Madison Bumgarner took on the Norse god Thor and shut out the NY Mets for nine innings.

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  1. CiscoKid says:


    • Lulu says:

      …..and? So what? The models were contracted, paid to have “girly” pictures taken, and left. Why are they shaming “girly” models who are making a living? Trump also “married” two girly models. How many rich guys actually “marry” them? He obviously isn’t ashamed of beautiful young women who use their “talents” to make an honest living. I’m tired of this fun “shaming” from ugly little twerps like this.

      • swanspirit says:

        I bet every red blooded American male thought aw that’s terrible! NOT!!! Only Pajama boys would clutch their flannel pjs and faint. And I have news for the little weasel reporting this.
        There are ads in every fashion magazine more salacious than what Donald did. Not to mention Cosmo!

      • foxyladi14 says:

        Amen!!Lulu. 😀

      • DeniseVB says:

        I always loved when they said “Woman want him, Men want to be him”. I’ve always been a Trump fan throughout his tabloidy career 😉 I don’t think I’ve ever read anything worse than Bill Clinton’s adventures in the gossip rags.

  2. mothy67 says:

    What is it with Tim Kaine everyone even the die hard Hillary supporters I know find the guy creepy. I think it screams she makes bad decisions. Lots of talk about fat. I don’t see it as an issue. People get old they vet fat. Tim Kaine always has that belly hanging out. Looks slovenly. And that two or three hairs he has. Keep that shit short. Buzz it. He looks like he is pretending to have hair. I think Trump sons need to ease off the product. Doubt anyone cares from where I sit Ivanka is Alpha.
    Just does not compute. They spend millions on consultants. No one says you look hideous. Hillary looks like an oven mitt. Ifvshe must wear those jackets. Why not go neutral. Charcoal. No she wears mustard. Color me sexist and shallow but I think she dresses like trailer trash. Tim Kaine looks like he bough a suit from Sears. Why don’t they have anyonevsaying you look like ass. Pale blue works very well for Hillary. Soft matches her eyes. One of her big negativesis the sound of ber voice why dress in brutal colors. Yellow is only for hot people. Dims are so incestuous with Hollywood why don’t the utilize that. Bill looks like an old drunk. Too thin. He looks like he is consumptive. Looking back to the 90’s I think I forgave Bill because he was vibrant. A blow job in the Oval Officealmost like duh. Now he is a shadow.sickly. how do millenials view him. The sax playing fun guy expired. Imagine being 21 a young women and hearing about his exploits. Sadly I did not care about a little girl back then. Ashamed to say but I did not see his behavior as bad. Today if my brat I would go Rick Grimes and eatchis esophagus. Then ten to twenty I jail. No one ever wonders about Monica’s parents. What they must have gone through. My doctor and attorney are late 20’s women. Hillary is not a shero. They do not like her. I’d say they are new Republicans. Yuuge subset of people that do not have trigger warnings. Think boys have a penis and girls a vagina. Think forcing baking a gay cake is stupid. I am pro life but don’t see it as my decision.
    My godparents, Tony and Maria, are from purto Rico. I was yelling at Shay and she said you are yelling at me in Spanish. I had no idea. I lived upstate Manhatten in the Dominican Republic of New York also known as Washington Heights. I lived in Berlin for a year. I can understand German and French. I cannot speak either. I go full retard. Translate every word. I barely do English. I can watch a film and understand but it takesme ten minutes to ask for water. So oddI have been around Spanish speaking people all my life. Never took a class. French and German in high school and college. Shaypup did a Mean Girl thing. Very cruel. I believe in her. Not going to accept cruelty . No I worked to hard for too many years to allow her to be self centered c??nt. Not going to happen on my watch. Nope. Dionne is poor. Very poor. Times she goes to school in same clothes all week. She had no gym shoes like I care about about 40 dollars for shoes. I said I had bogo and got her sneakers. Kids got nasty. 5th grade. I made some bank. My mudroom is a shoe closet. Shay has hundreds of shoes. She has three bedrooms. One is clothes. My older brother is VP at Family Dollar so I have yuuge clothes racks. Big round things. I give away to Salvation Army so much when seasons change. Stuff with tags. Anyhow I love Dolly. Coat of Many Colors. I had an outhouse and a bucket for cold nights. We had a TV it just didn’t work. My mom would sit us down on payday and make us make up stories on the TV. We told epic stories. No plumbing, no phone, no washer or dryer. I skipped 2nd and 6th grade. I had money. Retired at 40. Had is operative. I be broke. Not really. I do have to get a job. My siblings all fall under upper middle class. I will not let pup diminish a child for being poor. She is an investment. I believe in her. She matters to me. Honestly how many kids get thrown away and get a great gay uncle that had multiple open hearts. Her mom is such a clown. Everything is about her. Ten years she has never acknowledged baby girls birthday. She has two more kids. They live in a trailer and steal Netflix. Both live on disability. 1400 a month. Nothing will ever get better. One might ponder why I tooknon this imp. Her mom is a frequent flyer at psych hospital. Cuts herself. How dull. She never really hurt herself but she gets disability. Never calls her kid. I am an asshole but I made sure pup dealt with a pro. 200/wk for therapy. Doc said she was healthy. Shrinks don’t give up 800 a month. Her mom and grandmother threw a yuuge party for her sister. Invited Shay. How can an adult be so cold. Her bday was September 1. No call no gift. I made a choice ten years ago saw this little neglected cretin. I surrendered. Knew when I felt her chubby arms around my neck I was giving her all I had. I am not a real parent. I stumble a lot. Thingvis,she was,waste. No one cared about her. I applaud Milo. Her mom plays this victim card. Whatever you had a kid grow up. Life sucks. It is always hard. Pup does ballet solos, she has a red belt, plays piano and sax, never a B, tutors math, MVP in softball. She is vibrant. Goes to math contests at CMU. Rugrat no one cared about.
    I believe in her. Will not give up. Not going to let her be mean. Never. She is like a piece of art. So funny I was mad threw open her door and yelled in Spanish. I did not know I knew Spanish. I was so angry that she could make fun of some one for bein poor. I let loose did it in a foreign language had no idea I was doing it. I never raise my voiceto her. She is a good kid. I think I was so madI switched to Spanish to yell. Thank god I didn’t go German. Mad spanish is sexy mad german is scary.

    • lateblum says:

      Tim, I think the funniest thing I have read in a long, long time is …

      “Hillary looks like an oven mitt.”

      It may also be true. But I thought she knocked it out of the park when she wore that red number at the first debate. She may have been pumped full of B12 and other supplements and Botox and everything else that takes about a week to work. But she looked great. She is now doing the same “preparation” for the St. Lousi debate. No appearances, no speeches, nothing but “preparations”. We’ll see how she looks Monday.

  3. mothy67 says:

    I took a stroll down memory lane. The place is at best bereft. Plywood inwindows. Very sad. Place looks like third world country. Heroin is huge. I grew up there. We would sleep on grandmothers porch and ride our bikes. Nanny had a lot in Big Bear West Virginia. Scotty trailer on small plot. It was the Hamptons to us rednecks. Life was delightful. We sat around campfires, swam in lakes. I spent every weekend as a kid there. No money. I remember eating only jelly bread. We had fun. Today Clairton and Mckeesport are pitiful holes. Heroin is everywhere. There is no hope. There are no jobs. I had to look. Why did my siblings escape? Only thing I can see is we were Catholic.

  4. mothy67 says:

    I have often ridden my high horse thinking grandiose how cool my misfit got a great gay rich uncle. I was full of myself whatvif opposite is true. My life was fun pre her. I was forty acting like I was 20. Man child. Club time had to end. I was tooo old to do blow at after hours. I went from lines of coke to checking bottle temps on my arm. No regrets.

  5. lateblum says:

    Madbum was great last night. So was Syndergaard. My most favorite quote from last night was Madbum saying, “Why are you asking me all these hard questions.” I’m certain he meant, “Why are you wasting my time with these stupid ass questions. Just leave me the F alone and let me go into the locker room.”
    Looking forward to the game tomorrow night.

  6. Somebody says:

    Kathy if you’re out there I hope you and your family stay safe. Look at most recent computer models, official track hasn’t changed but models shifted don’t look good for JAX. Nassau County ordered evacuation for all zones this am. We were walking out the door anyway. Heading up thru GA they are evacuating and shutting down too. Model looks like swipe from JAX up coast exit north of Charleston, but official track hasn’t shifted.

    Stay safe! Things can be replaced, lives can’t. Praying this damn thing gets pulled out to sea and this is just a really good drill for all of us.

    • taw46 says:

      So glad you left, it is extremely dangerous. I have been worried about friends and family in Brevard county since yesterday. Many are staying in their homes and it will be a Cat 4, even talking about possibility of Cat 5. Most of my friends left the barrier islands, but two have stayed. Stay safe, everyone.

    • blowme0bama says:

      YES, get TF out. This is a baaaad storm.

    • Kathy says:

      Somebody..y’all be careful..keep the car gassed. We are far enough inland that I think we will be fine. Georgia is probably best now. My nephew and his wife are trying to get out of Charleston but the roads are packed and barely moving. My youngest and her family live in Riverside so we will all hunker down here and probably play cards if we lose wifi (damn). Safe travels..let us hear if you can.

      • Somebody says:

        We’re only 6 miles inland. My son is 7.5 inland but a stone’s throw from a tidal creek. Son is in cat1 evac zone, we are in cat4 zone, even though they’ve changed them all to letters now that is how it equates.

        We are headed to Mooresville, NC to my daughter’s. My son is already there with the grandkids, he left last night right after dinner. We helped him secure his house and yard and pack, then we came home and did our own stuff and left early this morning. We’re taking the “long way”, up through GA to Augusta trying to avoid the clusterf@ck near the coast.
        Stay safe Kathy and all cradadders in the path. Hopefully it will turn sooner then they expect and spare the coast.

        FF you are correct the 1800″s…….BTW you were here and didn’t let me know? Bad FF, bad! Next time maybe we can get together, hopefully I’ll still have a house to invite you to! Hope your family in Woodbine is evacuating or in a safe location.

    • Ann says:

      Glad you are getting out to somewhere safe, Somebody.

      Our area was under mandatory evacuation as of yesterday. We had notification 2 days prior to today to “get out”. Since we are not there (thank goodness) we will have to wait for notification from the condo association or management company as to the damage (we are on the ocean). We do have hurricane windows and hurricane insurance and don’t live there, so things could be worse for us on a personal level.

      My heart goes out to the permanent residents of our community – with the Atlantic Ocean on one side and the Tolomato River on the backside, it is gonna be a mess.

    • lateblum says:

      Be safe everyone from FL up the east coast. It looks like a bad storm. 😱

  7. I was just in Amelia Island, Yulee & Saint Marys this time last week. After years in Disaster response, people NEED to leave. Last time a storm this size hit SE Coastal GA was in the 1800’s. People have NO idea.

    • lyn says:

      My sister rents out a condo in Jupiter, FL, and the tenants went on vacation without putting on the hurricane shutters. She found someone to do it yesterday, but she was frantic. Her place is close to the ocean, so she can expect damage if Matthew hits.

    • taw46 says:

      Brevard County has NEVER had a direct hit from a Cat 3 or higher, in the 160 yrs they have kept records. My friends think since they have been through a Cat 1 or 2, they can ride it out. They are clueless. My only hope is that the eye stays far enough off shore that they won’t get the hurricane force winds. It still will be bad.

      • blowme0bama says:

        Yeah, whoever gets that north eyewall is going to be in serious pain.

        • taw46 says:

          I am making myself ill worrying about them, so many friends up there. Such a beautiful area. And I also am concerned about KSC and Cape Canaveral. And Atlantis – I hope the building is strong enough to protect the orbiter.

  8. votermom says:

    So apparently there was some Gab drama. Vox Day summed it up.

    I am guessing that means that guy who followed us claiming to be a Gab co-founder was a fake?

  9. CiscoKid says:

    Lifted from Second CityCop.
    “And They Have Time For This.”
    The city is in crisis, the streets are red with blood, the rent-collectors are at the door, and the City Council has time for this?
    Downtown Ald. Brendan Reilly (42nd) moved Wednesday to punish Donald Trump for using a 50 percent spike in homicides and shootings to paint a “distorted caricature” of Chicago as a “decimated, war-torn country.”

    If the full City Council goes along with the idea, the Republican presidential nominee would be stripped of a recognition he covets: “Trump Plaza,” the honorary designation approved for the east side of Wabash Avenue between Illinois Street and the main branch of the Chicago River.
    When Trump was building his tower, the aldercreatures were lined up to take photos and more than willing to name a street after the guy. After all, he was probably greasing some palms along with the photo-ops. They had plenty of time for that.

    But hey, let’s check the tape:

    Golly, Trump told the truth, and for this he must be punished? Makes perfect sense. If Trump actually wins the election, how soon will these idiots be lining up to beg for D.C. money for assorted bailouts?
    Labels: city politics

    • lateblum says:

      No one tells the truth about Chicago, or else.
      Even my DD#1 who moved to a luxury condo building in the South Loop reconstructs the truth. Since she moved in, late last spring, there have been at least 3 deaths/murders within 1 block of her building. THREE murders. She calls them many things, but not murder or killings. That way the area remains desirable and those who bought into the area won’t lose their investments.

  10. CiscoKid says:

    Oops, forgot the graphics.

  11. lyn says:

    A recent new NBC News “Survey Monkey” online poll shows Hillary Clinton with a six percentage point lead over Donald Trump.

    But polling experts says when it comes to polls, the devil is often in the unreported details. Not mentioned in this article is that substantially more people who identify as Democrats took part in the NBC poll. According to the poll, 26,925 likely voters were sampled. Digging into the methodology and details, 29% (7,808) consider themselves Republicans and 36% (9,693) consider themselves Democrats. The difference of 1,882 means about 24% more Democrats were interviewed than Republicans. Suddenly a 6 percentage point lead doesn’t look as good for Clinton.

    • CiscoKid says:

      Polls, polls,polls.
      No matter what they say, please vote, even if they have Trump leading by 50.
      No one can afford not to cast his/her ballot.

      • Constance says:

        So true!

      • jennifer lyn says:

        100% agree…this is the last election if you don’t vote for Trump. At least the last election that will matter. We have Americans being beaten and crowds do nothing for the mere fact that they support Trump over Clinton. And the MSM is cheering for the beaters not the beaten. We are in the death throes like Rome burning and Nero fiddling Obama is playing golf and jacking off and the USA is imploding. Let’s get the water trucks going people TRUMP is our last chance. I am not a fatalist nor am I crazy just very very aware of what is going on.

  12. votermom says:

    Baby Pepe!!!!

  13. Lulu says:

    We had a contingent of BLM come to the local junior college yesterday. They were screaming and hollering at kids coming from the big parking lot to classes (this is 100% commuter school). The school security officers (two black retired police officers) bodily shooed them off the side walk, told them not to impede people trying to go to class, and then they could “scream away”. The two “daddies” then stood there with arms folded and patting their foot. BLM lasted thirty minutes and left. I know one of the officers and he played professional football for a couple of years for the Giants (he is about 6’4” and 300 pounds and getting older) and a very sweet guy. The BLM confrontation with authority did not work out like they thought when they were treated like small children.

    • CiscoKid says:

      Of course Hillary stealing from the Haitians is ok.

      • Mt.Laurel says:

        I see that the Clintons are using the latest disaster to replenish their coffers. After all, expenses for keeping people quite by any means necessary have been particularly high this year. One has to wonder how they word that deduction category on their taxes. Inquiring minds want to know. And the whole thing begs the question: what percent take have the promised the O’s and VJ?

  14. DandyTIger says:

  15. votermom says:

    • AFVet says:

      There is no end to their audacity.
      They should let it go to weeds, or plow it under and plant grass.
      Her school lunch program proved to be a disaster.
      The kids were throwing the food in the trash bin and the schools were giving it to hog farmers.

    • Anthony says:

      It could easily be transformed into a wonderful refuge for various species of displaced and/or abandoned simians. That would be fitting imho 🙂

    • swanspirit says:

      As IF, it were really her idea, and something she was actually interested in, but it never was more than a PR stunt, and she never actually dug in the dirt or got her nails dirty. Any time she visited the garden it was a photo OP.
      Another phony Obama piece of manure.

  16. mothy67 says:

    The older I get dealing with a child tge more conservative I become. Way back when before I made French Toast sticks I read It Takes a Village and I bought it hook line and sinker. What bullshit. There is no substitute for parenting. You have to give yourself to a kid. They need to understand they matter to you. I see so many broken kids. Young parents act as if the world owes them something. Little girl was over and she said Shayla was lucky no one pays any attention to her. It doesn’t cost a thing to care to listen. I talk to my brat. Hopefully I know where she is. I see so much tragedy kids almost raising selfish parents. I would like to slap a few of you in the head. You are gifting children. Crash is recognised. Nothing beats that. So many from where I sit kids are untreated. Your grandkids know you care. Existing being valued counts. Same thing with my dog. She was abused and neglected. My sister in law cannot understand how I deal with Bella. She is bad. Really terrible. She was left outside on a very short leash for years. She is not well behaved. So bad. Rain terrifies her. She shakes. Takes valium. We got her from the pound. Tiny thing in a cage away from all the other dogs. She had been returned three times. Shay found her. I adore her. She is not easy neither am I. Maybe some of us are meant to deal with more. Bell plays with deer. They are buds come to see her. She wakes up and plays with my bunny. They chase each other. I can’t fathom not yelling at her. Its constant. She is so bad. Crud got a life lesson. I did not return her. She is my responsibility. I do cherish her. Last week she was left alone. She no like left alone. She tore down all the curtains. I tried very hard to get mad but I just laughed.
    I think it might be nice if you grandparents took a step back and patted yourself on the back. You are giving these kids something wonderful. They matter to you makes it possible to matter to themselves. I see so much heartbreak with little ones. Tragic. So many do not care enough to call a child Crash. I smile everytime I read that. What is better? I made a decision ten years ago Pup was not going to be a victim. I could not compensate for dead beat parents. I chose to let her know I cared about her. They should lock me up ajd throw away the key. I played Poor Poor Pitiful Me all the time. So sick the song starts out about suicide. Laid my head on the railroad tracks. Twisted

  17. AFVet says:

    The doggy wants some ice cream.

  18. mothy67 says:

    I did not make a choice. No hero here walked out of Wawa on 16th and Spruce. Woman had been shot in the head. I held her in my arms. So fucked up I ran towards gunfire. I knew dick. Placed my feeble hands against her bullet holes. Was all I knew. Cops came picked us both up and planted us in a paddy wagon. I never let go of her. They took us to Hahnamann. Felt like hours. Maybe 5 minutes. Over and over again all she blood gurgled was I cannot die I have three children. Not a second about her having bullets in her head. Just the kids. I make everything about me. I was drenched in blood and I thought if Sharon(mom) ate leadwould she think about me. Duh I knew the answer of course. Maryanne Stowman did not perish. She is a great grandmotherand lives in South Philly. Bitch took two bullets to the head. I say bitch with affection. I cannot not dislike her. She ruined my favorite shirt. Beg of thee try getting brain matter out of a white shirt.

  19. mothy67 says:

    I gave up watching TV after the Meagain Trump debate. No one tells me how to think. I found it insulting. I question why they have never asked why we boarded Trump train to begin with. For me its simple. The kid. Too much happens. Malls.I look for strength. He offers that. !yeb! Not so much.

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