30 Years Ago Today

Remember when our Presidents didn’t try to turn every tragedy into a political opportunity?

This day will stick in my memory for another reason. Tomorrow is my baby girl’s 30th birthday.


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  1. Myiq2xu says:

    Remember when we had a space program?

    • Jadzia says:

      The Challenger tragedy was the “Where were you when JFK was shot” moment for Generation X. I was in chemistry class. Of course, the TV was on. It was on in everybody’s class because Christa McAuliffe was on board. When I got home, my mom, a former teacher, was crying.

      • DeniseVB says:

        I definitely remember …. just put my youngest on the kindergarten bus for the afternoon session. Dashed back into the house to grab a quick lunch before heading to work and flipped on the t.v. to watch the launch live. The rest is now very much our history. R.I.P brave explorers.

      • 1539days says:

        I was in school (won’t say which grade). I was spared actually seeing the explosion, but they thought it was important enough to bring us all into the classroom with the TV to see the news coverage.

    • Somebody says:

      As the crow flies I’m not that far north of Cape Kennedy. I’ve been fortunate to be able to see all of the shuttle launches from my house. The night launches were the best, but we still have a good view of the daytime launches too.

      I remember watching the shuttle lift off that day and then running outside to see the shuttle in the sky. I had my then two year old in my arms, he was excited to see the shuttle. Just as the shuttle came into view there was a bright flash and then contrails everywhere. I wasn’t sure what was going on, but it hit me when my little baby said “Space shuttle go boom, Mommy”. I thought it can’t be. I stood staring at the sky looking for parachutes, something, anything. Then I went back inside and sat stunned watching the coverage.

  2. Myiq2xu says:

  3. Jadzia says:

    Oh, myiq. You are in my thoughts, and she is not forgotten.

  4. Jadzia says:

    Three guesses as to what else he was carrying in his bag:


    I am beside myself. My four-year-old has been pestering me day and night to go to Disneyland lately. How can these animals target children?

    • DeniseVB says:

      Funny, when I heard about that earlier, I thought of you Jadzia. You are now embedded in my brain when something weird happens in France. 😛 Stay safe!

      • Jadzia says:

        Thanks. I am seriously considering just renting a car for my trip to Rome in April because I’m worried about taking the train. Which is probably, statistically speaking, a ridiculous decision given the way that the Romans apparently drive.

        • DeniseVB says:

          LOL, I’m such a railfan, I’d pick train in a heartbeat especially with all that beautiful scenery between France and Italy to absorb. Then again, I find driving stressful and Amtrak has a bar 😉

          • Jadzia says:

            I LOVE the train, it’s my favorite thing about being here. But all these attacks and the thing that happened on the train in Belgium last year, it’s starting to freak me out and … you know, traveling with my child. A LOT of the craziness has centered around the train stations, and there are two or three transfers on this kind of a trip. (That said, Italy seems to have been spared a lot of the mayhem, as have Lyon and the Paris station where the French transfers would be.)

            But yes, it is a GORGEOUS ride. I took the train from Paris to Naples a few years back and the Switzerland part of the journey was breathtaking.

            And having traveled all over the US on Amtrak (I’m a fan!) I’ve gotta say that the food is better on the train here (and it’s WAY better in the stations) and the wine flows cheaply. : )

        • taw46 says:

          In my younger years, when we visited Greece, we always rented a car. To drive in Athens was nuts! Outside of the city, it was fine. Maybe you could drive somewhere close in, but not in Rome itself?

          • Jadzia says:

            That’s actually what I was considering–researching suburban long-term parking and finding some kind of lot where I could just ditch the car and take public transit into the city. When we go to Athens (which is pretty high on the list), I’ll almost definitely drive, because there is really no good way to get there otherwise (it’s like four trains and a ferry and a bus).

        • 1539days says:

          Someone at work told me one night when he was in France on business, he wanted Italian food. So they drove him to Italy. Is that like a thing, or were they just close to the border?

          • 1539days says:

            I’ve seen that bit. My co-worker said 35 minutes when he went. I was just wondering if French people did that when they wanted Italian.

          • Jadzia says:

            Sounds like they were close to the border. I am continually shocked by how many French people I meet, grown up people, who have never been outside of France. I’m like: ITALY! IT’S RIGHT THERE!!!!! LOOK! SPAIN! GERMANY! TWO HOURS ON THE TRAIN TO LONDON!

            I don’t get it. Even my husband tries to shut me down when I mention another country (“why don’t you see more of France?” “because you never want to do anything, mofo”), which is why I travel alone or with the kids.

          • Jadzia says:

            Yes! That John Pinnette routine is exactly what I was thinking of!

      • votermom says:

        Me too – any news about France I think “hope Jadzia’ s ok!”

    • leslie says:

      We probably all think of you, Jadzia, anytime France is in the news. I know I do.
      Take care… When do you go on your trip?

      • Jadzia says:

        April! I’m working my ass off right now so that I can buy the tickets as soon as I get my new card.

  5. taw46 says:

    NASA had three crew vehicle losses, all occurring in the same calendar week, different years. Apollo 1 (1/27/67), Challenger (1/28/86), and Columbia (2/1/03). It is a sad week for NASA employees. At KSC, they have a yearly service to remember all three. It is open to the public (at the Visitors Center), always attended by different family members. Also, they still hold a service every January 27 at Cape Canaveral to honor Apollo 1 crew. It is held at the site of the fire, it is at the request of Betty Grissom (Gus’s widow), and she attends every year. I often wonder if that will continue, once she passes. They are both moving ceremonies.

    • taw46 says:

      Three crew members lost on Apollo 1, seven each on Challenger and Columbia.

    • DeniseVB says:

      As a child/teen of the Kennedy era, I remember how inspiring JFK was. By telling us we could put a man on the moon by the end of the 60’s, reaching for the stars was such an exciting and attainable goal and taught us to dream we could be anything we wanted to be, and we did it in 1969.

      Sigh, now we have President Peckerhead telling us what racist, bigoted slobs we are, and, oh yeah, f**k amerika.

      • taw46 says:

        Yes, it was a time, wasn’t it? I was so fortunate to meet several of the Apollo astronauts when I worked at Kennedy Space Center, one I knew pretty well. Believe me, you would not want to get them started on the current administration! Same for many of the former shuttle astronauts that I knew.

        I won’t even get into what happened after he became President. There is still a space program, but there was a fight to have it, and much time has been lost. I know Cruz supports NASA, I don’t know if Trump has talked about it.

        • Jadzia says:

          I think that a country that can go to the moon and then turn its back on the stars is a country that has lost its way.

    • DandyTIger says:

      I worked on Columbia. It was a horrible time.

      • taw46 says:

        I know people who went to Texas after the accident, won’t talk about it.

      • DandyTIger says:

        The people that worked on the shuttles tend to be in a team for one shuttle. It’s a great approach to build a team and have the same people focused on one shuttle (and one orbital preparation facility for that shuttle). The bad part is if something like Columbia happens.

        • taw46 says:

          I have been in all 3 OPFs while orbiters were being readied for flight. Always fascinating to me, that people would talk about each vehicle having its own “personality”.

          • Jadzia says:

            I had no idea we had people who worked on the program here! It would be so interesting to hear more about that, to the extent that you can talk about it.

    • Jadzia says:

      So…. you sent me WAY down the space-program conspiracy Internet wormhole last night. Mama needs to get some work done!

      I thought that part of the reason for the January coincidences is that some of the problems (not Apollo I, but the others) were caused by/affected by cold weather? Wasn’t that the case with the Challenger, that the O-rings froze or something like that?

      • taw46 says:

        Both accident reports are online, you can read the findings. For both Challenger and Columbia, there were known issues. Brought up to management, sometimes not forcibly enough, sometimes not pushed higher. NASA is like any company, has extreme amount of pressure on them to meet schedules. I have great amount of respect for NASA, it is amazing to see all the checks they go through in order to prepare and safely launch a vehicle. But there were failings, especially for Challenger.

        The O-rings expand and contract between the booster segments. That morning was so cold, there had been ice at the Pad. So, they did not work, one segment slipped and hit the External Tank. There was an ongoing, known problem with the O-rings. Had it not been so cold, accident may or may not have occurred.

        Columbia had nothing to do with weather. The External Tank is covered in foam (because of cryogenic fuel), and on almost all shuttle launches, pieces of foam would fly off. Nothing ever hit the vehicles, so it was an accepted occurrence. For this launch, a piece of foam about the size of a laptop hit the leading edge of the wing, putting a hole in it. So, on return mission, once Columbia re-entered atmosphere, vehicle broke apart. This resulted in changes being made to how foam was applied in a particular area of the tank.

  6. lyn says:

  7. Dora says:

    • Jadzia says:

      It’s been many years since I gave a shit about anything that Susan Sarandon has to say if it doesn’t involve a script.

    • DeniseVB says:

      OMG, Feel the Bern! I find it ironic that Sarandon, a multi-millionaire, supports socialism. So, she’s cool with turning over 90% of her wealth and/or future income?

      I do remember her visit with the OWS squatters in NYC, she told them they were doing it wrong because their message was confusing. (Didn’t we all feel that way?). I gave her props for being honest.

      • taw46 says:

        She will be a member of the “party” elite. She will not have to give up anything. Just like the USSR.

        • DeniseVB says:

          Good point 😉 I just want all the celebrities to shut up about politics. I also don’t want to read about politicians in my professional journals,like People, EW, etc. I pay to be entertained and enlightened about my bad body self-image, not PoliSci 101. I would have stayed in college for that 😉

          • taw46 says:

            Yes, shut up already. Leave me my illusions that you are someone I would like to meet. I know they have the right to speak up, be an activist, but it turns off half their audience. Just makes me not go to their movies. Not entertaining, anymore. And I used to really like Susan Sarandon’s movies.

          • DeniseVB says:

            Liked her in the last Sarandon movie I saw when she played Melissa McCarthy’s grandma. Very funny. Wait, she wasn’t nominated that year? LOL.

          • Jadzia says:

            “my professional journals,” ha ha ha. Mine is D-Listed. : )

        • Underwhelmed says:

          Bingo! Exactly. And yet the easily duped fall for this crap time and time and time again.

      • mothy67, says:

        I always kept two months aside to cover all my bills. I left a job and got scared so I filled out a Starbucks application, made photo copies took the train to the bottom of the island. By the time I hit 14th and 8th I had a 7.75/hr job with benefits. I worked for Starbucks for 6 months after I got another job. I was in my thirties with a college education getting off work and then going to Starbucks and working as a janitor. I grew up cleaning banks with my grandmother. I was not embarrassed. One day a guy came in who was hosting a high end party. We had spent hours going over wine. He laughed and said why are you cleaning a bathroom. By that point I was making very decent money but when I was down to 2 months rent I begged for a job and I was given one. I could not walk away. My new job was 40 base plus 6%. I made a lot of money. I could not just quit on a guy that I had begged for a job. I can clean a toilet.
        ANYHOW the Starbucks that I worked at was on 14th and 8th in Chelsea. Huge sign out front no parking or standing. It is a safety issue. Subway is right there. It has to be clear for emergency vehicles. Not clear for celebrities to get a grande coffee. Robbins, Sarandon are hated by NYPD. They violate parking all the time.

  8. Dora says:

  9. mothy67, says:

    Endless litigation is exhausting. We had another court date for the kid next month, but it has been thrown out. He did not file and deliver proper paper work. He has been arrested twice since last hearing. He has been in jail twice when hearings took place. He tells the judge it is okay that he smokes pot everyday because its legal in Colorado. He told judge at a hearing he had no criminal issues. She said you want to try that again he said no your honor. She said I have your entire criminal history in front of me. After last hearing he was informed unless he takes a psych eval as ordered two years ago, maybe three, he is responsible for our legal costs. Still he files representing himself.
    I believe in parents rights, but he has never been a parent. I raised her until my mom retired. I live in a basement because I believe in her. I can afford to go back to my old life. But good god I was 40 when I picked her up from a welfare day camp. 49 now. Somehow waking up drunk in New Orleans is less attractive than listening to jabber jaws describe every detail of her day.
    I am no saint but I look at all the promise baby girl holds. I shudder to think what she might be if I had not said NO.
    DeBlasio wants that for kids. I am a board certified asshole and yet I found myself asleep with my hand on her chest. Terrified of SIDS. I wanted a heart monitor.
    Thing is she is so kind and smart with a wicked sense of humor.
    I am looking for a president that protects my brat. Her future, her gender, her right to speak her mind. Hillary said at the UN we will shame those that dis Islam. She is a disgrace.

    • Jadzia says:

      It is NOT okay to smoke pot all day if you have kids, IDGAF if it’s legal or not. I pray to God that the judge agrees.

      Love, a kid who grew up in what a therapist once referred to as a “drug house”

  10. mothy67, says:

    I was in college at a school that graduated a few astronauts. There were candles lit and a vigil, but mostly I recall a revered silence. I recall eating dinner that night to a haunting silence.

  11. taw46 says:

  12. taw46 says:

    The Five is so obvious today with the new FOX playbook. They haven’t mentioned Trump. And, they are oh so excited about each and every candidate. Nothing but praise for all! Tonight’s debate will be GREAT, with all eyes on stage. They called Cruz the front runner, who will be on stage.

    • 1539days says:

      Fox is going to get criticized if they mention Trump or ignore him. I say ignore the whiny little baby. It’s funny how Trump starts talking about the troops and the wounded warriors when he’s in a pissing match over a debate. Otherwise, not so much.

  13. DeniseVB says:

    I love the new cover photo ❤

  14. Dora says:

    Internecine Politics – Fox News Debate Executive’s Daughter Is Marco Rubio Press Secretary…

    Things That Make Other Things Make Sense…

    Bill Sammon is a Fox News Vice President and in charge of the Fox News debates and questioning. His daughter, Brooke Sammon, is Marco Rubio’s Press Secretary.


  15. Underwhelmed says:

    THis is long but worth a read. The thought-bubble crap and the rampant hypocrisy of the instigator are laugh or you’ll cry stuff. SJW crybully tactics backfire at its best.


    • taw46 says:

      I read it, hypocrisy, indeed. And finally, they stood up to those SJWs trying to change history. That is what they need to do here in the US.

      • Jadzia says:

        Seriously. I don’t see why the solution, at an EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTION, is not to increase teaching about these historical figures so that students can learn about them in their full complexity–the good and the bad–and include their opposition (anti-racist leaders of the time and what have you) in the historical pantheon so that we can learn more about the past, not erase parts of it like some Stalin-era political portrait.

        • Myiq2xu says:

          We need to teach kids that history is rarely black and white. Great men like Jefferson also did bad things like own slaves. Hitler was a war hero and an artist who loved dogs. Many abolitionists were racists who wanted to send all the former slaves back to Africa.

          You have to weigh the good and the bad when judging people and events. You also have to understand the context of the times.

          Slavery used to be commonplace. Eventually we banned it. Standards changed.

          • Jadzia says:

            History is more than generals, dates, and battles. It’s important to know that stuff, but I think it would be great to teach kids more about everyday history, bring the subject to life. Teach them about the lives of the greatest and the least of our ancestors.

          • Myiq2xu says:

            One of the things I love best about history is learning about the everyday lives of common, average people.

          • Jadzia says:

            I don’t know if you’re being sarcastic or not, but I actually do feel this way.

          • Myiq2xu says:

            Cross my heart!

  16. Myiq2xu says:

    Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders ripped into David Brock, the head of the pro-Hillary Clinton super PAC, Correct the Record, after being asked about rumors on Thursday that his campaign was planning to bus out-of-state students into Iowa to take part in Monday’s caucuses.

    Sanders let his questioner, Bloomberg Politics editor Al Hunt, have it as well.

    “The Clinton people say that they are, in places like Ames and Iowa City, that they are very worried that a number of out-of-state young people may try to show up to the caucus and they’re going to make a major effort to make sure that that’s not the case,” Hunt said to Sanders in an editorial meeting held Thursday.

    The newsman smirked and shrugged as he asked the question, but provided no evidence suggesting that the inquiry was based on anything more than rumor.

    “Really? Is that what they’re saying?” Sanders shot back, heatedly.

    “Based on what did they say that? Based on David Brock’s long history of honesty and integrity? The man who tried to destroy Anita Hill? Is this where this is coming from?” the 74-year-old bellowed.

    Brock is a former conservative journalist who wrote a book criticizing Anita Hill, the woman who accused Supreme Court justice Clarence Thomas of sexual harassment. The political hit man has since converted to the Democratic party and is among Clinton’s most loyal supporters.

    “Every one of you knows, you know it, that every day you’re being flooded by all of this negative stuff from the Secretary Clinton’s super PAC,” Sanders continued, adding that Hunt’s question is the first time he’s ever heard the rumor.

    It is unclear if Brock is responsible for the rumor that Hunt seized on. But his group has been behind other anti-Sanders smears. In September, Correct the Record passed opposition research to reporters asserting that Sanders shared similarities with former Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez, a socialist, and with Jeremy Corbyn, the radical leftist who now heads the U.K’s Labour Party.

    The assertion that Sanders is planning to manipulate the vote in Iowa is also reminiscent of Clinton campaign tactics during the 2008 Democratic primary. Back then, campaign staffers accused then-Illinois Sen. Barack Obama of the same nefarious strategy.


    • taw46 says:

      Hey, it worked for Obama.

      • leslie says:

        My thoughts exactly. I remember receiving emails from the obama campaign (via the dpoe – democrat party of e*****) “inviting” me to come to Iowa to “help” with the caucuses.
        Buses were leaving to take people to various towns in Iowa to “help” recruit.

        • taw46 says:

          I will never, ever get over what happened in 2008. When you try to explain it, people who were not following the primary look at you like you are nuts.

    • leslie says:

      Not only is David Brock an absurdist, he looks completely out of his mind. He was on tv a short time ago. I think it might have been Morning Joe, but I’m not certain. He looked as though he had just had a run-in with an egg beater. And that the egg beater had won.
      I don’t often comment on appearances. But with Brock, I’ll make an exception.
      If the picture posts below, it doesn’t do him justice. . .

  17. Dora says:

    Just in case anyone is interested. 🙂

  18. Dora says:

    They actually have to stand on line. How awful! Boo Hoo.

    • mothy67, says:

      I spent a week in the hospital with no insurance three years ago. I had to apply for medicaid before I could set up a payment plan. They ask for everything. My funeral plot, life insurance. I knew I did not qualify but I had to go through it. I paid it off in December but i got a nasty letter threatening collection. I had two payments left. I made them both in December. Clueless woman on the phone told meI broke the contract as I agreed to a payment on the 10th. I said I have no balance I paid it all off on the 31st of December. She said that is not what you agreed to and unless I m ake a payment in 16 days I will go to collections. How do you send a zero balance to collection?

      • mcnorman says:

        There is no arguing with stupid.

        • mcnorman says:

          I know, I do it everyday. Today, I argued with an oshitcare plan about pre existing. I read to this person verbatim their policy on congenital malformations and how they affect the person. This jackhole was trying to tell me that this didn’t apply if the person was an adult. It’s an everyday kinda thing for me. I have come to terms with the fact that MD, DO, DC, PhD, etc. can translate to dumber than shit often.

    • Myiq2xu says:

      But the main reason Trump could win is because he’s the only candidate hard enough to call Hillary’s bluff. Republicans will say almost anything about Hillary, but almost none challenge her basic competence. She may be evil, but she’s tough and accomplished. This we know, all of us.

      But do we? Or is this understanding of Hillary just another piety we repeat out of unthinking habit, the political equivalent of, “you can be whatever you want to be,” or “breakfast is the most important meal of the day”? Trump doesn’t think Hillary is impressive and strong. He sees her as brittle and afraid.

      He may be right, based on his exchange with her just before Christmas. During a speech in Grand Rapids, Michigan, Trump said Hillary had been “schlonged” by Obama in the 2008 race. In response, the Clinton campaign called Trump a sexist. It’s a charge Hillary has leveled against virtually every opponent she’s faced, but Trump responded differently. Instead of scrambling to donate to breast cancer research, he pointed out that Hillary spent years attacking the alleged victims of her husband’s sexual assaults. That ended the conversation almost immediately.

      It was the most effective possible response, though more obvious than brilliant. Why was Trump the only Republican to use it?

      Republican primary voters may be wondering the same thing. Or maybe they already know. They seem to know a lot about Trump, more than the people who run their party. They know that he isn’t a conventional ideological conservative. They seem relieved. They can see that he’s emotionally incontinent. They find it exciting.

      Washington Republicans look on at this in horror, their suspicions confirmed. Beneath the thin topsoil of rural conservatism, they see the seeds of proto-fascism beginning to sprout. But that’s not quite right. Republicans in the states aren’t dangerous. They’ve just evaluated the alternatives and decided those are worse.

    • taw46 says:

      You are right, it is an excellent piece. I have always liked Tucker Carlson, even when I was a democrat.

    • Somebody says:

      That is the Tucker Carlson piece my husband told me I must read, thanks for the link underwhelmed!

  19. Myiq2xu says:

  20. taw46 says:

    Just heard a few minutes of Hillary talking to a group, with her “down home in Iowa accent”.

    • Somebody says:

      Why does Hillary do that?? I don’t know if she’s even aware that she does that. Obama would do that too. I can’t stand Obama’s southern preacher voice.

      • Somebody says:

        Just for the record, I don’t like any of Obama’s voices, but that southern preacher one I find especially offensive.

      • taw46 says:

        I don’t like it, either. Just speak in your normal voice, it is insulting when you fake an accent.

  21. lyn says:

  22. lyn says:

  23. mothy67, says:

    I am not a nice person in fact I’d say I am a cold asshole, but I was moved by the vet missing a leg who spoke at Trump’s rally. So much integrity, courage. I had to losea molar and I was in the depths of despair. He lost a limb and speaks about gratitude. I wanted to sue my dentist.

  24. DandyTIger says:

    Consensus seems to be creepy cruz had a rather bad night. And that Bush and Paul actually were probably the best tonight.

  25. Venus says:

    thewrap.com has the ratings for tonight Debate Sans Trump — down to 6 million (lowest #s with Trump is 17 million; highest is the first on at 24 million).

    I know I didn’t watch it tonight. 🙂

  26. Myiq2xu says:

  27. Myiq2xu says:

  28. mothy67, says:

    As of right now Trump won the debate with 56.4% on Drudge.

  29. mothy67, says:

    My dad sent me a birthday card. He told me I will never be an adult because I am too kind. Wrote always be you.
    My dad lives upstairs and I am an asshole. I have to write return to sender.

  30. votermom says:

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