff. I am flawed but I am a man. I think being a man means something. I say sod off to generic feminists that demolish men as whatever they say. I love my kid my mom my best friend.

  30. simofish says:

    I’m in Iowa on the family farm and a ton of Rubio ads and a few Ben Carson. I think I saw one Jeb Bush ad. I’d totally forgotten how wonderful it is not seeing ads.

  31. threewickets says:

    Obama prog activists, the most vile and gullible useful idiots known to man.

  32. Dora says:

    I can’t say Paul Ryan let me down because I never had much trust in him to begin with.

    Rep. Paul Ryan’s first major legislative achievement is a total and complete sell-out of the American people masquerading as an appropriations bill.

    Too harsh, you say? Let the programs, the spending, and the implications speak for themselves.

  33. votermom says:

    My neighbor (dad of my kid’sbest friend) passed away this morning.
    Going over to see if there’s anything we can do to help or what.

  34. mothy67 says:

    A little girl was thrown away. Insignificant. Some how she had a great gay uncle visiting from New York by mistake on a bus. He is an asshole. Selfish prick. Total loser running away from everything. Forrst Gump with a europass He is pathetic wallowingin I had two open hearts, an outhouse, gay. No end to the pity train. Picked up my brat. I am an asshole i picked her up from an awful place. Her little arms held me tight. I am an asshole but I dissolved. I am no hero but that little girl has straight A’s is executive on an engineering project, models. She is funny. She dances very well. I am so wierd so is my kid. Shayla is funny. Really funny. I am an ass. Total idiot. I love Jane Eyre.SO i shackle my kid and read Jane Eyre.. not really but it is my favorite book and I read it to her.


  35. Underwhelmed says:

    I think the commenters at Ace of Spades pretty much suck, but often the posts are right on. Like this one. I can’t even …

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