Donald Trump Isn’t The Cure, He’s Chemo


Don’t you hate it when you start reading something and you’re nodding and thinking “this guy knows his shit” and then suddenly he’s off in la-la land? Close, but no cigar.

Ralph Peters:

f you want to understand the angry support for Donald Trump, seek out your local German Idealist philosopher. And to help you face your own responsibility, contact your friendly neighborhood Existentialist.

Leaving aside G. W. F. Hegel’s concept of thesis provoking antithesis and leading to synthesis, which may apply ferociously this election year, Hegel offered one of our most valuable insights into the individual and his relationship to society: the concept of Anerkennung, or “recognition.” Simply put, Hegel proposed that all humans crave recognition from other humans. He didn’t mean they expected adulation, but only that the individual requires the validation he receives when other men acknowledge his shared humanity (however humble his station). The janitor would like you to say, “Good morning!” as you rush past.

Donald Trump possessed the genius to grasp the craving for recognition in a huge swathe of the electorate ignored or actively insulted by the (previously) reigning political parties. Dismissed by the custodians of wealth; badgered by the politically correct; and taken for granted by those who make our laws; forgotten millions were ripe for Trump’s message — which reduces neatly to “You matter!”

So far, so good.

Those of us who value developed ideas miss Trump’s essence. His stage persona embodies the anger of those who feel left behind, who feel threatened, who feel cheated, and who feel the basic human need to blame somebody else, whether a horned devil or a government, for their disappointments. The unnerving dynamism of a Trump-for-president rally comes from the symbiosis between the would-be candidate’s narcissism (the need for recognition run amok), fed enthusiastically by the crowd, and his willingness to absolve the crowd’s members of social or personal guilt (Trump’s cadenced repetitions are those of a skillful preacher). Whereas other candidates, of either party, ask us to blame ourselves or take responsibility, Trump tells his followers “Nothing’s your fault. It’s them, it’s them, it’s them.”

Trump gives his supporters recognition by the private plane-load. In turn, his enchanted acolytes have no ears for his contradictions, hypocrisy, and vacuity. Nothing matters except the cult-like faith of those who believe that, at last, a candidate speaks on their behalf — and offers them that lip-smacking dish, revenge.

Missed it by *that* much.

But wait! There’s more!

The political, intellectual, financial, and cultural elites of the United States of America intolerably constrained the choices available to tens of millions of citizens they disdained. The political parties gave only the illusion of choice. The intelligentsia mocked the white working man and the working woman without a college degree (feminists must be slender and articulate). Financial elites exploited and discarded the paycheck poor. And our cultural elites championed those who live on government hand-outs while stereotyping the working class and lower-middle class as boorish, benighted, and bigoted.

Oh, good! He’s back on the right track!

In all these cases, those in power mocked, badgered, and dismissed the many who now imagine a savior in Trump.

Dammit, he lost it again!

I don’t know anybody who imagines that Trump is a savior. I guess there may be a few. What I see are people looking for someone who can break up the oligopoly that has been running the country. Voting for Trump is like hiring Clint Eastwood to clean up the town. You expect him to leave a swath of destruction in his wake, but he’ll ride off into the sunset afterward.

Donald Trump isn’t the cure, he’s chemo.

If either party had a shred of credibility left Donald Trump would not be winning.



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51 Responses to Donald Trump Isn’t The Cure, He’s Chemo

  1. lyn says:

    It is in the NR, so anything written about Trump is wobbly.

  2. 1539days says:

    There is no single reason why people support Trump. I have chalked it up to a sort of indifference, where they don’t care about the arguments against Trump. I hope that’s the case because the alternative is that people think Trump has no flaws.

    I know it’s not about stupidity or idolatry. I still believe that expectations of Donald Trump far outweigh his capacity for achieving them. Even then, some people are just trying to disprove determinism. Voting for Trump means the system or the political machine loses. I’m dubious.

    • Somebody says:

      Yes it is about sticking it to the establishment. In case you haven’t noticed the establishment makes all kinds of promises and then fucks us all over. They just don’t have the votes, or it’s not the right time…..blah, blah.

      Trump’s single biggest issue that attract people is his position on immigration. Since 1986 the border was supposed to have been secured, yet through R and D administrations it’s not. Another example of being fucked over time and again. The majority of American’s want the border secured and want immigration controlled. Where you start to find the majority thinning is when the conversation rolls around to the illegals currently in country.

      As for legal immigration there are quite a number of people that are sick and damn tired of being replaced by one of the various visa holders……like what happened to those at Disney. Even if you still have a job the person next to you might have been replaced and you’re just waiting to come into work one day and be told to pack your things.

      The average Joe on the street knows that all these trade deals have resulted in cheaper TV’s, but our industry is gone. When you lose a factory you lose more than the jobs at that factory. You lose the ancillary jobs that support the factory or service the people that work at the factory. You lose the jobs supporting the raw material from the farmer/timber-jack to the truck driver. On and on the list goes…….how about I put it this way……manufacturing creates trickle down jobs.

      I could go on and on, the middle class is shrinking. People are worried. The younger generation isn’t going to do as well as their parents let alone better. Add to that many of them are riddled with student loan debt. For how long have we heard….STEM, STEM, STEM, STEM…..we have a shortage of STEM graduates so we must import some, more, more we need to import more. Well millions and millions of our young people head the cry for STEM graduates and they complied and damn near 2 million of them are working in another field because they can’t find a job in the STEM field OR they can make more money as a bartender.

      I know you’re going to say Cruz is on the same side of those issues, but some of us just don’t buy that. I’m sure you think Ted is an outsider…….but seeing as how he worked for W’s administration, and is a sitting US senator, gosh that doesn’t scream outsider. Add to that the fact that his super pac is run by Mitch McConnell’s attorney…..hmmmm. His wife works for Goldman Sachs…..hmmmmm. I could go on, but my comment is long enough and I’m wasting my time anyway.

      • Somebody says:

        Two typos……second paragraph, first line…..ATTRACTS not attract. Also paragraph 5, millions of our young people HEARD the cry for STEM graduates…..not head the cry.

        ONE MORE THING regarding Ted Cruz. Just because people don’t like you doesn’t make you an outsider, it just means perhaps you have a personality disorder.

        • Kathy says:

          Got to remember that one…’just because people don’t like you doesn’t make you an outsider.’ Thanks, using that line on crazy Cruz brother.

      • 1539days says:

        I’m a Cruz supporter by default. I posted a blog where I cheered him on with “Go creepy dude!” I like to think I’m not supporting Trump because I’m stupid and I know a lot of smart people for Trump so they’re not stupid either. That’s the thing about democracy, people get to have different opinions.

        I will say that Trump tends to try one-upping people. If they want to limit immigrants from Muslim countries, he suggests a temporary travel ban. If the former president of Mexico refuses to pay for the wall, Trump says he’ll build it 10 feet higher. Some people like that kind of bravado, I don’t. The people I know like that IRL are assholes.

        I also have a different opinion on immigration and jobs. Limited government is the solution, Disney was given a crave out by the government by claiming they needed to hire foreigners for low-level jobs so they could give Americans new high-level jobs. Well, they fired all the low-level Americans and only hired back about 5% for the “better” jobs. That’s cronyism.

        The government can’t create jobs and if Trump says he can, I don’t believe that either. What he can do is stop letting big companies (or small companies or any companies) abuse the guest foreign worker program.

        • Somebody says:

          Technically speaking the government does create jobs, whether you like it or not. Look how many people work for the federal government.

          Beyond that some things the government does directly result in jobs. Building up the military……creates jobs. Bringing back the space program…….creates jobs. Rebuilding infrastructure…….creates jobs. Please note not all of those are government jobs, most are actually private sector jobs.

          Outside of that and more importantly the policies are what really makes a difference as far as job creation. Rolling back the corporate tax rate, while at the same time taking away crony loopholes that allow multi-billion dollar companies to pay zero taxes. A better tax policy, combined with lifting some of the ridiculous regulations imposed of business and also changing the foreign worker programs AND last but not least creating a disincentive for offshoring and outsourcing would all combine to create jobs. **Special note on the regulations. They stifle competition because in some cases only the big boys can play.

          Last, but not least renegotiating some of the trade deals and/or not entering into any more crappy ones will also help create jobs.

          You can say what you want, but if you are honest and do legitimate research Ted Cruz is for TPP. I know technically he voted against it because of the import export thing, blah, blah. However go back and you’ll see he favors that trade agreement and others. Do you honestly think our government has negotiated good trade deals?? Ross Perot was 100% correct about NAFTA.

          What exactly is Ted Cruz going to do to limit government? He like Trump has blustered about eliminating agencies of the federal government, do you honestly think either will? Props to Trump as far as the military budget, once again he’s the only one to have mentioned this……..he talks about the weapons systems we continue to pay for that our military doesn’t want. We pay billions for stuff we give away or throw away. Why? Because stupid politicians only interested in lining their pockets made those deals. He says he’ll renegotiate those and put an end to that waste. Nobody else has said one thing about that, kind of like immigration……it wasn’t an issue until Trump made it one. Yet it has an impact on so many areas……the economy and jobs, crime, entitlement spending, the majority of medicaid money in several states goes to birth anchor babies and those anchor babies/mom’s care.

          I agree with you about Trump and his one upping, I don’t care for his personality, sometimes I laugh but often I cringe. He lacks the polish of a skilled politician, but that is what so many like about him. I will say that his personality may come in handy in some ways like for instance the ridiculous contracts to build stuff we throw out or give away. I could totally see Trump calling that out for all the world to see, which I think has to happen. A light has to be shown on so much of this cronyism otherwise it can’t be eliminated. I don’t see Trump having a problem with exposing this stuff. It’s like so many people say……Trump isn’t the cure he’s the chemo or Trump is the murder weapon or what have you. He’s our bull we’re sending into the china shop to bust things up.

          When it comes to budgets and operations; of Cruz, Hillary and Trump which one truly knows how to meet budget and how to streamline operations??? Which one of the 3 would you rather have negotiating for you??? Whether it’s trade or contracts for government services? Which one do you think has a better understanding of the impact of taxes and regulations on business??? Foreign policy is where Trump is very deficit, but the one with the most foreign policy is Hillary…..I’m not a fan of her foreign policy ideas.

          I’ve probably said enough, but I could go on, like you Trump wasn’t my first choice but I had to make a decision this past week…….Trump or Cruz. Sorry I didn’t reply last night, but I was trying to enjoy my first evening of vacation…..more than that I was dealing with this damn cold the kids gave me as a parting gift.

      • Jadzia says:

        I kind of take the Chris Rock approach to some of Trump’s positions: “I don’t condone it… BUT I UNDERSTAND.”

    • DeniseVB says:

      I had an epiphany today … and Erick Erickson (aka Pure Conservative) posted the same anti-Trump manifestos today. This garbage is being *reported* on the cable and MSM nets as “fair and balanced”. What bullsh*t. That makes me angry, not The Donald.

    • lyn says:

      Trump and Hillary are the best match up because both are flawed.

    • Speaking for myself only…

      What I like about Trump boils down to two things. First, I like that he fights back. For 25 years I have watched one class of politician after another bow to one another and the outrage-machine-media, or play clever gimmicks to game the electorate. I want a transparent fight. Fuck the gimmicks. Show me the blood.

      The second thing I like about him is that I think he will help America make money again. I hold no illusions that the lions share won’t go to the wealthy class, but a I think a fair amount will come to the rest of us working folks. That means mortgages and bills will get paid, and people will buy things and, dare I even dream it, save. That alone will shrink the free-shit class. I hate free shit. It bugs the crap out of me. I don’t get anything free, and I don’t want anything free. But I do want to make some money. I want the economy opened up. To paraphrase… fuck liberals; get money.

      • *Disclaimer. I’m not wedded to a vote for Trump, ftr. If he screws this up royally before the election–and he might–I could easily walk away.

      • swanspirit says:

        I love that he fights back! What is astounding is the reaction of so many republicans who seem amazed at this behavior, almost as if they had never seen it before, and they are puzzled, confused and frightened by it. It is almost as if they were monkeys watching someone walk upright for the first time. They keep saying ” We have never seen anything like this before”! ; when Trump is saying what the rest of us have been screaming at the TV at these morons for years.

        • Trump has a spine. That’s rare these days.

          • lyn says:

            So true. Although I still think the GOPe will screw Trump and the voters, Mitt wilted after his 47% comment whereas Trump continues to blaze through everything that’s thrown at him.

        • Somebody says:

          If Cruz gets the nomination he will wilt. I know people think he’s a fighter, but you can’t filibuster the election. Reading Green Eggs and Ham doesn’t add anything to your leadership cred, it’s a stunt. Look at how he jumped on the bandwagon with the BLM, Chicago riots. Now imagine the first time the gender or race card is thrown at him, he won’t stand up to it and hence will lose. His reaction will be like every other establishment republican, I smell the loser stink from here.

          • Anthony says:

            His “Green Eggs and Ham” soliloquy was indeed a stunt. He successfully shut down the government, and then crowed about his power and prowess. Then, Congress goes back into session and does exactly what he was protesting about in the first place.

            In essence, all he did was postpone the inevitable for a few days by drawing attention to himself. As Trump pointed out, a move like that means nothing, unless its used as a bargaining chip. Congress did not change their plans; therefore Cruz did not close any deal or effect any change. It was just a narcissistic demonstration of empty noise for one and only one purpose: to bring attention to himself. In the end, he remains (noisily?) impotent

  3. Somebody says:

    On to a completely different topic…….I’m officially on vacation for the next 10 days!!!!!!!!!

    Spring break!!!!! We don’t have any plans, but I don’t have the kids so I can sleep in!! I want to get spring cleaning done, but I’ve also promised myself that I will take at least two days and do nothing at all. Who knows maybe stay in my PJ’s all day??? That is a tall order for me, but since the grandkids managed to get me sick maybe not such a tall order after all. I started getting sick yesterday……figures.

    • 1539days says:

      You’re doing it in the wrong order. During spring break, you drink and don’t wear PJs, then you get sick and you find your room cleaned out.

    • DeniseVB says:

      Enjoy your break sweetie. ❤

    • leslie says:

      Spend time out in the yard bird watching. Sounds heavenly. Enjoy and be well.
      (They told me when spring break is, but I promptly forgot. lol)

    • helenk3 says:

      ENJOY the time off. get well now and have fun

    • Jadzia says:

      OMG I AM JEALOUS. What is this “vacation” you speak of?

      Oh, and because I have to post it: CHAPTER 7 IS DONE. 18 MORE WRITING DAYS. I am seriously plotting about how I can take a “real” vacation when it’s done. I still have a free one-way ticket to London from last summer, when our trip on the Eurostar was seriously delayed. My Big Dream is to take my ass over there and eat at Heston Blumenthal’s Dinner.

  4. DandyTIger says:

    NY: Trump 64%, Cruz 12%, Kasich 1%.

  5. WMCB says:

  6. WMCB says:

  7. helenk3 says:

    before the day is over Happy St Patrick’s Day

  8. Venus says:

    Must read article:

    As Trump thumped neocon darling Rubio in Florida, driving him out of the race, it is becoming clearer that the Donald will dismantle the establishment’s Big Tent and erect one of his own, into which will flow scruffy working-class Dems, independents, and middle-class minorities and out of which will go bow-tied interventionists and Romneyite RINOs.


    The intensity of the rhetoric from the Left against Trump is a tacit acknowledgment of his threat to it. Publicly, Clintonistas are saying “they look forward to running against Trump.” Privately, they are running around with their hair on fire. They know that he can steal Hillary’s march, as evident in his strong turnout across the country, from Florida to Illinois to Nevada. He is getting big crowds all over the place, and many of these newly engaged political animals are non-Republicans.


    • lyn says:

      Thanks for sharing.

    • Underwhelmed says:

      Brilliant. Exactly. I don’t have words to express my contempt for all the elite establishment types, who think they were born to rule over the unwashed. I want them all to burn in a fiery hell.

  9. 1539days says:

    It isn’t so much the tweet as which account sent out the tweet

  10. Jadzia says:

    VM, I just ordered some fancy nail polish through your Amazon portal; hope it shows up.

  11. Jadzia says:

    Myiq, WTF is Trump doing in this video? I am hypnotized.

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