SJW’s Take Aim At The National Anthem

Shaun "Why-T" King

Shaun “Why-T” King


Shaun King:

KING: Why I’ll never stand again for ‘The Star-Spangled Banner’

like peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. In a dream world the bread is super soft, like the Wonder Bread of my childhood, and the sandwich will have crunchy peanut butter, strawberry jam, and a cup of cold milk to go with it.

Maybe PB&J isn’t your favorite sandwich, but I want you to imagine your favorite comfort food for a moment. Maybe it’s a hamburger, a piece of pie, or a fruit smoothie. Whatever it is, just imagine yourself enjoying the very best version of your very favorite food.

It’s perfectly delicious. Then, imagine yourself glancing up on the wall and seeing that the restaurant had a score of C minuses on their health inspection. Then you go to the restroom and it’s filthy. A man emerges from the stall having followed by the foulest odor you’ve ever smelled in your life, and you notice he’s still wearing his apron from the kitchen. Then, the unthinkable happens — the man who made your comfort food walks right past the sink and doesn’t even wash his hands.

You leave the restaurant in disgust. As you stand outside without even finishing your meal, you see the world’s largest rat dart out from under a gaping hole by the restaurant door. You are now completely undone. You are “call the health department and post an angry one-star review on Yelp” level undone. You don’t even want your money back. You just want to get the hell away from there. Your new dream come true would be to have one of those “Men in Black” wands waved over your face so that you could forget the implications of the meal you just ate.

Would you ever go back to the restaurant? Of course you wouldn’t.

To me, right now, “The Star-Spangled Banner” is that peanut butter and jelly sandwich. I used to love it, but now I regret ever going anywhere near it. The man who made it — who uses the bathroom in his apron and doesn’t wash his hands, is the author of our national anthem, Francis Scott Key, who, as it turns out, was a terrible human being.

Now you see why Shaun makes the big bucks.

But wait! There’s more!

While it has always been known that the song was written during American slavery and that when those words about this nation being the “land of the free” didn’t apply to the millions who had been held in bondage, few of us had any idea that the song itself was rooted in the celebration of slavery and the murder of Africans in America, who were being hired by the British military to give them strength not only in the War of 1812, but in the Battle of Fort McHenry of 1814. These black men were called the Corps of Colonial Marines and they served valiantly for the British military. Key despised them. He was glad to see them experience terror and death in war — to the point that he wrote a poem about it. That poem is now our national anthem.

While I fundamentally reject the notion that anyone who owned other human beings was either good, moral, or decent, Francis Scott Key left absolutely no doubt that he was a stone cold bigot. He came from generations of plantation owning bigots. They got wealthy off of it. Key, as District Attorney of Washington, fought for slavery and against abolitionists every chance he got. Even when Africans in D.C. were injured or murdered, he stood strong against justice for them. He openly spoke racist words against Africans in America. Key said that they were “a distinct and inferior race of people, which all experience proves to be the greatest evil that afflicts a community.”

While San Francisco 49ers quarter back Colin Kaepernick has refused to stand for the national anthem because of the overflowing abundance of modern day injustice in America, he has helped bring to light the fact that this song and its author are deeply rooted in violent white supremacy.

I will never stand for “The Star-Spangled Banner” another day in my damn life. I don’t care where I am or who’s watching. The statue of the racist Cecil Rhodes, which stood tall in South Africa as a painful relic from white supremacists until March of 2015, was finally removed once and for all. It should’ve never been erected. It should’ve been removed a very long time ago, student leaders made it clear that they had had enough.

Like Kaepernick, I’ve had enough of injustice in America and I’ve had enough of anthems written by bigots. Colin Kaepernick has provided a spark.

“The Star-Spangled Banner” should’ve never been made into our national anthem. That President Woodrow Wilson, widely thought to be one of the most bigoted presidents ever elected, chose it as our national anthem, is painfully telling as well. We must do away with it like South Africans did away with their monument to Cecil Rhodes. We must do away with it like South Carolina did with the Confederate Flag over their state house.

Of course, removing the culture of white supremacy does not necessarily remove its effects, but we must simultaneously and passionately address both. I’m joining Colin Kaepernick, who joined in with the spirit of Rosa Parks, by standing up for our rights by sitting down. I hope you join us.

Francis Scott Key was a Democrat.


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83 Responses to SJW’s Take Aim At The National Anthem

  1. Myiq2xu™ says:

    To be honest. I think America The Beautiful would make a better national anthem. The Star-Spangled Banner is really hard to sing and it glorifies war.

    • Somebody says:

      Normally I’d agree with you, in fact I’ve often said the same thing for the same reasons. Now I’m like not only no, but hell no The Star-Spangled Banner FOREVER! To change it now would be to let asshole SJW win, not only that but they’d be winning with half-truths and twisted realities…….HELL to the NO!

      It may come as a surprise to Mr. King, but there were black soldiers and sailors fighting on the American side during the war of 1812… the by there were black soldiers fighting in the Revolutionary war too.

      You are correct Key was a democrat and so too was Woodrow Wilson. Wilson is considered by many to be the father of the progressive movement, until recently he was revered as a sort of demigod by many on the left. Damn near a century later his fingerprints are still visible in many aspects of government.

      As to the rant by King, it sounds to me like his best option would be to leave the USA. Leave it and never return just like he would that dirty restaurant serving PBJs. Apparently he feels the country is irredeemable. Fine and dandy don’t let the door hit you on the ass on the way out. Good luck finding a country with more freedom and opportunity or one that never participated in some type of slavery.

      One last thing……at what point can we put slavery behind us?? Other western nations put it behind them long ago.

      • Constance says:

        And lets not forget that all whites didn’t enslave all blacks back in the slavery days and America didn’t invent slavery it was pretty much a normal state of affairs. In fact there are still slaves around the world and no one really seems to care except a few Christian orgs, I don’t see Dems worrying about it. My family were/are basically white trash and were indentured servants, I wonder under what conditions indentured servants were shipped to America? Native Americans were also put into slavery. I’m not saying slavery isn’t a problem, but outrage on the behalf of long dead relatives is a waste of time especially from people who do nothing to help current day slaves.

    • swanspirit says:

      Are you nuts, Klown? We can’t have America The Beautiful, it has God in it!!!!What are you thinking????/S

    • Venus says:

      Fuck that shit.
      We are rebels and fighters — “land of the free and home of the brave” suits *real* Americans to a T. I understand that rejects from 3rd world shit holes & those who glorify them may feel differently.
      Plus, the Star-Spangled Banner should be hard to sing — it’s hard to over throw a tyrant — but that’s what my ancestors did.

      And if you think the ungrateful assholes who don’t know how good we have it here compared to the rest of the world have problems with The Star-Spangled Banner, what do you think they’d say to “God shed his grace on thee”

    • Constance says:

      I agree. I don’t even fake like I’m singing the national anthem anymore. They should have picked a song that normal people would enjoy singing rather than a song that makes normal people feel inadequate.

    • Propertius says:

      King’s history is off (big surprise). The “Star Spangled Banner” wasn’t made the national anthem until 1931, during the Hoover administration. It was “recognized” for use by the Navy on official occasions by Wilson.

      It’s hard to sing because you insist on doing it sober. The original melody is from “To Anacreon in Heaven”, the anthem of The Anacreontic Society (an 18th Century British drinking and musical appreciation club). If you’re drunk enough, it sounds wonderful.

  2. Mothy67 says:

    “In America”

    ” Why can’t Jose sing”

  3. Myiq2xu™ says:

    If you are wondering why Hillary hasn’t addressed Colin Kaepernickle it’s because anything she says is lose-lose. She either alienates her BLM base or she alienates patriotic Americans. She can’t even say “I support his message but not his method” without sounding like the calculating politician she is.

  4. Mothy67 says:

    Love the Irish

    “In America”
    —- Are you awake
    —- Yeah are you?

    —— Sorry that is funny.

    • lateblum says:

      Did you see the movie “In America” ?
      It was about an Irish family who came here to live a good life. It was a plenty good struggle for that family. just as it has been for most people who come to this country without means. But it was their dream and they were going to work for it.
      It was an amazing and wonderful movie.

      • Dora says:

        I saw it. It was a good movie.

      • Mothy67 says:

        Obviously I saw it. Many times. I am Irish Catholic.
        Gay but as Susan Boyle said that’s only one side of me.
        I went to some good schools and did okay.
        We lived in an alley very poor. My dad had a toyota Corrolla and he would go out every morning with an extension cord and blow the motor dry.
        Samecera my mom had doubleday book club. . I read the Thorn Birds and Stephen Kings the Last Stand one weekend.
        The Thorn Birds will live with me the rest of my life. I was a lit major in NYC. Piss off The Stand opened me up to Kafka seriously Metamorphosis is not about lesbians. P s my fav Kafke is The Hunger Artist. which is why I think people like Trump despite media.

  5. Myiq2xu™ says:

    • lateblum says:

      ^This^ is rich. When will this a$$hole call for investigations into anything that bronco or HRC or any other D is/was involved in? I suppose #BENGHAZI, email-gate, CGF/CGF, or “if you like your doctor . . . “, DNC email scandal are all figments of someone’s imagination.
      And ^that^ “Top House Democrat” is really a “Top Democrat Slave” who wants to keep “his people” enslaved just as they currently are.

    • AFVet says:

      They are scared to death of Trump.
      It is about damn time someone shoved a bug up their butt and they will do anything to prevent that.

      The next AG is not going to be a patsy, I hope.
      If Trump holds true to form he will clean this mess up.
      Cummings is one of the first to be investigated along with Charlie Rangel.

      There can’t be any of this mamby pamby bullshit.

      These people are terrified of a Trump administration because they can’t control him.
      I love it when these elitist morons who have been sucking on the teat of America for years begin to realize that We the People still have a voice.

      They will do everything in their power to silence US.

      If Trump is the Lion, We the People are the Roar.

      MAGA !

      • lateblum says:

        You know, Vet… I believe you are right. I do believe the Clinton people are really scared of Trump and his train. I’ve been getting this feeling in my gut lately that unless there is some major MAJOR issue re Trump, HRC will lose this election. Of course it could also be my wishful thinking.

      • lyn says:

        Well said!

      • kanaughty says:

        When i’ve watched debates on cspan and the “horable mr. Cummings” is called i either mute or change to another cspan channel. I can’t stand the way he preaches, acting like he’s mlk or maya angelou, and always takes the way left stand of all minorities being victims and there’s no way around it except to give them more money, benefits, and housing.

    • 49erDweet says:

      Whenever I see his pic – – – instinctively think of ‘Uncle Tom’. I must be bad.

  6. 1539days says:

    What a stupendous idiot.

    That “wand” is called a Neuralizer. Do some research, Shaun.

  7. Dora says:

    I don’t believe that it’s not a parody. I think you’re fooling us. 🙂

  8. blowme0bama says:

    Is there anyone who hasn’t had about enough of this shit yet?

    • swanspirit says:

      Me. Trust me I am way over my limit. While I am having awful visions of race riots at sports events, between people who won’t stand up, and those of us who do, I curse Obama and his ilk.
      But using the logic of the racists who want to eliminate everything done by slaveholders, that includes the United States, so they can kiss my butt.
      That song has been sung for over two hundred years, as this country and the world has evolved. I guess Obama the demigod potus can evolve, but no one else?
      And as for the Colonial Marines that fought with the Brits, they picked the wrong side didn’t they? They didn’t mind that the Brits were going oppress the colonists. So they made their choice, and history is history.

      • blowme0bama says:

        You and me both. WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYyyy over my limit.

      • kanaughty says:

        Correct me if i am wrong but i lived in frederick maryland, learned that’s where keyes was from and maryland was a free state above the mason dixon, right? Shaun king is bending history to fit his own sjw narrative and i am disgusted. I love the comment above about him ever finding a country that doesn’t have a history of slavery. Even the aztecs had slaves. And i believe britain took longer to abolish it then we did? Right?

        • Myiq2xu™ says:

          Britain officially outlawed slavery in 1833 but they continued to oppress and exploit workers in their colonial empire well into the 20th Century.

        • swanspirit says:

          We are a free state, but we are below the Mason Dixon Line. The line is the border between Maryland and Pa., and Maryland and Delaware. Even the Native Americans had slaves. It is part of human history.

  9. DandyTIger says:

    Best part is all the usual progs and news networks seem to be doubling down on their America Hate. Love it.

  10. Mothy67 says:

    I loathe SJW . Crud was in a welfare gulag.
    Most awful thing I have ever seen. I refrain from the c word but I so want to use it.
    I was a cunt.
    Saw her smelled the poop her fat arms reached to me. I was a cunt. Did not care about a baby in a shitstorm. The place smelled so bad. Fuck off she never went back. Straight A’s blue belt sax MVP a at softball.
    Kind. I’m worthless but all it took was letting her know she mattered. She will be 10 in a few days. Vibrant kind person. I am so proud.
    On planet earth how many little girls get thrownaway and end up with a dirt poor gay great uncle that has traveled. I have had so much fun on snow days walking through Paris via google street view.

    I wi be 50 in January. I do not understand my prog friends to me crud is all that matters.

    I find it alarming that so many act like pre war Italy. Life is Beautiful had these affluent women talking about Hitler. So scary.
    I have presented myself at many an opening at the Whitney or MOMA. I had washed sex off me and listened to rich plugs regurgitate what was in fucking idiots. Going to sad openings made me love ayn rand.
    Parenting today is high art.

  11. Anthony says:

    Shaun King needs to move his punk skank ass to East Africa for a few months, and then come back and tell us again just how much the US oppresses black people. He can start in Somalia, and finish in Rwanda. And he can take Spike Lee along with him for the ride. What a fucking loudmouth, empty headed asshole.

    • lateblum says:

      Amen to that, Anthony !

    • mcnorman says:

      He can start in Somalia, but his ass will never make it to Rwanda. He’s too much of a pampered puss. Both Spike and Shaun need to grow up. Empty headed fools is what my grandma would call them both.

  12. Dora says:

    It might be wishful thinking, but I have the feeling that once the polls begin going in his direction, they are going to keep on going. No turning back. 🙂

    Thank you #America! #TrumpTrain #TrumpPence16 #MakeAmericaGreatAgain

    A post shared by President Donald J. Trump (@realdonaldtrump) on

  13. Anthony says:

    And while I’m at it…

    • SHV says:

      Hopefully this NFL/SJW shit will accelerate and enough people will be pissed off so that Trump will push for repeal of the 1961 NFL anti-trust law. Be about time!

  14. DeniseVB says:

    Why-T is a moron, there’s so much more behind the National Anthem than a PB&J and rats. It was a DEMOCRAT President who made it so also. Plus the tune was stolen from a British drinking song, probably meant to be sung drunk? 😀

  15. gumsnapper says:

    The lyrics to the French national anthem are especially bellicose, even grisly, but I don’t hear the French complaining about it:

    Arise, children of the Fatherland,
    The day of glory has arrived!
    Against us tyranny
    Raises its bloody banner
    Do you hear, in the countryside,
    The roar of those ferocious soldiers?
    They’re coming right into your arms
    To cut the throats of your sons and women!

    To arms, citizens,
    Form your battalions,
    Let’s march, let’s march!
    Let the impure blood
    Water our furrows!

  16. votermom says:

    Oh, bookhorde hit 50,000 page views!

  17. DeniseVB says:

    True story.

  18. Venus says:

    Meanwhile the line to see Trump in Everret, WA right now

    • kanaughty says:

      Fyi, that’s a lot of boeing workers 🙂 that is who lives up in everett. 😉 union losing it’s voters away from dems and right into gop arms.

    • Constance says:

      Everett is just north of Seattle and the main employment is a huge Boeing plant. I had to work a really long day today so I had talk radio on all day. The local media is just outraged that Trump DARE come to Washington and especially anywhere near Seattle. They can’t help but cover the event though so viewers are seeing huge excited crowds waiting to get in to the rally. They keep asking “what is he thinking?!” and his answer is “If people in Washington who have given up on the system will just come out and vote, I can win Washington” Obama frequently comes here as does Hillary but they don’t have rallies for The People, they just meet with rich people and leave. But they land in downtown Seattle (not SeaTac where the commercial airlines go) so they tie up traffic and paralyze the city. Trump landed at the field that Boeing maintains in Everett and so he didn’t tie up Seattle traffic at all which everyone was impressed with.

  19. Dora says:

    They cannot do this!!! States are sovereign!


    “Homeland eyes special declaration to take charge of elections”.

  20. Myiq2xu™ says:

  21. Myiq2xu™ says:

    Maybe she’s just drunk. Is that the same black medical aide she had helping her before?

  22. Myiq2xu™ says:

    His wife lost too.

  23. Myiq2xu™ says:

    Didn’t he say we would be under water by now?

  24. Mothy67 says:

    Fuck me. Kid has a broken finger. Doc says just an accident not vegan related. I do not did not have a cell phone. House phone and my parents have but they never think to carry. So scary kid in ER and as a great uncle no info. Funny thing when I got to see her she broke down crying in my arms. I am the biggest asshole ever. Doc said she was strong until she saw me. I said what about tears tears does not make her strong. I was so disgustingly sick as a one came near me except for a yuuuge tiity black woman. Bitch held me when everyone else was afraid. No pity I was a dyin she just pulled me on her lap . Held me.
    I went a head and didn’t die. Likely because I am an asshole. Two holes, one the size of a quarter the other a dime, valves all kinds of fucked up, leaks, 4 times normal size. 1970. I did that declared dead spiel. Kicker rebooted on its own. I will be 50 in January. O e side of my chest is higher than the other.Experiment. the wires ripped through my chest from the inside.
    I was a horror film. So many years of this body. I grew up in a steel turn being a pretty freak. AIDS was synonymous with gay.
    I bought self hypnosis tapes. Everynight I tried to be someone else. I transferred away from Purdue to leave a wonderful place behind. I went to Temple because it was a gay friendly school. AIDS was still monstrous. I was still Catholic. I did what every neurotic gay guy in love with a woman in Philly does. I lived in Philly and went to school full time in Manhattan. Yep I had two jobs in Philly– South StreetvSouvlaki and room service attendant at Hotel Atop the Belview. It was an amazing time. I didvit because I was in love with my roommate. I didn’t want to keep her down. I was so poorvI bought a personal pan pizza and did one slice every four hours. Suzanne Mallouk and I met. She was ex lover of Jean Michelle Basquiat Julian Schna Chanbels film Basquat is bullshit.just myth. Suzanne did/is an md. film is a lie. I was 22 and she turned me on to heroin. Snorted it with her for weeks. Not my drug. I felt like warm pillows covering all pain. Thing was I had made friends with my pain. I lived on Avenue A. Could not make it to work threw up in front of Tower Records. That was it. No desire.
    I am so blessed. My 30th I had the blues walked into Sophie’s on the Bowery. Bartender was,rude I said give me a moment. Hot woman in a yuuuge open bar sat down right next to ke. She ordered a dirty bomb bire sapphire martini. I said me too. We got drunk. Afternoon. She was Kate Pierson of the B 52s. I had no clue
    Anyhow it was my 30th. Friend did nude modeling. I always went to her shoots so guys knew she was not alone. Waiting outside an east village apartment and these guys start telling me to shut up or I am dead. Mother Fuckers it was a suicide themed 30th birthday party. They had boxesvof wine with crazy straws. Best ever.
    20 years later I obsess over whole protein.
    I invest in my urchin. Ten fucking years of believing in her. No fucking way will I vote for hillary because of her gender. I believe in my kid.
    She is blue belt. Inner strength.
    Come on how many 50 year old faggots have a grand niece that is a blue belt, sax playing, ballet hip hop, jazz, blah blah blah. Answer pay attention. Kids suck. Deal. Most kids are on drugs for real
    Pup will be ten tomorrow. She has been in ballet, jazz, hip hop, swim. Gymnastics taekwon do for years. She has a body. School suggested she dress more modestly. N o t the kids or her classmates parents. I live in a small town. I know all of the parents. 5th grade.small school. Her elementary school has 17 girls. 11 are taking taekwondo.babe is on her third year. It is work. White welfare mom called it racist at school board meeting. Unfair my kid has a class. He offers 25/wk. Sorry woman has an I Phone6 plus. Make a choice.
    Sadly I feel “new government” is making the choice for kids.
    Its Trump or submit to sociology misfits.

  25. votermom says:

    I started watching this youtube channel because I just realized I can’t do mental math problems anymore. Yikes!

  26. Myiq2xu™ says:

  27. 49erDweet says:

    Colin needs to listen to his momma!

  28. Dora says:

    Wow! Isn’t this something? Trump is already our acting president. All we are waiting for is the swearing in. 🙂


    EXCLUSIVE: Trump-Nieto Meeting Confirmed ­ It’s On

    GOP nominee to make historic campaign trip to Mexico Wednesday

  29. Dora says:

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