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Super Tuesday Eve

This is me (not really, I’m a little older)…and myiq thinks he needs a break? At least he isn’t eating cheetos out of his hair 😉 Open thread !

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I Need A Break!

All the nastiness surrounding this election is really getting to me. Twitter is the worst. Hopefully it will be over soon. I’m gonna take a semi-vacation.

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Oscar Open Thread

I’m not watching, because Zombies. But y’all have fun with #OscarSoWhite. May the odds be ever on your favor for those in Venus’ Oscar Pool!

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The Canned Laughter Was A Nice Touch

"How do you bankrupt a casino?" – Marco Rubio (Vine by @JayCaruso) — Amy Curtis (@moderncomments) February 28, 2016 Apparently Marco Rubio has decided to pursue a new career as a stand-up comedian. I wish him luck, but he … Continue reading

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The Truth About White People

Salon: The future of life on the planet depends on bringing the 500-year rampage of the white man to a halt. For five centuries his ever more destructive weaponry has become far too common. His widespread and better systems of … Continue reading

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Saturday Open Thread: Rise Up

…and be counted 😉 From 2010…dear lawd, my liver won’t make it past Super Tuesday 2016 /snork. Still supporting the guy charging the hill. Guess who?

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Life Imitates Parteeeeeeeeeeeeee Open Thread

My how things have changed. In 2008, Obama speech writer Jon Favreau got smacked for posing with a Hillary Clinton cut out in which he faux-fondled her 2D boob. You may remember this… Flash forward 8 years, and watch Hillary Clinton attempt … Continue reading

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How quickly things change. An hour ago Marco Rubio was on live television mocking the typos in Donald Trump’s tweets. Then this happened: BREAKING: Chris Christie Endorses Trump Absolutely amazing. On the cable nets now. Rubio makes headway with mocking … Continue reading

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Everybody In The Pool!

Last night I received a message from long time TCH fellow/inmate/denizen Angie/Venus: OK — I bit the bullet and paid for an Oscar pool. But it is limited to 25 members — please, Klown, advertise the hell out of it … Continue reading

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I’m In!

JUST IN: Al Sharpton: Trump would probably deport me — The Hill (@thehill) February 25, 2016 I’m voting for Trump! This is an open thread. You can talk about the debate if you’re watching it.

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Where will you be when the meds stop working?

Matt Taibbi writes for Rolling Stone. He does some of the best political writing in the country. He also does some of the worst. Occasionally he does it in the same article. Let’s start here: The electoral roadshow, that giant … Continue reading

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Thursday Morning Music Open Thread

The duo is called 2Cellos. Their names are Luka Sulic and Stjepan Hauser. They are from one of those Bohunk countries in East-Central Europe. Not sure if they are the oily variety.

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Multi-Millionaire Mitt Misses Major Motive

When someone says “I get it” there is at least a 50/50 chance they’re wrong. Mitt Romney still doesn’t get it. Watching Trump and Sanders, Mitt Romney says he gets it: ‘We’re just mad as hell’ In his most extensive … Continue reading

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Payback is a Bitch

Some people are a little upset over Donald Trump’s yuuge victory in the Nevada caucuses last night. Fuck you to every single person who propped up Trump. Fuck you Entertainment Wing. Fuck you Ted Cruz. — RBe (@RBPundit) February 24, … Continue reading

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War Is Hell

Battle Of Iwo Jima The Battle of Iwo Jima (19 February – 26 March 1945) was a major battle in which the U.S. Marines landed on and eventually captured the island of Iwo Jima from the Japanese Imperial Army during … Continue reading

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Prototype of the Great Wall Of Trump’s Southern Border ?

Yuuge, and the southern border is only 11k miles shorter than the original. h/t AFVet, It’s doable, here’s the practical version: Open Thread Ya’ll, today is Nevada, or whatever they call these CaCa things.

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Revenge Of The Silent Majority

Where do Trump supporters come from? Jim Goad thinks he knows: Mr. Trump’s Economic Nationalism Yesterday I saw Donald Trump speak live at a rally in downtown Atlanta, and I stand here before God and man to report that not … Continue reading

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Nixon Goes to China

This is the day Tricky Dick actually arrived in China, back in 1972. Just thought I’d use that for the blog post. Or read about it in Nixon And Mao by Margaret McMillan if you are really interested. 🙂 It’s … Continue reading

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Trump Wins South Carolina

By a country mile. Media’s reaction: It’s like watching a dog play piano. This is an open thread.

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Saturday Open Thread w/more Lily

Lily loves her mom’s bellydance veils.

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