How Did We Get Here?

hillary-pepe-300x464Almost 9 years ago I got told to sit down and STFU. I didn’t go quietly or complacently. I did what I normally did at that time, which was to continue to participate in the general political conversation. For probably the first time in my life, I got met with outright hostility at just about every turn. I lost A LOT of friends, including my best friend, with whom I’d been close for more than 20 years. It hurt, but I took the hits. And I learned to STFU to preserve certain relationships that were important to me, and my job.

Today I work in a major academic center in a major city. No one at work knows what my political beliefs are, and certainly they don’t know that I voted for Trump. I don’t share much political conversation with people in everyday life, except for my new best friend, who got a free Hillary-Pepe (pictured above) shirt from me for being a solid friend. She wore it to work the day after the election, under a sweater, of course. I have a matching shirt. I wear it to the grocery shirt in hopes of pissing off random strangers. It feels like a subversive act every single time.

How did we get here? I feel like I’m basically a brooding, 45 year old troll. It sucks.

I turn on the news and I just can’t identify. I still listen to NPR on my way to work most days, but unlike before Obama, I just count the times Steve Inskeep lets the mask slip, which is about every 2 minutes these days. When I get home I check in with Memeorandum just to see the shitpile of posts of vile progressive oriented media excoriating Donald Trump for having the unmitigated gall to take another breath. I check in on Facebook, which is intolerable, and Twitter, which is stupid, maybe Gab. Good God, Gab. God Bless ‘Em, they’re trying, but it’s definitely an echo chamber. Then I check in here. I find some modicum of peace. Maybe I make a #DailyFuckYou. Then I fall down a Reddit rabbit hole. Go to sleep, wake up; lather, rinse, repeat.

I think I need a new routine, a new purpose, but I don’t know how to make it work. I fantasize sometimes about getting a shirt that says “I voted for Trump,” like those abortion shirts they used to have that just declared that the wearer had an abortion. I think I might get fired if I did. I constantly have to remind co-workers that I don’t talk about politics at work or on Facebook. The office is the worst place in the world these days. They’re firmly in the angry phase, haughtily sure that the people who disagree with them are completely stupid and reading 100% fake news 100% of the time. As much as I enjoyed watching Rachel Maddow and Chris Matthews (and Megan Kelly) eat a shit pie on November 8th, I don’t enjoy working with people who sit around judging the fuck out of everyone around them all day long. It’s patently ridiculous.

And I know how this is going to turn out. I’ve seen plenty of Trump supporters claim that things should settle down after Trump is sworn in and people see what he can do. That’s. Not. Going. To. Happen.

That’s what they said about Reagan, too. Reagan went on to engage the left, appointing more minorities and women in positions of power than any president we’d ever had. He gave amnesty to 3 million illegal immigrants. He tried as hard as any president in my lifetime to brook the chasm between the left and the right, and the left just doubled down on their ridiculous, persistent negativity, and we ended up with a digital lynching of the second black man appointed to the SCOTUS, resulting in his silence for the next 30 years.

Now I just want the left to STFU, before they ruin this for all of us. I really don’t know how we got here. If you had told me as I cast my first vote for president for Bill Clinton that we’d be here, that I would not be able to vote for Hillary Clinton, I wouldn’t have believed you. If you had told me as I cast my second vote for Bill Clinton that one day I would be sitting here thinking that the entire left should just take a seat and a pill, I wouldn’t have believed that either. But that’s where I am. Is that where you are?

So we did it. We got Trump elected. Not just us, of course, but us and a loose network of folks who disengaged with the left as they got more and more tyrannical even as they grew more impotent. We teamed up with Republican voters to put the brakes on their shitty plans.

I’ve bought some stocks, because I’m pretty sure Wall Street is about to turn bull. I’m going to grad school starting in January. Majoring in Public Affairs because I can’t stand the thought of an MSW, and because I think it’s important to have intellectual diversity in public institutions. But I haven’t quite found the will to speak up, and until I do, I won’t be able to reasonably claim to be contributing to that intellectual diversity. I’ve got some ideas for more subversive approaches, but quite honestly, I really wish I could just be me without worrying about the loss of my job or my friends or more family members.

Hell, I don’t know why I’m still rambling on about this. I just thought you might understand. *shrug* Maybe Neil Young was right.

I’d rather keep changing and lose a lot of people along the way. If that’s the price, I’ll pay it.

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  1. I feel like I’ve been engaged in the longest breakup in history. This year I decided I’m a Republican. No more dipping my toe in the water. I’m all in.

    • Kathy says:

      With you, Lola. I have already had running battles with my family and it’s awful. I feel like I have to shut up also and I hate it. Can talk to my brother who we all used to call the crazy right winger. It feels like we live in a country that isn’t free..and we know it isn’t. Thank you for your helps to know you are not alone. I feel like eventually we are going to have to all speak up..almost like gays coming out of the closet. But it won’t get better for a long time..they have been totally absorbed into ‘the Borg.’

    • lyn says:

      I’m staying independent until the next primary, and I’ll register as a Republican to vote for Trump if he runs for re-election. My father, sister and I voted for Trump, and it’s probably the first time we voted for the same presidential candidate. Imma lovin’ it.

      • DeniseVB says:

        I’m in an Open State, don’t have to declare a party. Should be a national states’ option in all primaries. Good Lawd, get rid of the Caucus States, they creeeeeep me out. Especially since Mrs Carson was at a caucus that announced Ben dropped out and she went “wait, what” ? MSM never covered that.

      • taw46 says:

        I had to register as a Republican in order to vote in their primary this year. I plan to leave it that way, just see what happens to the party with Trump. I was still registered as a Democrat until this year, even though I started voting R in 2008.

  2. swanspirit says:

    The Dims have done what they have been accusing the Republicans of doing for years. They have allowed the far left, the extremists, and the lunatic fringe of their party to dictate the party platform. They ran a declared SOCIALIST as a Presidential candidate, as if it were the most common thing to do in this country. I almost wish Bernie had been their candidate. He wouldn’t have won as many electoral votes as she did. There was a reason Trump laughed every time Bernie’s name was mentioned.
    And Obama, and his cult have been extremely destructive, and they were aided by the media. They have been indulging in fake news about Obama for well over 8 years now. They live in their own bubble, and believe their own bullshit.

    • blowme0bama says:

      Re- extremistrs

      Yes, that’s it exactly. The deal with the Dems, as the Party of Obama, is they are fixated with matters that should be footnotes for remedial work to the exclusion of the well-being of the working class. The country has largely been red-pilled and time / exposure is on our side. I find it amusing when the bernouts realize MSM has been lying to the nation and I’m like, “where have you been the last 20 years?”.

    • So true. It’s that media I worry about. They’re the bullhorn for these extremists, and it’s a mighty big bullhorn.

      • 49erDweet says:

        They remind me of as-yet-unborn babies. Comfortable, cozy and care-free in their safe wombs, they have no desire to “test the waters out there” and experience real life. Of course until they do there’s no way they’ll know the joys of eating chocolates, making love, horseback riding, seeing Hawaii or smelling a forest after the rain. They have no frame of reference to appreciate the benefits, so in a way they’ve chosen to live deprived. It’s sad.

  3. Miranda says:

    If you want a book to read that shows you aren’t the only one to feel this way, I recommend Homeland by Barbara Hambly. It’s set in the Civil War and formatted as correspondence between two women, one in the North, one in the South. The women remain friends and talk about the hardships each woman faces as the war rages.

    The women also talk about the propaganda that they see from both sides, supporting each side in the war and inflaming the hatred against the other side. Because neither of them shares that hatred, they are each very isolated within their communities. Susanna, the Southern woman, writes of feeling ‘like a spy in an enemy camp’.

    I feel that way a lot too.

  4. Lulu says:

    What a Long Strange Trip It’s Been. And I am not even a deadhead. But one of my predictions from 2008 came true. Obama killed the Dem party. It is deader than a door nail and is now the party of weirdos and creeps, no longer KEWL, and openly advocates for US jobs being sent to Mexico so American workers won’t earn money THEY DON’T DESERVE!!! and the sweet nice Mexicans can make $3 bucks an hour and live in tin sheds, eat shit covered cilantro, and dodge cartel bullets. They really do wish the Mex the best. Yes indeedy. The party of FDR, LBJ, and Big Dog wants ALL working people everywhere to starve, die and do what their betters tell them. The mask slipped during the globalism vs nationalism campaign but it fell off during the Carrier coup and they are fucking monsters who want feudalism since it was such a good idea a thousand years ago. And that Muslim hand chopping seems a good idea too.

    The Republicans are pretty rough. They are in disarray after the Trump hostile takeover. Some will get with the program, some are still trying to figure out what happened, and a bunch of doing their globalism virtue signaling to “protect the children sob!” who seem to be cartel members, rapists, La Raza proxies, and warm bodies for various sex rings or dope mules. For some reasons Sens McCain, Graham, Flake and Speaker Ryan like them better than American children. I want to know why and suggest IRS audits to see who is paying them to promote American genocide and Hispanic slavery. The Republicans are in as much disorder as the Dems but it is reforming as a big middle-ish party which is freaking out the True-Cons, globalists and Wall St’ers. The Repubs are morphing into Blue Dogs which Broncobama via the Brazil-Nut Donna kicked out of the Dem Party. They were supposed to crawl away and die and they became Trump Republicans? How did that happen? Community organizers don’t take poli-sci, economics or understand the concept of whack-a-mole.

    Anyway all the old descriptors such a prog, true conservative, liberal, globalists, white nationalists, working class, feminist, etc flew out the window. For example if you work for a paycheck to live on you are working class no matter if you are a janitor or a professor. Sitting on your ass all day does not make you a non-working class it just makes you an ass-sitter. The technocrat language is not accurate any longer and the media, hysterics, professional government hangers on changed the language in the past 8 years to befuddle the masses and now don’t have an accurate means of defining anything just like they had fucked up polling to the point of uselessness. And I think all of them are more afraid of Jeff Sessions than they are of Trump. And Sessions has been handed a carte blanche by his pupil and loyal friend Trump. The whirling dervish Trump will keep them all off balance, dizzy and breathless trying to keep up. Crazy good stuff. I’m not a Republican because I don’t know what they are going to turn into at this point.

  5. elliesmom says:

    I got through the election by saying I couldn’t lose no matter which candidate won, but I caged it with although I would get to see my lifelong dream of seeing a woman elected POTUS, I had strong reservations about Hillary as that woman. For most of the time I was telling the truth, and for the most part I got sympathy from friends on the left. They latched on to convincing me she would be a great POTUS and seemed to miss the part where I said I’d also win if Trump won. I only had one person unfriend me, and that was more that I outed him as a jerk.

    I’m finding the post election season harder to get through. The hate that’s been released is so over the top. I live in Trump Country, and I could wear a full Trump outfit, hat to socks, to the grocery store and get high-fives down every aisle. The attitude of a couple of Hillary’s supporters in my knitting group is “Let’s wait and see what he does before we get agitated”. It’s my family and long time friends who have gone batshit crazy. A couple of Trump supporters have come crawling out of the closet, which would be funny except they’re identifying themselves at great risk. Rather than go silent, I’ve been pushing the knitters’ attitude at the crazies. If Trump makes a move against same-sex marriage, puts peaceful Muslims in internment camps, or starts a war with Russia, I’ll be right there with you. In the meantime, let’s turn him loose on the economy. Let’s give him some space while he assembles his team. So far everyone he’s chosen has been highly qualified for the job. The one friend who can’t handle that, I told to sit down and shut up as far as I’m concerned. I reminded her she demanded it of me when Obama got elected, and in her sphere of my world I complied. Her only venture into political conversation since then was to send me the release about Penzey Spices speaking out against Trump and to ask me what was I going to do? My answer to her was I’ll do the same thing I did about Chik-Fil-A. She doesn’t know their nuggets are one of Ellie’s and my guilty pleasures. I really couldn’t care less what the people who make my favorite rub for ribs think about Trump. He’s their President now, too.

    • It looks like you are finding ways to be you and to speak freely. I like your level-headed approach.

    • DeniseVB says:

      I saw a recovering Dem declare….Maybe if Hillary didn’t run as a WOMAN, she would have won.

      • 49erDweet says:

        Yeah, that was always a questionable tactic. A ceremony I attended last evening honored a successful person……who happened to BE a woman, but was not a success BECAUSE she was a woman. Big difference.

        • She could have run as a woman, but she didn’t finish making the square. She relied on people, especially women, to know already the history of women in this country. She wore white to a debate to symbolize women’s suffrage movements, without ever letting people know about that history or what that symbol meant.

          Women generally know nothing about their history. They are lit up when they hear about it, but it must be brought to them. It’s not something they seek out on their own, and it’s not often brought to their attention. Certainly not in an organized way like we’ve had for almost 40 years in the schools with MLK day and Black History Month. That’s why that frame already existed for Obama; it didn’t for Hillary. Her team did not think they needed to address it, which is more evidence for exactly how out of touch they were.

  6. DeniseVB says:

    I hear ya Lola. I refuse to let the “terrorists” win, you know those sh*theads on the far left without a clue. Sometimes spending time with like minds in an echo chamber is good, so I tend to only follow and read like minds. As Milo said, not worth letting them get under your skin, there’s more of us than there is of them. I think I’m more pissed that the left won’t let us enjoy our win and eagerness to drain the swamp. The people who are railing against Trump, seem to be the same people who attacked Sarah and every other candidate I’ve supported since 2000. Maybe I’m desensitized to their unhappiness, which is their problem, not mine.

    Trump won despite both major parties, the media and Hollywood throwing everything at him 24/7 and he kept winning. It doesn’t help that Jill Stein decided to throw the kitchen sink at him with her stupid recount and that seems to be failing too. But still, we’re not allowed to have any fun, we must repent and take back our votes because our votes were racist and all those other deplorable words in the basket. Fuck that shit and may God Bless America ! I’ve definitely picked the right team this election and it still feels good as long I keeping hiding and muting my idiot friends on social media 😀

    • Maybe I’m desensitized to their unhappiness, which is their problem, not mine.

      Make no mistake: I don’t care about their happiness or unhappiness. Not one single fuck has been given. My beef is that I feel like the only place I can talk about this without threatening relationships and my jobs is as an anonymous persona on the internet. That’s bullshit. That’s intolerance.

      It’s also my choice, but that paycheck is powerful impetus. It wouldn’t bother me so much but they talk about politics all. the. time. And they do not seem to understand that there might be someone sitting right in front of them that doesn’t agree.

      • DeniseVB says:

        I rarely talk politics in RL either, it’s probably why I’m here all the time. We be a happy basket of deplorable political junkies.

        I don’t want to talk politics with my friends and family because they don’t care beyond what the msm brain washes them with, in print and tv. I’ve often mentioned my neice who just got her social work degree who adored Bernie because he was a “socialist” too. That was my tipping point on “WTF is wrong with you people?” Decided it would be better for my health to ignore them (politically) than staying drunk 24/7 😉

      • swanspirit says:

        It absolutely is intolerance. I am extremely fortunate that my family and friends are Trump supporters, but that is only recent. For years I had one friend I could count on for support. And we never met in person, only on the phone. Let me know if you want my phone number! 💟

      • votermom says:

        It wouldn’t bother me so much but they talk about politics all. the. time. And they do not seem to understand that there might be someone sitting right in front of them that doesn’t agree.

        Just an idea – once in a while look bored and even sigh. If they ask why just say “I’m so tired of politics – can we talk about something else?”

        Train them to talk about something else around you.

  7. DeniseVB says:

    This is an interesting twitter conversation on the recount. Nobody seems to know what’s going on, but I follow this guy because he hasn’t been wrong yet from day one of Trump jumping in the race. Of course, if we had an honest media, maybe we’d be better informed and not so worried.

  8. DeniseVB says:

    Just remember, Trump isn’t afraid of the media and the media still hasn’t figured out how they’re losing millions of viewers and subscribers.

  9. DeniseVB says:

    Good one….

  10. DeniseVB says:

    I finally got to watch the Tucker-NYT interview. Pretty good stuff, keep it up Tuck !

    • jeffhas says:

      I want her on every week. An honest liberal viewpoint would be a breath of fresh air, I can respect her and listen to her viewpoint and make up my own mind, but at least she’s not lying or shilling for one side.

      *mod edited for typos

    • That was good stuff. He missed a an opportunity at the end when she agreed with him on the business model thing and he rushed right past it, but otherwise it was a good conversation, and good on Liz Spayd for showing up.

  11. Kathy says:

    Saw this interview last night..Tucker is sharp.

    • lateblum says:

      Same here, Kathy . I watched part of TCT last night and have been seeing some of his show many nights. I wish they’d replay it earlier in the night. They do O’Reilly then Megyn then Hannity in replays and by the end, I’m asleep. So I don’t get to watch Tucker at all some nights. At this point, he and O’Reilly are the only ones worth their salt. And OReilly is way behind Tucker. I stopped watching Megyn a while ago. I haven’t ever been able to watch Hannity.

    • Somebody says:

      Did you see his interview with Bolton? Straight up called him a neocon.

  12. DeniseVB says:

    Here’s one of my “safe spaces”. I ❤ Mark Dice……

  13. California went heavily for Hillary, but the area I live in voted about 45% for Trump. That is a sizeable minority. This used to be a “blue dog” district represented by conservative Democrats like Gary Condit.

    I only saw a couple Trump bumper stickers during the campaign, and no Trump signs in front of houses. I didn’t see ANY Hillary signs or bumper stickers. I would be afraid to put a Trump sticker on my car for fear of vandalism.

    When I wear my MAGA hat in public I have gotten a few comments, all of them positive. But so far every person who said something has acted like we were doing something subversive – they see the hat, smile, then look around nervously before saying something like “I like your hat” in a low voice.

    My hat is like a recognition signal for members of a secret lodge. Most people don’t even know what it means. I don’t know what would happen if I wore a “Trump” hat.

    • Ann says:

      Donald Trump is the most popular Republican candidate in history bringing in over 62.4 million votes during the 2016 presidential election. He also secured victories in at least 83 percent of the counties in the United States.

      • DeniseVB says:

        I saw a lefty’s response to pointing out how “red” the U.S. map is with “But, but, a President is of the people not real estate!” True story, can’t make this up 😉

    • I get similar reactions with my shirt. It’s so busy that most people just gloss right over it. Those in the know usually smile, except at Starbucks. I love wearing it to Starbucks. I use my app so my drink is ready when I get there, before the baristas see it.

      I do enjoy seeing Hillary supporters eyebrows begin to furrow when it dawns on them, but so far no one has said anything to me.

  14. DeniseVB says:

    Since I joined Gab I’ve been following back everyone who follows me. Now I need to find out how to “hide” one of them. This lady is cray-cray and calls herself the founder of the anti-feminism movement? She just makes no sense, her bio is kinda scary too. The alt-right version of Triggly Puff. I’ll probably just unfollow her.

    • That’s a guy. I don’t know how to block people on Gab.

      • DeniseVB says:

        He be a crazy misogynist then. Looks like he’s daring Gab to ban him so he can report them to the media as hypocrites about free speech. LOL.

    • Ann says:

      Under the big donation button (left side) is a “feed filter setting” (on your home page – click your profile avatar in the upper right to get to your home page at any time). You see where it says “muted users”? Enter @BoycottAmericanWomen and refresh. No more BoycottAmericanWomen!

      Now whether or not BoycottAmericanWomen can see you? That I am not certain if they have fixed.

      Lemme know if you can’t find it and I will give you some photos.

      • DeniseVB says:

        Thanks Ann ! I have none of those buttons on my homepage, or any of the pages for that matter. I used to be able to see trending topics, my profile pic and header on the main page ? Did I miss a download or update ?

        False alarm though, while trying to figure it out, crazy person and I don’t follow each other, it was a response to a repost or something, it freaked me out because it had nothing to do with my original post, just some anti woman screed out of nowhere.

    • Wow, looks like Gab agrees with you. -8534 pepes. I’d just unfollow.

    • DeniseVB says:

      Love Surber, one of my safe spaces ❤ He was "retired" after 30 years with a WV paper for criticizing Obama. I pimp his book every chance I get when I see the media defending themselves 😀

  15. DandyTIger says:

    Fantastic post and great comments. I think a lot of us are in the same boat. It’s not safe to speak up to some friends and family and at work. But that doesn’t stop me from smiling and being happy. Who knows how this admin will do, and what will happen. Heck, often the plans take a back seat to events on the world stage. But I have a good feeling about how Trump and his team will do. But as was mentioned about the non stop Reagan hate, I don’t think the hate and crazy will stop just the same. Which makes me ever sad and worried for my country. But for right now, fuck’em, I’m having a great time, just not so much in all public quarters, which is a shame.

  16. lyn says:

    Where can I buy that T-shirt? P.S. I ❤ this place and you free thinkers here.

  17. Dora says:

  18. votermom says:

  19. votermom says:

    Great post, Lola! At some point we got forced into the closet. Kathy nailed it when she said we are not in a free country anymore.

    • taw46 says:

      I think that is why I was teary-eyed when he came out on stage in Cincinnati Thursday night and the crowd went wild. Finally, people I could celebrate with!

  20. DeniseVB says:

    Dear Lawdy-lawd, how can we ever trust corporate media if they cover stories fekking covered by BuzzFeed ? Poor Eric Trump was held captive by a “prominent” Arab-American (aka muslim) comedian on a flight to Scotland. All the guy wanted to talk about was Hillary and Muslims, and Eric fell asleep on him, so he called him a “robot”. Journalism.

  21. foxyladi14 says:

    Great post Lola, I shared it on FB. 😀

  22. Kathy says:

    I sent Lola’s post to my brother who has suffered in silence for years.

  23. Kathy says:

    You know, Hillis44 called this one right from the beginning..I always wonder who the admin there is.

    • Lulu says:

      Technically CA would not be forced but CHOOSE to go bankrupt. They could stop spending on non-citizens, they could raise the money from their own tax base to cover their bills on benefits promised, they could switch their budget around to pay for social stuff but not say highways or pensions, or a variation of all of the above. Filing for bankruptcy will not get them off the hook. A bankruptcy judge could order across the board percentage cuts, or funds be spent only according to federal law, etc. but a bankruptcy judge cannot and will not order an administration to cost shift from national tax payer pockets to cover what the state of California promised during the flush days of Obama. Bankruptcy courts decide who gets paid and people with no right to be here are not in the list of people owed squat.

      • NBD says:

        I think Calexit is a more likely scenario than the feds forcing CA into bankruptcy. If the administration gets too heavy-handed in trying to punish the state for its policy toward illegals, the momentum for a “yes” on secession will almost certainly increase.

        • Lulu says:

          That would be even more catastrophic than bankruptcy. ALL federal funds from the rest of the country would be cut off. Not to mention we had a civil war forbidding this but California doesn’t think they have to follow the same rules as everyone else. Those advocating secession have no idea what it entails. Or COSTS. What are they going to do? Declare war? Join Mexico? Mexico cannot afford all of their shit and the standard of living would plummet. Not to mention the exodus of productive people who do not want to be part of Mexico nor a f’ed up bankrupt independent mess like a Republic of California. When anyone talks about a Texas secession I say the same thing.

          • NBD says:

            The “Calexit yes” camp claims that CA is a net donor to the feds: more goes to Washington in taxes than comes back. I’m skeptical that Calexit is a realistic strategy, but it’s not an obviously hopeless case.

          • Lulu says:

            Then others can leave too. If the union won’t stand then it won’t. I think regional smaller countries at this point with similar culture and interests may be for the best.

  24. Dora says:

    Oh No. Another Fire!

    • The East Bay Times headline refers to this as a “live-work space party.” I didn’t know what it meant and had to parse it while reading the article. They never once said rave or defined their headline. They referred to it as an “electronic music party at a Fruitvale district live-work space” in the article. After googling, I finally figured out that “live-work space” means that artist-types live in their studios.

    • Dora says:

      The Latest

  25. 1539days says:

    As someone who never voted for Bill Clinton, I’d say Donald Trump is a lot like him. He’s filling a niche the party wasn’t. Clinton was the alternative to the Mondale and Dukakis big government liberalism to a more pragmatic targeted approach.

    It’ a similar thing with Trump. He’s willing to moderate on social issues like gay marriage and spending on infrastructure, which is something people seem to want. That may be what the Republican Party will become.

    Personally, I disagree with that kind of philosophical ambiguity and I may never get to vote for someone I agree with again.

  26. I just had a weird dream.

    I was riding a mountain bike thru Merced. Then Hillary came riding up behind me on one of those big three-wheelers. I started peddling faster but she kept gaining on me. She started to pass me on the right so I swerved and ran her into a parked car. Then I rode down the road a little bit and stopped at a restaurant to hide.

    The Secret Service showed up with Hillary. She pointed to my bike and the agent went to look at it so I slipped out the back and left. When I came back they were gone and so was my bike. Everywhere I went there were Secret Service agents looking for me. Eventually they found me inside a Sears store. The lead agent was a pretty Asian woman.

    I denied everything. After questioning me for a while they let me go with a warning. They gave me back my bike but it was messed up because they had taken it apart and put it back together wrong.

    Then I woke up.

  27. lyn says:

    Excellent film. amazon prime offers a month of HBO for free for new subscribers, but you can cancel after the freebie.

  28. SHV says:

    I’m committing an act of social resistance and watching “Fixer Upper”; it’s an all day marathon for the show. Fight racism and support a Euro-Korean woman on TV.

    • swanspirit says:

      You should tweet that. Am also watching Fixer Upper. Some people are not shiplap worthy.

    • SHV says:

      The downside is that these shows give wimminz too many ideas. I’m just finishing relocating Japanese maple trees and other landscape plants and installing 150 sq ft of patio pavers. Next project is re-do kitchen back-splash tile.

    • lateblum says:

      Couldn’t really devote the time to the marathon, but I’d already seen the episodes before. I didn’t realize the new season had started already. So I am now watching the first epi of the new season! Too bad Buzzfeed and Kate Aurthur in particular, can’t just enjoy and appreciate life. She and her boss, Ben Smith (?) could be so much happier if they just stopped picking on people.

  29. mothy67 says:

    I love my country.
    It feels good to hear Trump exhibit faith and pride.
    I was born with a shitty heart to dirt poor over breeders was a ghey. I lived in Philly/NYC/London. Went away to college. Fuck off and die to the dim tribe of perpetual victimhood. You play he hand you are dealt.
    My brat is doing so well. Her mom threw her away. Never has she been treated with pity. She’s a brat. Went to a yuuge math thingy at Duquesne University. I take her to the museum and lunch at The Cathedral of Learning at Pitt every year day after Thanksgiving. Its a beautiful building. I simply ask her when we are there to always look up and believe. Trust yourself. We bicker non stop. She thinks of me as her immature little brother. I make her think. Thank God she is funny. Youch how do people deal with a kid that can’t laugh at themself. Poor Poor Pitiful Me plays all the time in my house. I guess a dimocrat could arrest me for psychological abuse of a child. To be fair it does startvout with a failed suicide attempt.

  30. mothy67 says:

    I’d love to be a fly on the wall in a prog journalists family home. The dynamics must be infantile. I have prog friends that become aghast when I call my mom a bitch. She is. Really. Since forever she gets mad and calls me a son of a bitch has since I was 4. Do not fuck with Sharon’s spawn. She is a momma grizzlie with rabies. Love her but I am allowed to be pissed.
    I have siblings and loads of cousins. Shit out of luck if I wanted to be a snowflake. Oliver Willis exhibits nothing extraordinary but has been relished as special. There is no there there. His writing is devoid of imagination.
    I think prog journalists suffer from intellectual dysmorphia. Such exaggeration of silly ideology.

  31. helenk3 says:

    senate vote letting democrats keep control of FCC

    why on God’s green earth would they be stupid enough to do this????

  32. Dora says:

    Ah, beautiful Paris. Why should the people there have to put up with this crap?

  33. DeniseVB says:

    Just ewww.

  34. DeniseVB says:

  35. r u reddy says:

    Different people voted Trump for different reasons, of course.

    An interesting T-shirt might say, if not too wordy:

    I voted against War with Russia.
    I voted against supporting Radical Islamic jihadi terrorists in Syria.
    I voted against Free Trade Treason Agreements.

    Guess who I voted for . . .

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