Overnight Open Thread

I’m still drinking whiskey and watching GOT, so don’t expect to see me before lunch time (my time) tomorrow.


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  1. CiscoKid says:

    On my 3rd pitcher of bloody marys so in a way I’m not drinking alone cuz’ that would be bad.

  2. Dwight is famous for what is called the “Bakersfield Sound”

  3. Venus says:

  4. This was the best song of 2015:

  5. Venus says:

  6. CiscoKid says:

    Whiskey and country music, damn fine night.

    I miss her.

    • elliesmom says:

      I got reprimanded by the principal for playing that in my classroom two hours after school was out and all of the kids had gone home. For a month I went home as soon as my contract said I could leave the building. When he asked me why I wasn’t around and available to parents and kids after hours anymore, I told him I could grade papers and write lesson plans just as well at home, and my dog didn’t censor my music choices. He said “a parent had complained”. Since the janitor and I were the only people left on the floor, and George sang along with the music while he swept the floor, I knew the only one who objected was the jackass himself.

  7. Somewhere in America tonight:

    Joan Jett is rocking a concert.

  8. Dora says:

    Google and others are accusing Trump of snubbing Lester Holt and refusing to shake his hand. It does look that way in the video above. Someone posted this on CTH to prove otherwise.


    Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump shakes hands Moderator Lester Holt, anchor of NBC Nightly News, following the presidential debate with Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton at Hofstra
    11:47 pm, Monday, September 26, 2016

  9. Dora says:

    POST DEBATE POLL SHOCKER=> Hillary Takes 4th Place in ABC News Poll Behind Jill Stein, Gary Johnson

    Donald Trump is leading Hillary Clinton in several post debate polls.


  10. Anthony says:

    My take: Trump needed to appear Presidential, Clinton needed to appear likeable. He did, she didn’t

    • swanspirit says:

      Yes. I would have liked a few more well placed responses from Donald. I loved when he said he would reveal his tax returns when Hillary revealed th 33000 emails. She didn’t look too good when he said that. I wanted more of those.

    • Somebody says:

      Well I think Trump let Hillary and Lester lead him into a couple of rabbit holes, he was too defensive at times…….but I read an interesting take. That take was that on the issues that matter to voters, Trump did well. Where Trump strayed and got defensive the issues didn’t matter to the majority of voters……birther, his taxes, his wealth/debt, whether he supported Iraq war. Those are all media driven “issues”.

      I personally felt like he got too defensive at times and left too much on the table as far as criticizing her. Like the opening he had with “Russian hacking and cyber-security”. I would have shoved that issue up Hillary’s ass sideways. Same goes at the end with that stupid question about him saying she didn’t look Presidential…….I agree on 9-11 she really didn’t fucking look Presidential and that has nothing to do with her gender. When she opened the door about testifying for 11 hours…..boom, again up her ass sideways. He missed those and a few others, oh well.

      Anyway, my point is I’m a political junkie most people aren’t. I thought the sentiment that he won on issues that matter was interesting. I think to someone that isn’t tuned into politics 24/7 all the other stuff didn’t matter to them and probably annoyed them.

      • blowme0bama says:

        WRT your first paragraph, I thought he really missed on each of those media created “issues” and could have done more there too. On the birther issue, he wandered around too long with Solis Doyle and Sid Blumenthal without clearly connecting them to her, should have just said, “your 2008 campaign managers created the entire thing and coordinated with the media, much as your 2016 does now.” Just so many things he could have stomped her with that he missed on because he spent too much time being defensive.

        WRT your second paragraph, that would have been perfect.

        On the whole, He scored some points, but I don’t think either one of them won over anyone who hadn’t made up their minds already.

        • Somebody says:

          I agree with you, I don’t think any minds were really changed.

          I think one of the biggest things that disappointed me last night was his complete miss during the “racial” discussion. He deflected the 1973 thing OK, that was his father’s company…..although I wouldn’t have bragged about “negotiating” no guilt. I would have worded it differently. However, he finally brought up Palm Beach, FINALLY. However, he didn’t give viewers any context, it didn’t come across well. He tried to rush that in and it didn’t just work. I really wish he had elaborated more on that, because that does go to character somewhat and he really could have put himself in a good light.

          I was also disappointed that he didn’t bring up CGF once, nor did he mention Haiti after the people he met with asked him to. Instead of challenging her on her deleted emails in exchange for his taxes he should have challenged her to an independent audit of CGF or Haiti funds vs his taxes. THAT would be an in your face challenge AND give him a chance to highlight the corruption.

          One last thing, when it comes to NATO he’s right. He may not have spoken artfully when bringing up his initial concern, but he’s right they don’t pay their fair share. When Hillary was harping on and on, he should have just retorted something along the lines of “Gosh Hillary and I thought you were a big proponent of the rich paying their fair share, but you don’t want to hold some of the wealthiest countries in the world to that standard”. Maybe worded a little differently but something like that throwing one of her tag lines back in her face.

          • blowme0bama says:

            Palm Beach – I know – he didn’t put it in any context, it required someone to already know about the background to understand the significance of it.

            CGF would have been great right there.

            He REALLY ought to prepare just a little bit more. Those kinds of things he could have just spent 3 hours reading prepared lines on CGI/Haiti, Benghazi, etc..

            He just goes in and wings it. THAT doesn’t look good to me. I understand he’s got great intuition, but he disdains preparation.

      • Constance says:

        Hillary has sort of a Hermione Granger know-it-all academic vibe going and that is not the type who gets elected to even Student Body President because on a primal level even kids know that academic’s propose unreal solutions and can’t get people “on board” with their plans. I think most people see academics as a special kind of stupid. My friend has an older brother who was in the super gifted public school program and she says she treats him like a special needs person now that he is an adult. When she says it people nod like they get it. So my point is most people won’t choose an academic as a chief problem solver.

      • Anthony says:

        Most people I’ve spoken to stopped watching after about 30 min in. Even though he didn’t hit every point you mentioned (or most of us hoped he would), what a lot of my friends took away is that he is NOT afraid to fuck with TPTB and their policies.

        I wasn’t exactly over the moon with his performance – as a matter of fact, I found myself wincing at much of it. But to his credit, he was fearlessly calling “Bullshit!” on the Uniparty agenda and pulling it out into the sunlight for all to see. (well, for most to see. Those that preferred to remain blind are now at least thinking about what he said)

    • mcnorman says:

      A lot of folks are saying that. They really can’t stand her. She was everything that they have read or heard about her, nasty and aggressive. In other words she will shake your hand and smile while pissing on your feet.

      • blowme0bama says:

        I think where she REALLY came off bad was the next to last comment when she looked smarmy bringing up the comments about Rosie O’Donnel and some Miss USA contestants.

      • Anthony says:

        Count me in among those people. I never thought I’d get to the point where the sound of her snide voice and condescending attitude would bring me to the point where I almost punched a hole in the wall lol

  11. Dora says:

  12. DeniseVB says:

    Polls, polls, polls.

    • Lulu says:

      On points “Hilary” won. On style Trump won. On “likability” Trump won. And everyone remembers WHY they hate the fucking Main Stream Media. Trump needs to prepare and put his mind into preparing for the next debate. Her drug cocktail gave her an awful little semi-permanent “teacher’s pet” smirk which made a lot of us want to smack her. And every camera trick known to Hollywood and soap opera directors was used to stop a physical comparison from the stout, smirking, know it all to the tall, physically imposing, “leaning in” persuader. Lester Holt’s unfortunate hairline makes him look like a freak alien. His head looks like a half hairy egg. Go bald or get a rug dude!

      We are finishing up 8 years of a hectoring, dumbass “professorial” jerkwad as prezzy. Do we want 4-8 MORE of a “teacher’s pet” knows best you scum, deporables, “do as I say” Merkel wannabe prezzy. I think most people have had enough of bad, credentialed, failing, self appointed elites. When I look at Hilary I think of Gruber her know it all, self dealing colleague and my gorge rises. Theft disguised as “public service”.

      • Somebody says:

        I think the optics of the next debate could be terrible for Hillary if Martha Raddatz tries to “fact check” like Holt did. Especially if Hillary is on the attack again, it will come off as two shrills harping.

        I really hope though that Trump brings up Haiti in the next debate. Martha Raddatz did a lot of reporting on Haiti, he should watch those tapes.

    • Constance says:

      CNN is really an outlier and didn’t have many votes overall. That should concern them. I would think USA Today would draw the most diverse crowd and that has Trump at 55%

  13. DeniseVB says:

    The most important demographic, bar people !

    • Dora says:

      I was just coming to post that. It seems like the folks in that bar were actually listening to what was said during the debate.

  14. Venus says:

    Good morning TCHers and thank you Lord for a beautiful day.

    A “draw” is a win for Trump. He moderated himself to disprove Hillary’s attack ads that he’s a lunatic/Hitler who isn’t a serious candidate & shouldn’t be allowed near the red button. Meanwhile, Hillary is still Hillary — blah, blah, blah, racist, blah, blah, blah.

    We know Hillary is no dummy. She is a lawyer & has been through many, many campaigns. She knows how to debate. So her doing well should have been expected — plus she was doped up to the gills (notice how s-l-o-w-l-y she spoke?) to prevent any “mishap” — what she *had* to do was be likable. She failed.

    Trump won the online polls — the MSM can laugh at them, but the Drudge poll was right in the primaries when the MSM all declared Trump DEAD after almost every single debate (just as they are now).

    Plus, even the insane spinners in the MSM declaring that Hillary won admit Trump won the first 30 to 45 minutes — which is when most people were watching. The truly “undecideds” got bored & switched after that I guarantee — they saw enough of Trump to make him a plausible choice. That’s all they needed.

    In case anyone missed it:

    • votermom says:

      The more I think about it, the more I think Trump accomplished his biggest goal, which was basically to open negotiations with the undecided DEM voters.

      (Because he already has the rightwing base and the Never-Trumpers are a lost cause).

      While Hillary was still trying to appeal to her base.

  15. votermom says:

    It just occurred to me that at the debate last night, for the first time that I can remember, it was the Dem that appeared out of touch and the Republican that appeared to have sympathy for the common guy.

    Also, I’m glad Trump didn’t step into any feminist landmines that would have the feminazis in a tizzy today. In fact it’s Hillary who got deductions for bringing up her husband’s accomplishments.

    • Lulu says:

      Trump did OK which is fine for a non-professional hack pol who does this shit for a living and has for decades. If he was one on one negotiating anything without an “moderator” shoving her ass over the finish line, he would eat her lunch. Without Bill she is no great shakes and just another entitled hanger on. This go round Hilary latched on to Bronco. She has to have some dude paving the way for her in all things it seems to me.

      • Constance says:

        Agreed. She also latched on to Cuban and he is really not stable. Qualities of showmanship people don’t like in Trump, Cuban has even more of.

    • DeniseVB says:

      The same Hillary who snapped at a foreign reporter who asked her what her husband thought of such’n’such and Hilly replied “He’s not secretary of state, I AM !” ?

      Some of Hillary’s “best” moments …..

  16. votermom says:

    there was a hawk on our deck just now. Flew away before I could get a pic.

    • Lulu says:

      We have hawks and owls too. If we get too close to a window or glass door the big birds give us dirty looks. They eat snakes and rabbits if they can find them in the flower beds. A big owl sits in a red oak staring at the hydrangeas all the time looking for a snack.

    • lyn says:

      Here’s another one.


      “Trump was good at hammering home that Hillary is part of the problem, notwithstanding all her yammering about solutions. He spoke about America as an ongoing concern that’s going bankrupt and promised to fix it. I like that message. I don’t know how it resonates with others. He got a little obscure when he talked about not being highly leveraged — I don’t know how many understood — but it might have been intended to impress them with his business savvy; i.e., he knows things about business they don’t, and that’s a good thing.”

      • lyn says:

        Love this comment about how Trump did:
        “About as well as could be expected. Hillary, the seasoned, thirty something years experienced politician in her element. With the house odds in her favor of course. And Trump, his first real encounter with the wicked witch, will lick his wounds about missed opportunities and come back stronger next time.
        “I know he is pulling his punches because he doesn’t want to appear to “bully” her, but he needs to take off the gloves. That is what won him so many voters during the regular campaign, in taking on the established repubs and calling a spade a spade. I say, call it, her and Bill, like it is, especially in responding to Hillary’s claims of his misogyny, and fire back about her enabling and supporting Bill’s behaviors throughout their marriage. This is bloodsport and nothing is off-limits. I think he will win more votes by going bare knuckle against her. After all, she keeps harping about how she has fought for wymens rights, so now she can play on a level field with da men!
        “Donald, go for the KO!”

  17. mcnorman says:

    Donald Trump came to debate. Hillary Clinton came to insult. And NBC’s Lester Holt came to
    apply for a job as Mrs. Bill Clinton’s press secretary.

  18. Anthony says:

    If anyone in America still can’t decide between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, they’re just too fucking stupid to be trusted with a vote, a pet, a pair of scissors, or unsupervised public interaction. Just thought I’d throw that in there…

  19. Venus says:

    So the ONLY two who got it right during the primary on Trump say Trump won. Scott Adams (all he had to do was be less scary. He did that) and Don Suber:


    • DandyTIger says:

      Scott also said something the other day about the Cuban/Flowers thing. He said Trump’s tweet equated Cuban and Flowers. So before Cuban was a somewhat respectable billionaire, a peer to Trump. After a comparison to someone who has affairs with a married man, nothing personal against Flowers, he made Cuban and Hillary’s use of him cheap and tawdry. High score on the persuasion meter.

  20. Dora says:

    I think Hillary’s performance actually turned some people off. Good!


    Presidential debate surprise: Clinton loses ground among some voters in North Carolina


  21. Dora says:

    It just keeps on getting better.

  22. Anthony says:

    This is hilarious!

    “10 Flavors of the SJW: A Guide”


  23. Dora says:

    This is the mayor who Hillary was complimenting during the debate last night. BTW he was also her campaign manager when she carried her carpetbag to New York and ran for the senate.


    #IAmMuslim IAmNYC: Following several Islamic terrorist attacks in the past two weeks, including in NYC, Commie Mayor Bill de Blasio decides to waste more taxpayer money promoting programs just for Muslims


  24. I just woke up a little bit ago and discovered that the only available beverages in the house were whiskey and tap water. I don’t drink water and it seemed a little early for whiskey so I had to go to the store. Now I have milk and Diet Pepsi to wash down my Egg McMuffin and harsh browns.

    • Anthony says:

      You’re cannibalizing Evan McMullen? For breakfast?!?! I would’ve stuck with the whisky and water….

  25. Dora says:

  26. Anthony says:

    Gotta love milo 😀

    • Somebody says:

      There is no doubt that many of the questions were part of the Clinton campaign and MSM (but I repeat myself) list of Trump gotcha’s. There were no questions of that nature aimed at Clinton.

      I’m not so sure how much the average Joe or Jane cares about the gotcha questions and the fact that there were no questions posed to Clinton probably confirmed total media bias to a lot of people. Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know about the emails, the private server and Benghazi, quite possibly some inkling about pay to play with the foundation, definitely you know Hillary seems to be above the law. Holt asked not one question about any of that, nor did he really hold Hillary or the Obama administration to any kind of account for their miserable foreign policy and the hell it has rained down on multiple continents.

      That being said, if those same Trump gotcha questions or some version of them are posed in either of the next two debates I think most people will tune out and whatever shred of credibility the media has will be lost.

      • Anthony says:

        The “average Joe” might not care so much about those questions, but forcing her to answer them would certainly push them to the front of the line as well as highlight her skill at lying out of both sides of her mouth

    • DeniseVB says:

      Yet Lester remembered all of Trump’s “scandals” ? LoL ! Hillary had to have known her Q’s before the debate, her responses felt rehearsed. A lot of people felt that way.

  27. Shez ZK says:

    There’s a pic of Hillary’s black van on Twitter saying that she was rushed out and whisked away after the debate before reporters could question her. I watched the debate on C-Span and afterwards it was all Trump, Trump, Trump for quite awhile until they finally found some of her people to interview.

    This morning on Fox the spin from her liars is that Trump had to enter the “spin room” last night but she didn’t. To defend himself or something something… frog feathers. Then presto here comes Hillary, all refreshed and perky from her exclusive daily European Day Spa treatments. My daughter is a licensed esthetician and it’s way more than botox going on with #HectoringHillary. (h/t Lulu? perfect) Sporting the same hairdo and smug smirk as last night. Suddenly, as obviously pre-arranged, the reporters are all shouting at her “Do you think Trump will even show up at the next debate?!!???!!” And off they went on that, how Trump might be scared to debate her again and not show in Nevada. Eyeroll. I busted out laughing.

  28. lyn says:

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