Cheesy Primary Open Thread


I have no idea what will happen.

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  1. Myiq2xu™ says:

    I’m watching the SFGiants play the Milwaukee Brewers.

  2. Myiq2xu™ says:

    One of the benefits of watching SFGiants games is the lack of political ads.

  3. Myiq2xu™ says:

    Fox is saying Cruz is leading but the race is too close to call.

  4. Venus says:

    Cruz will win — he’s got the governor, the RNC chair and the speaker of the house, not to mention the MSM hysteria on his side.

    And the MSM will pretend that Trump “should have won” — but he never was supposed to.
    The only thing that matters is the delegate count — and really, not even that too much, as Trump’s path to the 1237 is still set with the NE coming up.

    • swanspirit says:

      I really hate that Cruz will win, I hope if he does, it isn’t by much. They just called Wisconsin for Sanders

      • Venus says:

        Cruz is going to win the Madison and Milwaukee districts — the government machine will ensure that. And with those being the high population areas, that will probably give him the over all win.
        WI has 8 districts — and 3 delegates are awarded “winner take all” to the winner of the district. Pus, 18 delegates go to the overall population winner.
        So, in effect, Cruz could “win” overall and still get only 6 delegates more than Trump.
        WI is really much ado about nothing –something for the establishment/NeverTrumps to masturbate to.It’s one state and 42 delegates. Period.

        • swanspirit says:

          I know, but I want him to lose badly enough so I don’t have to see his face so much on TV anymore.

        • Myiq2xu™ says:

          It’s kinda like SC is for the Democrats – whoever wins the black vote wins the state. No way did Bernie stand a chance. But SC will go red in November.

          Wisconsin is a blue state. That’s what made Walker’s wins so amazing.

          • Jadzia says:

            I think Wisconsin is somewhat politically schizophrenic. They also elected Feingold once upon a time. And Kasten AND Proxmire. I think the place is half U.P. (and this Yooper has lived in Wisconsin, in the very rural north and not for very long) which is to say VERY conservative, and half Minnesota which is to say not (and there’s yer Madison for you).

          • leslie says:

            Feingold must be running again. I just received email from Tammy Baldwin urging support for Feingold this fall. I met him when I was working in Madison on the Kerry campaign *spit* in 2004. I liked him – a lot.

  5. Venus says:

    Fox news called WI for Sanders right at 9:00 EST.

  6. swanspirit says:

    NBC just called Wisconsin for Cruz.

    • Myiq2xu™ says:

      At least half of the people supporting Cruz right now don’t want him to be the nominee either.

      • DandyTIger says:

        If the GOPe wants to win the WH, they won’t allow him to be the nominee either. I think they’ll install someone else. The long shot is that they’ll let him do his thing, and of course get Hillary.

        • lyn says:

          Trump will be the last Republican presidential candidate I vote for, and I’ll only vote for my GOP congressman after that. Neither party will deserve my vote.

          • elliesmom says:

            My state rep to the RI General Assembly is a Republican, but everyone else who represents me is a Democrat. The local guy has been pretty good. As soon as we registered to vote, he started sending us good info about local things. Like the county extension service plant sales, activities at all of the senior centers in the area. I know more about things like now than my friends who have lived in RI for years and years. I won’t let my “votational anger” hurt him. But for everyone else it will be “vote the bums out!”, which has been my modus operandi since 2008.

          • lyn says:

            I hear you.

  7. DandyTIger says:

    Big win for Cruz. Polling seems to show a large part of that isn’t for him per se, but is against Trump. Trump has no one to blame but himself for the last two weeks. More fun and more popcorn ahead.

    • Somebody says:

      I think all the talk about native son and open border advocate, amnesty loving, refugee funding, fuck face Paul Ryan motivated cheese heads to vote Cruz. A vote for Cruz or Kasich is a vote for a contested convention.

      • Myiq2xu™ says:

        In a normal year Cruz would get crushed in Wisconsin.

        • elliesmom says:

          When we lived near Chicago, Elliesdad and I used to argue about whether Wisconsin was more like New Hampshire or Vermont. The cheese aspect said VT, but the voting patterns look more like NH. Heavily Democrat in the one or two large cities and Republican everywhere else. Trump won the traditionally Republican areas of WI yesterday. Cruz took the Democratic ones.

    • Venus says:

      Not really — Cruz took a lot of Kasich votes to “stop Trump” but Hillary didn’t campaign in WI (to help Cruz and “stop Trump”).

      Cruz had the sitting governor, chair of the RNC and speaker of the house to make sure Trump didn’t win a state he wasn’t going to win and doesn’t need to win.

      Tomorrow, the GOPe turns on Cruz and goes all in for Kasich re: the North East.
      Unfortunately, no sitting governors, chairs of RNC or speakers of the house to help Kasich there as they did for Cruz in WI.

      See you in New York, April 19th.

    • Venus says:

      PPS — as to your “Trump has no one to blame but himself” — You are dead wrong on that one. What you’ve seen is two weeks of coordinated effort on the part of the MSM, GOPe and their fellow Donor Slaves to take Trump down. They WILL stay on this effort relentlessly and will LIE non-stop in the process.

      But the road ahead gets a LOT brighter for Trump and damn near impossible for Cruz. Even with GOPe/MSM coordination, it’s still possible for Trump to get to 1,237. WI only played out at a net differential of ~ 30 delegates – less than 2.5% of the total needed.

      The message going forward is going to be, Cruz sold out to the GOPe for a Pyrrhic victory in WI. He KNOWS he’s not getting the nomination in a brokered convention.

      That’s the reason Kasich won’t drop out. He polls better back in New England than Cruz EVER will. Prediction: Many of the GOPe & “talking assholes” class will discover unrecognized value in Kasich over the next month as they search for any means of keeping Trump from 1,237.

  8. lyn says:

    WisconSIN is a GOPe stronghold. Angie was right about the polls that showed Trump ahead. They were BS.

  9. lyn says:

    In Wisconsin, Our Principles PAC, an anti-Trump group, spent $2 million and had a robust, across-the-board operation: television and digital ads, billboards, direct mail, phone calls, as well as absentee and get-out-the-vote programs.

  10. taw46 says:

    I flipped channels today and heard the same crap from all the MSM. So I didn’t watch any of it tonight. Just checked online to see outcome. Then we watched several episodes of Bosch. And that is how I spent my evening!

  11. lurker says:

    What if the GOPe has promised Cruz the supreme court, if he keeps Trump away.

    • elliesmom says:

      For them to give him a seat on the supreme court, they’d have to win the election. Fat chance if they keep the dump Trump stuff up. In 2008 the Democrats got away with what they did because most of the outraged Hillary supporters were committed Democrats. When push came to shove in November, most of them voted for Obama. The point the Republican establishment keeps missing is a large portion of Trump’s support comes from voters the R’s never had before. They will have no party loyalty the R’s can pressure them with, and all of their enthusiasm for the election leaves if Trump isn’t on the ticket. There is no magic unicorn candidate who will generate crowds of support like Trump waiting to be nominated in Cleveland. I have a lot of negative thoughts about Ted Cruz, but I’ve never thought he’s stupid.

      • Jeffhas says:

        They don’t want those icky new voters… Those new voters might throw them out and off their gravy train… If they lose to Hillary not one of those Gravy Train Republucans loses their job.

      • jeffhas says:

        The Republicans don’t want those icky new voters. Those new voters might throw them out and off the Gravy Train.

        No Gravy Train Republicans lose their job if Hillary gets elected.

        • Somebody says:


          Plus they can all claim they gave it their best fight, but they simply couldn’t overcome the Clinton machine………oh but we all simply must keep the R majority in the house and senate to “fight” against the evil Clinton agenda……..oh and tune in to Rush, Levin, etc., also buy their books oh and go to this and that website to read all about it.

    • Lulu says:

      Cruz will never be on the SS court. He has too much crap piled up now. And he is way too political to be a judge of any kind.

      • Somebody says:

        Haha, you’re correct the girlfriend, the hookers and all that good stuff. Although it does seem the latest rage in supreme court justices are those that are compromised and blackmailable so it’s possible.

    • Somebody says:

      Lurker it’s possible they dangled SCOTUS in front of Ted’s face, but he’s too smart to bite. As EM says for Cruz to get SCOTUS the R’s will have to win in November and if they screw over Trump that looks highly doubtful.

      I think it’s far more likely the agreement is something far more tangible and probably involves his wife. That way it doesn’t look so quid pro quo. Cruz is smart enough to know a bird in the hand is better than two in the bush.

      Oddly the only person that could promise Cruz a SCOTUS seat and actually have a chance to deliver would be Trump and somehow I don’t think he wants Cruz on the bench.

  12. Myiq2xu™ says:

    When does Marco Rubio give his victory speech?

    • DandyTIger says:

      Ah yes, what is the sound of Marco giving a victory speech? A famous Zen Koen. I believe the answer is usually a smack on the head with a bamboo cane.

  13. Dora says:

    Well, it wasn’t as bad as I thought last night when I went to bed. I thought it was a real slaughter, but actually, less than half of the state of Wisconsin supported Lyin Ted. Donald Trump won twice as many counties as Cruz did. Unfortunately, he got less delegates. 😦


    Wisconsin Post Election Night Debrief…

    Great job Wisconsin. All the campaign staff and volunteers should be proud of their accomplishments. Team Trump winning 44 counties in the state, and Team Cruz winning 24 counties in the state.

    • CiscoKid says:

      A big THANK you to everyone here keep me/us posted on the Mich primary.
      Special mention to Dora for posting the above link.
      Feel better getting a look at the real math results.
      Turned on TV and of course propaganda corp has Trump all washed up.
      LOL! His campaign has more than the 9 lives of a cat.

  14. Dora says:

    • DeniseVB says:

      Watch the media shrink that lead over the next several days to keep the drama going so we’ll be sure to tune in ! Yeah, right.

  15. Dora says:

    Good riddance. This was one of the more shameful moments in the history of NYC. I don’t know if any of you remember Phil Ochs, but he wrote a song about this called “Small Circle of Friends”, which was great. I enjoyed his music and went to see him several times in Greenwich Village. Oops, I am giving away my age.

    Winston Moseley, Who Killed Kitty Genovese, Dies in Prison at 81

    • Venus says:

      But when Trump won 4 of 5 (including FL and knocking Rubio out), Kasich won 1 (the only state he competed in) and Cruz won 0 that didn’t mean shit.

    • votermom says:

      Didn’t Bernie win by a bigger margin than Cruz?
      Yet the media speaks of Cruz’ s huge victory and btw Sanders also beat Hillary, by a bit.

      • DeniseVB says:

        Doesn’t matter, seems everytime Bernie wins, Hillary gets the most delegates. She’s definitely feeling the Bern after losing 7 of the last 8 contests to him. Wondering if the BernieBots have figured that out yet, the bloodiest battle may be on the Dem side afterall 😀

  16. Lulu says:

    I did not know that Wisconsin was a fundamentalist Christian state and a hotbed of globalism. Who knew? And in Madison to boot. Seriously they love them some Paul Ryan who is so dreamy and bug-eyed. And that couth and and whisperin’ little dork Rinse Piebus. I will always think of those two when I think of Wisconsin. And illegal alien cheap labor cheese. Ick.

    • Somebody says:

      That’s it boycott all WI cheese from now until the end of the primary! Fuck those cheeseheads, I’ll buy Vermont cheese!

    • dm says:

      I believe Madison is home to a large university as well as the company that developed EPIC…the woman who started this company was a big Obama supporter/bundler (I think) and that is the preferred electronic medical records system that is currently being shoved down everyone’s throats. It’s like a mini Google kind of company…free coffee, food, ridiculous perks for employees and also employs a good number of those high tech immigrant types, which would tend to make me think more Sanders less Cruz. As to the fundamentalist Christian aspect, I have limited knowledge of the cheese heads…only have experience with a couple of families from there. If they are representative of Christians, then maybe I need to consider Buddhism…vile, hypocritical people…just my personal bias.

      • elliesmom says:

        Madison is home to the main campus of the University of Wisconsin and home to blog hostess, Ann Althouse. Her blog is a great source of info on WI politics. She’s on the blogroll here under “Leans Left”.

    • Venus says:

      Ryan couldn’t deliver his home state in the 2012 GE and he couldn’t deliver his Congressional District to Cruz last night (Trump won it).

  17. votermom says:

    The sad thing about Cruz being a Trojan horse, witting or unwitting, is that he did this by deciding to team up with the GOP instead of with Trump.

    • taw46 says:

      Proof he never wanted to change anything.

      • leslie says:

        Yes. All that Dr Seuss was just for show and to con the rest of us into supporting him all the while plotting to win the nomination.

        • votermom says:

          I liked the Dr Suess stuff.

          Strategically Cruz had two choices in this primary: team up with Trump vs the GOPe or team up with the GOPe vs Trump.

          Personally I think Trump is more likely to honor a deal than the GOPe is.

          I guess time will tell whether Cruz chose wisely.

          • leslie says:

            I liked it, too. But I feel I was fleeced – again.

          • lyn says:

            If Cruz were anti-establishment, he would have chosen Trump. Cruz still likes his goodies.

          • Somebody says:

            I have a completely different take on Ted Cruz. I think he’s been a Trojan horse…..stalking horse all along. I think the establishment freaked in 2010 over the tea party backlash and then set about to field their own “tea party” candidates. Enter Ted Cruz, the name of the game was for him to garner some street cred which he did with Kabuki theater that resulted in absolutely nothing. Bonus the real tea party members over in the house let him into their fold. I’d be willing to bet you 100 dollars he kept Boehner and McConnell up to speed on everything that was discussed, hell Ted probably spread disinformation to the tea party group.

            Ted’s job was supposed to be to corral the right wing and tea party and bring them into the fold for the good fight once the time was right to coalesce around whatever establishment hack was the front runner.

            If you look at Ted’s background he worked on W’s campaign. He was in the Bush administration, he’s establishment. Furthermore he was vice chair of the senate election committee that went nuclear to keep Thad Cochran. Lastly, when he started this campaign the head of his super pac is Mitch McConnell’s attorney and he’s pulled in more Wall Street money than any of the other R candidates……..does that sound like an outsider to you?? Ted is still reaping the benefits of his little act, but if anyone takes the time to dig deeply they’ll see Ted is a wolf in sheep’s clothing and always has been.

            Ted never was an outsider, it was all staged.

          • lyn says:

            Lyin’ Ted …

  18. votermom says:

    Change of pace

  19. Dora says:

    Oh well, what do you know? It was Chief Justice Roberts who denied this request without even seeking a response from any other party. Remember that Ted Cruz worked in the Justice Dept during the Bush administration and helped get Roberts the nomination. Trump has mentioned that several times during his rallies.

    Oh, what a tangled web. 😦

    SCOTUS Denies Request from D.C. Madam’s Attorney to Release Info

    • DandyTIger says:

      I suspect all of that will come out anyway. And it will have Cruz among others. Not sure it will matter that much since it was likely before he was married. But some of the super religious among his supporters might be shocked. I’d say a lot of his “supporters” are anti-Trump and mostly pro GOPe, so it may not matter at all. He the means to get Jeb or others in, nothing more.

      • Somebody says:

        Agree completely Dandy. It will come out anyway and it’s most likely before Ted was married……honestly would it be a shock that he utilized hookers to get laid???

        I think what would be more interesting is if Kasich was on the list. Sanders too, hell let’s go for Hillary being on the list!!! Everybody claims she’s a closet lesbian so who knows. Maybe Hillary and Bill qualified for a group discount.

        • leslie says:

          Actually, Kasich is the one cynic and I were discussing as the scandal subject on the previous thread. 😉

  20. cynic says:

    Just a reminder, from an article dated 12/1/14:

    Former Florida Republican Gov. Jeb Bush on Monday said that for a GOP candidate to win a presidential election, the 2016 nominee has to be willing to “lose the primary to win the general.”

    also from the article is this quote:
    He said that his granddaughter would be a quadra-hyphenated “Canadian-Iraqi-Mexican-Texas-American” because her mother is a Canadian born to Iraqi parents, her grandmother is Mexican, her father was born in Florida and her grandfather is from Texas.

  21. DeniseVB says:

    Well here’s a clever new way to insult Trump supporters …. as seen in a FB news page comments section….

    “Angry Branch Trumpidians incoming…”


    • lyn says:

      Saw that yesterday.

      • DeniseVB says:

        So it’s going around now as the new go-to insult? As in ‘may you all burn a slow death in a Waco compound’ ? 😉

      • lyn says:

        We can respond by telling them, “The GOPe People’s Temple is calling you home.”

        • Somebody says:

          Pro tip Cruzers, don’t drink the koolaid the establishment hands out at the convention.

          • Somebody says:

            Actually a lot of similarities with Sun Myung Moon and Cruz, just sayin’.

            The Unification Church might not strike a chord, but this is the cult founded by the Reverend Sun Myung Moon. Born in what is now North Korea in 1920, Sun Myung Moon claimed to have had a vision when he was 16 that Jesus Christ did not finish his work on Earth (having “perfect children”) and he, Moon, should carry on Jesus’s work.

            Giggle…..this is fun!

        • leslie says:

          There was a Moonie “compound” in Chicago just north of where my parents lived. This was, of course, years after my parents moved there. I don’t recall seeing it there the last time I drove past.

          • cynic says:

            It’s quite the coincidence that I was doing research on Kasich these past two days, and there is a link w/Kasich and a Moonie.

            Also in 1982, the Moon organization based at Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio helped elect John Kasich, now Ohio’s governor, to the U.S. Congress in 12th district.

          • leslie says:

            That is interesting. I am so amazed you are able to find all this info.

          • Somebody says:

            Cynic my dear keep digging on Johnny!

  22. votermom says:

  23. DeniseVB says:

    With no path to the nomination, what other reason is Kasich staying in the race other to bleed delegates and votes from Trump and Cruz ? Better candidates have dropped out long before this point by simple math in their heads. Who’s throwing money at him? Can’t all be bankrolled by his Ohio Beliebers? GOPe? Soros? Anyhoo ….

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