Let’s Party Open Thread

I declare the weekend officially started. I’m pretty sure some of you started several hours ago. It’s the final weekend of 2016, so make it a good one!

Happy Birthday to Jeff Lynne.


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54 Responses to Let’s Party Open Thread

    • CiscoKid says:

      Reminds me so much of Blind Faith.
      Eric Clapton, Ginger Baker, Ric Grech and Steve Winwood. Good to hear Steve again.

  1. votermom says:

    are groceries open tomorrow? I need to buy ground beef.

  2. CiscoKid says:

    In anticipation of our President-elect and Vice-President elect taking the Oath of Office, I’m going to hoist a few.
    These are going to be the longest 3 weeks of my life.
    Although there was my DEROS, that was long.

  3. driguana says:

    Have a great week-end everyone. Happy New Year. 2016 was a ride for sure but 2017 promises to be amazing.
    Here’s the band that’s playing at the Trump’s New Year’s Eve Party tomorrow night…Party on the Moon. They’ve played at the last 5.

  4. lateblum says:

    BTW: FSU is really beating the snot out of U of MI. The game is way worse then the score indicates. 😳

    • driguana says:

      Yes, it is….I’ve switched over to a basketball game. Although FSU looks really good!

    • driguana says:

      And who is this awful band playing the halftime show??? Cake By the Moon! Oh my…

    • driguana says:

      Well….that turned out to be quite a game!!! I have this personal theory about watching games….tune in the last two minutes! Proved right again.

      • lateblum says:

        It was amazing!! I kept switching back and forth, and when I saw the lopsided score with about 18n minutes to play I said to no one in particular, “There’s still time…” I switched back for the last five minutes and was simply astonished by the ending. Loved every 5 minutes of it. 😀

  5. 49erDweet says:

    Tomorrow – to me – but today for the rest of ya, is my gd’s 7th bday so our house will be swarming w/kids all day. She’s such a sweety but to hafta wait till the end of the year to celebrate is tough for a young’un. Spends about half her life with us, so that’s good. The rest of ya just party on!!!

    • You can always tell her you will celebrate her “birthday and 1/2” in July. Throw her a party and buy her gifts. She’ll love it.

      • lateblum says:

        It works for me… My b’day is around the corner. After all the Christmas/NewYears partying, I don’t celebrate my b’day until summer. It’s much more fun. That way we can picnic and throw water balloons without the fear of freezing.
        (Besides, most of the wimminz in my family have January b’days, too.)

  6. Island Girl says:

    Wow Just starting to see all these great links but you had me at Rockaria. ELO Great memories.
    Happy 2017 indeed

  7. mothy67 says:

    I joke about everything. Really I am an idiot. My sister-in-law mother died a month ago. Her first Christmas. I played asshole. We almost never speak. She called me an asshole 37 times Christmas Eve. Normally she is here for an hour. Christmas Eve she was here for 14 hours. Left calling me an asshole. My dad who had just got out of two months in rehab put his hand to his fucking trach and said thank you son– your being an asshole took all the stress off everyone else and gave me a Christmas with all my kids. I kinda knew with 5 siblings how to take the heat. My dad wasvin a coma on life support fucking hole in his throat. Dude was dead.
    Christmas he calls me an asshole. Best present ever.
    I am not joking. Not even a little bit. I want to run for congress. I think I could win. My rep is beyond dull. Just a party hack. Toothless.
    Carly Simon wrote a song called You’re So Vain. I was a gay kid in 70’s 80’s. Stuck out. I heard a version of gay bashing to You’re Tim Cain that and kid’s decided Skinny Woman fit well with Skinny Timmy. I get a giggle out of my childhood I know what its like to be beaten whilst people piss on your face with erections. Screaming we know what you want faggot.
    I do not see monsters. I am notvin that way equiped. I had worked as a dishwasher came home my mom wanted cigarettes. I was 16 walking to a store. Guys jumped out and beat and pissed on me. I got up bought my mom her smokes– girls that had been with the boys came into the store and laughed at me. I bought the cigs walked home. Placed smokes on kitchen table went outside kickedvin basement window and slept on cold hard concrete. Ivwas filthy. Same week school doc tells me I need to improve my posture. He gets behind me andvpresses his erection. I was only 16. A dishwasher. Thank God my electric blue corduroy’s had tons of change. I was scared and near naked but I had my pants inbmy hand. When he tried to dry hump me all the coins in my pocket hit the floor. He panicked. This was 1983. I sat on that table and heard him tell nurse he thought I was gay. I am not smart. I did well. I missed over 60% of my senior year. They let me graduate because I was scary. I went to Purdue. Everynight I listened to self help tapes saying I am a heterosexual. I begged to be normal.
    Fucking kid. I have a chance to make her life better. No time to indulge in self pity. Might be mistaken but me thinks not many have run as a a republican for congress with my history.
    I will embrace all my flaws. Please one time I slept with a guy. His brother came home screaming about him bringing peope home. I had to walk to living room to get clothes. They were identical twins. Yep I did that walk of shame.
    I can so get out the vote. It is not fantasy. I taught a 50 year old junkie to read because they said I could not. He reads. NA ghetto people like me. Dwayne could not read now he canm

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