Trump Picks Pence


In one of the worst-kept secrets in nomination history, Donald Trump officially named Hoosier governor Mike Pence as his running mate. As with all the possible choices, Pence is a mixed bag of pluses and minuses.

In the next few days we’ll be hearing a lot about him. I don’t care how carefully he has been vetted, he is about to be Palinized. I’m sure we’ll soon find out that he’s a homophobic racist misogynist gun-loving religious nutbag. (All Republicans are.)

If Pence jaywalked in 3rd grade, we’ll hear about it.

Pence was a safe choice. Not that it really matters. This election is a dual referendum on Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. Pence and whoever Hillary picks will not upstage their running mates. Unlike Sarah Palin, Pence will not be a game changer.

What do you think?



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146 Responses to Trump Picks Pence

  1. Myiq2xu™ says:

    I do have to admit that the thought of VP Newt made be nervous.

  2. Dora says:

  3. DandyTIger says:

    I think it’s a safe, but smart pick. Boring is a good balance with Trump. Also makes the never trumpers sit down and shut up. Maybe even help a little. And gets some tepid conservatives to warm up. Though I suspect the terrorism at home and abroad, and all the shutting down free speech, protests, and cop killing probably helped a bit too.

  4. kanaughty says:

    Imho i would have better liked if he’s picked gov susanna martinez or senator scott brown. I love how tough martinez is and i loved hearing brown make his case for whatever he is speaking about in interviews.

    • Constance says:

      I would like to see a woman VP nominated too but I don’t think the media is ready for it so the country won’t get it. Look how they reacted to Palin, gushing about her clothes, family, hair, glasses, accent and any irrelevant thing they could judge against east coast elitist norms. The media could not stick to political topics as long as a woman is a candidate.

    • elliesmom says:

      Brown has a different kind of charisma than Trump. It might have been a good mix. Brown isn’t vanilla, but he’s not a pirate.

      • DeniseVB says:

        Brown lost his Senate seat to Eliz Warren, then lost again when he carpet bagged it to NH. I love him, but not the sharpest knife in the drawer politically. He’s a great Trump surrogate with a lot of smart supporting talking points. He’ll be rewarded 😀

        • elliesmom says:

          Any Republican who can get elected to the senate for even one term from MA is a smart man. There hadn’t been a Republican senator from MA since Ed Brooke left in 1978. Brown saw an opening when MA residents were disenchanted with ObamaCare. He pledged he’d be the deciding vote against it. Even the Kennedy family couldn’t stop him, and they certainly tried. Because of his election, the Democrats were forced to use reconciliation. When he came up against Warren, he had every women’s group in the country pushing against him. No one stood a chance. When he tried to grab a seat in New Hampshire, he won the Republican nomination by a significant margin, but his opponent was the incumbent, Jeanne Shaheen, a NH institution. When Hillary ran in 2008, she and Shaheen campaigned together and shared lots of resources. Most of them were still there for her.

          In a lot of other states Brown would be just another politician, but you have to live in MA to understand what it took for a Republican to win the seat Ted Kennedy vacated. Brown has been a Trump supporter from the beginning. After his run for the MA senate against Coakley and Warren, he’s been fully vetted. He has a lovely wife, two daughters, and a pick-up truck. The only thing they could dig up about him was some nude modeling he did to pay his tuition in college. He’s a handsome guy, and by today’s standards the pics are rated “G”. It turned out to be a positive for him. They got him Kevin DuJan’s support. 😉

          If Trump was going to play it safe, at least Brown would have been some eye candy.

          • DeniseVB says:

            I donated to Brown’s Senate campaign when he had a free signed book offer, which I got. 🙂

          • cynic says:

            Scott’s campaign was the 1st one that I ever donated to. Imagine my excitement when he won Kennedy’s seat.

            He came to IL to help the Kirk campaign, and I got to walk along side of him in a parade, and got pictures of him & I. (swoon)

    • Venus says:

      Suzanne Martinez has a serious drinking problem that is already leaking out in NM.
      She’d have been a disaster in a national election.

    • driguana says:

      I lived in Santa Fe, New Mexico for almost 40 years as a city planner and personally knew Bruce King, Gary Johnson, Bill Richardson and left just shortly after Martinez was elected. I chuckled when I read the media reports about Trump’s comments on “the popular New Mexico governor, Susanna Martinez”. I can assure you, from someone who lived and worked in the Sate capital, she is NOT popular and NOT well-liked. Perhaps a bit in the southern part of the state but from Albuquerque on up, she is not. She has wrecked the education system and it took a ton of effort from a number of us to finally get her to back the film industry tax credit program which was a no-brainer, but which she hated because it is a “liberal” industry. Ironically, that program was first proposed and championed by Gary Johnson, but all of the credit was taken later by Bill Richardson, another story. Many in NM were licking their chops hoping Trump would nominate her as VP, so the media could excoriate her. Quite frankly, I am very happy to be out of the liberal hell-hole that NM has become. Sorry, I am a Trump supporter but glad he did not pick Martinez. Scott Brown may have been OK. It’s all become quite confusing. You just have to sit back, eat popcorn and enjoy the show.

  5. Myiq2xu™ says:

  6. Myiq2xu™ says:

  7. Lulu says:

    I don’t care. I vote top of the ticket. He sure won’t “over drama” Trump. He can go to funerals and sit like a lump in meeting as that is about all that is required. At least he doesn’t seem to be a senile drunk creep like Biden.

  8. mothy67 says:

    I wish it could be Sarah but the press would run wild. I think Newt and Christie were only one rung above on contempt scale. Seems to me Donald shines against adversary. Hehas a gift of being fiercely blunt and if you don’t hate him he is endearing. The Rosie line at first debate was exquisite. I think Newt and Christie would have been too much. I think boring straight white male was a good choice. A woman or a hispanic transgender Filipino gimp would have been pandering..

    • Constance says:

      I would look to Trump to give women behind the scenes real power (as he has seemed to favor his daughter Ivanka over her brothers in business power). Christy and Newt are too east coast brash and set west coasters teeth on edge. Christy also has a problem in that he said he would crack down on legal pot which, being from the east coast, he doesn’t appreciate that pot was legalized by people’s Initiative and west coasters are already addicted to the tax revenue pot brings in. West coasters are offended at the notion that we need east coasters to show us the proper way to govern in defiance of what our direct democracy produced.

  9. jeffhas says:

    Not my choice, but I understand why he had to do it.

    • DeniseVB says:

      In Newt’s words, you can’t have two pirates at the top of the ticket. (otherwise, I would have been rooting for Dandy as VP).

    • elliesmom says:

      See, that’s my problem. I see why he did it, but not why he had to. I don’t want a President Trump kept in a straight jacket by the GOPe. I remember when Hillary said and did things during the 2008 primaries being told, “Don’t worry. She just has to do that to get the nomination. She’d be a different candidate after she gets it.”

      • jeffhas says:

        Well, Trump can’t do anything if he doesn’t win the election. I’m not happy about playing it safe either, but he may keep GOPe’s from staying home.

        • elliesmom says:

          I believe he’ll govern how he runs. If he wins by playing it safe, he’ll govern by playing it safe. In hindsight, all of the presidents in my lifetime told us how they would do things when they were running. We just didn’t pay attention. “When someone shows you who they are, believe them the first time.”

          • Somebody says:

            You mean like how Hillary showed us who she really is while she was SOS? When she repeatedly blamed a youtube video for a terrorist attack? When she lied to grieving families and lied while standing over the coffins of dead Americans? How about setting up a home brew server to keep her emails from public scrutiny? Last but not least, it appears she was for sale to the highest bidder, checks made payable to the CGF please.

            I think I’ll take my chances with Trump. Somehow I doubt he’ll play it safe, he has a long track record in business to look at and playing it safe doesn’t seem to be his forte.

            I have some reservations about Pence also. That being said I also understand why Trump would prefer a vanilla VP. The others in contention all had some baggage, Newt having the most…….not to mention the Clintons already have a play book to run against Newt. Personally I don’t think bridgegate is that big of a deal, but there is a very real possibility Christie will be an unindicted co-conspirator, that would be the mother of all October surprises. I adore Jeff Sessions, but he was turned down for a seat as a federal judge because he said the NAACP is a racist organization…….in his confirmation hearing he doubled down on that statement. BTW I understand where Sessions was coming from if there was a NAAWP it would be deemed a racist organization.

          • Venus says:

            Pence is going to, realistically, change 12 votes nationally at most.

            Yes, Pence is a safe choice but he’s also the smart choice. Boring, nice, polite and shuts the vocal Cruz crowed in the #NeverTrumps up.
            Safe & smart governance seems like a good thing to me. YMMV

      • DeniseVB says:

        I’m hoping it’s because he wanted his fastest gunslingers in other slots that will be more helpful making America great again 🙂 Vanilla Joe Biden worked out okay for Obama?

      • Constance says:

        I think Trump offers up Pence for GOPers to keep in straight jacket line. I can’t see Trump ever devoting time to the dogma of the GOPe.

        • elliesmom says:

          In the negotiation for the VP pick, it’s GOPe 1, Trump 0. I just don’t believe if Trump was allowed to be Trump, Pence would be his choice. If it would be, then Trump isn’t much of a pirate.

          • Venus says:

            It’s GOPe 1, Trump 0 in VP, buy Trump won the nomination overwhelming up against 16 others, including JEB! and his $120 million.
            So overall it’s Trump 1000 and GOPe -5, with the Pence pick.

      • votermom says:

        I don’t love the Pence pick either, elliesmom, and I’m sure the GOP are thinking they’ve foisted another GHWB on this year’s Reagan.
        But Trump continues to defy expectations so I give him a lot of leeway.

        • elliesmom says:

          I’m not giving anybody any leeway this time around. I’ve said all along I wouldn’t make up my mind until November. This choice goes into the negative column for me, but it doesn’t rule out voting for Trump. It’s a big disappointment, though. The one job a VP has is to take over if the president dies. I don’t want a President Pence. Trump is 70. McCain would have been 72 if he had been elected. If I was supposed to believe there was a real chance Palin would become POTUS, then the same applies to Pence. Pence reminds me of Gerry Ford. He was a nothing president chosen because he agreed to pardon Nixon. He held down the fort until the next election. While I think Trump is probably pretty healthy, I don’t think Hillary is well so I will be looking very carefully at her choice, too.

  10. Myiq2xu™ says:

    Movies should be fun.

    The new Ghostbusters starts today. Based on the reviews if you want to see it in the theater you better go this weekend. It may not be around next weekend.

  11. Venus says:

  12. DeniseVB says:

    A little OT, but it’s still a Day of Rage, and nothing better than Tomi raging 😀

  13. DeniseVB says:

    Hey twits, go vote, LOL !

    • Mt.Laurel says:

      Well I think that would depend on what his handler, opps, I mean wife wants.

      I have never been a fan and I think he looks like Jay Leno only without any sense of humor but a huge sense of entitlement. And he still sets off my gaydar. So does his buddy Leo. I did like his Auntie Rosemary’s music and movies but she had far more talent in her little finger than Georgie’s total package.

  14. DeniseVB says:

    Not sure if this is true or not, but it would sure make Cleveland rock. 😀

  15. mcnorman says:

    OT Ankara…Turkey is in the midst of a coup. What will out former SOS say about what is happening?

    • Mt.Laurel says:

      My blip says the prime minister is blaming the military.

    • taw46 says:

      I worked with someone who was from Turkey. He said military and government were secular and would never change. Then years later along came Erdogan, doing away with freedoms and trying to make it another Islamic state. Getting rid of the secular military. So, if those attempting the coup are still secular, more power to them.

    • votermom says:

      Oh good Lord.

  16. Venus says:

  17. helenk3 says:

    Statement by military read out on Turkish television: ‘to again obtain constitutional democratic human rights, we are officially managing the country’ – @bramvermeul
    See original on
    Military action in Turkey, 2016
    Turkish military: All existing foreign relations will continue – Reuters
    End of alert
    Military action in Turkey, 2016
    Turkey Prime Minister Binali Yildirim, on NTV: ‘The government elected by the people remains in charge’ – New York Times
    Military action in Turkey, 2016
    Turkish military, in statement, says it has taken over the country, citing ‘democratic order, human rights’ – Reuters
    End of alert

  18. Lulu says:

    Coup in Turkey. Attempted anyway. Erdogan has been out of the news for 6 days which is very odd. Now the military (which is very westernized) is attempting to throw him out.

  19. votermom says:

    ONLY $4.25! 😀

  20. driguana says:

    Nothin’ quite like a Hoosier!

  21. Ann says:

  22. CiscoKid says:

    Maybe Obama will use his pen and phone regarding the coup in Turkey.
    No wait, another redline.
    Kerry, pack your bicycle, your going to Turkey.
    Meanwhile, I can’t wait until Monday for the RNConvention.
    Seeing how a delegate coup was thwarted.

  23. taw46 says:

    This article is from March. Good short summary of what Erdogan has done to Turkey.

  24. Mt.Laurel says:

    If you are in the DC area, fire in Tysons Mall in Virginia with lots of smoke ( I assume Tysons i the blip was not clear). Mall evacuated. Tysons I & II are right at the beltway (I-495). Might want to avoid if possible. There was an oil spill this morning on the beltway. Looks like I might be at the office a while.

    • DandyTIger says:

      Yikes. That’s like shopping mall city over there. About an hour or so away from me.

      • Mt.Laurel says:

        Now reporting the fire is located in the movie theatre and food court areas but also upped it to a three alarm.

        Mall city is right. It is hard to tell where one stops and another starts.

  25. Venus says:

    Ha ha! Between reporting on Nice yesterday and Turkey today, the MSM is trying to come up with negative things to say about Pence and they best they can is “he doesn’t seem to handle controversy well but he’s a party unifier” and “he is for TPP but he and Trump probably talked about that and Pence got in line.”

    By next week, no one will be remember anything about milqeutoast Pence except that he looks good standing their next to Trump — Silver & Gold. (ht votermom)

  26. votermom says:

  27. DeniseVB says:

    Time for a Mark Dice break as he scours the bowels of twitter ….. 😀

  28. taw46 says:

    If the news reports are to be believed, the coup in Turkey will probably fail. Analysts said Erdogan replaced too many secular officers with Muslim ones, so not enough military support. If it does fail and Erdogan returns, it will be so much worse under him.

    • Lulu says:

      There is not enough information. Obama and the administration want Erdogan as he is Muslim Brotherhood. But no one knows where he is, his installed generals are being held hostage in their version of the Pentagon, he has been fighting with Putin, had to reverse a bunch of his policies after the terrorist attacks, killed their economy, etc. He has been a disaster for Turkey. Beware of Obama media spin.

  29. taw46 says:

  30. taw46 says:

    Yeah, Obama loves him some Muslim Brotherhood. Same crap he said with Morsi in Egypt.

  31. lateblum says:

    Just on Greta On the Record: Turkish Parliament building bombed. I don’t know any more than that. She is also reporting Erdogan has retaken control of the government.

  32. Dora says:

    Turkey Coup Live Updates: Bomb hits Turkish parliament in Ankara, claims report

    LIVE: Turkey’s military said it had seized power but President Tayyip Erdogan vowed that the attempted coup would be put down. Track all the updates and developments from the coup attempt here.

  33. mothy67 says:

    I just can’t comment about the last two days. I have so mant thoughts I give up. I can make no sense.

    • jeffhas says:

      It’s either – the world events are cascading to drown out Trump message and Hillary’s scandal…


      The world really is on fire.

      (I bought tin foil today….)

  34. Venus says:

  35. votermom says:

    So can you guys see this?
    What do you think?


  36. mothy67 says:

    I am so sad this is the new normal.I feel it did not need to be so. The day ISIS took off a,baby’s head they should have been extinguished. I cannot imagine how the mother of that 11 year old boy goes on.. I do not have the vocabulary to express my anger.

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