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  1. Myiq2xu™ says:

    Mathematically EliminaTed is scoping out running mates.

  2. Right at 8:00 pm.

  3. DeniseVB says:

    It’s indeed a Super Tuesday on TCH today, thank you all for voting today, including Lola’s early vote in Indiana !

  4. SHV says:

    Eris and Lola…Goddesses of the 2016 election…chaos, strife, and discord…best election ever!!!

  5. Myiq2xu™ says:

    Dana Loesch is on Fox and she looks like someone ran over her dog.

    • Myiq2xu™ says:

      • jennifer lyn says:

        I’m tired of these idiots saying he won’t win. HE IS WINNING. THE NUMBERS DO NOT LIE. AND HE IS CARRYING ACROSS ALL LINES (old, black, white, hispanic, women). HE IS NOT ONLY WINNING HE IS F>>KING WINNING. CAN WE SHUT UP NOW.

      • blowme0bama says:

        LOL… she really does.

      • Ann says:

        I’m scratching my head over this meme…

        I don’t think Hillary is winning a traditionally republican state. Period.

        I think OH, FL, PA and maybe some light blue ones like NM, VA, NV, CO, NH are up for grabs. Honest to Pete I think Trump can win a number of those states and it would not shock me to see him competitive in a few other solid blue states. At the very least I don’t see any of those states I listed as a slam dunk for Hillary. *shrug* What do I know though?

        I know it is all about nominating an establishment character who won’t upset the benefit-cart, and not hurt the coat tail candidates. Congress is where the graft is, and I am betting the Rs are much more concerned about losing that than gaining the presidency.

      • Venus says:

      • swanspirit says:

        Wanna bet Dana??

    • driguana says:

      When Dana first came on the scene, I actually liked her. She had verve, spoke well and took on the serious issues with intelligence. Now I just scratch my head and wonder if these people really had any intelligence to begin with. I can’t stand to listen to her any longer.

  6. Myiq2xu™ says:

  7. Venus says:

  8. Myiq2xu™ says:

    I’m gonna go make me some lechon asado pork chops. They have been marinating all afternoon, so all I gotta do is cook ’em.

  9. Myiq2xu™ says:


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  10. Venus says:

    Uh oh –look at this bad news for the Dems in GE — 1 in 4 union members go for Trump (not Cruz, not Republicans, but TRUMP):

    US unions plan attack on Donald Trump in attempt to derail presidential bid

    The prospect of a Donald Trump nomination has labor leaders scrambling to hold the line as the Republican frontrunner’s appeal to disaffected working-class voters threatens to upset the traditional political calculus.

    The majority of America’s almost 15 million unionized workers can be usually be relied upon to back the Democratic candidate in a presidential year, but leaders are concerned by Trump’s populist message on trade and jobs – and his insistence that union workers are just one of many groups on a long list of those he claims “love” him. [snip]

    In the coming months, the AFL-CIO, which has not endorsed a candidate in the primary but has encouraged members to support the Democratic nominee, will launch digital attack ads against Trump and will ramp up its door-knocking campaign. The Service Employees International Union, which has endorsed Clinton, has organized phone banks for her nationwide, including most recently in Pennsylvania in the hope of getting out the vote on behalf of Democrats.

    Yet Trump is resonating with voters who are struggling to make ends meet and who are seeing their friends’ jobs shipped abroad, says John Cakmakci, president of United Food and Commercial Workers Union Local 951 in Michigan. And some of those voters are union members. Trump’s populist positions on trade and his rejection of Washington politics have earned him votes across the Rust Belt, where several battleground states are key to winning the election in November. [snip]

    While unions still tend to lean Democratic, their rank-and-file members are increasingly split between the parties. In 2008, about 39% of households with union members cast their vote for Republican John McCain and in 2012 40% voted for Mitt Romney.

    Working America, the political organizing arm of AFL-CIO, wanted to find out whether Trump’s “rightwing” message appealed to workers outside Cleveland and Pittsburgh. After interviewing about 1,689 working-class Americans living in households earning less than $75,000, they found out that Trump was in fact the favored candidate. Of the 800 voters who had decided on a candidate at the time of the interview, about 300 favored Trump. Combined, the two Democratic candidates appealed to fewer workers – 174 chose Clinton and 95 chose Sanders.

    “While most of Trump’s support comes from the staunch Republican base, one in four Democrats who chose a candidate showed a preference for Trump,” said Working America’s report.

    The majority of respondents said they supported the candidate because of his pugnacious personality rather than for, say, his position on trade.

    On Tuesday, Jared Szczesny, a card-carrying member of the United Automobile, Aerospace and Agricultural Implement Workers of America Union (UAW), will cast his vote for Trump in Pennsylvania’s primary. In 2008 and 2012, UAW endorsed President Obama. This time UAW has yet to endorse a candidate, but is likely to back a Democrat.

    Szczesny, 31, has never attended a Trump rally. He works seven days a week and has not been able to find the time. However, back in October, he picked up Trump’s book The Art of the Deal. When he finished it, he knew that Trump had his vote. [snip]

    “I work a half of a block from GE, where layoffs come in the thousands every couple of years or so,” said Szczesny. GE Transportation is part of General Electric; in November the GE locomotive manufacturing plant in Erie laid off 1,500 of its 4,500 workers. “There are no jobs around here. People scrounge for work, or work multiple jobs. I get tired of seeing my family and friends, and loved ones struggling over financial issues so often.”

    It is Trump’s business acumen that appeals to Szczesny and a handful of his coworkers, who he says will also be voting for Trump.

    “He is not a typical politician. He has been in the working world, even as a young boy building houses with his father. He’s not a career politician. He cares about jobs,” he said.

    Earlier this month, Trump stood before nearly 9,000 supporters in Pittsburgh and promised to revive the steel and coal industries in the area if he became president.

    “There are few places that have been more devastated by our trade policies than Pittsburgh. Don’t worry, we’re bring it all back,” said Trump.

    Szczesny hopes so. It’s why when he votes in Pennsylvania’s primary on Tuesday, it will be for Trump.

    “I am very conservative and do not agree with everything Mr Trump says or does, but I recognize him as the best candidate, and a great one at that,” he said.

  11. Dora says:

    Great News! 🙂

  12. Myiq2xu™ says:

  13. Venus says:

    Trump should announce that Cruz has suspended his campaign.
    The “Carson maneuver.”

  14. Venus says:

  15. Myiq2xu™ says:

    Inside Donald Trump’s private suite right now:

  16. Hey! I got my first trolling by a Hillbot!

    • DeniseVB says:

      LOL ! I see Hillary’s released her flying monkeys on twitter. politicsusa is a fringey lefty “source”, that amuses me too. Actually, that PROOF is the best list of Trump’s strengths I’ve ever seen compiled 😀

  17. Dora says:

  18. DeniseVB says:

    Looks like Team Trump swept the Acela Corridor, good job ya’ll ❤

  19. DandyTIger says:

    It’s a good day in America.

  20. Venus says:

    BUT 40% OF THE VOTE IS ANTI-TRUMP!!!!! ~NeverTrumps right now

  21. DandyTIger says:

    Next up Indiana. Which Trump will win. Then all those western states Cruz and Kasich think they’re going to be winning… you thought wrong dude. The GOP voters want this wrapped up with no more back room deals, like Cruz and Kasich just made. And voters often like to vote for the winner. It’s a thing.

  22. mothy67 says:

    Last October I saw my D.O. A young woman right out of med school. She chose D.O. over MD. I had finished Crippled America on the bus. I gave her the book. She smiled. Back then media was on over drive claiming Trump supporters all shared one tooth. She did not go lady gaga over cankles in fact she loathes her. Trump was so unPC yet she was open. MSM calling Donald trumpsters white trash everyday. She commented on it. Said the extreme level they bash speaks volumes.

  23. DandyTIger says:

    Nice analysis on the big board. With no unbound delegates and the rest of the race going by the polls, Trump gets 1215 delegates. 22 short. That means out of around 200 unbound delegates, he only needs to convince 22 to of them. Or better, he needs less than half of the unbound PA delegates. Even with that basis, it’s over. But here’s the best part, the rest of the race isn’t going to go by the polls. Knowing he’s going to win, many of the remaining states will shift. I think he’ll get close to 1300 delegates when it’s done.

    • Venus says:

      Trump (or Manafort) was effective getting the word out in PA — it looks like at least 54 of those “unbound” delegates are his.
      And that’s not mentioning the fact that almost all on the slate said they’d vote for who won their district on first ballot — and trump won every one of those.

  24. Venus says:


    Newt (on Hannity) just pointed out that Trump has won every single county in all 5 states. Every. One.

    Wrap your mind around that, #NeverTrumps

  25. CiscoKid says:

    “Now I’ve been happy lately, thinking about the good things to come,
    and I believe it could be, something good has begun
    Oh the Trump train is sounding louder.”
    I don’t think Cat Stevens would mind.

  26. lyn says:

    • leslie says:

      Yep. Ben S. is showing himself to be a petty and small man. Yet anotherr disappointment in this campaign year. I heard him as I was passing through Megyn Kelly’s show on Monday and wondered if, at some time, he might regret his public display of bitterness.

    • mothy67 says:

      He blew his load when he whined about the tranny helicopter pilot that threatened to curb stomp him. Instead of saying bring it he called the cops. Spoiled little pampered boy.

  27. Myiq2xu™ says:

  28. Venus says:

    Trumps going to end up over 1000 delegates tonight with most of his delegates getting the “unbound” PA slots — 1237 is a cakewalk.

  29. Dora says:

    This is something! Wow! The republicans are making themselves look foolish by trying to deny him the nomination.

    Trump passes Romney’s popular vote total, likely to break GOP record

  30. DeniseVB says:

    A nice little chart to look at for the BIG, no, YUUGE story 😀

  31. Dora says:

    Pictures from the TIME Gala.

    ‘She’s beautiful, but that’s the least of it’ Trump pays tribute to birthday girl Melania, 46, at TIME Gala before dashing across town to make GOP primary victory speech

  32. mothy67 says:

    Voting again today
    Transfering my blood pressure scrip to local pharma from target. Also all my dad’s. No more Target.
    I also canceled HBO Now. The bey thing is a piece of racist shit. Not going to pay 14.95 a month to support an agenda. Hooked on GoT. I can buy episodes day after for 1.99.

    • DeniseVB says:

      My husband has his friend DVR GOT then they can watch it together. I call it a playdate 🙂

    • CiscoKid says:

      Signed the boycott petition last night, and will make a.m. call to local Target to advise of same. But I doubt I’ll be able to talk to anyone in management.

  33. DeniseVB says:

    I can imagine how Team Trump must feel this morning ❤

  34. DeniseVB says:

    Your morning cup of Milo 🙂

  35. DeniseVB says:

    Sadly, this young woman is going viral. One of the protesters at Milo’s UMass event…..what the panel was putting up with.

  36. DeniseVB says:

    Cool pic. Hammer! Smash!!

  37. mothy67 says:

    So i joked about running for Congress. My rep is awful he runs unopposed and is dim faithful. I vote against him. I will be 50 next year. I have always stuck out. Most people are normal. Go with the flow. Open heart surgeries, dirt poor and gay. I never could be absorbed. I am 49 and count as friends guys that beat me up yelling faggot thirty years ago. I can win. I am funny and not generic. I also have thousands of cousins. I am a sarcastic asshole. Thousands unemployed this guy gets free health care for life


  38. votermom says:

    Cruz has an announcement at 4pm

    Maybe the donors told him they are done, if so, he’s out.

  39. votermom says:

  40. elliesmom says:

    A comment at HotGas pointed out Donald Trump has won all of the 13 original colonies. 😉

    • lyn says:


    • Somebody says:

      I thought about that yesterday afternoon when we were driving down to the city. I expected him to win the rest of the “colonies”, but obviously the votes weren’t in yet.

      I know there isn’t a chance in hell, but it would be nice if he could take them in the GE too. Now THAT would jack some jaws ladies and gents!! We could dub it the new or the 2nd American revolution!!

    • DeniseVB says:

      Yep, revolution is in our blood 😀

    • blowme0bama says:

      Um… I don’t think NJ has voted.

  41. lyn says:

    • DandyTIger says:

      And he’s now ahead of where Romney was (who had much less competition), and will likely set a GOP popular vote record (with all that competition). But you know, can’t possibly win.

  42. Dora says:

    The world! That’s a big audience. MSNBC reported that although Trump agreed to use a teleprompter for today’s foreign-policy speech, he rejected the prepared text and rewrote it in his own words. I hope it’s good.

    World to watch as Trump outlines his foreign policy

    • Somebody says:

      He rewrote it in his own words??? Hopefully his foreign policy team got a chance to look over his revisions…….one little faux pas and that will dominate the news cycle. So many things in foreign policy are all about nuance……yikes, nervous now! I guess he survived referring to Palestine, but I’d prefer not to weather a similar storm leading into the final primaries.

      • DeniseVB says:

        Every sentence from his victory speech last night has dominated the news cycle and social media this morning. That, and Mary Pat Christie’s “eyeroll” 😉

  43. DandyTIger says:

    Nixon to Pat Buchanan: If you ever hear of a group getting together to stop X, be sure to put your money on X.

  44. DandyTIger says:

    In Scott Adams’ latest post about both party nominations being done, Trump used his best kill shot to date last night. And most people thought it was a bad thing. Just like all his other kill shots:

    …Trump rolled out the “woman card” attack on Clinton. Expect lots of backlash and hollering about sexism. Also expect that 100% of the voting public knows that the “woman card” accusation is a persuasion death blow to Clinton’s campaign. And Trump is the only candidate alive who would dare say it out loud.

    Trump’s “woman card” strategy is weapons-grade persuasion. It is a “high ground” maneuver with an “identity” angle. Either one of those approaches can be a kill shot. But together?

    Holy sh*t.

    I’ve not seen anything like it. The engineering is superb.

    Trump will probably win with men for all the obvious reasons. But winning with women has until lately seemed impossible. So the “woman card” kill shot is aimed at women voters, not men. And what it does is flip the framing, as Trump likes to do.

    Clinton framing: It is time for a woman president.

    Trump framing: Gender is not a job qualification

    I remind you that this is the year 2016. Trump’s message recognizes that gender should not be a hiring criteria. That’s the high ground. You can’t get higher.

    And it gives women an identity choice. Do they pick the leader who says the “woman card” is a qualification for a good job? Or do they pick the leader who has a long record of promoting and mentoring women because he thinks gender should not be a qualification?


    • DandyTIger says:

      Quote from Trump last night for context:

      The only card she has is the woman’s card. She’s got nothing else going and frankly if hillary clinton were a man i don’t think she would get 5% of the vote. The only thing she’s got going is the woman’s card and the beautiful thing is women don’t like her OK?

      • mothy67 says:

        Will be ten years in a few months that I gave up Manhatten for my brat. No regrets. Child was thrown away. I work hard to give her what is good in me. Not easy as I am an asshole. . She is not a stat. Fucking white as snow bitch disparaged my kids grand slam in softball. Somehow its racist that she plays well. She told me other kids need a chance. My neighbor got a full ride on softball. 100%. Softball. Room and board. I am obssessedcwith college. I have 529 account and once custody is done I will create a trust. I have little cash but property I will move it all to her. This woman tells me on the ball field it is unfair my brat plays well. Said my pup was a bitch. Called a 9 year old a bitch. It is unfair. Yep because being raised by a great gay uncle and great
        granparents is fair.

  45. foxyladi14 says:

    I did and I won. 😆

  46. lyn says:

    I don’t like Teleprompter Trump. He’s better without it.

  47. votermom says:

    Cruz major announcement is that Fiorina will be here s VP.

    That chin / That face 2016

  48. DandyTIger says:

    Miss Linsey is out attacking Trump’s speech.

    • DeniseVB says:

      Of course he is, because the GOPe losers just know better than the rest of us 😛

      • leslie says:

        And they have so much more to lose than the rest of us if Trump is elected. What they don’t realize is that we all know their dirty little secrets.

      • mothy67 says:

        Yepbecause I thought it was a great idea to give a 2000 dollar kortgage to someone taking home 220″ a montb. Gee those fellas are so smart.

  49. Dora says:

    It was a great speech. Historic too.

    • DeniseVB says:

      Never heard that out of Obama’s mouth, or Hillary’s. Sounds good to me!

    • DandyTIger says:

      Trump in a nutshell. The opposite of amnesty Cruz/GOPe and kill Americans Hillary.

    • lyn says:

      I’d vote for that sentiment every day. Anyone who doesn’t feel that way can leave the country.

    • taw46 says:

      The main reason I like him, what he expressed in that statement.

    • swanspirit says:

      It is a shame it ever had to be said. The Obama administration has been like having an abusive parent, spouse or boss. They always point out your faults, apologise for others in public, give outsiders praise and special treatment, and ” never is heard an encouraging word” That is why Trump is so refreshing and popular.
      He is supportive encouraging, and protective of the people in this country; something we used to take for granted in a President.

      I don’t think Obama knows how to do that, or if he even wants to; and he has dragged this country down, while Trump is lifting us back up again.
      Obama doesn’t even really support his own. He is a narcissistic opportunist.
      Here in Maryland , we had a Democratic Senate primary race to replace Mikulski, between Donna Edwards, a black congresswoman who has towed the party line for Obama for years, and Chris Van Hollen, a Democratic insider and Obama buddy. Guess who won? It wasn’t the black woman. Donna Edwards, who by all rights should be a young up and comer in the Dim party, was portrayed as an outsider.

      I think the people of this country recognise the feeling of having someone in office that loves this country, and the people in it, and that has some morals and scruples.

      • leslie says:

        Your comment is spot on, swannie. Especially the comparison to an abuser. THAT is what it has felt like from the beginning. I knew comparing bronco to a warden or a wicked school headmaster weren’t quite right. And I also agree that bronco might not even want or know how to be supportive and protective. Such a sad state of the state.

      • DeniseVB says:

        I saw the good news out of Baltimore was DeRay got smashed to the bottom of the Mayor primary. 🙂 I agree, there is no bench for the Dems, same ole, same ole politics as usual in the vision of Bronco and Debbie Downer Wasserherface.

    • Somebody says:

      It doesn’t seem like anyone knows what is actually going on at Apple. I did chuckle at the part about the woman while being escorted out sustained a head wound, possibly from a gun shot. Yep a gun shot sure could cause a nasty head wound, LOL!

      If someone actually committed suicide in the conference room apple’s stock might be about to plunge even more…….when is their next earnings report due???

    • leslie says:

      Both the NYSE and DowJones closed down today. Twitter was down about 15% today. I hope they’re sorry they joined with the SJWs.

  50. Dora says:

  51. swanspirit says:

    Early Fiorina is giving her (delusional) acceptance speech as Cruz the loser’s running mate; and said Donald Trump doesn’t represent my party. She’s got a lot of damned nerve. She is going to have to eat a bunch of humbles pies, filled with crow..

  52. driguana says:

    So what do you all think is the possibility of a Clinton/Sanders Democrat ticket?

  53. votermom says:


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