Digging For Dirt

"Opposition research"

“Opposition research”

Politics is only dirty if you do it right:

Donald and Ivana Trump fight unsealing of divorce records

Donald Trump and his ex-wife Ivana are fighting an effort to unseal records of their 1990 divorce, arguing that the real estate mogul’s presidential bid is no basis for prying into court filings related to the couple’s split.

The Trumps filed separate legal briefs Tuesday in state court in Manhattan, urging a judge to reject the unsealing motion brought last month by The New York Times and newspaper chain Gannett.

“In seeking to invade the Trumps’ 26-year-old confidential matrimonial files, the Times and Gannett, as shown in Mr. Trump’s filing in opposition to their motion, rely on entirely unprecedented and erroneous arguments that are contrary to the protections afforded by the Legislature over 150 years ago,” attorney Marc Kasowitz wrote in Donald Trump’s response to the media motion.

In addition to her legal arguments against the unsealing, Ivana Trump submitted a personal affidavit with the court, pleading to keep the records private.

“I do not want the details of our divorce (most of which have already been reported extensively) to be opened up and displayed to the general public for their misinterpretation and amusement,” Ivana Trump wrote. “Donald and I currently share a warm relationship and our family should not be forced to relive this part of our past because he is running for president.”

Under New York law, divorce records are normally sealed, but can be released if a judge decides that “special circumstances” justify disclosure.

The Times and Gannett argued that Donald Trump’s treatment of women, finances and personal credibility are at issue in the presidential campaign, creating an “intense” public interest in the divorce files. The news outlets also noted that the divorce was granted in 1990 on grounds of “cruel and inhuman treatment” by the real estate mogul.

However, Donald Trump’s lawyers say the interests advanced by the media don’t amount to the kind of “special circumstances” that justify disregarding the presumption of secrecy.

“The courts [in New York] have never overridden those protections because of a purported public interest in vetting political candidates,” wrote Kasowitz and other attorneys from the New York-based firm Kasowitz Benson Torres & Friedman as well as longtime Trump Organization lawyer Michael Cohen. “There is simply no importance, overriding or otherwise, to unsealing the matrimonial records of a political candidate.”

In 2004 Barack Obama was supposed to face Republican Jack Ryan in the Illinois Senate race. But in June a California judge unsealed the child custody records in the divorce file of Jack and Jeri Ryan. The salacious details were revealed and Ryan had to withdraw from the race. Obama went on to defeat replacement Alan Keyes in the general election.

The Seattle Times, August 10, 1993:

Deputy White House counsel Vince Foster committed suicide after writing a note saying, among other things, that he “was not meant for the job or the spotlight of public life in Washington,” officials said today.

“Here, ruining people is considered sport,” he said in the note found torn to pieces almost a week after his death July 20.


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196 Responses to Digging For Dirt

  1. votermom says:

    Dems are despicable

    • DeniseVB says:

      They wanted Mike Ditka to run on the GOP ticket that year, after BO was elected Pres, Ditka apologized to American for passing. No way Ditka would have lost that Senate race, he was a God in Illinois.

      There were dirty tricks against Obama’s State Senate opponent too. That’s the job he only voted Present on unless he was voting for murdering an abortion baby born alive.

      • lateblum says:

        There have dirty campaigns and dirty politics throughout obama’s history. Ryan’s divorce records were magically unsealed and there was another that also caused an opponent to withdra. I am frustrated that I cannot recall the opponent’s name. (When I get onto my computer, I will look further.) It was said that Axelrod’s special relationship with the Chicago Tribune and LA Tribune made opening the records easy.
        Just talking about this makes me angry. So does difficulty recalling the name of the first guy who was eliminated from the Senate race. He was a republican who would have beaten Ryan and then Obama. It was sheer “good luck” that those divorce records were opened. I promise, I’ll find out who that was. Grrrrr

        • cynic says:

          It was bugging me too! I didn’t have to look very hard. This is a very interesting post!
          In the 2004 Illinois Democrat primary race for the U.S. Senate, front-runner Blair Hull just happened to be forced out of the race after David Axelrod just happened to manage to get Hull’s sealed divorce records unsealed, which just happened to enable Obama to win the primary, so he could face popular Republican Jack Ryan, whose sealed child custody records from his divorce just happened to become unsealed, forcing Ryan to withdraw from the race,

    • foxyladi14 says:

      And dirtier then dirt. 👿

    • lyn says:

      Make America Deplorable Again!

  2. Somebody says:

    If they have to try and unseal his divorce records, it must mean they don’t have a whole lot else. Do we have any idea what judge this is going before? Personally, I don’t think records from a divorce 26 years ago really matters, but the “right” judge might.

    Bottom line, it appears they are scraping the bottom of the barrel looking for dirt.

  3. DeniseVB says:

    Meanwhile, Miss Tomi nails Hillary.

    • I don’t believe that Hillary is trying to fake being sick. I think she is trying to fake being healthy.

      But even under the best case scenario she has pneumonia, and she tried to hide it then lied about it.

      • DeniseVB says:

        The media’s already covering all former presidents with “hidden” health problems, in that “so what?” slobber. There’s so much more to Hillary than her health, so what else is she covering up?

    • Anthony says:

      IOW – “It ain’t the lie, its the coverup”

    • DeniseVB says:

      Reminds when the grandtwins were that age and playing “quietly” in their room. While I was enjoying the “break” decided “quiet” needed to be checked on. They had managed to take an entire tube of Desitin (diaper rash cream) and smear it all over their giant stuffed tiger. They didn’t get in trouble, grandma did 😛

      • Shez ZK says:

        OMG you triggered me. Made me think of when I was a teen and walked into Grandma’s house thru the kitchen door to discover my toddler twin cousins sitting on the floor playing with new toys: bag of 20lbs of flour and 10lbs of sugar. It was everywhere. Every. Where.

      • elliesmom says:

        I’ve been slowly teaching Crash how to sew. She usually doesn’t enjoy “quiet pursuits”, but she’s a fashionista so sewing has some appeal. When she was being quiet, I thought she was playing with the ‘sewing” cards I had made her. She was actually using my pinking shears to fringe her sheets. Pretty good small motor skills for a 5 year old.

    • ginainmo says:

      My daughter had a nail polish incident on the carpet of her bedroom at about the same age. When I asked her about it, she told me “Kitty did it”.

    • taw46 says:

      Oh my, that video was adorable. But I think Dad is going to have his hands full. “But they said yes, a hundred times yes”. Preparation for the teen years.

      • lateblum says:

        Mothy needs to see this I preparation for those teen years……. 😉

      • foxyladi14 says:

        Forget the terrible twos.
        If every one survives those teen years?? Then Mon and Dad are Saints. 😀

      • Somebody says:

        I guess I wouldn’t make a good millenial parent because I’d be in my kid’s face telling them Barbie can’t fucking talk and stop lying to me. If you keep insisting Barbie told you to do something I’m taking you to the nut house.

        Perhaps this hits a little too close to home for me because I am actively taking care of 3 kids ages 2, 3, and 6 every single weekday for 11 and half to 12 hours. I have no patience and little tolerance for messes…….I’m just grandma bitch. My two year granddaughter has worn me down, she’s broken me…….once she goes to school I’ll be ready for a nursing home…..I’ll just sit in a corner drooling and pissing myself.

    • 49erDweet says:

      6 yo gd boss-of-the-world still appearing in Wizard of Oz in Carmel’s outdoor Forest Theater 4 shows per week, and has become enamored with makeup. Lot’s of makeup. Getting to be a ‘necessity’. In kg, yet. SMH

  4. votermom says:

    Yay, someone bought a je suis deplorable coffee travel mug!

    • DandyTIger says:

      Ouch. Sadly, that’s about right.

      • Lulu says:

        All crooks and thieves show contempt for their marks. It is how they justify and rationalize what they do. They do what they do because they are lazy, shiftless, incompetent losers who can’t do things the honest or normal way. If you look at the most contemptuous people they are almost always lazy asses.

    • DeniseVB says:

      I’ve noticed the comtempt liberals have for each other in my waning days on DU and Dkos.
      Ugly, ugly people. “You’re either with us (Obots) or the hell with you” was my parting gift from those knuckle draggers. Real nice, not.

  5. If true, the shit is gonna hit the fan.

  6. CiscoKid says:

    Tax returns, health records and especially 29 year old divorce records.
    Dear Ass-Wipe of record, NYT…
    $$$ to the Trump for President , MAGA.
    Now go and hump CNN’s leg.

    • mcnorman says:

      Make sure that you use Pepe’s rearend sealed with a kiss and forward to Carlos Slim.

    • Kathy says:

      CNN should be referred to as Pravda. Late 90’s..early 2000’s, CNN’s communications head Christa (Ithink that was her first name) Robinson had previously worked for the DNC and her father did oppo research for them.

  7. CiscoKid says:

    Wait a minute, just one f’kn minute!
    Just caught a bit of the news.
    Trump may/will be investigated for donating $25,000 .
    After the millions of dollars “donated” to the CGI, and hundreds of thousands of dollars for speaking fees to Bill and Hillary and their going to investigate Trump?

  8. Dora says:

    Where the hell are they all going to go?

    • DeniseVB says:

      Fascinating. Raises many other questions too. Like, why is she still running? Her and Bill have had a lovely, wealthy, though scammy, 1% life since the WH. Why are they risking it all for the Oval Office? A job that pays less than two speeches? Hmmmm?

      • blowme0bama says:

        I commented on this in a thread or so back. Makes no sense to me. Wife just said HRC’s wanted this since forever and power is the only thing in their eyes. They’re just different.

        • votermom says:

          She can’t afford to quit. They’ve taken too many bribes, buried too many bodies, made too many enemies.

        • Lulu says:

          She has eaten a lot of shit for years to get here. She could have walked away at any point and had a good life. Nothing is going to stop her being on the ballot. I think she will croak if she loses. Big Dog humiliated her, Obama did, and then Trump if he kicks her butt in the election. First woman president, first this or that is just rationalizations for her. It has always been about her and what she wants and how smart, hardworking, etc she is. We know that to be lies.

          • DeniseVB says:

            A comment I saw/heard pretty much summed it up with Bill’s dalliances their whole married life pretty much sucked the joy out of her. I feel bad she’s that needy she feels she NEEDS Bill to achieve her professional goals. Annnnd, it doesn’t seem he’s helping her that much.

      • elliesmom says:

        When I was 5 or 6, I wanted to be the first woman president. (I’m baring my soul here. Don’t you dare laugh. 😉 ) By the time I was 10, I was checking out what career path most politicians took. By the time I was 13, I wanted to teach. I ended up in engineering school. Nobody told me I couldn’t be president. If anything, my interest in politics was encouraged. I simply changed my mind about becoming politician. I think Hillary had dreams of being the first woman president, too, but I believe it became an obsession with her. Maybe it has to make it happen. In 2008 she thought she had made it. No one who becomes Secretary of State should be embarrassed about their achievement, but she wasn’t the first woman to do it. There was no crowning glory to her time at Foggy Bottom. All she’ll be remembered for as SOS is Benghazi. I think she’s going to do everything she can to get elected even if it kills her. On January 21st she won’t care who actually does the job. She achieved her goal.

      • swanspirit says:

        The Dems don’t care if she serves, they just care that she gets elected and secures the office for them. She doesn’t care if she serves, she just wants her name in the history books. She is a political placeholder, at this point.

      • Mt.Laurel says:

        They are both trying to ensure no one gets in that will cause even more crap to hit the Clinton fan and in turn have promised that any Obummer crap that might start rising to the top will also disappear?

        Hill has to be the first female elected president because in her mind she is the best at everything thing since sliced cheese and no one is more important that her and she will destroy anyone and everyone who stands in her way?

        Hill has to be elected to prove to all the naysayers (in her little warped mind) that she is actually competent and has not spent her life lying, cheating and riding other people’s coattails?

        They need to ensure enough money and power for Chelsea and the next generation to maintain the Clinton places as part of the ruling elite?

        They own the puppetmasters big time and cannot afford to just enjoy their ill gotten gains until they have procured what is left of the USA after hateful Obummers are through with their first stab at national destruction?

        She hates MOOOOOOOOO! (imagine Hill saying this akin to KAAAAAAAN!) so much she cannot stand the thought that someone might back her to be the first woman president because after all, Moo too has mastered riding in on the coattails of others and spending other peoples money?

  9. DeniseVB says:

    I tend to agree with Nolte, I saw the plunging numbers and first thought who’s ass did they pull those numbers out of ? Obama !? (“Hey, guys, make some numbers up to make me look good while I watch Sports Center or I’ll have you audited”)

    • DeniseVB says:

      Link might help….

      • Lulu says:

        The Bureau of the Census and Bureau of Labor Statistics are the most corrupted data agencies on earth. It is all bullshit.

        • DeniseVB says:

          If I told all the stories about DHS my son confided in me, he’d have to kill me. Our gov’t is really f**ked up. The books I’ve read on the Secret Service convinced me of that. The millions we spend training these guys are wasted on politics and middle management who want to rise in politics. See something, say nothing or you’ll be sh*t canned in a heartbeat.

      • Mt.Laurel says:

        Well let’s see:
        Unemployment rate is down because so many people have given up looking and those poor peons are not counted as unemployed.

        Poverty is down because anyone 62 and over that has been out of work for eons ended up taking SS the minute the could because there were no jobs. Plus it was a bonus year for Puppetmasters Are Us so all those paid protesters are off welfare until a November 8th, 2016.

        Income rose as most of the people still employed work for the government or the MSM or the aforementioned Puppetmaster brigade and they get their step increases/other increases even when it is announced that there will be no COL to make it look good.

  10. votermom says:

    Thinking of making another shirt that says
    “I hugged Hillary and all I got was pneumonia”

    should it say hugged or “went to see”?

  11. Somebody says:

    My wish list for the next session of Congress. I want anyone caught impersonating Windows technical support to be immediately droned or at the very least tarred, feathered, publicly shamed, forced to walk 100 miles naked while being flogged.

    I am so sick of the phone calls from these jack asses. I just told one to fuck off, I don’t have a computer……he calls me a liar, tells me he KNOWS the exact make and model of every device I own. Whatever you jackass, you’re not from Windows you’re a scam artist and guess what I don’t own a fucking copy of windows….I hate fucking windows, go sell your bullshit somewhere else.

    He then proceeds to threaten me, insists he’ll lock up all my devices if I don’t do what he says. I laugh at him and tell him I hope he rots in hell. He then lays into me calling me every name in the book……I hung up on him…..but OMFG. I am so sick of these scam artists. What if one of them calls my mom or another elderly person and takes advantage of them??? I’m sure they do, every single day to who knows how many people. Surely there has to be a way to stop this nonsense.

    In other news my grandkids probably learned so new words…..blush.

    • lateblum says:

      They DO call many elderly. The week after my good friend retired – a very emotional time for anyone – she received one of those phone calls. It cost her dearly in time, money, emotional energy and self esteem. She is still angry about what happened and it has been nearly 3 years since that happened. After hearing all about this incident from her, I was alert to the possibility it could happen to me. And right after I retired, I received a phone call from a “Windows tech support person”. I told him I no longer use Windows and have no intention to listen to his pitch. I told him to NEVER call me again and hung up.
      I blame Obama.
      Good for you Somebody. Kids need to learn that language at home, anyway. 😉

      • elliesmom says:

        We get a lot of “elderly” phone calls. Medic alert devices, home health care, retirement resorts, burglar alarms. I let any phone call go to voicemail unless I know who it is and sometimes even when I do. Charities call us everyday. The “Do Not Call List” is a joke.

        • Lulu says:

          We get it on our landline. It is unplugged for about 20 hours a day. Everyone knows to call on the cells or from 8-12 in the morning on the landline. And the cells are turned off a lot too. Our kids use email which we answer. Otherwise go away. Very grumpy misanthropes we are. Don’t call us, we’ll call you. Maybe.

        • taw46 says:

          I never answer cell if I don’t know caller. If it’s important, they will leave a message. Texts for family members and friends, if we both agree, then we will talk, lol!

          • foxyladi14 says:

            me too

          • lateblum says:

            These calls/callers are the reason I still have an answering machine. I screen every call. My kids know to speak during the announcement and I’ll pick up the phone, unless I’m away from home. I hate texting, but if it is urgent and they text, I’ll answer in kind otherwise it is a phone call or nothing.

      • foxyladi14 says:

        Exactly they need to get them right! 😀

  12. Dora says:

    Don’t worry – she’ll be there.

    • Lulu says:

      I’m not so sure. Her staff seems to be fishing around for excuses to bail.She is very comfortable hiding out except for fundraisers. She supposedly wants a sit down debate too. Trump should agree if she uses a wheelchair but only a wheelchair or maybe a mobility “scooter” with a seat belt.

  13. lyn says:

  14. lyn says:

  15. lyn says:

    Evil cretin!

  16. Anthony says:

    Finally finished that design project that has been eating away at any free time I’ve had for the pat three months.

    Complete overhaul on the back end of of this website, and added several portfolios of really interesting art that could have remained unseen had it not been for POBA (the foundation that brought them to light.) For example, I had no idea that Bob Guccione made art or that Norman Mailer had ever made Picasso-esque pen and ink drawings. Enjoy!


    • CiscoKid says:

      Wonderful !
      I particularly liked the works by A.E. Backus
      Reminded me of the Hudson River artist , T. Cole, A.B. Durand and my favorite, John Kensett.
      I’m a painter, not an artists, just a couple of steps above the guy that does your walls.
      But it’s relaxing, especially with a couple glasses of wine.

      • Anthony says:

        I don’t call myself an artist either, but I make a lot of art. Mostly painting and now mixed media. Have an amazing collage made of torn and painted (with watercolor) newspaper swatches that add dimension to the piece.

        Backus also has a sort of Turner feeling in some of his more story landscapes.

        If you want to see some really powerful photos, check out Norma Holt https://poba.org/poba_artists/norma-holt/

        • CiscoKid says:

          Great work.
          Such a wonderful “eye” .
          When I was fooling around with my 35 mil ,I preferred to shoot in black & white.
          I never developed that deep down gut feeling that ‘ya, this is the shot, take it but she did.
          Louis Nardo, after looking at some of his work thanks to Anthony, imho, is pure genius.
          Who would ever think of taking photos of objects that he did and that they would inspire.
          Because I’ll never look at a pile of “junk” again w/o thinking, that would make a great photo.
          Positively inspiring work, the both of them.

      • Anthony says:

        Also Louis Nardo has some really interesting photos of decayed/decaying everyday objects. He’s particularly interesting to me since I just bought a great camera and am now developing my skills. Ultimate goal is to complete the NYC Tarot deck, using landmarks, sculptures from Central Park and other inner city pics of graffiti, etc. to represent the traditional meaning of the cards


    • votermom says:

      Beautiful website!!!!

      • Anthony says:

        Thanks! It was a labor of love. Non-profit, not much pay, but I loved working on it. Being considered to do maintenance but not sure if I want to. Lots of work

    • lateblum says:

      Love the site. Such a collection of artists! I’m so happy to have met you, Anthony.
      You are such a gift.

  17. foxyladi14 says:

    I agree.

    unseen1 says:
    September 14, 2016 at 11:11 am

    Having Obama campaign against Trump does nothing but raises Trump’s status to an equal with the POTUS. Well done Dems well done. One of the big problems for Trump is that many had trouble seeing him as POTUs now that Obama has decided to place him on the same level as himself by campaigning against him those concerns are gone. It’s like the DNC is trying to get Trump elected or something at this point

  18. helenk3 says:

    please watch this. there is only three weeks to stop this giveaway

  19. CiscoKid says:

    First the President of Mexico and now POTUS himself.
    This will be the first time ever that Obama will have an opponent with a spine.
    Barry “Present” Obama vs. Donald “Your Fired” Trump.

  20. blowme0bama says:

    Milo started posting on GAB

  21. mothy67 says:

    Unseal divorce records!!! How low can the Times sink?
    No relevance. Look at the fucking kids. Speaks volumes.
    Obama’s college records were sealed. How was that ever possible???? That is pertinent to the job.

  22. DeniseVB says:

    This may be old news, but Go Carly! Would love to see her on the campaign trail, but she does sound more “vote against Hillary” more than Trump support. Hey, I’ll take it !

  23. mcnorman says:

    Best email yet in leaks.

  24. Dora says:

    Clinton gets a visit from the doctor as physician’s car seen at Chappaqua home

    A grey SUV with medical plates issued by the state of New York was spotted outside Clinton’s house

    SUV was parked in front of a set of concrete barriers guarded by police officers and Secret Service agents

    It is unclear who the man operating the vehicle was – Clinton’s campaign has not responded to a request for comment

    He was seen having a friendly conversation with a police officer and was otherwise out of sight during his visit


  25. mothy67 says:

    I really don9t understand how to use Gab. I tried to use Twitter twice. Once during Arab Spring until I realized it was theater then once from here when I think I just tweeted nyself.

  26. Dora says:

    But Hillary said she was lying!

    EXCLUSIVE – Bill Clinton Alleged Rape Scene Witness: ‘Her Mouth Was All Swollen Up…Pantyhose Ripped’

    NEW YORK – In her first extensive interview in over a decade, the nurse who found Juanita Broaddrick in her hotel room immediately after Bill Clinton allegedly raped Broaddrick recounted what she says she witnessed in that room 38 years ago.


  27. votermom says:

    So apparently as a long term unemployment worker I might be able to score some training funds. Oooohhhh

    • lyn says:

      That happened in the early 80s at a newspaper where I worked. The guy who was hired after me had the state pay for half his salary that included a camera. I had to pay for my own camera equipment.

  28. mothy67 says:

    Last 2 days drudge has had stories about the tent camps across America and kids selling sex for food. We are going to take in 29% more refugees with that disgrace in our backyards?

    • taw46 says:

      The progs don’t care about those kids. Or the refugees they are bringing in to the U.S. They just want to change the demographics and gain total control.

  29. Dora says:

    Her condition has changed. Now she’s got the flu.

    • mothy67 says:

      Let’s play guess tomorrows diagnosis.

    • blowme0bama says:

      He’s either having a touch of vascular dementia himself or he’s trying to sabotage her.

      • swanspirit says:

        It’s so hard to keep all those lies straight. There are so many, and they change from day to day. Heck, they change from minute to minute , now, don’t they? Dehydration, the flu, pneumonia, who can keep it all straight?
        Or maybe they left Bill out of the loop, and someone forgot to tell him the latest spin?
        BEST election ever!!!!!

  30. lateblum says:

    I am so weary of having to refresh 3,4,5 times to see my posts….. 😦

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