Happy Friday Night Hour – Milo Edition

ABC aholes, but Milo stuck his landing. So proud to be a Gray Panther again đŸ™‚ Even though I was too young to be a GP in the ’70s, I thought they were cool.

Meanwhile, waiting for Hermine

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  1. Wesley says:

    Oh, PUHLEASE. She gave as good as she got. Shame on your for this totally biased “report”. Take a look at her time line — you’ll find PLENTY of hate spewing from her mouth.

  2. DeniseVB says:

    Thought of Driguana and Santa Fe , loved this from “Rent”

  3. DeniseVB says:

    How’s the Florida TCH peeps doing after the storm?

  4. I just saw the world’s oldest goth. She was at least 90 years old. She looked like a vampire that hasn’t fed in a while.

  5. AFVet says:

    I don’t want to be a downer here, but here are two videos that are pertinent for your perusal.
    Barry first:

    And the recent document dump on Hillary..

  6. taw46 says:

    Can’t remember anything because of her brain injury, but totes OK to be President.

    • lateblum says:

      OR….. She couldn’t remember anything because that’s what happens when you lie, and lie, and lie, and lie again.
      Or both.
      And regardless of why she couldn’t recall, she is NOT able and should not be POTUS – ever.

  7. LJ should be on GOT – she could be a black Brienne of Tarth.

  8. Somebody says:

    I can’t fucking believe the FBI director straight faced said no intent was found and then today we find out she had staff members take a hammer to her old phones??? WTF, like sure we all destroy our old phones with hammers totally normal.

    Can’t touch her……hammer time

  9. Somebody says:

    Damn it feels good to be a Clinton! Guess Teddy boy had no idea how close this ad came to the truth.

  10. mcnorman says:

    If I had a son, he’d be Milo.

    • Constance says:

      I know! But there are a whole bunch of Democrats who are determined to not hear anything bad about Hillary and vote for more of her corruption and give her more power. We can only hope that enough people who wouldn’t normally vote will be motivated to vote to keep crooked Hillary out.

  11. votermom says:

    There was no pop!

    Although there appears to be a pop in Guillermo’s underpants

  12. votermom says:

    Funny #nsfw around 10 minutes long

  13. Dora says:

  14. 1539days says:

    Amy Schumer has a hit TV show? Where?

    10pm on Comedy Central doesn’t count.

  15. taw46 says:

    Her laptop was put in the mail????

    “A personal laptop computer used to archive Hillary Clinton’s e-mails when she was secretary of state went missing after being put in the mail, according to the FBI’s report on its investigation into her use of a private e-mail system.”


    • mcnorman says:

      More than likely without a tracking number and I’ll bet Post which is ground. Stuff that gets “lost” in there is never found.

    • lateblum says:

      I know. Right?
      There are some tings that are just not believable.
      This is one of them.

      • Lulu says:

        Bet it is sitting in a Saudi “security” office somewhere. And the ‘lost” phones too. I am appalled at the piddly ass stupidity of their shitty stunts. Hillary and her clown posse is being exposed.

        • lateblum says:

          If I re-read what Constance said above @4:05pm, it won’t matter to those people who are determined not to hear anything bad about HRC. Maybe they’ll just think how “smart” the posse actually is. Their sociopathy is pathological.

  16. Dora says:

    I hope the people of New York don’t forget.

  17. lateblum says:

    Unplugging for tonight.
    Everyone stay safe.

  18. Dora says:

    Hillary made the cover of the NY Post again. So did the storm.

  19. Dora says:

    It gets worse and worse.


    Hillary Clinton’s Team Lost a Laptop Full of Her Emails in the Actual Mail

    A laptop filled with Hillary Clinton’s emails is missing, the FBI just revealed. It makes the stink around Hillary’s private account even worse.


  20. Dora says:

    It should disqualify her, but this is Hillary we’re talking about. She’s special.


    Clinton Brain Damage FBI Defense Disqualifies Her From Being President

    • Lulu says:

      I’m waiting for the it is not “brain damage” brain damage defense. More like brain fart, alcoholic dementia, only in full moon stage and violent once in a while (bi-monthly) it comes and goes, and is really better now. Why she hasn’t chewed the carpet or hit Bill in six months! Those Thorazine darts work!

      • Lulu says:

        And will she park her huge ass on a stool during the debates so her feet don’t explode? She is already a foot shorter than Trump and wobbling on a industrial strength medical prop is going to look horrible.

  21. Venus says:

    Good morning HGers and thank you Lord for a beautiful day.
    So, Hillary had a concussion and can’t remember things. Sounds great for a woman who wants to be POTUS as long as she has a (D) after her name:

  22. Venus says:

    And for some awesomeness, check this guy out:

    • lateblum says:

      Awesome is right! If he did that in Chicago, he’d have been shot last night.

      • CiscoKid says:

        The current, as of 9/1,Chicago Shot Clock has a person shot every 2:01 hours and a person murdered every 11:51 hours.
        78.4% of the victims are black.
        Chicago, Chicago that ‘toddling town.

  23. Anthony says:

    NYT: Script leaked for Trump interview at black church


    I’ve got a couple of questions:

    1) Is it true? The source is rather dodgy these days…

    2) Did he do it himself to throw a red herring into the holiday weekend news cycle and bring attention to the upcoming event?

    3) Is there a mole in the Trump campaign?

    • Somebody says:

      I don’t know, there isn’t much there, there. I guess we’ll see what actually unfolds. I would imagine he and his team have thought through some possible questions and answers, but I’m not sure we know that the ones reported will be the actual questions and answers. It would be foolish for any candidate not to run through wordsmithing some possible questions and answers.

      As to you’re 1, 2, and 3……#1, who knows could be true, could be a plant. #2, It’s possible, Trump loves to dominate the news cycle. If true, it’s a bad decision given that the FBI dump would otherwise dominate the news cycle……always step aside when your opponent is drowning. #3, There are always moles in every campaign, some people are just natural born assholes.

      • Anthony says:

        Another possibility is that it was both created and leaked by the Clinton Campaign to take attention from her “lost” laptop and other barbs that should be dominating the headlines this weekend.

  24. Anthony says:


    A “How To” by Gab CEO Andrew Torba:

  25. votermom says:

  26. votermom says:

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