Stupid People Open Thread

Some people in the audience at DWTS decided to protest Ryan Lochte last night. They say they were angry because of what he did in Rio last month. Apparently we now live in an era where you are permitted to act out in public like a spoiled child whenever you feel you have a grievance.

YOUR feelings are all that matter. Any inconvenience or disruption you cause to the rest of the world is irrelevant.



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  1. 49erDweet says:

    It hurts! It hurts! There’s so much idiocy trying to get out that it hurts!

    • 49erDweet says:

      Allegedly sane people organized that protest and printed up those shirts. Think about that.

      OTOT, thank goodness there are people out there so deeply committed to upholding what’s true and pure in this world. /snort/

  2. Dora says:

    Oh Mama! She’s really in hiding now.

    Hillary’s cordon sanitaire: Massive barriers outside her Chappaqua home as she recovers from pneumonia

  3. mothy67 says:

    dopelgangers, poisonings, naked man in Time’s Square, spiderman Trump Tower. Stranger by the day

  4. votermom says:

    Trump and Ivanka in Aston, PA 9/13/16. Watch the live stream here beginning at 7:30 PM ET.

  5. DandyTIger says:

    Breaking: Attorney General opens investigation into Trump Foundation. Of course sees nothing wrong with Clinton Foundation. Clearly not political.

  6. Guess who?

    Here’s what Trump has on Hillary:

    1.) The email server. Thankfully, the “journalists” are moving on. They must realize they are beating a dead horse and there’s no more juice to suck out of that story. But the Trump surrogates are still shrieking about the Blackberries smashed by a hammer. That shit’s gotta stop. Not because there is anything else to learn, because there isn’t. No it’s because it’s difficult to listen to the surrogates blather on about it and talk over other guests without wanting to hurl my iPhone across the room. It’s done, Donald. You won’t get one more voter from this.

    2.) Deplorables. Well, we can’t call them racists, sexists, homophobes etc. That’s too PC. So, Hillary is bringing back shame. Good for her. And when Pence can’t bring himself to call David Duke, someone who enthusiastically supports Trump’s campaign a white supremacist, then we know it is working. Yes, Governor, he is a bad association. You know it and now we know you know. The phony outrage from the Trump campaign is UNLISTENABLE.

    3.) I swear, if I hear one more journalist say that Hillary is not transparent enough and therefore untrustworthy simply because she didn’t see any reason to tell everyone in the world about her pneumonia, I’m going to personally go to Atlanta and scream in Chris Cuomo’s ear to knock it the fuck off. Enough is enough. There’s simply no comparison between Hillary and Trump on the issue of transparency and disclosure. The double standard is deeply, DEEPLY offensive to women who have to sit thru this shit day after day. Maybe these channels don’t care if they lose their female audience. That’s how it looks anyway. No progress is being made here and if I were Hillary, I’d tell these news people that if they don’t like what she’s going to give them with respect to her medical records, they can shove it up their asses. She shouldn’t play this game anymore. Give them the exact number of details as Mitt Romney did and no more. She is not obligated to keep producing documentation just because the news organizations demand it. It’s not because she has anything to hide. It’s because she’s got better things to do with her time than try to satisfy the insatiable.
    Other than that, Trump’s got nothing.

    She, on the other hand, has plenty on Trump. If the news media doesn’t want to cover it, she’ll have to find a way to get around them. They should be more cautious because if she manages to do it, they’ll be obsolete and not a moment too soon.

    The only comment I want to add is that all I did was quote her fully and in context. You be the judge.

  7. This opens a whole new jar of pickles.

  8. Here’s the Trump Campaign’s statement on Obama’s visit to Philadelphia:

    – SEPTEMBER 13, 2016 –

    President Obama Would Rather Campaign For Hillary Clinton Than Solve Major Problems Facing The Country

    Today President Obama Will Be Campaigning For Clinton In Pennsylvania. “President Barack Obama will hit the campaign trail Tuesday to rally support for Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton in Pennsylvania, a state that has served as a firewall for her party in the past six general elections but is now viewed as competitive.” (Kevin Freking And Kathleen Hennessey, “Obama Hits Campaign Trail For Clinton In Philadelphia,” The Associated Press, 9/13/16)

    PROBLEM ONE: Obamacare Is In “Deep Trouble,” With Premiums Rising And Large Insurers Pulling Out Of Exchanges. “Obamacare is in deep trouble. The exchanges created by Barack Obama’s signature achievement are attracting millions fewer customers than predicted. The makeup of the system’s risk pool is older, sicker and costlier than anticipated. Some of the largest insurers in the nation have pulled out of the exchanges. Premiums are going up and expected to jump right before November’s election. Perhaps more burdensome, deductibles have soared so high that some Americans who purchased coverage through the system are essentially self-financing their care.” (Byron York, “Byron York: Obamacare Is Failing. Why Isn’t Donald Trump Talking About It?,” Washington Examiner, 8/28/16)

    PROBLEM TWO: This Weekend Iran Threatened To Shoot Down Two Navy Aircraft Flying In International Airspace. “Iran threatened to shoot down two US Navy aircraft over the weekend as they were flying just inside the Strait of Hormuz, a US defense official said. The EP-3 and P-8 planes were in international airspace but ‘near Iranian airspace.’” (Barbara Starr, “US Official: Navy Aircraft Threatened With Shoot Down By Iran,” CNN, 9/12/16)

    PROBLEM THREE: Last Week North Korea Tested Their “Potentially Most Powerful” Nuclear Weapon, Which State Media Said Could Be Mounted On A Ballistic Missile. “North Korea said it has hit the button on its fifth and potentially most powerful nuclear test Friday morning, claiming to have successfully tested a nuclear warhead. State media said the warhead could be mounted on ballistic rockets and would enable North Korea to produce ‘a variety of smaller, lighter and diversified nuclear warheads of higher strike power.’” (Katie Hunt And KJ Kwon, “North Korea Claims Successful Test Of Nuclear Warhead,” CNN, 9/9/16)

    PROBLEM FOUR: Last Month The U.S. GDP For The Second Quarter Was Revised Down To A 1.1 Percent Annualized Rate. “America’s economic growth was even weaker than previously believed in the second quarter of the year, as the country’s gross domestic product ticked up an underwhelming 1.1 percent in April, May and June. U.S. GDP was revised down slightly from a previously reported 1.2 percent annualized rate, according to a report published Friday by the Bureau of Economic Analysis.” (Andrew Soergel, “GDP Sinks Lower Despite Spending Uptick,” US News, 8/26/16)

    PROBLEM FIVE: The September 2 Jobs Report “Whiffed On Market Expectations,” Showing An Increase Of Just 151,000 Nonfarm Jobs In The Month Of August. “August traditionally has been a difficult month for jobs numbers, and 2016 proved no exception, likely putting the Federal Reserve on hold for a rate hike anytime soon. Nonfarm payrolls increased just 151,000 for the month, extending the futility August has experienced over the years. This is now the 10th time in the past 13 years the month whiffed on market expectations.” (Jeff Cox, “US Created 151,000 Jobs In August Vs. 180,000 Jobs Expected,” CNBC, 9/2/16)

  9. What a tool.

    • DandyTIger says:

      The left has gotten used to 100% worship and adoration from the media. They’re actually still getting it, but some news still slips through the cracks. It’s inevitable. They spin as hard as they can to make bad news go away, but it’s not foolproof. So what the left is upset with is that the media doesn’t have a complete censorship control of everything we see. Despite elite control of all corporate news, pretty good control over social media, and even pretty good control over youtube, stuff still slips through. Until they fix that, they’ll be unhappy.

  10. votermom says:

    America’s Got Talent
    flexi kid Sophi Dossi – I don’t think this kid is even human

  11. My sister has been helping Mom clear out some of the stuff she has been hoarding. They piled it up in the dining room. Now I get to go over Mom’s and move it out into the garage so it can be picked up tomorrow for a church rummage sale.

    No, no, I didn’t have any plans. I can drop everything for 2-3 hours to work like a coolie. My pleasure.

  12. Venus says:


    Trump just laid out a plan to give working families tax credit for child care, to allow families to start Dependent Care Savings Accounts (like HSAs) for child & elder care expenses, to create incentives through tax breaks, to employers to provide on-site child care for employees and to provide maternity leave, and finally, to adjust unemployment insurance to provide maternity leave in cases where employers do not provide it.

    Hillary is screwed.

    • lateblum says:

      OMG I hope so. I hope this is the end of the democrats’ stranglehold on the little people in this country. (As well as the RDs and the UWs of the world)
      When I heard about the plans for childcare and elder care I practically cheered. It was reported on the radio. And it was reported without commentary. Sort of like a mic drop thing. It was very cool

  13. Venus says:

    OMFG — have we discussed the leaked emails?

  14. Venus says:

    Seriously — OMFG:

  15. Venus says:

  16. mothy67 says:

    If illary loses, the o’s are running dim party. They get to talk about big bad wolf. Trump. Stay relevant. I think they could run mooch in 20.

  17. DandyTIger says:

    New Guccifer leak out. Holy crap.

  18. AFVet says:

    Caution !!!
    This will tear your heart out.

  19. swanspirit says:

    Obama jumping in, and campaigning for Hilz while her health crisis is still going on just tells me that that she is indeed sicker than they are willing to admit, and that Obama is deeply invested in her election, no matter how much he might despise her professionally or personally.
    The Dims want to keep their power, and at this late hour in the election, Hillary is really all they have. And they know they are on that brink of disaster, if not already over the edge.

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