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Overnight Open Thread

Scott Adams (that “Dilbert” guy) thinks he knows what’s going on: Some say Comey is a political pawn in a rigged system. By that movie script we can explain why he dropped the initial email case. But we can’t explain … Continue reading

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This Is What A Hillary Ratfucker Looks Like

This guy is just too fucking obvious to be for real. This is the kind of ratfucking operation that was exposed by Project Veritas. A true Trump supporter would not be screaming at the media while Trump was on stage … Continue reading

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Identity Politics is a Shell Game

This post could just as easily been called “What I Learned in Midlife.” Or maybe “Clichés are Real if You Live Long Enough.” Fuck. I’ve been searching for an explanation for why I gave up the Vag Voter Badge this … Continue reading

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