If You Have To Explain A Joke It Isn’t Funny


Hillary is getting desperate. They are putting a lot of time and energy into attacks that are really weak tea. Political attacks and ads are like telling jokes – if you have to explain it then it isn’t funny. A good joke bypasses logic and reason and goes straight for the funny bone.

The most effective political attacks deliver an emotional gut-punch. LBJ’s “Daisy” ad is a classic example. The people who will react emotionally to the “birther” attacks on Donald Trump were never gonna vote for him anyway. The average voter doesn’t know what birtherism is. Even worse (for Hillary), most people don’t really care.

Very few people have ever heard of Pepe the Frog. To use him against Trump you first have to explain who Pepe is, why he is allegedly bad, and what he has to do with Donald Trump.

Like I said, weak tea.



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  1. Meanwhile, Trump is being warm, funny and very not-scary.

  2. Venus says:

  3. lyn says:

    Obama could attack half of America because he is black. Hillary can’t because she is white. Race matters when you attack supporters of your opponent.

  4. lyn says:

    The original Pepe is just a frat boy who wants to have fun. Whoever turned Pepe into a Nazi should be shamed.

    • DeniseVB says:

      LOL, Hillary coughs into her hand, a No-No, especially when you go on to shake a few hundred hands.

      I’ve heard many of her staff have come down with upper respiratory, some even admitted to the hospital. Are they working in a sick building? Aka, Legionnaires Disease?

      I’m not a doctor, but I read wiki 🙂


      • elliesmom says:

        Legionnaires is nasty. It put me out of commission for a couple of months. It was traced to the air conditioning units in the computer facility where I worked. Several months later I got a call from the CDC to see if I had survived. If she does have Legionnaires, she either belongs in a hospital or at least home in bed.

        • DeniseVB says:

          I thought Legionnaires because whatever Hillary has seems to be shared with her staff. Either that’s because she’s contagious or their headquarters is in a sick building. Staff’s being admitted to hospitals?

    • 1539days says:

      How nasty is Hillary’s campaign office if half her staff caught it? Or Schumer’s, because the same thing supposedly happened with him.

      Then again, he has an excuse. Amy Schumer has been to Chuck’s office.

  5. votermom says:

    The RoC customer rep emailed me back saying they’d send coupons. Heh heh heh.

  6. Venus says:

    Hillary in meltdown mode

    • DeniseVB says:

      …..and half those RT’s are snarky pepe peeps showing off their fabulous responses on their timelines 🙂

    • swanspirit says:

      Hillary keeps repeating unfit, as if she is not aware that the candidate that comes to mind after the word unfit, is HER!!!

    • lizzy says:

      The question is not where Obama was born, but if he was born. I think he slithered from a volcanic crevice on the ocean floor somewhere around Hawaii. I can’t guess what species would claim him.

  7. taw46 says:

  8. taw46 says:

  9. taw46 says:

  10. taw46 says:

    I need to go get on my desktop, so I can Gab. Last 2-3 days, it is just too slow on my iPad. I guess they are bringing lots of people in every day.

  11. That’s pretty much their daily line-up.

  12. taw46 says:

    • lizzy says:

      Obama and Hillary are going to think Trump Tower fell on their heads. Donald is a fighter; the gobbling turkeys in the media just don’t understand a fighter.

  13. DandyTIger says:

  14. DandyTIger says:

  15. DeniseVB says:

    Read the rest of Mark Cuban timeline, he reminds me of the male version of Chelsea Clinton 😛

  16. DandyTIger says:

  17. DeniseVB says:

    Nice article here by Sean Foley…..

  18. DandyTIger says:

    Music break. What a voice.

  19. 49erDweet says:

    It’s at fun times like these I’d almost pay to watch CNN. But then I watch it for 10 minutes and, “Ugh! Nah!”

  20. Dora says:

  21. mothy67 says:

    Picked this up at His44

    “A cartoon in The New Yorker captured it best: A woman sits in her psychiatrist’s office, perspiring in distress. The doctor scribbles on a pad. “I’m giving you something for Hillary’s pneumonia,” the caption reads.”


  22. mothy67 says:

    Question about Gabbing or being a Gabbermouth– I have one more follower than I am following. I followed everyone who follwed me. Who is this hidden person?
    Speaking of following and a beautiful song

    • lateblum says:

      I love this song, mothy. thanks for posting it. It made me reminisce about a simpler and more peaceful time in my life (and possibly the world). ❤

  23. lyn says:

  24. lateblum says:

    As seen on the Twitter:

  25. Dora says:

    The image was created by a Treeper.


    Congratulations Keln ! Brilliant Les Deplorables Image Thrills National Audience (w/ Video)…
    For those who might not be aware, the following “Les Deplorables” graphic image was created by “Keln” a brilliant Treeper.

    Today, Keln’s artwork hit the big time as the Trump campaign used Keln’s image for the opening entry of Donald Trump on stage in Miami as candidate Trump took to the stage with the soundtrack of Les Miserables:


  26. DandyTIger says:

    Best Fucking Election Ever!!

  27. DandyTIger says:

    Thank goodness for Dana Milbank setting us all straight. Yes indeed, 1/2 of Trump’s supporters are racist. I hope you people feel ashamed. 🙂


  28. SHV says:

    Interesting, Larry Johnson lists his anti-Obama blog posts that were fed to him by Sid Blumenthal and David Brock.
    “Confessions of a Hillary Insider”


  29. Venus says:

    Stolen from “ValkyrieTheDeplorable” at HotGas. It’s glorious:

    After today’s events, I’m more convinced than ever that Hillary is beyond done. Trump hammered this election closed with today’s events, IMO. Biggest. Mic Drop. Ever.

    In watching the coverage, I found a few things to be noteworthy:

    *He had a simple message and what struck me as important was, “She started it and I finished it.”

    *Trump was flanked and endorsed by a legion of military heroes

    *The venue was a building he improved and fixed

    I’m not at all sure that this event was put together as simply a knee jerk reaction designed to cover what Trump said earlier, even though Chris Wallace has portrayed this as a desperate attempt to reverse supposed damage from the “waffling” WaPo interview. I don’t think it was at all. I think there was another, larger message being transmitted by addressing this particular issue with this particular group of people in this particular venue. Was the larger message planned? I have no idea. Did the stars just align correctly by Hillary stepping in it (or maybe more accurately, dragging her limp foot across the pavement again) and resurrecting the race card, and thereby creating an opportunity for this to be more impactful than it may have been otherwise? Not sure. I suspect Trump saw this attack coming, though, and he had the strategy at the ready. He may or may not even realize that his instincts are so laser-accurate in defending incoming missiles or why it all makes so much sense, but in the end it always does. At the very least, he (and perhaps his team) instinctively saw that this could be effectively turned into a different message. We have seen on multiple occasions that he knows how to counter punch. Today was no different.

    It seems to me that the message being relayed could really be easily seen in a larger picture. His reaction today could equate to:

    *Whatever Hillary and/or Obama “started” and were too weak to effectively close or resolve, Trump will finish it. PERIOD. That is the message from a leader and more importantly, in the context of his companions today, from a Commander in Chief. Substitute ISIS, the Iran deal, trade, Obamacare, the border, or any number of issues for this attack and the message is the same. “She/they started it/mucked it up/couldn’t close it and I finished it.” PERIOD. He will not stand down. He will counter, swiftly and effectively, in his own time and his own way. In fact, he just did.

    *Trump will be “backed” in this endeavor by the bravest of the brave in the military, irrespective of gender or race. And sure enough, there they were today, standing right behind him, backing him.

    *As if that were not enough, he reminded us without having to say it that whatever it is, he will fix it. Look at the hotel, the former post office–a Federal building. It had been just sitting there, far from its original glory. He restored it to something beyond what it had ever been without destroying its history and essence. That’s what he intends to do for the country as President. That’s a pretty strong symbol and a powerful parallel to MAGA. The optics are, for me, overwhelming here on all 3 counts.

    So, I think that today was a big win. Maybe I am reading more into this than exists in terms of intention going into it, but I think the message is there nonetheless. And whether they fully comprehend the source of their agony or not, maybe that is why the liberals heads are ‘sploding. Yeah, he rick rolled them. They are mad about that. Deep down though, they may just be getting the real message and that is probably the true source or their disgruntlement: he can handle it and there is absolutely nothing they can do about it. What a fabulous day. Thanks for being here, everyone.

    • DandyTIger says:

      And then the response from the Dems and the MSM (but I repeat myself) with their crying, and whining, and then a full on temper tantrum was the icing on the cake. They couldn’t have reacted any better to seal the deal than they did.

      People like a winner. The Dems and media are losers. And poor losers at that.

  30. mothy67 says:

    Where is Cher? I am getting worried. Her tweets are the best.

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