PEAK STUPID: Fake Black Man Slams Justin Timberlake For Appropriating Black Culture

Shaun "Why-T" King

Shaun “Why-T” King

Shaun King is whitesplaining:

For most of my life, I have been a translator between black and white cultures — attempting to make sense of complicated nuances to people who were struggling to understand each other.

On Monday morning, about a dozen friends, family members, and co-workers emailed me. They were stumped — so here I am again, your friendly cultural interpreter to make sense of things.

The BET Awards were Sunday night. Even though BET is no longer black-owned (Viacom owns BET), the BET Awards are one of those sacred nights where unapologetic blackness is celebrated without explanation or hesitancy. Social media has breathed new life into such awards shows, allowing millions of people to share each high and low moment together on Twitter.

First off, the show started with an unannounced powerhouse performance of “Freedom” by Beyoncê and Kendrick Lamar — perhaps the two best possible performers the show could ever have. This set the tone for the night. At that point, it appeared that black pride was on 10 and could go no higher — until Jesse Williams, the actor and activist, gave what I legitimately believe was the most powerful, profound awards ceremony speech ever delivered.

In it, he not only called out police brutality and cultural appropriation — that happens a lot — he did it using words that felt like they had been written by James Baldwin and delivered by Malcolm X. I know Jesse and think of him as a friend, but his speech has stuck with me all day. If the past two years represent the new Civil Rights Movement, Jesse’s speech was a top-tier moment. It was that important. Furthermore, Jesse Williams is universally respected in the movement because all of us see him actually doing the work and taking real risks to advance the cause.

I’m not trying to overstate it, but it was a profound and important moment that many of us will never forget.

Enter Justin Timberlake.

He was presumably sitting at home watching the BET Awards. He, too, was clearly moved by Jesse’s speech and wanted the world to know about it.

Then, wanting to give his own Amen to the moment, Timberlake simply wrote a basic tweet saying “#Inspired.”

All by itself, this seems relatively harmless and benign. It particularly seemed that way to my white friends and colleagues.

But moments have context and I need to remind you that when Timberlake entered the conversation publicly to his 55 million followers on Twitter, he did so at a precise moment, 10:37 p.m. to be exact, where black folk were at “peak pride level” and were not going to suffer fools lightly.

Timberlake’s tweet, if it had no context or history attached to it, would indeed be harmless, but millions of people feel that he is actually guilty of many of the exact aspects of cultural appropriation that Jesse Williams was talking about. The BET Awards themselves were created, in part, so that black artists could be given the due credit they deserve.

Justin Timberlake is talented. He’s actually really good at what he does, but a huge part of what he does is black music, often written and produced by black people, choreographed by black people, and performed with an overwhelmingly black band and dance crew.

Here’s the section of Jesse’s speech that is perhaps most relevant:

“We’ve been floating this country on credit for centuries, yo. And we’re done watching and waiting while this invention called whiteness uses and abuses us, burying black people out of sight and out of mind while extracting our culture, our dollars, our entertainment like oil, black gold. Ghettoizing and demeaning our creations, then stealing them, gentrifying our genius, and then trying us on like costumes before discarding our bodies like rinds of strange fruit. The thing is though, that just because we’re magic doesn’t mean we’re not real.”

When Jesse said this, black folk were not imagining pretend faces, but were thinking of real artists and brands who’ve made billions of dollars mimicking black culture without any of the responsibilities to go along with it. We say it like this, “America loves black culture, but not black people.”

Generally, Justin Timberlake has gotten a pass for this. Because he has rarely been brought up in the same conversations as people like Iggy Azaelea for cultural appropriation, maybe he didn’t know just how many people hold him just a few notches lower than her. Whereas white rappers like Eminem and Macklemore have both openly addressed that they have benefitted from white privilege in their lyrics and interviews, no such thing has been widely shared from Timberlake if it exists.

It seems, in some ways, that Justin Timberlake has gotten famous and rich off of mimicking black moves and sounds without ever really standing up for black people when it has mattered the most.

So, when Timberlake tweeted that he was “inspired” by Jesse’s speech, it just struck a lot of people as odd at best and grossly aloof at worst. I think Justin Timberlake was genuinely inspired when he heard the speech, but that when he heard the last part about “trying us on like costumes” that it probably never occurred to him that some think he does just that.

Does he do it maliciously? I don’t think so. But has Timberlake blown up and benefited, in part, because of white privilege — absolutely. This isn’t debatable.

When someone challenged Timberlake on this very thing on Twitter, he responded with what appeared to be friendly condescension. He said, “Oh, you sweet soul. The more you realize that we are the same, the more we can have a conversation. Bye.”

In a speech where Jesse Williams found one hundred beautiful ways to say “Black Lives Matter,” Just Timberlake responded to his first criticism with his own version of “All Lives Matter.”

In subsequent tweets, while his intentions again seemed pure, he doubled down on the “All Lives Matter” motif saying “I was truly inspired by Jesse Williams’ speech because I really do feel that we are all one… A human race.”

Of course we are all human beings. That’s obvious. Jesse’s entire speech was about how black human beings are habitually mistreated and abused and how the treasurers of black people are first demeaned, then stolen and adjusted and profited off of.

Shorter Shaun King: “It’s a black thing. You honkeys will never understand it.”

I’m sorry, but the BET awards is the 1% of black America enjoying wealth and privilege that 99% of white people will never partake of.

There is an old saying that “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.” It’s not racial or cultural, it’s natural and normal. When humans interact with each other they “appropriate” each other’s languages, religions, technology, and culture. We share our culture more readily than we share our genes, and there are no “pure” races..

Progs are schizophrenic. They advocate multiculturalism and demand that white culture share their culture with other races, but get mad if white people try to share the culture of other races. What’s yours is ours and what’s mine is mine.

I’m thinking we should all share and share alike. Nobody bashes black athletes for appropriating white culture when they play professional sports, but baseball, basketball, football and golf were all created by white people.

If Justin Timberlake with cornrows is appropriating black culture, what do you call black women with straight blond hair?



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127 Responses to PEAK STUPID: Fake Black Man Slams Justin Timberlake For Appropriating Black Culture

  1. Myiq2xu™ says:

    • 49erDweet says:

      These are entertainers. They are not philosophers or brainiacs. Entertainers are talented, but not necessarily s.m.a.r.t. Rich is not the same thing as smart. Good looking is not the same thing as smart. They ramble and go on about nothing, thinking what they say is smart. Normally it isn’t. And Shaun King is a wannabe black and wannabe entertainer. Even less than smart. {going back to sleep, now}

      • DeniseVB says:

        A lot of politically outspoken celebs are starting to suffer at the box office and tv ratings for the garbage they spew. I try not to let it affect my personal fun, but dang, it’s getting harder.

    • lyn says:

  2. votermom says:

    So this morning when I woke up I started composing an essay about technology and magic. Typing it now. Have no idea why – where would I post it? Or submit it?

  3. elliesmom says:

    What are black people doing having a televised award show? The Oscars, the Emmy Awards, the Tonys. Aren’t they distinctly part of white culture? That’s what we keep hearing. Black people need to find their own way to acknowledge commercial success in the entertainment business and stop appropriating what white people do. And Michelle Obama needs to ditch the wigs.

    • Myiq2xu™ says:

      Television was invented by white people, and for many years that was all you saw on television – white people.

      • elliesmom says:

        Every TV show I watch has black characters portrayed in a positive way, and I’ve seen enough gay and lesbian sex on the small screen to last me for the rest of my life. TV is a success story for blacks. Instead of whining about Justin Timberlake’s cornrows and calling it the “new civil rights era”, Shaun King should go build some roads in Africa.

  4. blowme0bama says:

    Shaun needs to quit writing in English. Pick up Swahili or whatever ancestry he claims to be his.

    • mcnorman says:

      You mean whatever “imaginary” ancestry he claims to be. LOL

      I don’t know who is more baked, Rachel or Shaun? I’ve never known anyone as mentally ill / confused as those two.

  5. DandyTIger says:

    This is the funniest shit ever. This is turning out to be one heck of a year.

    • DandyTIger says:

      I picked the wrong year to quit sniffing glue.

    • Myiq2xu™ says:

      I used to think it was funny how in the old days people believed that the world was flat and that evil spirits caused illness.

      People today will believe ANYTHING.

        • jennifer lyn says:

          I’m terrified of the new ‘reality.’ WAPO had an article yesterday about the stupid speech at BET where a man said that everything good, all money, all everything is because of black people and we need to give it up to them, of course. When I commented on the article the writer deleted my posts–all 30 of them–because she didn’t like the content. When the news is a fiction countries go DOWN. Today the WAPO is saying Clinton is beating Trump. NOT the case. I hope that people don’t believe the news. All it is is liberals using our money to stack the decks against the middle class. There will be super rich, and the rest of us. And black people as a whole suck. THEY SUCK. Judge the culture by what the do and not what the say and you see 4-5 generations of lazy, drug and alcohol fueled, welfare stealing, child having to get the welfare, abuse and neglect of said children, dropping out of school, violent and sexist music making, and gang waring such that we have to waste our money on incarcerating them. I am SICK TO DEATH of black people. And now we are to blame for it all. This happened once already in Nazi Germany where one group blamed another for all of their woes. It is very dangerous to be white and getting more and more dangerous. And the worst truth of them all is that WHITE PEOPLE are marching to the gallows gleefully. La La La you stupid fools can’t you see what you are doing? Privilege my white ass. Privilege is doing drugs, never having worked a day in your life, living on my dime and bitching about it. Fuck Privilege. I saw cut all welfare immediately. NOW. Give only to those who are ill, mentally ill, old, infirm or veterans. Everyone else get a job. NOW. No more rims, no more stupid talk, no more violent rap, no more gold chains, no more pimps and whores, no more. This is a death march people and if we don’t turn it around and elect Trump we are dead. Make no mistakes about it. Religious right better get on board because Jesus is not coming down to run for president we all have to vote TRUMP.

  6. lyn says:

    Boris Johnson’s life now.

      • foxyladi14 says:


      • Lulu says:

        I’m thinking maybe London should be abandoned, unfunded, and turn into Detroit. Like Paris. Cities seem to deteriorate until some threshold where they turn into shit-holes and asylums and zoos. This is why the millionaires and zillionaires are leaving for the boonies.

      • Somebody says:

        Actually he doesn’t like Trump and has said very negative things about him. Johnson is far more liberal than he has recently been portrayed, more liberal on immigration too, in fact he described himself in 2013 as pro-immigration.

        I’m sure he would be better than Cameron, but he’s no Donald Trump. Personally I think he may be a bit of a wolf in sheep’s clothing. He stepped down as mayor of London and returned to Parliament only last year, by then he could sense the political winds and decided to catch the Brexit wave IMO. He certainly became the face and the voice of the Brexit campaign. I’m not trying to diminish his efforts he was a tireless soldier, but the heavy lifting was done by others for months and years prior, he was Johnny come lately. Ask yourself who is pushing the meme that he’s this brash outsider and Cameron’s likely replacement??? The media, that’s their narrative it’s remains to be seen if it comports with the desires of the British people.

  7. taw46 says:

    No fear of or respect for the police.

    • jennifer lyn says:

      this is every white person who doesn’t drink kook aid and kiss black ass. better wake up america

  8. helenk3 says:

    Lets go back to segregation. Then blacks will not have to worry about whites investing in their businesses, making movies with them, buying tickets to their shows. Whites will not have to feel like they and their money is unwelcome in these places.
    Have only black businesses in ghettos, only black policemen in ghettos, only black schools in ghettos. End affirmative action, blacks do not want to go to white schools do they? White businesses should not hire black workers.

    now does that make any more sense then the nonsense spewed by the stupid fake black man?

  9. votermom says:

    Guest review by Denise!

  10. Dora says:

    So much for those beautiful French beaches. 😦

  11. Myiq2xu™ says:

  12. Dora says:

    Let this sink in!

  13. DeniseVB says:

  14. Dora says:

    His speech is entitled “Declaring American Economic Independence.” I hope he receives fair coverage. What am I saying?

    Donald Trump To Speak In Monessen On Tuesday

  15. Dora says:

    He gave a great speech!

    “The era of economic surrender will finally be over.
    A new era of prosperity will finally begin.
    America will be independent once more.”

    Donald J. Trump

  16. helenk3 says:

    state dept withheld requested weapons because they were not aesthetically pleasing

    is it a requirement to be a f–king idiot to work for the US State Dept?

    • Somebody says:

      Yes in fact I think it is, at least in the Obama administration. I’m pretty sure they have a maximum IQ on the application, but don’t quote me on it!

      • 49erDweet says:

        Once I worked with a State Department detail just a few months after I’d worked with a Treasury Department detail, and they were hands down better than Treasury. But that was a long time ago.

  17. Venus says:

  18. helenk3 says:

    group of Qaddafi officers militia saved American lives at Benghazi.
    the CIA did not know they existed

  19. Jadzia says:

    I finally sucked it up to take a 1 month French class to really get up to speed, and was hoping to do a second month. The first 3 weeks were okay. I didn’t love the abnormal amount of time that we did conversational stuff, but we had a really diverse group that included students and older professionals from all over the world (Japan, Korea, USA, Canada, Liechtenstein,Germany, France, the Basque Country, etc). But then most of those interesting people went home and a new crowd came in and let’s just cut to the chase….

    I was forced to debate BREXIT with a roomful of sorority girls today. In French. Here’s how it went:

    Them: this is TOTALLY WRONG! You can’t make this decision on a simple majority vote with a low turnout! Only 36% of the electorate voted to leave! You HAVE to have a supermajority of the ENTIRE ELECTORATE to make a decision that is this big and important!!!!

    Me: Funny you should mention that, because I did some research about the UK referendum back in 1975, the vote to ENTER the EU. I think that’s a pretty big and important decision, right? [They nod.] So anyway, the voter turnout was LOWER in 1975 then it was in 2016, although the vote to join was higher. A simple calculation shows that only 43.9% of the British electorate voted TO JOIN the EU in the first place! Wow! How illegitimate! Totally Wrong! You can’t make that kind of decision on a simple majority vote with a low turnout! You HAVE to have a supermajority to make decisions that are so important!

    Nitwit students: “Oh, no, I don’t agree with that.”

    Me: “You don’t agree with the numbers? Here they are, and here’s my calculator. Show me what I did wrong with the numbers.”

    Nitwit: “Nothing. I just don’t agree, that’s all.”

    I give you: THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU PAY FOR 100% OF YOUR KIDS’ COLLEGE EDUCATION AND SEND THEM ON SUMMER JUNKETS SO THEY DON’T HAVE TO PAY ANYTHING AT ALL. They fail to attend the kind of history and philosophy classes that would teach them that THE WHOLE POINT OF EDUCATION IS TO SHOW YOU HOW MUCH YOU DO NOT KNOW! And not to think that a wussy little “Oh, I just don’t agree” is any kind of a substitute for actual discourse.

    I weep for the future. Your future, actually: Most of these chicks are American college students.

    I honestly don’t want to go back and deal with this bullshit for the rest of the week. But neither do I want to be going “all wobbly.”

  20. John Denney says:

    Saw an MSNBC poll asking, “Should people be allowed to carry guns in public?”

    The question could be restated, “Should people be defenseless in public?”

    Anyone asking, “Should people be allowed . . .” are immediately suspect as enemies of Liberty.

  21. Dora says:

    They need more gun control over there.

    • taw46 says:

      Because we can’t have you know the truth.

    • blowme0bama says:

      Everybody is sick of this shit. Now dead at 28 and 60 seriously injured.

    • swanspirit says:

      The suicide bombers are probably people who have issues with flying, and we’re just willing to die to make a statement. Let’s send Anderson Cooper over to investigate, and harass officials trying to help the victims, so he can question on their politics.

    • Jadzia says:

      My FB timeline is full of people posting about this to the effect that “the reason your timeline isn’t full of people posting about this is RACIST.” I want to reply that no, the reason my timeline isn’t as full of this as you say it is (which actually it IS full of this, but I’ve given up on facts for today, see above) is that you can’t blame the Republicans or the NRA for this attack.

  22. taw46 says:

  23. lyn says:

    Muslims don’t like Welsh pubs.

  24. helenk3 says:

    White House spokesman Josh Earnest says a bailout of Puerto Rico is more likely without action by Congress – Reuters
    End of alert

    I thought I learned in school that Congress controlled the purse strings

    • Mt.Laurel says:

      And forgetting to mention how much Wall Street gave to me because I have been promised huge personal gains and a spot on the ticket or in the cabinet if I help get the Lying Hill elected. Yours, Leaping Lizzie.

    • mcnorman says:

      Two faced Lie-a-watha should be on the ticket. A two for one would certainly make me look anywhere but where those two are.

  25. John Denney says:

    Appropriating is an eeevil Christian thing, inspired by the Apostle Paul’s words:

    “But examine everything carefully; hold fast to that which is good;” – 1 Thess 5:21, NASB

  26. Dora says:

  27. votermom says:

  28. helenk3 says:

    this has to be one of the dumbest things ever. I remember people going to Jersey from PA because the gas was cheaper. Now people will be going from Jersey to Pa to get gas

  29. helenk3 says:

    just started ready the book Crisis of Character by Gary Byrne about the Clinton years in the white house. Turns out he is from Ridley Pa. where I used to live. I asked my kids if they knew him. they say no.

    • helenk3 says:

      I posted a comment up thread about Benghazi not getting proper weapons and security due to appearances. Looks like that is nothing new to the Clintons.

      I am reading Crisis of Character the new book that just came out today by the secret service agent in the white house.
      even during Bill Clinton’s years appearance counted more than good sense when it came to security. They were more worried that the military would look too militant during the operation in Mogadishu.
      I am only in the beginning of the book and I do not want the Clintons or any of their staffers any where near the white house again

  30. mothy67 says:

    Ramadan doesn’t end unti the 5th. Prayers its a safe weekend.

  31. helenk3 says:

    Utah Gov. Gary Herbert beats Jonathan Johnson, secures Republican nomination in re-election race – AP
    End of alert
    Oklahoma, US
    Veteran Libertarian Party activist Robert Murphy wins primary in race for Oklahoma’s US Senate seat – AP

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