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Taking Bets: Will #DemsInPhilly Explode Tonight or Tomorrow?

Looks like they're pissed over bullshit….a bunch of -isms, and not a mention of terrorism in the bunch. #ElephantInTheRoom #DemsInPhilly — Lola@Large (@Lola_at_Large) July 25, 2016 The speakers are all yelling and giving the crowd the evil eye so far. … Continue reading

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Hell No, DNC, We Won’t Vote for Hillary! #BernTheWitch

March arrives at FDR Park to chants of "Hell no, DNC, we wont vote for Hillary." #DNCinPHL pic.twitter.com/tb6OMtVpy5 — Colin Deppen (@colin_deppen) July 24, 2016 Pass the popcorn. Open Thread

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