Super Tuesday Eve

This is me (not really, I’m a little older)…and myiq thinks he needs a break? At least he isn’t eating cheetos out of his hair 😉 Open thread !

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  1. DeniseVB says:

    This is kinda like Christmas eve ? I watched Fox News jump the shark today when they brought in a Bookie, to explain the Presidential thing. Made more sense than the pollsters. You can make money on 2016, if you bet on Hillary and Donald, and make $20 !

    Have a great super day tomorrow, whatever the outcome, TCH will live on 😀

  2. Lildoggy says:

    My favorite pic of Penny and one of the best episodes of TBBT.

  3. Myiq2xu says:

    Myiq doesn’t have any hair.

  4. DeniseVB says:

    Helping set up our voting precinct at zero dark thirty tomorrow. For the free coffee/donuts at 4 am that is. Poll opens at 6. Or 7 ? Good grief, I forgot. Go Virginia !

    • DandyTIger says:

      Best misfeed of a tape ever. Wonder if someone in the back is for Trump and did that on purpose.

    • lyn says:

      😀 David Corn is a douchebag, and his talking points were worthless after that video.

      • leslie says:

        AFAIC Corn’s comments are worthless most of the time. Remember him from 2008? I do.

        • lyn says:

          He broke the Romney 47% story too.

        • jeffhas says:

          Look, I’m not generally one to pray on one’s appearance… But, could David Corn please rub two nickels together and get a friggin’ lip implant for chrissakes?

          I’m not even asking for both lips – just take care of the upper lip… It’s distractingly funereal…. I just cannot imagine what a fun Saturday night is like at the Corn house…

          Wait a minute…

          Cornhouse… Cornhouse… There’s a really delicious joke in there somewhere…

  5. Myiq2xu says:

  6. Myiq2xu says:

  7. Myiq2xu says:

  8. Myiq2xu says:

  9. DeniseVB says:

    Tap this Gaga…

  10. mothy67, says:

    When I was commited. Yes I spent many weeks in the looney bin. I was depressed drank a gallon of vodka and wanted it to look like I drowned in the pool. You cannot drown yourself in a four foot pool. Your body takes over and demands you live. I was that 72 hour thing. Word to the wise do not try to argue existentially with your shrink on the argument that suicide is a right. Nope bad Idea you just get more committed. I had so much fun in the looney bin. I was allowed to leave if I went to a 90 day in patient rehab. 90 frigging days I spent in rehab. You have no idea how bizarre it is. First of all I was the only pure drunk. Everyone is trying to avoid jail so they check into rehab. Everyone drinks all the time. After 7 days you have to go nightly to an outside meeting. The whole place goes. It’s a joke. They used piss sticks to screen. Booze does not show up with CVS drug tests. I learned how to make prison hooch. Very troubling process. Some people dive into it so extremely they become hard core steppers but it’s not real. They are just scared kids afraid of prison looking for anything to hold on to. I learned a lot. At first I was an arrogant prick. I was not a criminal. Five guys per room sleeping on plastic mattresses. I got to know them impossible not to you are together all day. Classes from morning til night. One of my roommates was high and took out a guy’s eye during a robbery he tried to hide by going to rehab. Nope he got 20 to life. I had gotten to know him. 90 percent are manipulative socio paths he wasn’t. Isaw young kids with no hope. One absolutely perfect looking black guy had tried to slice his own throat with a kitchen knife. He was a mth head and has disolved into prostitution. Guess being a boy toy ate at his soul. 57 days I knew him. I am not a shrink but I watched him he had to have been molested. Doubt any good looking guy wakes up and says I want to be a mth head male prostitute. . I got to know him. After 8 nothing to do a pool table and a few Tvs but that stuff was really shady. I went to a library everynight and played pinball on the computer. I was given a gift. Throat slashing guy would come by all the time in his tighty whities. Being gay in a lock down facility was not hard. Everyone is trying to avoid jail. No one is risking it to gay bash. This guy needed e to find him attractive. I finally said please put on some pants or go away. We became friends bu his instinct was to act out sexually to any feeling of closeness. So sad. I asked him if he wet the bed. He said until he was 15. He told me his bed rotted from urine and after being beaten he started sleeping in garbage bags. How does that go unnoticed. He was a whore that tried to cut off his own head. Nope throw him away. Sure 12 steps will help him. What a load of tosh. He is good looking I think he flirts with paper napkins. Self flagilation is not going to help him. If you are a child rape victim how does beating yourself help??? We are still friends. He slips sometimes but he calls me. Last month I took a cab to a hotel. He was outside crying he did not want to be a toy. I said whatever let’s get you somewhere safe i am the lucky man. Christ what a gift. This poor soul never had a person that cared. I did in a fucking rehab. He struggles but never had he knoen a person that believed in him. I support him 100%. I believe in him. My brat gets same commitment. I trust her.
    S o sick of racial division. My friend is black I will hold his hand always. Some little prick at VOX wants to call me a racist. Miserable pricks.

  11. taw46 says:

    Uh, awkward.

  12. mothy67, says:

    I hate VOX so much. Please have one of those skidmarks take a cab at three am to rot outside of a hotel and tell a guy I am here no matter how tough I will be here. BOOM. My meth head friend is my friend. I love him. He is not my race. He is straight I am gay but he sells himself. I want to see the little bitch boys of progressive media take a swig of reality.

  13. WMCB says:


  14. WMCB says:


    • Well, this year they can’t order them to vote for Obama or say they’re stupid of they don’t vote Democrat. So they have to sic metaphorical burning crosses on them. Some would say that’s a dog whistle.

  15. WMCB says:

    Best. Freudian. Slip. Ever.

  16. I got the morning open thread, Klown and Denise. Already set up if you want a sneak peek. 😉

  17. Dora says:

    Oh, it’s Super Tuesday and I can’t vote until April. That’s not fair! 🙂

    In the meantime, the Clintons are making their plans.

    “Inside the Clintons’ Plan to Defeat Donald Trump”

    In the days after Donald J. Trump vanquished his Republican rivals in South Carolina and Nevada, prominent Democrats supporting Hillary Clinton arranged a series of meetings and conference calls to tackle a question many never thought they would ask: How do we defeat Mr. Trump in a general election?

    But others, including former President Bill Clinton, dismissed those conclusions as denial. They said that Mr. Trump clearly had a keen sense of the electorate’s mood and that only a concerted campaign portraying him as dangerous and bigoted would win what both Clintons believe will be a close November election.

    • Somebody says:

      I have no doubt the Clinton machine is chomping at the bit to destroy Trump. The super pac mentioned in the article was responsible for making Romney into an aloof, uncaring Richy Rich. Trump has to know a similar attack is coming his way and the media will NOT give him the generous free air time he’s had. Quite the contrary they will circle the wagons around Hillary.

      The Clinton machine would be standing at the ready to attack any of the republicans….Marco so inexperienced, lazy doesn’t show up at the senate……Hillary the SOS with the most air miles, she’s will work hard for you…blah, blah. Ted Cruz, crazy right wing zealot, deep dives into his dad’s church…….all women and minorities must come to Hillary she’ll keep you safe from the monster. Ted Cruz is scary. Romney should they throw him in will be the out of touch Richy Rich again, but I think the Clintons will roll in the Mormon mud too.

      I don’t think Trump will take the attacks without punching back, but he has to be careful in how hard he punches back because Hillary is female. There is certainly a treasure trove of Clinton scandals to punch back with and no doubt that is part of the plan. No doubt trustworthiness is an issue for her, so hitting her on that and on being in the pockets of Wall Street are a good counter punch.

      However I think there is a different tactic that can be taken, the simple are you better off than you were 8 years ago question. Hillary has been wrapping herself up in an Obama banner promising to continue his wonderful policies in order to shore up the AA vote. The vast majority of Americans think we’re on the wrong path, so run against the policies that got us there. Hillary = more of the same sort of thing. It’s a little dicier because any criticism of Obama and the media lapdogs scream racist……so you attack the bad policy.

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