My Grandkids Are Cuter Than Yours Open Thread

Kate had to dress like her dream profession for class, so she dressed like her teacher!

Kate had to dress like her dream profession for class, so she dressed like her teacher!

I took Mom to Walmart and I got a parking space right in the FRONT ROW! I wished I had a cell phone so I could have taken a picture. I was standing there looking around to see if I saw anybody I knew.

Mom wasn’t impressed. She told me to go find her a good cart.

That was the highlight of my day. How you doin’?

Con Man went to Supercuts and got him a hipster 'do.

Con Man went to Supercuts and got him a hipster ‘do.


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  1. Myiq2xu says:

    I almost forgot – my favorite beer was on sale!!!

  2. elliesmom says:

    My 9 year old grandson has arrived. Elliesdad was supposed to start teaching him how to play chess, but Pops decided to take a nap instead. So I’ve been playing chess all afternoon. The kid is starting to get the hang of it. 🙂

    • Jadzia says:

      9 is fun, isn’t it? My two middle boys are 9 years old right now, and it is GLORIOUS. They are old enough to mostly take care of themselves (i.e., no bathroom interventions are needed and they can bathe themselves and so on), they are old enough to have interesting conversations with, and they are young enough that they aren’t fatally embarrassed by me yet.

  3. mothy67, says:

    Today’s custody ruling is pup only has to see her dad in a therapists office once a week and only if she wants to go. He called her stupid, a brat and hit her. Knocked his girlfriends teeth out. Took the baby shoplifting and told her it was okay to steal. He won’t give up the fight because he sees her as his property. He beat pup’s mother as well. No choice love my brat. 300/hr for an attorney. He can file and refile we have to respond. She’s worth it. I know it sounds sick but I keep hoping his next arrest(he is apprehended once every two months) they send him away for eight years.

    • Myiq2xu says:

      He reminds me of a federal prisoner who kept filing lawsuits alleging his civil rights were being violated in various ways, like serving tasteless meatloaf and wilted lettuce. He filed something like 100 lawsuits in 2-3 years. He did his own paperwork and represented himself, and because he was a prisoner he had no money so the filing fees were waived.

      Finally a judge dismissed all the cases and ordered him not to file any new ones.

      A couple days later he appealed.

      • mothy67, says:

        At this point he has no parental rights and while the judge has his number there are no consequences for him. He committed fraud collecting welfare for years in her name. Good luck getting that into family court. He pays zero support never has. He is such a bad guy. He has these delusions. He is going to try out for the Steelers, he is going to be an actor or a professional black jack player. He can barely read. He has a super inflated ego, but its a lie to himself. He demeans and abuses women to maintain his grandiose image. He’s the boss. His girlfriend calls the cops once a month for domestic abuse but then she drops charges because he buys her flowers. He is classic abuser– alienates her from family and friends and beats her into submission. He has his only little fiefdom. Sick boy.
        The judge asked him if he did any drugs and he responded I smoke pot everyday but that’s okay because its legal in lots of states. To a judge. He is that dumb.

      • blowme0bama says:

        Used to defend some of those prisoner pro se’ suits when I first got out of school. LOL. Yeah, they can be pretty funny.

        • mothy67, says:

          Funny HaHa unless you are on the paying end trying to protect a little girl. He can file and refile. He left a message saying he will bankrupt us. Not a lot you can do in family court.

          • Myiq2xu says:

            Nobody thinks your situation is funny. The legal term is “vexatious litigant”.

          • Jadzia says:

            I hope the judge shuts his nonsense down at some point–is there a vexatious rule in family court? I will do pretty much anything to stay out of there, so I really don’t know. I guess I’m the opposite of a vexatious litigant–my ex can be as outrageous as he wants, because he knows I won’t sue.

          • Jadzia says:

            Vexatious LITIGANT rule, that is. I have had no sleep and am starting Chapter 6 today. Please do not expect coherent from me for at least another 6 weeks.

          • Jadzia says:



          • Somebody says:

            Jadzia, my daughter’s mantra through grad school was…..”Just keep swimming”, from the movie “Finding Nemo”. Don’t worry about your typos and omissions, we all do it and none of the rest of us are raising a family, working and completing their PHD! I find all of your comments quite coherent.

            Keep your chin up and remember to just keep swimming!

          • leslie says:

            You can do it, Jadzia. Look at all you’ve already accomplished. I know it feels as if there’s no end to it all, but Chapter 6!!! You’re already near the end. ❤

          • blowme0bama says:

            No, mothy, wasn’t referring to your having to pay legal expenses in dealing with an asshole. I was referring to prisoner suits. The prisoners sue governments for things like having a nurse come by once a week or on call rather than on full time staff everytime a prisoner gets a bobo. So the jailer gives him an advil and he thinks he should have gotten Demerol. The prisoner suits ramble and ramble listing everything they can think of that they perceive as a slight – just silly shit – food’s bad.

  4. Myiq2xu says:

    I ❤ Ace:

    The 2012 post-mortem claimed it could make no policy recommendations, as that wasn't its job. But then it put that to one side and made a single recommendation: It urged the GOP to become another party of amnesty.

    Some of you support amnesty — that's fine. That's your opinion. If you're in favor of amnesty, of course it makes perfect sense to support the Amnesty Candidate Marco Rubio.

    But many of you do not support amnesty. And the Establishment is attempting to manipulate you into supporting their amnesty policy by selling you on Rubio, the only candidate, supposedly, that can beat Hillary. (A claim which gets more and more false everytime they make it: Cruz polls better than Hillary, and even Trump now has an inside-the-MOE one point lead on Hillary.)

    They have been attempting to trick you, bully you, and weary you into accepting amnesty for ten f***ing years.

    This is but their latest gambit — we're not telling you to support Amnesty this time.

    We're just saying that, by happenstance, it turns out the only candidate who can win supports Amnesty.

    Just sort of worked out that way!

    Again, if you support amnesty, then by all means support the declared amnesty candidate Marco Rubio.

    But if you don't support amnesty, then for God's sake stop letting the same crooked clutch of donors, insiders, and establishment toadies piss in your mouth and tell you it's Zima.

    For my own part, they may think that if they manipulate the chess board and leave me no other options, I'll get behind amnesty candidate Marco Rubio.

    Nope. At that point I'll knock over the chessboard.

    I'm as good as my word, Establishment. Many of us are.

    I'm not a fan of Trump, who I agree is completely unsuitable for the job of president, but if you get your wish and force me into a choice between Rubio and Trump: I vote for Trump.

    You don't get to win this one. You don't get to keep forcing this shit down our throats and keep profiting on your deceits.

    I may lose, but as I've said before: You will lose too.

    They continue, by the way, in their own fervent opposition to Ted Cruz, because 1, he's anti-amnesty and 2 he's anti-establishment.

    This isn't really them being all-in for anyone but Trump; this is them, once again, demanding that their political feathers be preened before all others.

    Once again they're demanding that their candidate, and only their candidate, is acceptable.

    Well, we'll see about that.

    But I for one am not voting for an amnesty candidate. Period.

  5. Myiq2xu says:

    Comedy gold:

    Go here to read the whole thing:

  6. votermom says:

    Your grandkids ARE super cute!

  7. mothy67, says:

    Does no one else find it alarming that they are arresting people for student loans?

    • boutis says:

      “Since November 2012, U.S. Marshals had made several attempts to serve a show cause order to Paul Aker to appear in federal court, including searching at numerous known addresses. Marshals spoke with Aker by phone and requested he appear in court, but Aker refused. A federal judge then issued a warrant for Aker’s arrest for failing to appear at a Dec. 14, 2012, hearing,” the agency said in a statement Tuesday.”
      He was arrested for ignoring a federal judge for several years.

      • nerdle says:

        I should’ve gone through the entire thread before posting anything. I always do this.

        • mothy67, says:

          Still being arrested for debt? I got served once when I was young I was inanother city didn’t respond I got hit with yuuge court costs. He didn’t pay. Attach his wages take any refund destroy his credit, but to be arrested? What is to stop any creditor from doing the same thing? Bad precedent. Debtor’s prison. I thought if you are sued you don’t show up the other party wins. I am very confused. A judgement can cause a lien or taking of property but not incarceration. From what I read the debt had been sold to a collection firm. Collection agencies have the power to get you arrested? It’s a civil matter. He didn’t show for court he loses, but you don’t arrest.

  8. DandyTIger says:

    Trump town hall on MSNBC is a total hit piece. But I bet he can still handle them. They started out with their outlier poll (showing Cruz in 1st place and Trump in 2nd place) and lied saying it was the only poll after the debates — there are 3 or 4 after the debates, all not too far from before the debates, except the really odd NBC one. It’s a fun circus.

    • lyn says:

      Trump ain’t no wallflower. 😉

    • Venus says:

      That national poll had 400 people — what is that, 8 per state? And a margin of error of +/- 4.9; given MOE real numbers could be Trump 31; Cruz 23 (instead of Cruz 28; Trump 26).

      Those numbers (31 Trump; 23 Cruz) puts it more in line with other national polls that came out after the debate. But even with it the way NBC/WSJ released it, Trump is still +11.2 in RCP average.

      • Venus says:

        Tamar Holder is an annoying scrunt — I can’t get too upset about anyone calling her a boob or worse.

      • Somebody says:

        That was a bizarre exchange to say the least. I don’t understand why everyone is conflating what Trump said at the debate about 9-11. He said in reply to the “Bush kept us safe” meme, that the towers came down on Bush’s watch…..he actually said Bush’s reign, which was a weird choice of words.

        He didn’t blame Bush for the towers coming down, he said they came down on his watch which is a certifiable fact. He has since gone off the rails claiming the CIA or the FBI knew or something, but what he said at the debate was fact. Republicans can clutch their pearls until the cows come home, but those towers came down while W was POTUS.

        I don’t see his statements about 9-11 at the debate as being particularly offensive and they certainly don’t sound like some kind of 9-11 truther rants as Mark Levin is claiming.

        Now what Trump said about Iraq is completely different and he certainly deserves scrutiny for those comments. He claimed a sitting President of the United States lied in order to get the country into a war. THAT is controversial, THAT deserves scrutiny. Especially when you consider previous administrations said there were WMDs and other countries were of the same opinion.

        Given that the comments about Iraq were so controversial, why in the hell is everyone focusing on the 9-11 stuff????

        • DeniseVB says:

          Meanwhile, Hillary’s certainly blaming the Michigan REPUBLICAN gov for poisoning the water in Flint. Afterall, it’s what evil REPUBLICAN gov’s do and it was on his watch! 😉 By her standards, Obama is very much responsible for his EPA poisoning a river in Colorado.

          The buck never seems to stop with Dem leaders, eh?

  9. mothy67, says:

    Because at heart I am a petulant child I am responding to the rabid HRC supporters demanding a women as Prez no matter that HRC is beyond corrupt any vagina works. I respond with Ivanka 2024.

  10. Venus says:

    Cruz schlongs Rubio:

  11. mothy67, says:

    Ignored by the media pundits is the fact that no father or mother raising a young girl wants a child to be anything like hillary. No no no no. She is not a role model. She seems to almost resent femininity. Angry woman. Empty woman. I would give up on my kid if I thought she would see the world as hillary does this election cycle. She does not speak for women. Times had an article about feminism on campus. This 19 year old girl went on about how she wanted to be a doctor but that field is closed to women. Times article did not correct her. More women graduate from med school than men.

  12. Myiq2xu says:


    A longtime Republican operative in South Carolina whom I trust sent me this take on the state of the race in SC this afternoon:

    I can say that the Trump phenom is the most diverse coalition I’ve ever seen for any candidate – ever. From fundamental Baptist Deacons, to moderate Republican bankers, to liberal trial lawyers, to 2 man lawn service guys, to half-Puerto Rican divorced mothers. It’s a wild scene man.

    What I’m seeing is not ideological at all…it’s just all frustration. And attacks just don’t work. I’ve said other candidates need to spend more time trying to attract his supporters based on the issues rather than attacking him, but I don’t think they will (at least not the establishment variety)…as they just don’t like those issues. So that settles that.

    Further – and to the point of your Haley post – I’m not seeing that endorsements are moving anybody at all. Some might even say they hurt. Whether that’s true or not I don’t know, but I’m sure they’re not the big boon they used to be.

  13. gram krakka says:

    Eleanor turned 11 today. She has been reading since her 5th b-day. Since 3rd grade she tests at reading above an 11th grade level. E is scary smart, but is still a sweet young girl. I don’t know how to get twitter pics to show, but here is E interacting with seniors at assisted living home.

    • lyn says:

      OMG–what a cutie, and she loves hats! The red beret suits her.

    • Dora says:

      She is such a sweet girl. Generous with her time too. Back when I was in the 11th grade, helping out at a senior home would have been the last thing on my mind. Eleanor is a very special person.

    • DeniseVB says:

      Adorably sweet girl and photo.

    • taw46 says:

      My, what a beautiful girl.

    • leslie says:

      Gram, she is beautiful.
      She sounds as sweet as she is lovely. Thank you for the photo.
      Aren’t we all the luckiest grandparents!? 🙂

    • Somebody says:

      She is beautiful Gram. You can tell she is fixated on the woman she is visiting too, like she truly wants to be there. I know you must be so proud of her!

    • Myiq2xu says:

      That’s a pretty name. It used to be popular.

      • Somebody says:

        All of my grands names start with E, but Eleanor isn’t one of them. I would have preferred that to Estelle for the middle one, but I wasn’t in charge back then. I am now though, so I call her Stella, LOL!

        The other two are Emma and Eloise. Our last name begins with W so their initials are EW which to this day pisses me off. Hopefully none of the kids at school will ever figure that out and call them EEEWWWW instead of their names.

        BTW speaking of names, anybody know any good nicknames for Eloise? She was really cranky when they first started coming here so I took to calling her Weeza, you know Shirley MacLaine’s character in Steel Magnolias……blush. I really need to come up with something else.

        • piper says:

          Call her Ellie

        • leslie says:

          Years ago, I had a friend named Eleanor who we called “Ellie”. She said she loved that nickname.

        • Somebody says:

          Ellie or El, plus possibly Lois are about the only things I could come up with. I wanted her to be named Elise instead of Eloise, but as I said I got no input. What I’d like more than anything is to change their middle names, the younger two girls both have boy middle names…….why because their mother was an immature, stupid twit and their father has absolutely no balls.

  14. Venus says:

    Well, well, well — you know that sister of Trump’s whom Cruz (and by extension his supporters) are going around saying is a “radical pro-abortion extremist”?
    Guess what — that’s ANOTHER Cruz lie.
    Judge Maryanne Trump Barry is not only a recipient of the Sandra Day O’Connor award who was first appointed to the bench by Reagan (later elevated to Third Circuit), she was on the Third Circuit with Samuel Alito — she even testified at his Senate hearings in support of his appointment to the SCOTUS.
    The case that Cruz is using to libel her as a “radical pro-abortion extremist” involved a 1997 NJ ban on partial-birth abortions that was struck down by the Third Circuit by Barry *and* Alito. Is Alito a “radical pro-abortion extremist” too?
    No — the issue involved a flaw in the statute itself; it really had nothing to do with the practice of abortion.
    Cruz is a liar.

  15. Myiq2xu says:

  16. Dora says:

    Trump’s campaign has exposed so much dishonesty and corruption. The “poll” that has all the media drooling was done by a PR firm, specifically to try to influence voters.


  17. Dora says:

  18. gram krakka says:

    OK. So at 5 am the grandson, who usually sleeps with me, wakes up complaining about his tummy. As he starts to lean over the side of the bed, I grab the bowl kept on “standby” for such occasions, lunge across the bed just in time and manage to catch 99% of last nights celebratory “thunder down under” brownie sundae from Outback. Just the start of another another great day in retirement paradise. Now he is thrashing around in the bed and farting. Worst part is now trapped watching nicktoons when I should be sleeping.

    • Myiq2xu says:

      They never throw up at a convenient time and place, do they?

    • Somebody says:

      ((((GRAM)))) I can totally relate. I hope your grandson feels better soon and it’s nothing serious. Hopefully he just ate too much. Thunder down under??? I’ve never had that, I’ve eyed it on the menu, but I never finish my meal let alone think about dessert! Those things are HUGE to boot, that may be the problem.

      If it makes you feel any better I get up at 4:45 am every morning and at 6:30am I’m headed out the door with 3 kids to walk a half mile to the bus stop, FML!

    • leslie says:

      Awww, gram… Sad for you to go through this with your young grandson. Sad,too, that he is sick and away from home. But he has his good gramma to nurture him. This happened once with my son when he was a bit younger than your g-son. Turned out to be appendicitis. He was in surgery within an hour of my noticing his temperature. I doubt he had a huuuuge “thunder down under” brownie sundae the previous night. 😉
      Good luck with the day and the rest of the visit.

  19. Anthony says:

    Your grandkids are truly cute! Also noticed that my hairdresser gave me “Con man’s” haircut last month. Now that I know I can get it at Super Cuts, next time I’ll save the $150 and go day drinking…

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