This is your brain on Koolaid


Apparently some people were watching a different debate last night than the rest of us.


I’m hearing that Trump may have done just enuf last night to keep his candidacy alive and that Hillary failed to deliver a knock out blow despite her many opportunities to do so.

One observation on this seems to ring true. Hillary doesn’t want to finish him off. She wants to keep him in the game and let him “bleed out”. That is, let his campaign slowly lose more and more support until there’s no way for him to recover. That leaves the Republican Party with no options.
If she had finished him off last night, there might have been more calls from Republicans to pressure him to drop out.

Maybe they still will pressure him to drop out.

In any case, what we saw last night was that Trump was a looming, menacing presence, hovering over her and making all of us very uncomfortable, even if it didn’t seem to rattle her. It was creepy. He can not conceal his hatred and contempt.

This is an open thread. The SFGiants are on the brink of elimination from the playoffs.


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44 Responses to This is your brain on Koolaid

  1. votermom says:

    So. Much. Projection.

  2. DandyTIger says:

    Well isn’t that special. She’s just so sure of herself. I don’t seem to remember it that way. Perhaps she was watching a different debate. I don’t know, maybe one with SATAN! — Church Lady.

  3. taw46 says:

  4. Ann says:

    Without clicking, I can guess that “blogger” in one note. Because that is all she is, a one note blogger.

  5. lyn says:

  6. lyn says:

  7. lyn says:

  8. kanaughty says:

    You know what i have been thinking, there is probably a percentage of voters in the south in hurricane matthews path who’ve completely missed this whole video kerfluffle anyway. Which includes swing states, florida, north carolina and virginia. Because even though someone like me pays attention, i can tell you i’d be more hyperfocused on the decision and preparations for evac instead since friday.

    • taw46 says:

      You may be right. I had many friends in Florida and family in the Carolinas who were doing just that. And because of the lack of electricity for days, they would not see the tape, or at least would miss the media freak-out over it. Now so many of them are dealing with clean-up, flooding in lots of areas. Heck, even I was glued to The Weather Channel.

  9. Dora says:

    I’m not always happy with O’Reilly, but here he seems to be telling it like it is.


    O’Reilly: At Least 3 Media Orgs Have ‘Ordered Employees to Destroy Trump’

    At least three media organizations have “ordered their employees to destroy Donald Trump,” Bill O’Reilly said this morning.

    Sitting down with Bill Hemmer to analyze last night’s second debate between Trump and Hillary Clinton, O’Reilly said he’s “100 percent convinced” of the media plot against Trump.

  10. Venus says:

    I’ll just leave this here:

  11. Dora says:

  12. Venus says:

    So, Hillary can’t handle Trump standing behind her (a common occurrence in every single one of these “town hall” style debates) but she TOTALLY stand up to Putin.

  13. Venus says:

    James O’Keefe’s first “mini-bombshell” — he promises a few more mini ones & then an ATOMIC one.
    As bad as this is, I hope the others have more to them, because I don’t see this one as doing anything more than ruining this guy’s life — the Dems will claim he’s full of shit & the MSM will ignore.

  14. votermom says:

    This is by an AoSHQ occasional commenter

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