A Yuge Nothingburger

Melania Trump will be the hottest FLOTUS ever!

Melania Trump will be the hottest FLOTUS ever!


Melania Trump’s speech appeared to lift from parts of Michelle Obama’s 2008 convention address

Donald Trump’s wife, Melania, was the star of the show on the first night of the Republican National Convention Monday.

But political observers on Twitter were quick to note that parts of Melania’s speech seemed to be ripped from First Lady Michelle Obama’s 2008 speech at the Democratic National Convention.

Here are the relevant passages from each speech:

Melania: From a young age my parents impressed on me the values that you work hard for what you want in life, that your word is your bond, and you do what you say and keep your promise, that you treat people with respect. They taught and showed me values and morals in their daily life.

Michelle: Barack and I were raised with so many of the same values: like, you work hard for what you want in life; that your word is your bond; that you do what you say you’re going to do; that you treat people with dignity and respect, even if you don’t know them and even if you don’t agree with them.

Melania: That is a lesson that I continue to pass along to our son, and we need to pass those lessons on to the many generations to follow because — because we want our children in this nation to know that the only limit to your achievements is the strength of your dreams and your willingness to work for them.

Michelle: And Barack and I set out to build lives guided by these values and to pass them onto the next generation, because we want our children — and all children in this nation — to know that the only limit to the height of your achievements is the reach of your dreams and your willingness to work hard for them.


The similarities between the two speeches first gained traction through a tweet from Jarrett Hill, who describes himself as a journalist and interior designer.

The Trump campaign was not immediately available for comment.

Melania told NBC’s “Today” show Monday that she had authored the speech herself “with as little help as possible.”

The first thing we need to do is look at the entire speech:

Her speech clocked in at over 14 minutes. Here’s the transcript:

Thank you very much. Thank you. You have all been very kind to Donald and me, to our young son Barron, and to our whole family. It’s a very nice welcome and we’re excited to be with you at this historic convention. I am so proud of your choice for President of the United States, my husband, Donald J. Trump. And I can assure you, he is moved by this great honor. The 2016 Republican primaries were fierce and started with many candidates, 17 to be exact, and I know that Donald agrees with me when I mention how talented all of them are. They deserve respect and gratitude from all of us. However, when it comes to my husband, I will say that I am definitely biased, and for good reason.I have been with Donald for 18 years and I have been aware of his love for this country since we first met. He never had a hidden agenda when it comes to his patriotism, because, like me, he loves this country so much.I was born in Slovenia, a small, beautiful and then communist country in Central Europe. My sister Ines, who is an incredible woman and a friend, and I were raised by my wonderful parents. My elegant and hard-working mother Amalia introduced me to fashion and beauty. My father Viktor instilled in me a passion for business and travel. Their integrity, compassion and intelligence reflect to this day on me and for my love of family and America. From a young age, my parents impressed on me the values that you work hard for what you want in life: that your word is your bond and you do what you say and keep your promise; that you treat people with respect. They taught and showed me values and morals in their daily life. That is a lesson that I continue to pass along to our son, and we need to pass those lessons on to the many generation to follow. I travelled the world while working hard in the incredible arena of fashion.

After living and working in Milan and Paris, I arrived in New York City twenty years ago, and I saw both the joys and the hardships of daily life. On July 28th, 2006, I was very proud to become a citizen of the United States — the greatest privilege on planet Earth. I cannot, or will not, take the freedoms this country offers for granted. But these freedoms have come with a price so many times. The sacrifices made by our veterans are reminders to us of this. I would like to take this moment to recognize an amazing veteran, the great Senator Bob Dole. And let us thank all of our veterans in the arena today, and those across our great country. We are all truly blessed to be here. That will never change.

I can tell you with certainty that my husband has been concerned about our country for as long as I have known him. With all of my heart, I know that he will make a great and lasting difference. Donald has a deep and unbounding determination and a never-give-up attitude. I have seen him fight for years to get a project done — or even started — and he does not give up! If you want someone to fight for you and your country, I can assure you, he is the ‘guy’. He will never, ever, give up. And, most importantly, he will never, ever, let you down. Donald is, and always has been, an amazing leader. Now, he will go to work for you. His achievements speak for themselves, and his performance throughout the primary campaign proved that he knows how to win. He also knows how to remain focused on improving our country — on keeping it safe and secure. He is tough when he has to be but he is also kind and fair and caring. This kindness is not always noted, but it is there for all to see. That is one reason I fell in love with him to begin with. Donald is intensely loyal. To family, friends, employees, country. He has the utmost respect for his parents, Mary and Fred, to his sisters Maryanne and Elizabeth, to his brother Robert and to the memory of his late brother Fred. His children have been cared for and mentored to the extent that even his adversaries admit they are an amazing testament to who he is as a man and a father. There is a great deal of love in the Trump family. That is our bond, and that is our strength.

Yes, Donald thinks big, which is especially important when considering the presidency of the United States. No room for small thinking. No room for small results. Donald gets things done. Our country is underperforming and needs new leadership. Leadership is also what the world needs. Donald wants our country to move forward in the most positive of ways. Everyone wants change. Donald is the only one that can deliver it. We should not be satisfied with stagnation. Donald wants prosperity for all Americans. We need new programs to help the poor and opportunities to challenge the young. There has to be a plan for growth — only then will fairness result. My husband’s experience exemplifies growth and the successful passage of opportunity to the next generation. His success indicates inclusion rather than division. My husband offers a new direction, welcoming change, prosperity and greater cooperation among peoples and nations. Donald intends to represent all the people, not just some of the people. That includes Christians and Jews and Muslims, it includes Hispanics and African-Americans and Asians, and the poor and the middle class. Throughout his career, Donald has successfully worked with people of many faiths and with many nations.

Like no one else, I have seen the talent, the energy, the tenacity, the resourceful mind and the simple goodness of heart that God gave Donald Trump. Now is the time to use those gifts as never before, for purposes far greater than ever before. And he will do this better than anyone else can… and it won’t even be close. Everything depends on it, for our cause and for our country. People are counting on him — all the millions of you who have touched us so much with your kindness and your confidence. You have turned this unlikely campaign into a movement that is still gaining in strength and number. The primary season, and its toughness, is behind us.

Let’s all come together in a national campaign like no other! The race will be hard-fought, all the way to November. There will be good times and hard times and unexpected turns — it would not be a Trump contest without excitement and drama. But through it all, my husband will remain focused on only one thing: this beautiful country, that he loves so much. If I am honored to serve as first lady, I will use that wonderful privilege to try to help people in our country who need it the most. One of the many causes dear to my heart is helping children and women.You judge a society by how it treats its citizens. We must do our best to ensure that every child can live in comfort and security, with the best possible education. As citizens of this great nation, it is kindness, love and compassion for each other that will bring us together — and keep us together. These are the values Donald and I will bring to the White House. My husband is ready to lead this great nation. He is ready to fight, every day, to give our children the better future they deserve. Ladies and gentlemen, Donald J. Trump is ready to serve and lead this country as the next president of the United States. Thank you, God bless you, and God bless America.

I watched the convention of C-SPAN last night. I thought it was a pretty good speech. She is certainly easy on the eyes.

We are supposed to believe that Melania or her speechwriters were so desperate for material that they cribbed an unremarkable paragraph from a rather forgettable 8-year-old speech by Michelle Obama. There is nothing particularly unique or original about the ideas expressed therein. You could delete that passage from Melania’s speech and not lose anything except about 30 seconds of length.

So what would be the point?

If you attended a lot of weddings, funerals, and graduations you would hear a lot of very similar speeches. The same goes for campaign speeches – if you’ve heard one you’ve heard them all.

Plagiarism is the stealing of ideas. It is the taking of something original and trying to pass it off as your own. There is nothing original about platitudes expressing what we learned from our parents and want to pass on to our children. Hard work is a very common value. The phrase “my word is my bond” is a cliche.

You can’t plagiarize cliches.

This whole nontroversy is especially ironic when you consider this kerfluffle:

Obama Accused Of Plagiarism In Speech

Presidential candidate U.S. Sen. Barack Obama, D-Ill., has come under scrutiny for a speech he gave Saturday in Milwaukee and its similarities to a speech by Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick.

The website http://www.youtube.com has a video showing the similarities of the two speeches, and both campaigns, Obama’s and U.S. Sen. Hillary Clinton’s, D-N.Y., have responded to the accusations of plagiarism.

Obama’s speech Saturday sounded similar to a speech given by Patrick in his 2006 campaign for governor, according to the video.

“Don’t tell me words don’t matter! ‘I have a dream.’ Just words. ‘We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal.’ Just words. ‘We have nothing to fear but fear itself.’ Just words, just speeches,” Obama said in his speech.

Patrick used many of the same phrases in his speech.

“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal’-just words. Just words. ‘We have nothing to fear but fear itself’-just words. ‘Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country’-just words. ‘I have a dream’-just words,” Patrick said in 2006.

Patrick said in a statement he and Obama are friends, and said the allegations were just attacks by Clinton. Patrick announced his endorsement Obama in October 2007.

Howard Wolfson, Clinton campaign communications director, said in a conference call with reporters that the speech hurts Obama’s credibility. Dan Leistikow, Obama’s Wisconsin campaign spokesperson, said in an e-mail Patrick and Obama often share strategies. According to Leistikow, Clinton has borrowed Obama campaign phrases.

“It’s a curious charge coming from Senator Clinton, who actually has used Senator Obama’s language herself,” Leistikow said.

The same people pushing this current fauxrage saw no evidence of plagiarism eight years ago. Unlike Melania Trump, Obama was the actual candidate and he was being marketed as an inspiring public speaker. I guess it’s different when they do it.

Funny how that works.


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113 Responses to A Yuge Nothingburger

  1. Myiq2xu™ says:

    If I was looking for a speech to plagiarize it would not have been that one.

    • CiscoKid says:

      Dammit, you beat me to it!
      Why would a bright women like Melania choose to copy the words of a hater like the Mooch?
      I don’t think so.

  2. Myiq2xu™ says:

  3. Myiq2xu™ says:

  4. swanspirit says:

    I saw this nothingburger in a tweet from Shaun King., the fake black guy. SMH The fake black guy is ok, but a few timeworn similar phrases in a speech by a future first Lady are not? Of course not . It is completely different when they do it.

    • Kathy says:

      And don’t forget Mike Barnacle and Fareed Zacaria …and Morning Joe was breathless about this. Even my husband who loves to watch it had to change channels.

  5. Myiq2xu™ says:

    Hillary, on the other hand, has a history of outright fabrication:

  6. Anthony says:

    The Feminists for Hillary down the block are waging a War on Women against Melania Trump because both she and Manzilla are interested in our children being able to realize their dreams. This is so hilariously hypocritical that all I can do is crack up laughing.

    This is going to be a l-o-o-o-o-o-o-n-g election season; I’m afraid I won’t have the stomach for it

  7. Myiq2xu™ says:

    Pointing out that prominent members of the GOPe are not attending the convention is like pointing out that a bride’s former in-laws are skipping her wedding.

    • Anthony says:

      And the MSM, Dems and GOPe are the immediate and extended family of in-laws…

    • Mary says:

      And that’s AFTER all the other candidates (Bush, Kasich, etc) signed a pledge that they would attend and support whoever won.

      • AFVet says:

        So much for a pledge huh?
        I guess the oath of office doesn’t mean so much to them either.

    • Constance says:

      Yeah, isn’t it great! Who would have thought we could get rid of those GOPe hosers so easily?
      I really enjoyed the speeches last night. That is, what I could hear of them when the talking heads weren’t yammering nonsense on top of the speech.

  8. Myiq2xu™ says:

  9. Anthony says:

    I could understand all the hysteria if Melania said “I was under sniper fire in Bosnia!”

  10. Myiq2xu™ says:

  11. Myiq2xu™ says:

  12. Somebody says:

    Boy I missed this and had no idea it was a thing until this morning. It seems to be a thing all over the place. I’m really suspicious about how quickly it became a thing, as though it was pre-planned.

    I think the purpose of this is to throw Trump off his game. He gets upset when the media goes after his family. He’s been on message and controlled for a month or more now, the media is trying to piss him off by going after his wife. Hopefully he’ll let his surrogates handle this nothingburger. This isn’t plagiarism as you explained in your post these are cliches.

    What else might possible come to light??? Melania’s parents told her to eat her vegetables? Wash her hands after using the bathroom?? If she says they did she’s just copying Mooch. Mooch’s parents are unique and advised her in ground breaking ways no other parent in the universe has ever done.

    As an aside, I’m glad I switched to a direct feed of the convention without any talking heads!

    • kanaughty says:

      The thing that stuck out in that article is that one of the victims was sentenced to 46 years in prison, but 20 years later was out on parole already. This is the pc crowd trying to change the demographics in prisons artificially like in an affirmative action way without really inspecting what the dude got in prison for. If it were drug charges-victimless, maybe, but they let a murderer back on the streets. They aren’t thinking of the victim of the murderer when they let someone free like that.

      • Constance says:

        That is why we must have the death penalty. Sooner or later some idiot liberal will always get elected and turn even the worst criminals loose. To say nothing of how unfair it is to tax payers to force them to support the continued life of beings who have willingly sacrificed their humanity by committing horrendous crimes .

  13. Dora says:

    I was glad to see Bob Dole there. He wasn’t my choice for president, but he is definitely an American Hero.

  14. CiscoKid says:

    Melanias speech?
    How about outright lying by a Fox commentator?

  15. mothy67 says:

    My baby girl will turn ten on Setp 1st. She is doing so well in school. Touch screen is important. I bought her a 2000 computer. I had to go windows because thats what the school uses. I believe in my brat. I got attacked. It is my money. Fuck off.

  16. votermom says:

    The contrast between Mooch & Melania is amazing.

    Aside from Ugly vs Beautiful:

    One was born in America, showered with opportunity and yet is resentful of America. She gets to go to Princeton ad her thesis is full of complaints and resentment. The only time she’s proud of her country is when it installs her as FLOTUS. She spends millions of taxpayer money trying to convince herself she is as well-dressedand good-looking as her sycophants tell her she is. Like her husband she has to be the star everywhere, traipsing around the world in expensive vacations with sulky looking kids in tow.

    The other was born outside America but loves America. Rich & beautiful all she wants to is to stay home and raise her kid and be a wife. She has nothing to prove. I can see why the Left hates her.

  17. Myiq2xu™ says:

    I was wondering that myself.

  18. votermom says:

    Oh goodness, the never trumpers are back at it on ace’s site. So annoying.

  19. Venus says:

  20. DandyTIger says:

    I hope the left pushes side by side videos. But somehow I doubt they will. This is the funniest faux rage ever. But they’ll take any distraction they can.

  21. Dora says:

  22. Myiq2xu™ says:

  23. Myiq2xu™ says:

    If you gave a class of students an assignment to write a biography of George Washington you would find a lot of similarities between the papers. This is especially true if they were all using the same sources.

    Plagiarism is when you copy the source, or where you copy another student’s work.

  24. Myiq2xu™ says:

    Here is the comparison of the 2 passages against each other. The items in red are differences:

    • Myiq2xu™ says:

      I plagiarized Joe Hoft

    • DandyTIger says:

      And I bet there are dozens of older speeches that look similar. That would be a good find.

      • kanaughty says:

        I suspect if we looked up jackie o speeches for example, there might be some similarities. (Which would mean michelle plagiarized her first- or cliches all the way back to the 60’s) I will have to do some research. Or how about even eleanor roosevelt?

        • Mt.Laurel says:

          “our hearts understand each other”

          Dolley Madison, the hostess with the mostess on how well her values intertwined with those of James

  25. votermom says:

    • Dora says:

      I just told that to Hubby. I am getting so angry at the way they are ignoring all the people who spoke out against Hillary last night regarding her role in Benghazi, to report a non story about Melania. It galls me!

      How the hell would Melania have known what Michelle said 8 years ago anyway? Who even watched that speech, nevermind remember it? Grrrr!

  26. DandyTIger says:

    My prog FB friends are going apeshit. Funny as hell. And an obvious distraction, and sheep following behavior. But for the left, everything is political and must be politicized. Even what shoes you wear.

    • Lulu says:

      That is all they got. If I was a prog I would me making a stink out of their anti-voter, anti-democratic NeverTrumpers wanting to remove the voting public from their primary and nominating process but the progs like THAT part of the convention. Who needs voters anyway except as props?

  27. DeniseVB says:

    I watched Melania’s speech live and at no time did I think of Michelle Obama. How many ways can a person describe hopes and dreams for your child’s future ? Like myiq said, how many ways can you toast the new bride and groom?

    Geesh, if I were going to steal a speech, it wouldn’t have been classless Mooch’s whiny, black girl from the Southside drivel.

  28. AFVet says:

    Rudy at his best.

    • Lulu says:

      Rudy has been on fire lately. The little jihadi shits make him furious. I’m thinking head of Homeland Security for a massive crackdown. Not only can’t they come into the country he will seize their fucking Saudi money but will use it to surveil their crappy mosques and banks.

      • AFVet says:

        I tend to think that there are many talented Patriots waiting in the wings that are more than willing to put this Country back together again.

        • Lulu says:

          All we need are some guys who know how to do it and are WILLING to do it. They can teach the younger ones. I recommend sneaky and mean as SOP.

          • kanaughty says:

            What we really need is to quit all the pc-ness in gov under obama. Like get nasa off of the muslim outreach and climate change missions and put them back into space missions. Get the fbi, cia, nsa, etc back into recognizing and pursuing islamic terrorism. If the pc policies that are in place now weren’t there, they may have been able to keep watch over nightclub jihadi instead of ending that invetigation because of pc shit obama policies embedded within our intelligence agencies right now. Not to mention the san bernardino terrorists, if not for this pc culture instilled by our gov, the neighbors might have come forward as they suspected something was wrong but thought they’d be called racists.

          • Lulu says:

            I have reached the point where I don’t think it is PC. Political correctness is the tool not the means to an end itself. The end is globalism with a big dose of Islamic domination which is fascism of a certain flavor that they THINK is compatible with globalism fascism. And yes I think they are that stupid.

      • Anthony says:

        I thought the same – that he will be head of DHS, and Christie AG

  29. Myiq2xu™ says:

    “We’ve seen rage and violence directed at American embassies over an awful Internet video that we had nothing do to with.” #MelaniaTrumpQuotes

  30. votermom says:

  31. DeniseVB says:

    Never forget 😉

  32. elliesmom says:

    Someone should run Michelle Obama’s speech through the software that detects plagiarism. Set at the same level of similarity as Melania’s speech is to Michelle’s, I’m sure the software would find a lot of matches. If I still lived close, I’d ask if I could run it through at the high school where I used to teach. It would only take a few minutes.

  33. DeniseVB says:

    From the Trump campaign this morning …..

    – JULY 19, 2016 –


    “In writing her beautiful speech, Melania’s team of writers took notes on her life’s inspirations, and in some instances included fragments that reflected her own thinking. Melania’s immigrant experience and love for America shone through in her speech, which made it such a success.”

    -Jason Miller, Senior Communications Advisor

    • votermom says:

      I like the way they associate “beautiful” with Melania’s speech. That is certainly the one word that comes to mind when thinking about her.

  34. Anthony says:

    “Whitey cut folks off medicaid!
    Whitey let New Orleans drown!
    Whitey he put us in Iraq for no reason!


  35. DeniseVB says:

    Edwards said it better 😀

  36. votermom says:

  37. mothy67 says:

    I just spent hours with my best friend on the phone. We both cashed out. She lives in Baltimore. Her husband had worked at the Hauge. They are broke like I am. I am not going hungry but I have spent so much money on attorneys. My friend sends her kids to private school.40 thousand a year.baltimore schools suck. I cannot get her to see what is wrong.my crud goes to public school. It is very small. 17 in her class. There are two elementary schools. Property taxes are high, but the city is a block away. School sucks. Duquesne University supplies student teachers. My brat had three to one first second third grade. City schools have like 40 to 1. Baltimore might be worse.one day Shay forgot her math homework. wE went to her best friends house to make a copy. She had completed parts. Woman behind the counter broke out white out. She was a student teacher. She made an overture to a girl that cared about school. That one moment reached . I have watched imp flourish in school. Its not just 8 times 8. I see she has grown strong. Teachers can be angels. They are fucked when its 30 to 1. Liberals yell about children but the policies make it impossible. Pups 2nd, 3rd, 4th grade teachers as well as art teacher and vp wrote letters to the court. In PA it is not legal. They said so what we will not let this little girl dissolve. Again she is safe. Thats all I ever wanted. He failed psych test.

  38. Dora says:

  39. Dora says:

  40. mothy67 says:

    I think I am just going to walk around screaming c word. I am listening to cspan. People are dumb. This guy went off on Trumps marriages. Okay dude vote for Hillary. I just want to say buddy you are a c. I hear obama spew and I want to say c word. Its my new favorite word. I am normally polite.

  41. Myiq2xu™ says:

    Something about this story just ain’t right. I find it difficult to believe that Melania or her speechwriters deliberately stole from Mooch thinking no one would notice. Even if they were lazy it would be easier to write two new paragraphs than look up Mooch’s speech and edit it. Why would someone look up her speech anyway?

    There is something suspicious about the way it was “exposed” as well. Who the hell can remember that crappy speech Mooch gave? I bet even she doesn’t.

    So it was either a coincidence or a deliberate set up. Since it’s Tuesday, I’ll put on my tinfoil fedora and ruminate.

    Two possibilities:

    1. A mole/saboteur inside the Trump campaign.

    2. A trap set by Trump.

  42. John Denney says:

    That wasn’t plagiarism; it was homage.

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