A New Hope


It’s the day before another presidential election, my seventh, and a beautiful blazing sun is burning in the sky. I’m burning the rubber on a state road in Indiana, returning from a job assignment that’s taken me far, far away from the urban capitol that is my home. On this road from Bloomington, the city that Indiana University built, rolling hills and lush wooded landscapes are dotted with local businesses and the occasional smattering of big box retailers. Every mile or two there’s a cluster of electoral signs, and a Trump sign is always featured prominently. Every farm I see has a Trump sign stuck out by the road.

There are no Hillary signs. As I reflect on this, I realize there are precious few in the city, too. I haven’t seen many as I’ve criss-crossed the state this autumn. There was that one, strangely in Connersville, where the Trump signs dominates both in number and size. Yuuuuge Trump signs in that area, and then that little bitty Hillary sign in the yard of a cheap ranch house with purple trim and a half a dozen wind chimes strewn in a dead wildflower garden. At this point I honestly couldn’t tell you if there weren’t that many or if I’d tuned them out, like I’ve largely tuned out this election. This year I’ve been afraid to hope.

As I drive I listen to the NPR station broadcast from Indy. I keep it on for company, and to check in on what the rabid partisans are reporting. It’s the top of the hour for Evening Edition, and so the local news is on to briefly report on the local scene. The trees are still clinging to their leaves owing to unseasonably warm weather, and I’m almost too distracted by the beauty of the turning oaks to hear the announcer talking about the results for early voting here in Indiana. Like a child coming out of a reverie, I’m shocked back into awareness by it.

Indiana has shattered the 2008 early voting total. Hoosiers have cast more than 700,000 early votes this year. But Indianapolis / Marion County is way down; it has seen fewer than 63,000 early votes cast, down from 87,000+ in 2008.

I know what this means. It means that rural and suburban Indiana is turning out, and that urban Indiana is not. I also know that this cannot just be happening in Indiana. And just like that, I’m not afraid to hope anymore.

This election has confounded pundits, pollsters, and politicians. All of them have tried to create a perception of inevitability. They have tried to sell Hillary Clinton’s glass jaw with the same gusto that Summer’s Eve has sold douche for years: with pretty pictures, soft music, and artificial scents. It’s not working out for them. As I’ve occasionally tuned in, I’m drawn again and again to the lack of enthusiasm on Twitter among Hillbots, Obots, and Bernouts, and to the humor of Donald Trump supporters. I don’t read polls or follow poll averages, except for the IBD and the LA Times / Dornslife polls, both of which were the most accurate polls in 2012. Today they’re both showing Trump ahead, by 2 and 5 points respectively.

As I drive home I allow myself to let it go and to hope. I visualize Trump’s trademark profile haunting noxious reporters and pundits for the next four years. I allow myself to imagine a relatively happy, peaceful, prosperous America, one not at unnecessary war with itself. I conjure in my mind an elegant Melania Trump and mini-me Barron Trump standing beside the president as he is sworn in.

I do not even care if this is fantasy at this moment. As I drive, I am burning with a need for this new America. I see construction workers finishing up their day working on this state road, which they have done for years now, and I know they need it too. I know the farmers need it. My colleagues, Hillary supporters every one, who stumbled all over themselves today planning their schedules to vote tomorrow, and who lamented that they had not done it earlier, need it. I know that liberals and progressive need it. They’ve had their way and their say for 8 long years and nothing brings humility and change like defeat. Most of all never-Trumpers need it. They needed more proof and when Trump is elected, they shall get it.

Evening Edition moves into a manipulative segment involving 5th graders imploring people to vote at the University of Colorado. Their still-childlike voices are chirping out the identity-based ideological historical points they’ve learned at Boulder Community School of Integrated Studies. They are very passionate, but alas far too young to vote. They are talking about a different America, one long in the past, one that I never knew. I decide to go with my gut, and switch off the radio. I’ve got a new hope for a new America, and for now, that’s enough. I did my part. I cast my vote and delivered my network to the polls. The rest is up to my fellow Americans. #MAGA


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  1. Ann says:

    They have tried to sell Hillary Clinton’s glass jaw with the same gusto that Summer’s Eve has sold douche for years: with pretty pictures, soft music, and artificial scents.

    O.o That is some visual there…

    As an aside… I have see the same in NYS. I’ve been traveling the central – western side a lot this past month. It is all Trump, Trump, Trump with an occasional Hillary and Gary Johnson sign (and the Bernie signs were still up near Cornell). I can’t imagine the cheating that will have to go on in NYC to give her the state. And maybe that is why the “poll watchers” were assigned? To allow the fix?

  2. taw46 says:

    Lola, that was a beautiful piece. Excellent writing, thank you!

  3. Lulu says:

    Wonderful Lola.

  4. elliesmom says:

    My grandkids go to school in the town where I used to live and work. Yesterday, the gym in the elementary school was all set up for the real election. A few of the real poll workers who will be working there today volunteered to come in yesterday so the kids could really vote. The ballot question- “What should we wear to school for spirit day?” The kids filled out bubble sheets, they were placed in a voting machine and counted. Every kid got an I voted sticker. At the end of the day black and orange, the school colors won with their pajamas a close second.

    I love they taught the kids how to vote. They voted on something they understood. They kept Trump and Hillary out of it.

    • ginainmo says:

      I just got back from voting in my semi-rural area outside Kansas City. The lines were pretty long still at 10 a.m., but what struck me was the number of older folks with their grandchildren in tow waiting to vote. I heard more than one mention that they might as well show them the ropes on voting now. Made my day.

  5. DeniseVB says:

    Like I was right there riding along with you Lola. Comforting words 🙂 Now I have this song stuck in my head…..damn you 😛

  6. DandyTIger says:

    That was the best way to start the day today. Thank you!

  7. DeniseVB says:

    When I left the Trump rally, it was close to a mile walk back to my car. I saw one empty water bottle between the podium area and my ride. I picked it up, since I didn’t see a trash can, threw it in the back of my car. It’s still there. 😉

  8. votermom says:

  9. votermom says:

    In line to vote
    There’s around as many people as 2008 I would guess although I voted in the afternoon then

  10. votermom says:

    Beautiful post, Lola!

  11. taw46 says:

  12. DandyTIger says:

    Seeing the polling surges over the last couple of weeks, reading between the lines of sampling, looking at the record numbers of “undecideds”, I’m confident Trump will win in legal votes. The questions are, how will he do in the illegal votes, and how will he do in the vote counting game.

    • NBD says:

      This is *exactly* how I feel living in FL. I voted early and was the only English speaker among the two dozen people in line. I’m sure a bunch of non-citizens were casting ballots for the Hildebeast, but there was no way for me to make an issue of it. Local media has spent the last two days reporting a huge surge in Hispanic turnout, and this has operatives for the county Democrat operation predicting that FL goes blue. If the Dems steal FL, it will be due to a massive voter fraud operation.

  13. Dora says:

    Hubby and I just voted in our Long Island district. It felt so good to fill in the little oval next to Donald Trump’s name and slide the ballot into the scanner. I felt like shouting ‘Whoppee”!

    We were going to go a little later in case there was a crowd of early voters casting their votes on their way to work. But I couldn’t wait. 🙂 There weren’t many people there after all. We were the first ones on our line and were in and out in about 10 minutes.

    So, now the exciting part as we await the final results.

    But first though, we are going out for breakfast. See you later.

  14. lyn says:

    Amen, Sister! Thank you, Lola, for writing such a beautiful statement of hope to make America great again.

  15. mothy67 says:

    I love Indiana. My year at Purdue was special.
    I left because it was 1985. I was using self hypnosis tapes on my bright yellow walk man. I am a heterosexual man. I left because I wanted to leave that year alone in tact. I detest Forrest Gump. I spent so many years running to stand still. Philly, London, Manhattan, Paris. Keep going fast and hard or I might catch up to myself. Devoured books. Celebrity fucked. Avoided myself. I did not want to be Ginny. Flipping child mandates I grow up. Her future does not have room for my neuroses. No more pity party. My friend Holly died cancer. I wish she had seen what a gift she was.
    I will be 50 in January. I am still inrigued by life.
    Yes it took me time to not be a victim. I never wore that outfit well anyhow. I get to participate in a child’s life. That is a decision. Shay out of the blue said Santa is a creeper. Wierd old guy watches you when you are sleeping. She said he is PFA material. I laughed so hard. I see her blossom. Decision was made to not allow her to pity herself. God I love ballet. I think its magnificent for a kid. They have so little control using all those muscles helps.
    I lived in Manhattan for 20 years. Many people think they are superior because of a zipcode. They blindly subscribe to leftist agenda. They do not think for themselves. I tried to discuss the gay cake issue. My friend Jodi would not engage just shut me down and called me a bigot. Junior year I found herattemlting suicide. She was supposed to go to Temple London but her mom pulled all her money. I said fuck it. You have credit cards. Go. Live it up. Have fun. Kill yourselfafter taking a risk. She went. I am so pathetic. Do not drive. We had no internet in 1986. We went to county airport in North Philly first had to race down Broad Street. No time for checked baggage. She went to London with a backpack. She has won at Sundance. Got a masters from Tisch at NYU. We were roommates later on Great Jones and the Bowery. She was shooting her master’s film woke me up and begged me to quit my job as she could not do it alone. I did. She made a great short film. Won at Sundance Because I think gay cakes should be open for discussion we are never friends again. I am gay. She boinked Dog the Bounty Hunters son. Just threw that in because I think its funny.

    • mothy67 says:

      Reading Good Country People?

      • votermom says:

        Did my reply disappear? I couldn’t read in line – the sun was too bright! But I am reading it now. I have forward and reverse expressions too, LOL.

    • mothy67 says:

      She is also in love with the religion of pieces. She is Jewish and we both had friends die in Lockerbie(Temple has a film campus there students and profs were on flight) both saw the towers. Yet she hates straight white men. She never allowed to express what I thought of gay cakes. She said I can’t believe you lived in New York and are such a bigot. Then unfriended. I held her in my arms with her snot running all over me. Just keeping her head above water until she could think. Because I think maybe walk around the gay cake. I am no longer your friend. She teaches at NYU.

  16. cynic says:

    Thank you Lola. I know how I ‘feel’ about this election, but I also felt that way in ’12. At that time, I was still politically involved, and we all gathered at the headquarters for the election results. I really worked for the candidates, doing everything that I could possibly do. When it became evident that Romney was losing, I got so sick to my stomach that I went home and went to bed, curling up in the fetal position.

    I also remember how I felt that next day. I was numb; couldn’t watch tv or listen to the radio. I ended up ironing. Isn’t it funny how one can remember such minor things like ironing?

    One thing I learned from that election was that, yes indeed, I could survive 4 more years of Obama, and how I loved coming here to read all your comments thru the years. I’ve spewed
    coffee a few times. Thanks for those laughs.

    Hoping that this election destroys the media (thank you Wikileaks) finally. Wakes people up, that the GOPe are not our friends, and that Dems are the biggest hyprcrites. It will be interesting to see what becomes of the Republican Party after this.

    • foxyladi14 says:

      I felt the same way. I cried.

    • My hubby is my editor. I asked him last night if I should post this today. He said that the worst thing that could happen was that I might be wrong on the internet. He said he thought it was true though.

      • lateblum says:

        I read your post this morning before I left for all-day granny nanny duty. I only just got home a little bit ago. But I wanted to thank you for what you wrote. It gave me chills and brought tears to my eyes as well. It was beautiful and thoughtful and I’m going to save it.
        Thanks again. ❤

  17. lyn says:


    A Trump victory, meanwhile, would likely indicate one of two things.
    First, and most likely, it suggests that America isn’t yet in a progressive era, but that the Reagan cycle is not quite over. It also means Obama didn’t start a new age of politics.

    • DandyTIger says:

      If Hillary wins it does indeed mean that the legal working class, and soon all middle class, are toast. They’re not important to anyone, and will be ushered out into the shadows. It will be an era of the rich and the peasants. Upstairs and downstairs.

    • DandyTIger says:

      Funny how the progressive era has shrunk the middle class. Where the projected result would be only two classes, rich and peasants. I know a number of progs who have been troubled by the shrinking middle class and their wages for some years now. They can’t figure it out. Then their friends tell them how the middle class is the evil capitalist merchant class and they should shrink. The prog friends reassured, feel better, and push for more progs.

      • Anthony says:

        “Funny how the progressive era has shrunk the middle class.”

        Mass Arkancide? Serial Arkancide? or both?

  18. lyn says:

    “In Reno, Nevada, two volunteers for the Heck campaign were out canvassing and dropping off Joe Heck for Senate literature when they noticed they were being followed by Hillary Clinton campaign workers. The staffers following them were wearing HRC buttons and HRC stickers. Beyond following them, the HRC workers began going up to houses and illegally removing Heck literature from the doors,” the Nevada GOP source said. “When the Heck volunteers noticed this going on, they stopped to take pictures of the illegal action.”

    Read more: http://dailycaller.com/2016/11/07/exclusive-republican-senate-volunteers-face-intimidation-from-clinton-supporters/#ixzz4PQc7TA3H

  19. votermom says:

  20. votermom says:

    If Trump wins it will be the best birthday gift in the history of forever.

    • Venus says:

      Happy birthday!
      It’s my name day (feast of the Archangels — we celebrate the Saint’s feast days we are named for like birth days). It will be the best name day present ever too! https://oca.org/saints/lives/2016/11/08/103244-synaxis-of-the-archangel-michael-and-the-other-bodiless-powers

      O Holy and Great Archangel of God Michael,
      who standest, as the first of the Angels, before the ineffable and super-substantial Trinity;
      who art placed as a watcher and keeper over the human race,
      who hast with thine armies crushed the head of the proud Lucifer in the heavens and brought forever to shame his wickedness and treachery on earth!

      To thee we have recourse in faith, and thee we entreat with love: be thou an indestructible shield and firm rampart for the holy Church and the Orthodox Christians, guarding them by the lightning power of thy sword from all enemies visible and invisible.

      Be thou a guardian Angel, a wise counsellor and companion of the Christian people, bringing them enlightenment, strength, joy, peace and consolation.

      Be thou a leader and a companion in battle to those who strive for the Orthodox Faith, so that all who fight against us may know that God and His holy Angels are with us.

      Forsake us not, O Archangel of God, with thy help and protection, who today glorify thy holy name: for behold, even if we are have sinned greatly, nevertheless we would not perish in our misdeeds, but rather turn to the Lord and be enlivened by Him unto good works.

      Illumine our minds with the light of God, which ever shineth on thy lightning-like brow, that we may come to understand what the good and perfect will of God for us is, and know all that we must do, and all that we must despise and shun.

      Strengthen, by the Lord’s grace, our weak will and infirm intention, so that, confirmed in the law of the Lord, we may cease to be cast about by worldly thoughts and lusts of the flesh, or like thoughtless children to be drawn by the perishing glamour of this world, lest by corruptible and earthly things we foolishly forget the eternal and the heavenly.

      And above all these things, ask for us from on high the spirit of true repentance, unfeigned sorrow before God, and contrition for our sins, so that we may spend the days that remain of this passing life, not in pleasing ourselves and serving our passions, but rather in effacing the evils we have committed, by the tears of faith and heartfelt contrition, by striving for purity and the holy works of mercy.

      And when the time of our demise shall approach, and of our liberation from this body of clay, leave us not, O Archangel of God, without defense against the spirits of evil under heaven, who surround us to close off the ascent on high for human souls; so that, guarded by thee, without stumbling we may attain unto those glorious habitations of Paradise, where there is neither sadness nor sighing, but life without end, and may be granted to see the light-filled Face of our all-good Lord and Master, falling with tears at His feet, crying out in joy and gladness:

      Glory to Thee, our most dear Redeemer, Who for Thy great love toward us unworthy ones hast seen fit to send Thine Angel as a minister of our salvation.


    • lyn says:

      Happy Birthday!
      (Dirty Uncle Bill was elected on my birthday in 1992, and I voted for him.)

    • foxyladi14 says:

      Happy Birthday VM.
      And I pray you get your present!!! ❤

    • Happy birthday votermom! We love you!

    • DeniseVB says:

      Happy Birthday VM, Happy Birthday to youuuuu ! And to all the November babies here too. Okay, got m’butt covered 😀

    • Mt.Laurel says:

      Happy Birthday!
      Happy Name Day!

      We always celebrated name days in school. Both my birthday and name day are in summer. I was the only person in my class to miss out on both so one of the nun’s suggested using my middle name – and Viola! Cupcakes!

  21. Venus says:

    Great imagery Lola — but the best line was the Summer’s Eve one! 🙂

  22. taw46 says:

    I voted. My small place was full, but moved quickly. I did see red shirts.

    • kanaughty says:

      One lady actually had a deplorables shirt on. I don’t know how or if that was handled or even if since it’s only a meme, if that’s against the rules? Either way, it’s indiana, so i expected a lot of red anyway.

      • kanaughty says:

        Do you all remember wearing orange meant you were a puma in 2008? Well i wore an orange hoody that year.

  23. Anthony says:

    Beautifully written, Lola. Thanks! Made my Morning Great Again 😉

    I had a 4:30am client scheduled today for a 60 min phone consult, and went to the polls (a block away) at 5:45 thinking I’d be the first on line. The line had already wrapped around the block already, and I too my place next to the 4th person in the front of the line.

    I live on the Upper West Side – used to be Obama Central. This year, not a single sign in a window for either candidate, but I DID see a lot of red baseball caps, shirts, purses etc. on the line. A LOT OF THEM.

    At one point, a Yenta behind me whispered “You know what the red hats mean, don’t you?” I played dumb, and said “No. Tell me.” She said “Thats how you can pick out one of those horrible Trump supporters. I wish there was a way to find other Hillary supporters – wonder what they’re wearing?” I said “Look for anyone wearing a brown shirt.” She shut down after that lmao.

    I still don’t know what to expect, but I did all I can do. Now I can just hope for the best, and hope my vote was counted. Even though my state will always be in the blue column (sleazy contracts are like that…), I’ll be glad to be representing one less number in the R column after votes are counted. Loving that I’ll be responsible for a small part in what will hopefully be a small margin for the (phony) NY “victor”


  24. Kathy says:

    Yes..beautiful, Lola. Reading your post was a great way to wake up. Thank you. And btw, I went to college with Cathy Massengill..the ‘ Douche Heiress’ , and a really nice person. We were both at a ‘I want to slash my wrists’ girl’s school. The Summer’s Eve part was priceless.

  25. kanaughty says:

    36 min line in johnson county indiana, right below/next to indy, marion county indiana.

    • kanaughty says:

      Also, since we move every two years or so, i’ve now voted in four different states since 2000. And yes i do get myself removed from rolls because i can’t do jury duty in another state, because it would take hours to drive back 🙂 knowing orleans parish, if i hadn’t sent the request back to see if i was still there, they’d be already getting my summons ready for this february coming up. I’ve also been in the situation of voting in a primary in one state then the general in my new state of residence. Getting a new license every move is no fun.

  26. votermom says:

    @PhillyGOP has the updates on Dem dirty tricks in Philly

  27. DandyTIger says:

    On the other hand, if Hillary wins, I’m going to become a feudalist and build a castle. You’re all welcome to join. Anyone handy at forging cannons?

  28. I’m at work, so I don’t have a lot of opportunity to comment, but I’m so glad to be able to provide The Crawdad Crew with a hopeful start to what is sure to be a long day. Glad you liked the Summer’s Eve line. Lol!

    Love you all!

  29. Anthony says:


    Tomorrow night from 7 – 9 pm Eastern, The Crawdad Crew invites you all to our official 2016 post-election extravaganza! ALL of our nerves have been truly worked during this election season, and we deserve it, dammit! So drink up, tune in, call in and SHOOT YOUR MOUTH OFF!

    Here’s your free pass: http://tobtr.com/s/9597855

  30. DeniseVB says:

    I have this odd peaceful feeling after having voted #MAGA. Not like the “excited child Christmas morning” feeling I had with Romney and looking forward to him thumping Obama’s skinny butt all election day in 2012. That was such a shock loss.

    Beautiful sunny morning turnout, there were lines, but they kept moving, as did the traffic in and out of the school parking lot. I vote every year, and compared to off years, I would call this a heavy turnout. Is it too early to drink? I want to be numb for the results 😀

  31. Dora says:

    Thank you for that beautifully written essay Lola. I enjoyed it so much that I went back and read it again.

    Happy Birthday Voter Mom. I hope you get the gift you’re hoping for. We can all share it with you too.

    This is interesting. Things aren’t always what they seem. Or what the media tells us.


    WHOA! Hillary Booed Off Stage On Last Day Of Campaign By Latinos In Los Angeles (VIDEO)

    f the mainstream media has you nervous about how Trump is doing with Latinos, suggesting that they fall closer to Hillary, maybe you shouldn’t worry. In LA, Latinos booed her off stage only moments after she took the mic.


    • C says:

      Hokey smokes Bullwinkle!
      But, but I thought Hillary was surging with Hispanic’s.

    • Somebody says:

      That really happened, but it was back during the CA primary. The only trips to CA Hillary has made during the GE has been for fund raising events.

  32. 49erDweet says:

    Great post, Lola! Will never get that “Summer’s Eve” line out of my head. Thx!!!!
    Happy b’day to VM and Angie. Waiting for another hour to go vote and then run errands. CA pols are dumping huge numbers of propositions on the ballot this time so gonna vote NO on most just to poke them in their bellies. (Gotcha covered, tho, Klown). YD just moved to TX. If it goes too poorly may have to join her.

    • DeniseVB says:

      Waco? 😉 I would never leave the country, but Texas always seems to be what the best of the American spirit represents.

      • 49erDweet says:

        Just south. Close to Round Rock (love that name). Austin vibe w/o the trashy-splashy feel. An admin in a school district.
        Btw, parked, voted, drove away all in 12 minutes!!!!!!!

  33. CiscoKid says:

    As predicted, media has Hillary winning. First NH…What next?
    OT: They just can’t help it, they just won’t stop
    CNN.com reports that MrsClinton has won in a NH vote cast at midnight. Yes she did. 4-2.
    There were three little towns who reported their votes cast at midnight and the combined votes say MrTrump beat MrsClinton.
    CNN forgot to mention that.
    h/t srdem65 over at WHD

    • Somebody says:

      I’m shocked, shocked I tell ya!

    • Dora says:

    • Anthony says:

      I’m not paying attention to any of that (expected) bullshit today. TV is off, Makers Mark is open. I’m drinking my way through the day. All MSM outlets are going to be saying she won. Its all about depressing turnout for DJT supporters. Don’t buy it.

      • CiscoKid says:

        No sale here Anthony.
        By noontime msm will have Hillary winning. Same with exit polls. TV off also, listening to Rush, but not for long, need to make more ice, priorities ya’ know.
        Feeble attempt to discourage Trump supporters from voting.
        J.T.S. Brown over rocks.
        Lower shelf Kentucky Straight Bourbon.
        Was in the Hustler, but never influenced me, just cheap.

        • Anthony says:

          Ahh – Birds of a feather drink Bourbon together lmao. Will pick up a bottle before tomorrow’s show. I’m sure I’ll be all out of Makers by nightfall

        • Somebody says:

          I used to be a bourbon drinker, but when I was pregnant with my second child my FIL spilled not one but two fucking bottles of bourbon in my kitchen on Christmas Day. He had a tendency to overindulge, worst part the more he drank the bigger ass he became.

          Anyway I had to clean all that bourbon up, barf. For days all I could smell was bourbon in my kitchen and that didn’t mix well with morning sickness. To this day the smell of bourbon triggers a puke reflex in me, which is really odd because as I said I was a bourbon drinker.

          BTW have any of you bourbon drinkers tried Forty Creek? I know quite a few that really like it, switched from other brands to it.

      • blowme0bama says:

        Maker’s is the only thing I drink anymore on the rare occasions I drink. That shit is tooooo smooth.

        • Anthony says:

          Same here. And you can cook with it, too! My nephew RAVES about “Uncle Trouble’s Drunken Risotto”

      • DeniseVB says:

        Yay ! Out comes the V-8 and vodka! It’s not just a breakfast drink 😀

      • I said I wouldn’t get drunk until Tuesday.

        Last night about 12:30 am I realized, “It’s Tuesday!”

    • DeniseVB says:

      Wish we could get srdem over here ! Love her WHD and MOTUS posts.

  34. Dora says:

  35. votermom says:

    The Ents go to war

  36. Constance says:

    Great post Lola! I wore purple today because I am an Independent voter and no matter who wins I wake up tomorrow a proud American citizen. The only difference is whether I work with the system or against it and I’m pretty used to working against it. I’ve got my fingers crossed for Trump.

  37. swanspirit says:

    Happy Birthdays VoterMom and Angie! May all your wishes come true!

  38. mothy67 says:

    voted. no line.. much to my chagrin I voted Toomey.

  39. mothy67 says:

    Happy Birthday Vmom. many returns of the day.

  40. Constance says:

    Today is a radiant beautiful day in Seattle. We had record rainfall in October and November has been continuing in the same pattern. The sun doesn’t come up until after 7am and sunset is 4:30pm. So this is seeming like a very bright and unusual day when anything can happen!

  41. Dora says:

  42. Anthony says:

    I thought this was hilarious. Especially since I looked at myself in the mirror and said the same exact thing out loud before I found this pic lmao

  43. kanaughty says:

    I just realized drain the swamp directly ties back to the crawdad hole concept. So we’ve been living in a swamp and didn’t even realize it. And i didn’t realize the meta concept of the crawdad hole with this saying until right now 🙂 maybe it is a happy accident, but i will take it.

  44. taw46 says:

  45. taw46 says:

  46. swanspirit says:

    I just read a post on my FB feed, from a former Bernout, that other previous Bernouts are voting foir Hillthug ” in order to be able to apply pressure on her after she is elected”.
    The sheer ignorance, gullibility and idiocy of that idea is absolutely mind boggling to me; especially after it has been made very public what she did to Bernie during the primaries.
    I don’t even comprehend how to deal with that level of stupidity.

    • swanspirit says:

      Question answered. This stupid idea came from an article on Vox, the Genesis of much prog stupid.

    • DeniseVB says:

      Stupids are thick on my FB too. They get most of their *facts* from Occupy Democrats. It’s why I share a lot of Milo stuff in a passive agressive friendly way. My favorite relative just got her degree in social work and supported Bernie because he’s a socialist too. See what I mean? LOL !

    • Somebody says:

      You can’t fix stupid.

  47. mothy67 says:

    I bought kid the iPhone 7 plus 128 GB. my dad
    took ill. I had no words to help her so I did what every neurotic gay great uncle does. bought her a thousand dollar phone. ups. sitting by door for two hours. I am so on edge. just want to sleep until results come in. nope gotta wait for a phone.

  48. Lulu says:

    Back in the spring and early summer I looked at the Reuters/Ipsos polling which was a rolling 5 day and interactive. BUT then they made it impossible to access if Hillary went down or Trump went up or Bernie did anything so I gave it up looking at it and forgot about it
    http://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2016/11/wow-hillary-support-crashes-reuters-likely-turnout-poll-36-percent/ Hillary CRASHED last week. Big time. 8 points in 4 days from 11/4 to 11/7 to a five day average of 36 which means really, really lower than 36 by 11/7. Now Reuters has made it impossible to see any of their data after 11/01. Wikileaks, Comey, etc did a number on her last week and she hit the skids. That is what the pathetic concerts to draw in anyone to her miserable rallies, last minute appearances in “blue take them for granted” states, and all of her hoarse hollering in the rain has been about. Her campaign fell apart and Bronco and Moose had to go try to drag her out of a ditch with the DOJ and Comey and their angry appearances for her which you can tell they did not want to do. This is a historic poll collapse. It just doesn’t happen much and the media is studiously ignoring and hiding it.

  49. Dora says:

    Things are looking good! 🙂

  50. DandyTIger says:

  51. DandyTIger says:

  52. jeffhas says:

    Has anyone checked RD????

  53. Dora says:


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