Friday,Friday !

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  1. DeniseVB says:

    Oh com’on this was a Super Bowl half time show ya’ prudes 😉 Party on!

  2. DeniseVB says:

    Open thread too !

    Get well Momma myiq ❤

  3. 1539days says:

    I’ve been listing to this artist lately.

  4. lyn says:

    This is a must read.

    The Whitehall cat saga continues – Larry, the Number 10 cat, appears to have struck back after a fight with Palmerston resulted in him injuring his paw.
    As Palmerston, the cat for the Foreign Office, feasted on a dead bird, his bald patch was plain to see.
    Palmerston is a keen hunter; he has already caught multiple mice at the Foreign Office and appears to have killed a bird.
    Larry, on the other hand, would usually rather have a cat nap than capture a pest.—is-this/

  5. AFVet says:

    Somebody say say party?

  6. helenk3 says:

    this was on facebook today.
    bet many have never heard it

  7. Venus says:

    The media labored valiantly to portray the Democrat Convention as the greatest thing to happen to America. They are probably right on one point–the Convention created more jobs for blue collar workers than Obama had created so far in his feckless reign. The electronic and print media trumpeted that the Convention was drawing more viewers than the Republicans. Vindication, in their jaundiced eyes at least, that a majority favored Hillary and the Dems.

    Whoops. Final numbers are it. When it really counted, more people watched Donald Trump than watched Hillary Clinton. Poor Hollywood Reporter almost choked in having to report this:

    With all ratings in across networks, the DNC finale comes in short of the RNC — though averages a much stronger showing over four days. Trump 34.9 million to Hillary’s 33.7 million.

    Trump attracted 1.2 million more viewers than Hillary. Yet the media persists thru today with trying to portray Hillary as trampling Trump. Conveniently ignored by the cheerleaders for Hillary was the absence of one tiny thing–a list of actual accomplishments. Her experience shows her to be a failure. As the first Lady at the White House she could not keep Bill from banging interns an close friends in the White House. As Senator on behalf of New York she managed to help make the case for going to war in Iraq, otherwise no significant legislation. And as Secretary of State she helped set the Middle East on fire, adding wood and fuel to the conflagration started by Bush and Cheney.

    Can you imagine the howling and outrage that would ensue if Donald Trump did what Hillary’s team did? You know, hiring people to wear her gear and sit in seats in side the Convention Hall and cheer. We already know how crazed the media gets if Donald Trump dares speak the name of Putin or say Russia. The fainting couches are crushed under the weight of bloated reporters recoiling in horror and passing out at Trump’s remark that it would be swell if Russia could find the 30,000 emails Hillary and her team deleted.

    The press, including some claiming to be conservative, can embrace the notion that a woman described by the FBI Director as “reckless” and “ignorant” when it comes to handling classified information is in fact some sort of All Star for the Presidency.

    Hillary is just a human version of a Potemkin Village.

    In politics and economics, a Potemkin village (also Potyomkin village, derived from the Russian: Потёмкинские деревни, is any construction (literal or figurative) built solely to deceive others into thinking that a situation is better than it really is. The term comes from stories of a fake portable village, built only to impress Empress Catherine II during her journey to Crimea in 1787.

  8. Dora says:


  9. mothy67 says:

    I want to totally jack off and scream how great I am.
    I caught tid bits of DNC. I was appalled. In my opinion there is nothing more destructive than pity. Gets you no where
    icky turned my kitchen wall into a countdown calender for school. She is going into 5th but will be working as 2nd grade teachers assistant for first period. Freak wants to go back to school. I took great pains to establish learnig is fun. Crud was cast aside. A welfare kid. I don’t think there is shame in poverty. I had an outhouse. I was never poor. We had no money but my spirit was never abject. Love Dolly. Little known ditty when she came to NYC she went to a peep show. When she left a guy thought she was a prostitute so she pulled a gun on him.
    Anyhow media called Donald dark well what little I saw of Dims was sad. My urchin is not fostered on pity. I played Linda Rondstats Poor Poor Pitiful Me everytime baby whined. Actually a twisted song to play to an infant. I laid my head on the railroad track waiting on the double e.
    Anyhow dims addle me. Like they want to wallow. Woe is me about everything. Ghostbusters reboot sucks and somehow it is a personal slight against a feminist college student. How about no its just an inane film. I want to see one film this summer it is not playing near me. Written and directed by a woman AbFab. I think I might enjoy Bad Moms. Sometimes when you deal with a kid you want to say fuck it all. Desperate Housewives was created because Marc Cherry was talking with his mom about the woman who drowned her kids. He was appalled she responded with you have no idea. Being fed up is natural. Drowning is well to say the least extreme but thats how that show started.
    I have a friend that is hatching an egg she froze. 50. I cannot fathomthose eary years again. I was 40 when it began. She kicked my ass. Everyday nonstop. No way I could do it again. I read people here dealing with grandchildren. No never I could not do it again I genuflect.
    Anyhow I think DNC sucks ass. All about that mean ogre Trump.. sorry ten years with imp. Hillary is not my wish for her.
    I have my college fantasy for her. She goes to Purdue no Ivy League snot. I move to Indiana her senior year and become a janitor at PU adopt her and she gets tuition remission. Her name would be Shayla Rayne Cain. I crave living in a trailer park. I hate my house. Every month something else. Eerie the previous owner was an engineer that took in foster kids. Home should be a three bedroom one bath. It has eight bedrooms three full baths and one half. I thought the guy was a dick milking a system as some rooms had those wood screw locks on the outside. My parents have had it for 2″ years. One day this very good looking early 30’s guy knocked at the door. I thought I was being served. People never ever knock. Fucking guy was asking permission to propose in my living room. He was a foster kid and he said my place was his only home. He had not seen a future and he wanted to begin his life where his started. Somehow I managed to be called an asshole. Its a skill everyone calls me an asshole. He did it with a smile. Of course I let him. Odd to think a building may harbor something. Gets better. Maddy was a black lab born with one eye. Pound she was going to be put down. My parents are not those people. They came home with her and Cam. He had been thrown from a car. Many broken bones. Maddy ate one eye out of every stuffed animal Shay had. Shay thought it was funny. What a gift for a child. She understood. The dismembered Barbie parts were disturbing. I was always finding a mangled limb. Her ticker gave out. A year later speck wanted a dog. We go to pound. One dog in a cage far away from others. Not a cute puppy. She looks like a deer but she cannot behave. She had been returned twice. Initially she had been taken by animal people. Chained to a tree unfed. She js terrified of storms. Huddles with me during thunder. She has a therapist and takes xanex. I am not a fan of psychotropics but her heart was beating out of her chest. We tried obedience school. No thanks. She is nuts I am not going to beat her into submission. So telling my youngest brother is wed to a high ranking pharma exec. They spent 6 thousand on an armoire fridge. No one but her parents ever visits. Bella, my demon dog, ruined all my furniture.its fucking wood she is a living thing. My home has constant flow. Weekends I know how to avoid the shark infested floors. Last week I had to deal with Somalia pirates in order to get coffee. I’d take an air mattress with giggling girls any day over a lonely 6,000 fridge
    Bell bell had my mother chasing after her with her bra in her mouth. Such fun.
    I have a bunny. Bell loves bunny. They play. Even wierder. Deers come to see her they hang out
    Odder yet she loves George Benson’s Masquarade. I put it on and she melts. I tried other songs of same ilk. Nothing. Her tail dances.

  10. DeniseVB says:

    In case you missed it ….

  11. DeniseVB says:

    I usually don’t agree with snooty critics either.

    • mothy67 says:

      I wish he had hired an actor to narrate. His voice gets on my nerves. To me he comes across as passive aggressive. Linda Loman giving birth while scratching a chalkboard.
      Others it seems by box office disagee. I find him nerdy with hidden rage it , I find, uncomfortable. I think the same thing of Zuckerberg. Small men big egos.

    • Mt.Laurel says:

      Some of my favorite movies were panned by critics because they did not like the message – not because the film is bad.

      I noticed they are now including tomato meters on movie promos on TV. Who bought them out this time – because that stupid logo makes me go – well no – not seeing that piece of crap if they have to try and push the agenda of a web site.

  12. votermom says:

  13. Dora says:

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