The Berning Sandbox

Watching Bernie Sanders concession victory speech Tuesday night, which he delivered extremely early btw, one thing became clear. He is not really campaigning for any real revolution.  He’s not really running against Hillary Clinton, either. Bernie is running a campaign to try to drum up the Democratic base, to induce them to give a shit.

Democrats know they cannot win this year without inflated turn out. And they know they cannot count on Hillary Clinton to excite the masses for that kind of turnout. The necessary early formula for Hillary is creative class / tech guys/ journalists/ young activist voters. You get those guys, who call themselves “thought leaders,” and you get the cascade of support for the general. Or so the thinking goes.

Again and again on the crevolutionary-change-bernie-sandersampaign trail Sanders has said that the revolution wins by bringing new voters, disenfranchised workers and young people specifically, out to vote. This is not good news for Democrats. It means they have not been able to retain all of the new voters they captured in 2008. And it means they are not turning out brand new voters like they used to. The political crack epidemic has died with Obama.

Revolution is not what Bernie Sanders campaign is about. His campaign is about being the sandbox for the activist set to train in, so they are at the ready when the trumped up winds of change come to blow them into the Hillary camp. She was never going to win them over. She was never going to get them this way, because they simply don’t like her, for myriad complex reasons, including her baggage from being married to Bill, her baggage from running against Barack, and her baggage from working for Barack.

But she will get them through the politics of fear. She will get them primed by Bernie, and scared by Trump. When Bernie walks away, he will send this column of energy to Hillary’s camp with his blessing. They are being primed and they don’t even know it. It will be interesting to see what they do when the time comes. I don’t personally think they’ve got the social capital they once had. Once upon a time they were the young, enlightened, engaged foundation of the Obama apparatus, but now they’re mostly the thing they loathed then: aging privileged white people.


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  1. Myiq2xu says:

    Bernie is the best thing to happen to Hillary’s campaign. He gave her a bit of a scare by being more competitive than she anticipated, but without him as a challenger her campaign was flat and uninteresting. She needed him as a foil to practice debating and to provide some news coverage.

    Otherwise she would be the invisible woman while all the GOP drama has been going on.

    • votermom says:

      Great points by Lola & klown. I hadn’t thought of that.

    • DeniseVB says:

      Why Bernie ? Wouldn’t the DNC want to use some rising stars to trot out like show ponies for “next time” ? I like Bernie more than Hillary, I’d probably protest vote for him if I were still on the plantation. Or be looking at Trump or Cruz at this point. I voted for GWB in 2000 because I was bored to tears with Gore and upset the Clintons didn’t campaign for him.

      Now the FBI is playing kabuki theater with Congress with a possible indictment looming in Hillary’s future. I have serious Clinton fatigue and had I not left the Dems in 2008, this year would certainly have been the year. Fer Shure 😉

      • elliesmom says:

        The thing that bothers me most about the Democrats at this time is their unwillingness to reach down and pull some of the younger men and women up behind them. They’ve ceded the majority of the state governments to the GOP. They have no farm team.

  2. votermom says:

  3. swanspirit says:

    I think that looking to the Bernouts to shore up the Democrat vote is risky. They stand a good chance of alienating a large group of voters who would just as soon stay home and not voting at all to express their dissatisfaction with the establishment candidate when Bernie loses the nomination to Hillary, as we all know he will.

    • votermom says:

      Here’s hoping!

    • Somebody says:

      My son is 31, a lot of his friends were major Obots. One of the members of his circle of friends was actually in charge in this part of the state for O, their family’s picture featured in national literature and an ad. Another was one of the computer geeks involved in O’s campaign early on and yet another literally took a year off to work for the campaign. Several of them travelled to early primary states to work and returned to swing states in force during the general in 08. A couple of these people were actively involved in the 2012 campaign also. Branching out from the leaders, they are a prog echo chamber and all ardent O supporters.

      Needless to say they’re all feeling the bern these days. However, not only are they all in for Sanders but they detest Hillary. They are reviled by Trump too. They fully intend to sit out the election if Hillary gets the nod, sit it out in protest. Will they stick by their guns? I don’t know, but that’s my window into the prog obot world. BTW my son isn’t an obot, but these are his college and early career friends. My soon to be 30 year old daughter also has a circle of friends from both college and grad school and they express a similar sentiment.

    • lyn says:

      On FB, Bernie supporters loathe Trump supporters, and their reasons are the same as the GOPe. LOL.

  4. votermom says:

  5. Dora says:


  6. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying this is a strategy that will work. But it is a strategy, and that became apparent at his speech on Tuesday. He phoned it in, and he did it early enough that it plopped like a Seltzer.

  7. DandyTIger says:

    Great post. It will be interesting when Bernie gets out and tells his supporters to be good little boys and girls and vote for Hillary. Some have said it’s either Bernie or Trump. But they may fold up and do what they’re told.

  8. driguana says:

    This is a great piece, Lola! Thanks. As I think I said in a comment earlier in the week, we are witnessing the demise of both political parties and the advent of change beyond anything we might have imagined in previous elections. And to think this has really just started! Even more amazing is that Trump, like him or not, lit the fuse! Personally, since I am not a fan of either political party, I’m enjoying it!

  9. DeniseVB says:

    Meanwhile, at the Conservative Hunger Games, er, CPAC starts today, so far they haven’t successfully boycotted/uninvited Trump, but not for the lack of trying. It’s Rubio country. Cspan usually covers these things ….

  10. taw46 says:

    • taw46 says:

      Hey, at least we get a hat. We didn’t even get that with the establishment. 😉

    • votermom says:

      LOL at Mitt getting into a mud fight with Trump
      Someone’s about to get a real education about street fighting.

      • Somebody says:

        Mitt who refused to take a glove off against Obama…….FUCK YOU Mittens.

        Mittens Thurston Howell Romney III Showing your true colors there eh? I guess we know now why you ran a shit campaign……the paymasters had already decided O would get his second term and like a good fucking soldier you followed orders.

      • Lulu says:

        I used to think Mitt was dignified, clueless but a gent, now he is just another entitled asshole. GFY Mitt.

        • Somebody says:


          My sentiments exactly Lulu

        • swanspirit says:

          I called a friend this morning, just to have the pleasure of saying Fuck Mitt Romney out loud..

          • lyn says:

            I replied to the tweet with your “Romney praises Trump video” and asked: “Which one is it, Mittens?”

        • Anthony says:

          I emailed that exact message to him this morning. Still had the address from when I supported him in 2012, and periodically get emails from it so I know its still active

    • DeniseVB says:

      Why didn’t Mitt fight this hard against Obama ? I blame Mitt for Obama. Goodness knows he had the ammo and support in 2012. Oh, and haven’t heard a peep from him since then? What’s he been doing while the GOPe was being steamrolled by Obama’s admin these past 4 years? Where was his freaking “voice” then ?

      Oh well, if Mitt fails, they always have McCain and Dole on deck. Or…..

      ….this is the most intense vetting of a candidate in the history of mankind. If DJT survives, HRC is toast in the General. (I try to find the silver lining)

    • 49erDweet says:

      ……and besides that, HE STINKS!

  11. swanspirit says:

    Also ❤ the reference to The Burning Bed!!

    • elliesmom says:

      I can’t see Clinton going to jail. Maybe being forced out of the race. Obama will pardon her before he leaves office if it gets that far. She knows too much about him for him to take the risk of not helping her- especially if a Republican wins the election.

  12. swanspirit says:

    Alex Castellanos is on Morning Joe right now, giving very good reasons for the Republican Party to support Donald Trump.

    • leslie says:

      I just turned on MJoe and someone from a newspaper was saying that Trump should be portrayed “as the joke he is”. Do you know who that was? He was calling Trump an “ideologue” and Mika was irritated by what he was saying about the politics of now and refused to take responsibility for catapulting the trump candidacy (via MSMM coverage of him). I must say that while the points of the debate may have been valid, it was offensive.

      • taw46 says:

        Don’t know his name, editor of WSJ.

        • leslie says:

          Thanks taw. I thought he might be WSJ because he said “we” didn’t endorse.
          What are your thoughts about that “debate”?

        • leslie says:

          I tried looking up the editors on the WSJ site. They are not giving out info unless you pay $ to subscribe. But, it looked like it could be Bret Stephen. I’m going to keep checking.
          I wish I had the capability to record tv, but I don’t. It would be so helpful. 😦

          • taw46 says:

            I think that is him, will let you know.

          • taw46 says:

            Leslie, it was Bret Stephen. Trump is a clown, an 8th grade bully, a disaster for the country, media is responsible for him. When questioned several times, he would never admit anything wrong with GOPe ideas of the last 40 yrs, said they were not discredited. He said if only we could all read the WSJ, we would see how important free trade, etc, is for us. Voters, not so much, never even talked about them.

          • leslie says:

            Thanks, taw.
            I think I turned MJoe on – or at least noticed this guy’s bullying near the end of his attack. He was so nasty, he ruined my morning.

          • taw46 says:

            Leslie, I just caught last part of Bret Stephens on FOX. He said GOPe is a fiction. When asked about voters uprising, he said it is just misplaced anger at Obama. They will take NO responsibility for what has happened.

          • leslie says:

            It is absurdity at its best.

      • swanspirit says:

        I wasn’t sure who it was, but he was so offensive I flipped channels

    • Lulu says:

      Some of the consultant class are starting to understand that the Purity Neocon National Chamber of Commerce Evangelical Globalism Lifetime National Review Paid Up Subscriber contingent will be the next Green Party if they keep it up. They are cluelessly over-estimating their voter following which will melt away when they realize climbers and flunkies get left behind when they choose the wrong side.

  13. leslie says:

    Outstanding post, Lola. There has been something just “off” about Sanders from the get-go, but I couldn’t quite identify it. Sort of like an odor in the fridge and I can’t locate the source. As Dandy said, it’ll be interesting to see what happens when it’s only HRC on the Dem ballot.

  14. elliesmom says:

    From my small “focus group” of Bernie supporters- The older ones(40ish) will vote for Hillary if the DNC “plays fair”. Later on, I’ll get them to define “fair”, but right now I just show them times from the past when it didn’t. The thirty somethings are in full-scale “bern the house down mode”. Some of them might find their way to Trump. The youngest of the bunch will be too busy to vote if Bernie isn’t on the ballot. If Bernie isn’t the next president, it doesn’t matter who is.

  15. votermom says:

  16. Dora says:

  17. Myiq2xu says:

    Bernie is another Russ Feingold. They both had pretty safe gigs in the Senate. They got to stand up and make speeches and wave their arms over pet issues/lost causes. Then the Senate would vote and they would lose.

    The DFH’s loved them even though they were ineffective. They never seemed to notice that when push came to shove and they could really make a difference, Sanders and Feingold were AWOL.

  18. Dora says:

  19. Anthony says:

    Bernie is nothing new. When I was a sophomore in High School in the 60’s, I was a good student. I decided that I would cut one day of school a week and visit the campuses of colleges I was interested in applying to so I could catch the vibe of the student body, etc. I was fairly confident I would be accepted by the schools I was considering, and just wanted to see what the reality of campus life at those schools would be like. That was in 1968.

    Every campus I visited had at least 10 – 20 ‘Bernies” hanging around the student centers and the SDS rallies. Their ages were mid 20’s to almost 30 (in those days, the meme was “Don’t trust anyone over 30” ). The “Bernies” were usually male, had graduated with not so remarkable GPA’s, and couldn’t or wouldn’t get work. Their whole message was “Stick it to the man!” or “Down with the Establishment!” , and it resonated a bit with me. After all, I was young, it was the 60’s, and I was a very active participant in the youth movement of the time.

    “The Bernies” were determined to be “Anarchists”, which was what SJW’s were called at that time. They called for a “political revolution”, and incited the weak minded to take over student centers (the first OWSrs?), stage “die ins” to block entrances to campus buildings, nearby roads, etc. and other disruptive antics.

    There was a day that I visited Rutgers University in Newark N.J. and somehow got stuck in a building that was taken over by the SDS, led, of course, by one of the resident “anarchists” who had graduated the year before with a C average and a major in something obscure, like the mating habits of salt marsh mice in the San Francisco bay area. At first, I panicked. I really didn’t want to be stuck in an empty building with a bunch of SDS members and their “Bernie” while the police were outside and there were rumors of the National Guard possibly being called in. After all, I had cut a day of school, and didn’t want my folks to have to come and bail me out of jail.

    At one point, I figured I should find out exactly what I was (unwillingly) protesting, because maybe there might be a cause I could feel justified in fighting for. I approached the “Bernie” that masterminded the whole clusterfuck, and asked why he organized the takeover of the building. He said “Well, every time we do something like this, we get media attention, and soon everybody is going to know what I stand for!”

    I said “Great – why don’t you start by telling ME what you stand for, so I can either join your cause or get the fuck out of here”. His answer was the same: “Everybody will know what I stand for, and then I can start my own revolution to stick it to the man!” I climbed out a window in a first floor bathroom, and went home to tear up my file on Rutgers.

    Bottom line is that “The Revolution” happened in the 60’s, and even though Bernie Sanders was an active participant (remember, he got arrested! (once), he missed the boat. So, he got some “activist” role on a campus, went on welfare, then eventually got elected into a local mayorship, continuing to live on welfare (tax dollars). Over the years, he continued to rise as a politician (parasite), and eventually landed in the Senate for 25 years, still collecting his tax dollar salary, until now, when he has a whole new crop of young people to swindle support from so he can finally lead the “revolution” that somehow left him behind in the 60’s.

    His “Revolution” consists of letting an already corrupt government be in charge of our wellbeing on every conceivable level, promising free everything for all. Listening to his “speech” the other night, it occurred to me that Bernie has been waiting to deliver that speech since 1968. I’m glad he finally got it out of his system.

    I apologize for this lengthy anecdote of my school years. I could have simply said “Bernie Sanders is an attention whore”.

    • leslie says:

      I was talking with a couple of 30-somethings the other day and asked them why they were for Sanders and what made them think he was qualified to be president. The man gave some thoughtful (but too idealistic) responses, imo. I didn’t say much, but had lots of thoughts.
      The wife said, “Well, he was an activist and a community organizer. I think those are worthwhile.” I looked at her and said, “Yes. just what we need… another obama.”
      She thinks the ACA is wonderful – they don’t have to pay for it (directly). She also thinks the Iran Deal is “good” for the world. She isn’t afraid of ISIS or bothered by the influx of illegal immigrants. (They haven’t taken her job or her life yet.)
      I was a community activist and I would never dream of running for POTUS or even dog catcher. But then when I was organizing my community it was to get things like speed limits and stop signs so our kids could walk safely to school or simply cross the street. I didn’t think of overthrowing the government.

      • Anthony says:

        I’ve heard similar things from the 30 somethings. If you really want to short circuit their remaining firing brain cell (singular), ask them “What do you know about him?” I found one who didn’t even know he was in the senate for 25 years lol.

        Its the older Bernouts that have me confused. Many of them have ample resources, good jobs and are for the most part responsible and successful people. I ask them “How will you feel about him when you’re being taxed within in inch of your life? And how do you feel about handing everything you ever earned over to our government to re-distribute?”

        There is never an answer. Even the crickets say “C’mon, Bitch! Give me something to rub my legs together and make a racket for!”. But there is nothing but silence in response.

        • leslie says:

          Its the older Bernouts that have me confused.”
          That is true for me as well. In fact, the mother of the young woman I spoke with, is also a friend and is retired as am I. She is also a Bernout. It’s all idealistic blather AFAIC.

      • Mt.Laurel says:

        Nice summary. Some of these people were still there when I was in college late 70’s early 80’s. They were also still hanging about in the 90’s and beyond when I did adjunct teaching. In fact some of them were around so long I think they finally got degrees by osmosis.

    • swanspirit says:

      No apologies!!! ❤ your writing.

    • DeniseVB says:

      As a fellow boomer who came of age in the 60’s, I enjoyed every word of it Anthony ❤ The modern "Bernies" are no better, like OWS sticking it to the man on Wall Street while tweeting about it from their laptops and ipads. What was even sadder to watch, people MY age getting on board with those hypocritical snowflakes. I'm still "waiting for it". (when I asked an OWS supporter what are they protesting, the response was usually "wait for it")

      • Anthony says:

        People your (and my) age who are getting on board don’t have an answer ether (addressed that in my reply to Leslie). We’re fucked…

      • leslie says:

        You are lucky if they told you “Wait for it”. When I asked, they told me they were protesting “people like You who are collecting social security or taking jobs that We should have”. When I said that he could have my job anytime he wanted. And that I wasn’t “collecting SS” but was working my ass off so I could put food on my table instead of collecting food stamps and welfare.
        I asked him what jobs he had applied for that he didn’t get hired. He refused to respond. He was a certifiable asshole who thought he could shut me up. Sadly for him, that wasn’t to be.

        • elliesmom says:

          When I was in Seattle last fall, a young person approached me and asked me to forego seeing Seattle from the Space Needle because the people working there weren’t being paid enough. Poor kid. He should have picked the next tourist. I asked him if the people working there were being paid at least minimum wage. Yes, they were. Were they being given appropriate break times and time for a meal if they worked full time? Yes, they were. Had they filled out an application for the job and been told what the wages would be and any benefits they might receive before they accepted the job? Yes, they had. Then what’s your problem? Either show the management you’re more valuable to and ask for a raise or look for another job. The tourists waiting in line with me applauded.

        • DeniseVB says:

          The only OWSers I’ve met in person were the two bike mechanics who worked for my dd. They took turns joining their people in Zuccotti Park and it was fun engaging them about exercising their rights of expression and peaceful assembly. It was even more fun to learn they only did it for the free food and to meet chicks 😀

          • leslie says:

            Maybe that’s why the guy I challenged didn’t want to talk. I am old enough to be his grandmother. If my grandkids ever become OWSers, I’d let them have “it”.

    • taw46 says:

      Anthony, you really captured that time in the 60’s, I remember it well. And I laughed at “Don’t trust anyone over 30”, because that is what I thought of when I read Lola’s post.

      • Anthony says:

        I thought of that too when I read Lola’s awesome post. It stirred up all kinds of shit from “back in the day”, prompting me to leave that insane pile of commentary.

    • votermom says:

      Great story and post, Anthony!

      • Anthony says:

        Thanks. I stopped blogging because I got burnout (not BERNout lol) from having to do it. KUDOS to Klown, Lola, Denise, and You for having the wherewithal to continue. But every now and then, an excellent piece of writing like Lola’s post today inspires me to spew my guts. Hope it isn’t a problem….

        • votermom says:

          You are a talented writer. Are you writing a book? Coz you should be.

          • Anthony says:

            Actually, I just finished writing a course on how to create effective boundaries and foster a better relationship dynamic with perceived authority figures. Just bought learning management software with social networking features so students can communicate with each other. Email me and I’ll give you the url to the beta version if you like.

          • votermom says:

            Wow, sounds complex. Did you write it for someone or is this a product you are going to market?

          • Anthony says:

            I wrote it for myself, but not to market. Its a free course, and it lasts a year. Other courses on the site have tuition requirements. The perspective is a fusion of physics and metaphysics, and a lot of Jungian approaches to an easy to understand model of quantum mechanics and quantum physics. In short, its how to use ALL of your life’s experiences and meld them together to create order and self empowerment.

            I found an ancient Sumerian myth about Fatima the Weaver a few years ago that inspired it.


        • Problem? Fuck no! Spew all you want, baby. We love you!! I love you ten times more than we do.

    • driguana says:

      Nice piece, Anthony. Really vibed for me as well, also being a sophomore in HS in the early 60’s. So after all of “that”, and listening and trying to deal with all of “this”, the question still remains. Just exactly what are we supposed to do? We wanted a “revolution” of sorts then, and we want one now, but revolve or evolve into what? And who is going to lead it? Wouldn’t it be the irony of all ironies if it was Trump???

      • Anthony says:

        The only way to create such a “revolution” is from within. That means an insider with outsider status, who knows where all of the establishment bodies are buried and will expose them for the crooks that they all are. I guess that leaves one person, yes?

    • LMAO! Bernie is an attention whore indeed. ♥ you!

  20. You nailed it, Lola. Dems knew Hillary had too much baggage to inspire the youth. Bernie’s job this year was to round up the youth, try to get them fired up, then herd them neatly over to her highness when the time comes.

    Oh, and Mitt Romney can kiss my butt, as can the entire GOPe. WHERE WAS THIS BALLS-TO-THE-WALL STRATEGY AND PASSION AGAINST OBAMA?

    Seeing the entire upper party apparatus go to the mat to protect their precious party, when they have never once gone to the mat to protect us, is not going over well.

  21. lyn says:

    It’s magic!

  22. Anthony says:

    Just announced: Romney to deliver speech against Trump at 11:30 am Eastern; Trump to respond at 1:30 pm to Romney’s speech.

    THIS is going to be HILARIOUS!

  23. leslie says:

    I realize this is a Bernie thread, but I wanted to post this before I completely forget about it.
    I don’t/won’t watch Hannity. but in this (post on politico) Hannity says he thinks the Marco attacks on Trump is orchestrated and hinting that it was paid for by the GOPe. (Gee, ya think?)

    But, let me just say that since Super Tuesday, I have heard non-stop political ads against Trump nearly every hour that I listen to the radio. My phone has been ringing hourly – I don’t answer it any more. The fear of the GOP and the DNC, both, is apparent. Vote establishment – Hillary or Rubio – is the message.
    It is unusual in that the Illinois primary is usually too late to make any difference. I’m beginning to understand what Iowans and other early state residents experience every 4 years.

    • taw46 says:

      “Hannity said Rubio’s onslaught is “turning into a suicide mission.” He speculated Rubio “is being fed this” and was “probably promised a lot of money” to go after Trump this way and slammed a pro-Rubio super PAC for running an ad on Trump’s refusal to disavow the Ku Klux Klan.”

      Suicide, indeed. Little Mario is too dumb to realize he is being used. GOPe doesn’t give a damn about him (if they can’t get him in as the nominee) and will walk away when they are done with him.

    • All my threads are defacto open thread. Post anything you want.

      • Also, if I ever bitched about someone going off topic (and that does sound like me circa 2008-2011-ish) then I was a fucking bitch. Fuck me. LOL


  24. Hadn’t really thought of this, but so true. LOL!

  25. votermom says:

    From an aoshq comment:

    Denial – Donald Trump is a joke. You’ve got to be kidding me
    Anger – How the fuck could he say that Code Pink shit about Bush on national television?
    Bargaining – Unless he comes out with some concrete policy suggestions instead of repeating “build a wall” 40 times and calling people names, I’m not fucking voting for him.
    Depression – Have these policy papers been on his site this entire time? Am I agreeing with them? Is this seriously the best we can do? Pass the valu-rite.
    Acceptance – Did amateur boxer Mitt fucking Romney just call Donald Trump a phony?
    Posted by: Ghost of kari – certified inane at March 03, 2016 10:24 AM (xuouz)

  26. DandyTIger says:

    Rumor is that Ben Carson is going to endorse Trump. I suspect he’s already got Huck. Just a matter of best timing for each.

    • DeniseVB says:

      Makes sense about Ben since DJT seems to be using his health care bullet points, and can certainly give him HHS to put it into a plan.

  27. SHV says:

    “Bernie is running a campaign to try to drum up the Democratic base..”
    That and hanging around waiting for a Hillary drop out for health or legal reasons. The DOJ giving Hillary’s former IT person immunity is interesting. IMO, that move had to be approved by the WH.

  28. votermom says:

    Do I watch Mitt today or not? I can’t decide.
    What channel is he on?

  29. swanspirit says:

    Romney is an idiot. Not only has waited too long to ” do something about Trump”, this dressing down he hopes to give Donald, just might be the tipping point that shoves millions more disgruntled voters over the angry edge and into Trump territory.
    Everyone likes a snot nosed elite picking on someone, don’t they?

    • dm says:

      Some asswipe on FBN was just saying that Trump put Romney up to this speech to garner more sympathy…WTF???

      • Lulu says:

        When something seems it is insane blame it on a conspiracy. That is all they got at this point. Elites existing in a hermetically sealed bubble only talking to each other and exhibiting massive butthurt is just too out there man! Like wild. I think it is funny. Mittens is now officially a old doofus fart.

  30. DeniseVB says:

    Palette Cleanser:

  31. Dora says:

  32. leslie says:

    It begins . . .

    • leslie says:

      Yup a slam. Mitt says Trump has hurt small businesses, has limited understanding of security and is causing real national security issues. He calls Trump “reckless”. And r/t foreign policy is “very very unsmart”. And Trump has no place as head of the GOP ticket. He says Marco or Ted should lead the party.
      Can’t listen to more.

      • Lulu says:

        Mitt missed the story from Europe today where the EU president says they are being overrun by “ILLEGALS!!” The refugee stuff has been dropped like a rock. The paradigm shift is zooming past Mitt’s block head. Try to keep up Mitt. Now even the EU knows The Donald is all seeing.

  33. votermom says:

    Ahh here’s Mitt!!

  34. DandyTIger says:

    Shorter Mitt: Only people picked by the establishment GOP are allowed to run and win.

  35. taw46 says:

    Is he campaigning for the brokered convention, to be the nominee?

    • leslie says:

      Possibly. He’s demanding that Trump NOT be the nominee.
      it’s a real GOPe blowjob for him. He is the blowee.

  36. votermom says:

  37. DandyTIger says:

    Sexual exploits during Vietnam. Wow Willard, that’s a good one. That will win over working class americans.

  38. swanspirit says:

    Holy Shiite, Mitt almost just cried when saying Donald ” said Jeb Bush lied” omg he is such a Bushy

  39. taw46 says:

  40. DandyTIger says:

    People in audience defending Trump. Funny.

  41. Boom.

  42. votermom says:

    My thoughts on Twitter:

    In summary: Trump has cooties

  43. taw46 says:

    OK, did I miss it? Where was the understanding and concern about why people are voting for Trump?

  44. swanspirit says:

    Mitt said nothing new, nothing.

  45. taw46 says:

  46. taw46 says:

  47. lyn says:

    The two con men don’t like each other, apparently. We’ll have to ask the comedian-who-is-not-fit-to-be-president ‪#‎MarcoRubio‬ if Romney also has a small pee pee.

  48. Dora says:

    What a way to end a career. I used to like Romney and until now I just thought of him as a failed presidential candidate. Now I think of him as a POS!!

  49. votermom says:

    Rush is on. Talking about Mitt

  50. taw46 says:

    Mitt predicts Trump will resond with personal attacks, duh, isn’t that what you just did?

  51. DeniseVB says:

    I found something shiny to watch during the Mittsplosion. I really enjoyed it, from 2014……h/t AFVet:

  52. Dora says:

  53. jennifer lyn says:

    GOP Strategy as it lies gasping for its last breath–send out a big loser to try to diminish a big winner. GOP dies.

    Reminds me of why Bill is not stumping for Hillary. They hate him as much as they hate her. But the GOP is so stupid it pulls someone who polls worse than dog doo and has him try to bring down Superman. Yep, this is going to go down in the record books as stupidest move yet.

  54. Myiq2xu says:

    I search the intertubez to bring you quality stuff like this:

  55. Dora says:

  56. lyn says:

  57. jennifer lyn says:

    Game of Clowns. We have people pushing each other — a shove vest of sorts — and the voters have already spoken. NONE OF YOU work for us. We want Trump. They are in denial–remember when the media tried to convince us that Mrs. Obama was Jackie O? Yep, same sort of drugs involved different party. GET OVER IT. YOU LOST. HE WON. GO AWAY.

  58. lyn says:

  59. lyn says:

    What’s happening to the GOPe today.

  60. Myiq2xu says:

    Seconded! We don’t want you here either.

  61. taw46 says:

  62. Dora says:


  63. jennifer lyn says:

    People are scared of Trump but welcomed a man who sat in Rev. Wright’s church for 20 years. People trash talk Trump but ignore blatant and CRIMINAL acts by Hillary as Sec of State and then as leader of her own charity (the one where they only pay out to people related to Clinton). People FEAR the person the electorate wants but bow down to criminals, liars, and just downright evil people. God this is getting good. Walking Dead are not just on tv they are here in person and they are everywhere.

    I am scared of anyone supporting Hillary, Bill, the GOP, the DNC, Washington, SC (after the it’s just a tax decision), Rev. Wright, Obuts, the media, and so on and so forth. The two peeps I am NOT scared of is Trump and anyone supporting him. Am I dead, or alive? Am I smart, or a fool? Accd. to media I am a fool, therefore I must be smart 🙂

  64. mothy67, says:

    I find your thoughts on Sanders and Bernouts interesting, but I do not agree. I am 49 most of my friends are well off. Me not so much. I am overjoyed when I find a twenty in the washing machine. It’s like I won the lottery. They hate hillary. No one likes her. Once Trump disposes of Narco we’ll see I much more grounded Donald. I think if he is elected we will see fundamental changes in immigration, but I don’t think anyone believes he’s going to deport 30 million people. He is using The Art of the Deal as his play book. He will taper off on the bombastic act. Tuesaday night he was not vainglorious but rather inviting. He is cagey. Take note of how he defends PP. He might be pro life but I think he is more like me or Dr Gregory House for that matter. I am told I am an ass everyday often multiple times within an h our. I am simply blunt and I don’t feign compassion. Most adults with mature coping skills had learned by age three to gauge responses. Romney tried to be grown up epic failure. Democrats act like pencil dicked bullies. They exploit any and all weakness because they possess no substance. I think a Ted Cruz has no chance in a general because he has no charm. DJT is endearing. Some may find him insufferable but more get a kick out of him. Narco is the Eddie Haskall of politics. My response to him is to check for my wallet. He is like borderline. Hrc is the same. She tries to use quaint little phrases to manipulate. I’d be able to stomach her if she just said I am a bitch. I could so respect someone being real. She lies and tries to frame things using a playbook from 1992. The only chance it would have would be against a Cruz. He is too cerebral for TV. Donald is outrageous but humor is an art. Plant a seed and watch it grow. Allow your audiance to think it through. Trump has been a part of the American landscape for decades. He is a known. No one buys a picture of cankles at a bachelor party. It is so forced it is painful. Narco with his feeble attempts at comedy is juvenile. Donald says something and you go ouch but then you think about his outlandish statements and you recognize a kernal of truth. Come on the wall just got ten feet higher. Well sure maybe Rosie. Narco reads spelling errors and thinks he’s funny. Epic fail. Sanders feels like he is Larry David. My call is that Trump will turnbid down. Ivanka will go to bat. She is a force in her own right. The hooters on His wife. I am gay but watching Greta i became a tit man. Her style was simple but definately not denial. Found it interesting that several parts had her walking with Greta. Van Sustrern( I cannot spell her last name or Trump’s wife’s) is small. The contrast was obvious. Mel T came across as a smart Spice Girl. Not a diss I like the Spice Girls. An era of Boy bands they rocketed to fame as hot women. The current statecof feminism is ugly. Lena done him, cankles, madonna, gloria whatever. I have a pretend daughter. I want her to be smart and strong but I also want her to be aware that she is female. I don’t want to make her a guy. Doubt its going to be a problem. She has to wear a sports bra everyday. She has no breasteses.

  65. swanspirit says:

    I have this feeling, that Donald Trump is about to seriously skewer Mitt Romney , along with some other HOPes. Just a feeling I am getting.

  66. “But Trump’s a liberal!” Kiss my ass. The GOP has never shown the slightest hesitation in moving a bit left towards govt intervention on any issue to placate their donor class. Over and over.

    But mention moving a bit left for the working class and all of a sudden they are doctrinaire purist “MUH FREE MARKETS!” ????

    Bite me.

    • Look, y’all know me. I despise big govt. I’d love to live in a mostly-libertarian world.

      But I’ll be GODDAMNED, if we are going to compromise on that anyway, if it never gets compromised on behalf of the working man – just the donor class. Screw that noise.

  67. lyn says:

    Here’s the link for Trump:

  68. swanspirit says:

    Trump is already one move ahead of Mittens, he is doing his rebuttal at a rally, where he will get huge support and applause, instead of the empty auditorium acoustics Mitt had.

  69. This is really funny. LMAO!

  70. lyn says:

    What happened with Christie?

  71. lyn says:

    Martinez endorsed Le Petit Con.

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