Life Comes At You Fast


Last night, Ronda Rousey found out the hard way that she can’t box. On the other hand, she made $3 million for taking a beating.

This is an open thread.


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  1. elliesmom says:

    That’s it. Alf died. 2016 has been brutal. On the other hand, cats everywhere can take a sigh of relief. When Elliesdad wakes up and finds out, I’m in for a day of Alf quotes. “You get the chainsaw, and I’ll toss the salad.” “We don’t eat family.” Maybe he won’t notice.

    • elliesmom says:

      It happened in July, but it passed unnoticed in our house. I saw it on an obituary list this morning. Unfortunately, it probably won’t pass unnoticed if it makes the list on one of the cable stations ED watches. It was a show he watched religiously with the kids. I’m very surprised one of the kids didn’t call him and tell him when it happened.

  2. Dora says:

    I don’t know how many of you follow the stories about panda bears in China, but Pan Pan died. 😦


    Pan Pan, The World’s Oldest Male Giant Panda, Dies At 31
    The “panda grandpa” had more than 130 descendants.

  3. Dora says:

    Times Square in 1940.


    Times Square used to be a festival of neon light

    Behold Times Square when it was New York’s premier entertainment district, a festival of neon lights emanating from billboards and theaters.

  4. Dora says:

  5. DeniseVB says:

    Yay, 2017 has started !!

    • lateblum says:

      ^This^ made me weep with relief. I know we’ve seen some victories and have been distracted from time to time by politics and entertainment, but it has been a stressful year for so many of us. Personal loss, personal health issues, family problems and conflicts – stressors that make grown men/women weep, have permeated our lives even more than in the past, it seems. I’m thankful for the end of this year. And even though the new year has only begun on continents that many of us will never see, 2017 will be coming to us in a few short hours. Maybe we can breathe again. (I hope.)
      {{{Hugs to us all }}}

      • CiscoKid says:

        It’s been a terribly rough year, the election and all it’s unnecessary drama, riots etc.
        But it was made smoother by stopping by at good old TCH.
        Good friends, good conversation, good music, good times.
        20JAN17 @ 12:01pm it’s going to be MAGA!

  6. Dora says:

    And this will be Times Square tonight. Sounds like fun, doesn’t it? Yikes!


    Barrier of ’35 TONNE’ trucks due to shield Times Square from Berlin-style New Year attacks

    MASSIVE lorries weighing 35 tonnes will surround Manhattan’s Times Square on New Year’s Eve in security measures designed to prevent a deadly Berlin-style truck attack.

  7. DeniseVB says:

    Pretty much sums up Obama’s foreign policy. Meanwhile Putin’s inviting the families of American diplomats to his New Year’s Eve party 🙂 Well played Pootie, well played.

  8. DeniseVB says:

    This was tweeted about 5 minutes ago and already the ‘splody heads are filling up his thread. LOL !

  9. elliesmom says:

    We’re headed out to a New Year’s Eve party this afternoon. It was scheduled for tonight, but the weather forecast puts us on the rain/snow line again later tonight so the hostess moved the party to before the weather changes. I’m bringing a chocolate cheesecake, and it’s all baked and ready to go. I would have been more than OK if she had planned the party for the afternoon to begin with. I guess it’s a sign I’m getting old.

  10. Dora says:

    Somebody has to stop this man! Where the Hell is Congress?

    • Somebody says:

      I saw that last night. I suppose Obama is trying to shore up his legacy as the worst and most un-American POTUS in history. He’s doing a bang up job! I doubt or should I say I hope and pray no POTUS ever surpasses him.

    • taw46 says:

      He has to get his cut of the money before he leaves.

    • CiscoKid says:

      Barry is continuing to help his muslim brothers.
      Stab Israel in the back yesterday, give the terrorist money.
      And yes, just were the hell is Congress?

    • swanspirit says:

      I think he is buying his own safe passage, from terrorists and assassination. I truly do.

  11. cynic says:

    Ok, not sure if this is fake, but I found this link via Moon of Alabama. The link says that Putin sent Obama a couple of gifts — the Reset button, and a T-shirt of Putin on a motorcycle, and it says, “Hasta la Vista”. The shirt is great. Gotta see the pic of Putin.

  12. votermom says:

  13. Dora says:

  14. taw46 says:

    “Mr. Obama has made it clear beyond a reasonable doubt that he will never fade from the political scene as long as he lives. Retiring is just not in his DNA. Major narcissists are in it for life. They do not change. And messianic narcissists like Obama simply don’t have the psychological wherewithal to change. It is unfortunate but true. There is no cure for such people.

    So: Motive, means, and opportunities galore.”

    • blowme0bama says:

      Oh, there’s a cure for him.

    • AFVet says:

      There are a lot of what ifs in that article, interesting though.
      I thought that anyone residing in the country the UN is located in cannot be UN secretary.
      I could be wrong on that.

      At any rate, I’m hoping the new DoJ starts nosing around in the target rich environment the last eight years have provided them.

  15. She killed one of them. The other two are still running.

  16. elliesmom says:

    There’s an article at Buzzfeed about a few Washington eateries pledging some of their inauguration profits to “anti-Trump” causes. It turns out, with the exception of Planned Parenthood, the charities feed and shelter the homeless. I think both Trump and his supporters would be happy to have a portion of the cost of their dinner go to such worthy causes and also be in favor of private charity in lieu of public funding. They’re probably also grateful to know which of the restaurants are giving money to Planned Parenthood. At this point it’s only one, and given the number of places to eat in DC and the surrounds, it should be easy to avoid that one.

    • DeniseVB says:

      When I saw that Buzzfeed article I thought it was to rally the anti-Trump protestors to support those restaurants. I’ll just be so happy to find a restaurant OPEN while I’m there, the streets roll up early in DC even during peak tourist seasons.

      • elliesmom says:

        That’s what I thought at first, too, but the restaurant owners just seem to be trying to do some good. There’s the “inclusion” dogwhistle, but the groups receiving funds are ongoing charities. The restaurants are being open about which charities they’ve chosen, which makes it easy to avoid any group you don’t want to support. One of our local spots was raising money for the food pantry yesterday. They do it every year. The place was crowded, and I’d take a wager there weren’t many Democrats there. The donated money in DC is going to charities that feed and house the homeless. One of the charities helps immigrants, but the last I checked Republicans aren’t against all immigration. While the BuzzFeed article suggests this is supposed to be a thumb in Trump’s eye, I’d bet this is something that happens frequently. Here’s the group that’s organizing it.

      • Mt.Laurel says:

        DC does indeed roll up the carpets early so many stores (e.g. drug stores) that are open may still close at their normal time (5:00 – 6:00 pm is common).. Make sure you have some goodies stashed in the room if your hotel does not have an restaurant on site. Here in the swamp Inauguration Day is a federal holiday so many business will be closed.

        If you plan to use metro trains are running for 4:00 am to 2:00 am and on a rush hour schedule for the entire day. That means there will be more trains but also fares will be at rush hour rates. You can get cards online or at the stations. However, you can also buy them at Giant grocery stores and most CVS stores in the metro area. This is much easier than trying to deal with crowds at the stations and I assume you are diving from VB so you will pass stores on your way into town.

        • DeniseVB says:

          Thanks for the tips! I’m staying at a hotel on L street near 18th which looks walkable to the Mall. Taking the Amtrak up. Depending on the weather I may try and walk to the hotel from Union Station. I used to stay in the less pricey hotels in the burbs and take the train, but found it much easier to pay a little more for the convenience and walkability 🙂 Especially one year the train from NoVa broke down and missed a function. I usually stay at the Capitol Hill Hyatt or L’Enfant, but they were about 1200 night to book LAST Jan! Found the cheapie by luck, only 500 for both nights, bet they forgot Inaug weekend….LOL ! Booked through Travelocity and price guaranteed, I feel lucky especially The National Press Club (Deploraball) in now walking distance too 🙂

        • DeniseVB says:

          Update: Just checked my hotel, tiny rooms with one bed and bath are about 600 /night now. I have a studio, kitchenette for 500 for two nights. Must be all those protestors driving the prices up 😉

  17. DeniseVB says:


  18. Dora says:

    Not only did the Russians not do it but the government knows that they didn’t.


    Creator of NSA’s Global Surveillance System Calls B.S. On Russian Hacking Report

    • Lulu says:

      It is all Bronco and his thug’s spite and bullshit. And it is very shitty and amateurish which shows the level they operate. I think there is a money trail to all of them from Tehran and this is why they are freaked out and panicked. After the election they realized they couldn’t hide it because they were so full of hubris they never imagined they would need to.

      • lateblum says:

        They’ve been shitty and amateurish all along, but thought they were so smart, no one would ever guess. They also thought they were so “cool” no one who found out would even mind. But I guess you already said that. 😉

  19. lateblum says:

    I’ve got so much to do before the end of this year that I need to unplug. So let me just say that I ❤ everyone here and wish us all a

    (even if I were to get back here before the year’s actual end)

    • taw46 says:

      Same to you! We deserve a wonderful New Year. I can’t believe this long, national nightmare is almost over! Although he and his kind will never stop, at least he will be out of the WH. Happy New Year to us! 🎉🍸🍷🎈🎉 MAGA!

  20. Dora says:


  21. DeniseVB says:

    LOL. TPM editor tweeted a 20+ minute pornhub video on his timeline. Here’s the story, didn’t want to link to his tweet which has the movie. It’s still up as I post….

  22. 49erDweet says:

    This is a the last day he could’ve done that. Tomorrow a new stupid progressive law goes into effect making it LSWFUL for underage teens to engage in sexual prostitution. For reals. I have no polite words to describe the Democratic legislators that passed that law.

    • mothy67 says:

      I read that yesterday. How does that make sense to a rational adult? I tried to comprehend the why. I can’t. How? What is the rationale? Eludes me.

      • CiscoKid says:

        And it’s always the Democrats that say, usually before imposing another tax, “it’s for the children”.
        California sinks lower into the cesspool.

      • Lulu says:

        My first thought on reading it was that certain, er, uh, ethnicities like really, really young whores. It is a huge problem in Texas. They kidnap, exploit, groom extremely young girls from their families in Mexico, Central America, and even small town Texas and set them into horrible brothels. The state police and Houston PD bust them up all the time. It is appalling. By the time they are 16 to 18 they are worn out and junkies. If still alive these girls branch out into other criminal activity and are extremely messed up mentally and physically. CA sounds like they just want to keep the supply coming in and may be getting paid to do so. I do have questions about the constitutionality. Being a minor doesn’t absolve them of criminal activity but only matters in punishment. I think it will be challenged. If a kid can do it why not adults? It seems discriminatory.

        • CiscoKid says:

          Very interesting thought.
          Not a lawyer, but it also seems like a good defense for adult prostitutes, discriminatory.
          If its legal for children, why not adults?

      • 49erDweet says:

        Tim, I think the rationale (in their twisted minds) is that young girls under 18 WANT to prostitute themselves and the mean old cops were preventing them from earning a living. Nowhere in their publicized thinking was it expressed that the reality is that prostitution is a racket controlled by (ahem) adults, who usually FORCE underage girls into a type of bondage/slavery and thereby use them as tools, to be discarded when broken or used up.
        Sex is sex. One can differ on how easy it it should be to casually hook up at any age without consequences, but this new law goes far beyond that and legalizes the sale of sex by children under the age of 18. Period. That’s just illogical.

  23. DeniseVB says:

    True story…..

  24. mothy67 says:

    I started saying Putin is a sexy beast. Really explodes dim heads.

  25. lyn says:

    I’m kicking out 2016 with glee.

  26. Somebody says:

    Anthony, thinking of you (((HUGS))).

    • DandyTIger says:

      Just more swamp to drain.

      • CiscoKid says:

        Just goes to show you that the current USG is nothing more than a giant bureaucracy who’s only interest is self-interest.
        Drain the swamp indeed.

    • Mt.Laurel says:

      Fed jobs are not easy to fill quickly even from within to get people at higher grade levels or divisions less likely to be closed out. If they are putting outside people in that fast it means background checks are not being done including verifying citizenship.

    • CiscoKid says:

      Among many other obstacles we faced during this election was out and out thuggery.
      But in spite of that we prevailed.

  27. DeniseVB says:


  28. Underwhelmed says:

    Happy new year, everyone. May 2017 bring you many blessings and much happiness!

  29. mothy67 says:

    Twerp asked to see a therapist. Insurance pays some and I could not care less about cost. She is 10 and asked to see a shrink on her own. It’s about sexuality. I am her great gay uncle. I struggle to be honest. Except for really big lies like how Marianne Faithful gave birth to me on stage at woodstock I am true to her. I am so clueless when she asks me what a condom is. No please not yet. I still want to apply plastic to coffee table corners. Not a dick. There is so much info out there. Blocking HBO is silly. On her own she asked to speak with a therapist. Fucking 10. I’m not really her dad. I could never put her down. Her first years were spent in my useless arms. She’s not a brat. Not once in 10 years have I had to raise my voice. I trust her and I believe in her. I tell her everyday I believe in her. I was such a cynic before her. 39 gay New Yorkwith some cash. I was near implosion with my self absorption. Ten years later I walk miscreant to a new taekwondo school and I am humiliated for my socks. They were homeless level. At no point in my life did I say I give up decent socks. Just happened. I buy for her. Not something I think about. Oddest thing is I know when she is going to get a cold. I can almost smell it.
    Ten years of this shit and I shock the gheys because I am pro traditional family. I am. Shay and I are about Shay and I and not any social agenda. Great gay uncle that had multiple open hearts visiting from NYC misses a bus picks up throw away child in a welfare daycare center that smelled like poop. Such a barren place. Playpens/cages lined along a wall. Smelled so bad. Her fat ugly as sin little arms reached out to me. I picked her up and she clung to me. She never went back.
    Dork broke her collarbone. Summer. Nothing to do. I read her every fucking page of Harry Potter. I have this rich memory of The Chamber of Secrets. We read all night. 4am rented the movie.
    I cherish my pup. It has zero to do with me being a queer. Just 2 people.
    My affluent friends think you can just adopt and rearing is about showing off.
    I am afraid every single fucking day. I am afraid of being afraid cause that might cause neurosis. Kids are fear. There is never a day off. I cannot remember life before her. Maybe today I could be wearing Armani snorting blow on a rooftop in Manhattan. Instead I am clad in walmart sweats telling baby girl she reads or I shut off her phone.
    I applaud anyone that adopts but it is not magic.
    Kids suck. They drain you. Itvis endless.
    I have sciatica. Tried hundreds of mattresses. Firm air beds worked for awhile but I went back to the floor. I have a 3200 hundred dollar mattress but I sleep on the floor. Kid has started sleeping on the floor. I am an unforgivable slob. Kid is messy. Good lord she is her own person but she reflects some of me
    I ponder what became of all those kids in day care? I honestly have friends that adopted and they want a return.
    Shockingly the kids don’t behave. Two rich fags asking me how I deal with shaypup like its a cookie recipe. I have never seen icky as an ornament. Never wanted a kid. She is simply my friend. Me being gay has nada to do with me liking men. It is two people. There is no agenda. Her mom is a cutter. That does not get better. Gee 28 living on SSI getting stoned everynight with two additional kids is life. Hubby has lime disease. They both get SSI. 1400 a month. Content.
    Kid asked me to see a shrink after visiting her mom. I feel her stepdad made her uncomfortable.
    I can tell it did not go too far. I would for real kill.
    She wants therapy. I applaud. I know she is safe but I am limited. All the boys in playground talked about Madonna sucking dick. 10/11 oral sex playground.
    Pup knows I am her bestest friend but I cannot deal with the open sex talk. Fucking ten she asked for a therapist.
    You might think I over react. Ana’s mom has sex with lots of guys. Her daughter films and shares at school. She masturbated at school in class.
    I cannot keep up. Just last year I was worried about kid watching vampire sex. Now its chem lab tools as masturbation.
    I am lost. Kid wants to talk her idea to someone else. I could not be more proud. My god I cannot fix this. What about all those kids untouched.

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