Lies and Bullshit

Coming to America

Coming to America

I guess when your county has a lot of dairies you gotta expect a lot of bullshit. From the New York Fake News:

California Farmers Backed Trump, but Now Fear Losing Field Workers

MERCED, Calif. — Jeff Marchini and others in the Central Valley here bet their farms on the election of Donald J. Trump. His message of reducing regulations and taxes appealed to this Republican stronghold, one of Mr. Trump’s strongest bases of support in the state.

As for his promises about cracking down on illegal immigrants, many assumed Mr. Trump’s pledges were mostly just talk. But two weeks into his administration, Mr. Trump has signed executive orders that have upended the country’s immigration laws. Now farmers here are deeply alarmed about what the new policies could mean for their workers, most of whom are unauthorized, and the businesses that depend on them.

“Everything’s coming so quickly,” Mr. Marchini said. “We’re not loading people into buses or deporting them, that’s not happening yet.” As he looked out over a crew of workers bent over as they rifled through muddy leaves to find purple heads of radicchio, he said that as a businessman, Mr. Trump would know that farmers had invested millions of dollars into produce that is growing right now, and that not being able to pick and sell those crops would represent huge losses for the state economy. “I’m confident that he can grasp the magnitude and the anxiety of what’s happening now.”

Mr. Trump’s immigration policies could transform California’s Central Valley, a stretch of lowlands that extends from Sacramento to Bakersfield. Approximately 70 percent of all farmworkers here are living in the United States illegally, according to researchers at University of California, Davis. The impact could reverberate throughout the valley’s precarious economy, where agriculture is by far the largest industry. With 6.5 million people living in the valley, the fields in this state bring in $35 billion a year and provide more of the nation’s food than any other state.

The consequences of a smaller immigrant work force would ripple not just through the orchards and dairies, but also to locally owned businesses, restaurants, schools and even seemingly unrelated industries, like the insurance market.

Many here feel vindicated by the election, and signs declaring “Vote to make America great again” still dot the highways. But in conversations with nearly a dozen farmers, most of whom voted for Mr. Trump, each acknowledged that they relied on workers who provided false documents. And if the administration were to weed out illegal workers, farmers say their businesses would be crippled. Even Republican lawmakers from the region have supported plans that would give farmworkers a path to citizenship.

“If you only have legal labor, certain parts of this industry and this region will not exist,” said Harold McClarty, a fourth-generation farmer in Kingsburg whose operation grows, packs and ships peaches, plums and grapes throughout the country. “If we sent all these people back, it would be a total disaster.”


Farmers here have faced a persistent labor shortage for years, in part because of increased policing at the border and the rising prices charged by smugglers who help people sneak across. The once-steady stream of people coming from rural towns in southern Mexico has nearly stopped entirely. The existing field workers are aging, and many of their children find higher-paying jobs outside agriculture.

Many growers here and across the country are hopeful that the new administration will expand and simplify H-2A visas, which allow them to bring in temporary workers from other countries for agricultural jobs. California farmers have increasingly come to rely on the program in the last few years.

But Mr. McClarty and others say that legalizing the existing work force should be the first priority. While they support the idea of deporting immigrants who have been convicted of serious crimes, they oppose forcing people to leave the country for minor crimes, like driving without a license. Since the election, they have continued to call their congressional representatives and lobbied through trade associations, like the Western Growers Association, whose chief executive is part of Mr. Trump’s agricultural advisory board.

First of all, Merced County is not a Republican stronghold. Hillary won Merced County 53% to 41%. Our Congresscritter is a Democrat. I don’t remember the last time we elected a Republican. Bernie Sisk (D) was our representative when I was born, and he was followed by Tony Coehlo, Gary Condit, and Dennis Cardoza – all Dems.

Secondly, there ain’t no shortage of illegal immigrants around here. There is a shortage of jobs, though. The Central Valley is one of the worst places in the nation for unemployment, welfare dependency, teen pregnancy, crime, homelessness, illiteracy, and air quality.

Jeff Marchini is a typical California farmer. We never went for that “forty acres and a mule” type farming. Farming in California is more akin to cotton plantations in the South than family homesteading in the Midwest. It’s agribusiness. Instead of slaves they use illegal aliens. California agribusiness has been exploiting immigrant labor since the Gold Rush. The Marchini family owns several sizeable agribusinesses.

Business wants cheap labor. That’s why they favor unfettered immigration. If they didn’t have a steady stream of illegal immigrants to hire they would have to pay more money to attract American workers.



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52 Responses to Lies and Bullshit

  1. DeniseVB says:

    Has The Hill jumped the shark? I think so…

  2. blowme0bama says:

    Yes, if they didn’t have artificially inflated labor market, they would have to pay more to attract labor. I believe it was on this blog that we had a discussion concerning what produce could not be harvested by mechanization, thus requiring seasonal hand labor.

    Because it is seasonal, and you can’t expect people to hang around to only work 3-4 months a year, agricultural temp visas are a necessary thing. The farmers, or a labor supplier, needs to be responsible for returning every one of these workers to the border when they’re through with the harvesting.

  3. Mom was watching ABC news and it was all about deportations. She tells me she feels sorry for the people being deported.

    I told her that was the whole point of the stories. They want people to feel sorry for them.

    According to ABC every immigrant is honest, law-abiding, and hard-working. They all have families that will suffer when they are gone.

    • mcnorman says:

      Yes, they will have to evict the tenants of their rentals back in Mexico. They lose against the oppressive government that they have. Holy cow, the kids will have to learn proper Espanol and math. They won’t be able to abuse the teachers either. Geez, I call that a reality check.

  4. Merced Sun-Stroke:

    Lack of jobs: Merced’s unemployment rate was 12.1 percent in July, fourth-highest in the state, leaving 12,800 people jobless. South Dos Palos reported a stunning one-third of its work force out of work, with Planada right behind. “Employers report that a large segment of the resulting work force lacks the requisite ‘life skills’ and therefore are not hired,” according to a study by the Modesto-based Great Valley Center. Adds state Sen. Jeff Denham: “The No. 1 issue is to create more jobs to attract new business.”

    Lack of education: The county ranked 56th out of California’s 58 counties in the number of high school students eligible to attend a state public university; it ranks 52nd in the number of elementary school students meeting state targets for the English language. “If you’re from a poor family and you have to get to the library to access the Internet, and both your parents are working, who’s going to drive?” asks Kelvin Jasek-Rysdahl, professor of economics and co-director of the Center for Public Policy Studies at California State University, Stanislaus. “How do you get to college if you can’t get access to education?”

    Crime: Property crime has been rising steadily as the national recession ripples through Merced. And gangs — mainly Latino and Southeast Asian — have recruited an estimated 2,500 young Mercedians. “The only thing to do is hang out in the alley and the barrio,” says UC Merced student activist Rosanna Cruz, who’s worked with migrant workers and their children.

    Drugs: Meth is no longer the scourge it was a few years ago, but far too many lives are still indiscriminately torn apart by its ravages. “The availability and price make it appealing not only to the poor but to middle-class younger people,” says county spokeswoman Katie Albertson.

    Broken families: 13.4 percent of Merced city grandparents are raising their grandchildren, and around 22 percent of households are headed by one parent. “If you grow up in a strong family, you’re more likely to create a strong family on your own,” says Rhonda Walton, director of the county’s Child Support Services.

  5. 1539days says:

    But in conversations with nearly a dozen farmers, most of whom voted for Mr. Trump, each acknowledged that they relied on workers who provided false documents.

    So, they talked to maybe 6 farmers who voted Trump and didn’t realize he’d prevent illegal immigration.

  6. helenk3 says:

    A lot of the economy of Mexico is money sent back by illegals in this country. They are the last country that would want America to enforce immigration laws. Between the drug cartels that mostly run Mexico and the market here there is no reason for them to want enforced immigration laws.
    these things are in addition to the agribusinesses wanting cheap labor.
    Also our schools are turning out uneducated kids that the high tech companies in California do not need,
    It is cheaper to hire foreign labor at a cheaper salary, then to train kids who think they are owed the world.

    there are isis camps on the mexican side of the border, what is mexico doing to stop that? nothing that I have heard about.
    I really wish that those who are doing the loudest protesting for the illegals would wake up and smell the coffee. Protest the fact that our schools are turning out kids that can not get a job.

  7. blowme0bama says:

  8. mothy67 says:

    I just called bullshit on this woman from a hotel. I was an hr manager with a yuuuge hotel. I had to hire people when the Penguins entered playoffs. We paid very well. This woman claims she needs illegals for crunch time. So not true. I had stacks of people ready to work.

    • mothy67 says:

      Also all hires have to go through extensive sexual harassment training. We wanted ours to harass the right way. Kidding but newbies have to go through training. I used temp agencies. Some times a wedding just shows up. I did not have staff. I used a solid temp agency. No way was I going to risk millions in law suits to save 5 bucks. Woman on tv is claiming she needs illegals. So not true. No one does that. Never ever
      FYI if you know a single mom waiting tables at breakfast in a hotel pays really well. Like 200 a day. Everyone gets a free breakfast card. What hotels do. Card includes 18% tip people leave 5. Before I was management I took only job I could find breakfast waiter . Full benefits 12 an hour plus at least 200 a day in tips. Everyone ate from the buffet. All I did was pour coffee.

  9. dm says:

    My first real “job” was picking vegetables during the summer. I did that work because I was unable to get hired on any of the tobacco farms, which paid much better. That was rural KY, and everyone I knew essentially did farm work…guess that was before there were hordes of illegals to take those jobs.

    • mothy67 says:

      I picked corn. A quarter a dozen. Room and board at Purdue was 1600 in 1984 somehow corn paid that.

    • Constance says:

      I picked Strawberries and Raspberries on Vashon island, $.50 a flat, and had to pick at least 8 flats or pay your own ferry fare home to Seattle.

  10. mothy67 says:

    Pittsburgh went sanctuary last year. The mayor said it was about wages. Hmmm? My older brother is a VP for a yuuuge dollar store. He started out as a clerk. He moved into management. He used his budget to reward his employees. They don’t quit. He was smart. Takes money to train people. He paid clerks 15/hr instead of 7.50. Sue has been there for 20 years. She enjoys her job. My bro saw the wealth in her she runs the store. I use seniors for my catering. I make money. I start at 20 an hour. Other temp agencies under pay. I get a ring I need 20 people in an hour. My peeps show up. Early on I had kids they didn’t show. One day I took a job at CMU it was owned by the school free tuition if this girl just showed up. They needed a warm body she quit after two days. I begged her go to work its CMU. Nope.

  11. votermom says:

    Watched the Magnificent 7 (the new one). It was ok.

  12. Dora says:

  13. Dora says:


  14. blowme0bama says:

    Sweeden’s “feminist” officials mocking Trump (top) and
    When they visited Iran (bottom)

  15. kanaughty says:

    What stuck out to me was “it will affect the insurance industry…” ummm how? They are illegal. The farmers don’t have to have any benefits or insurance on them. They’d pay all the same insurance as if they didn’t have illegals there. That was such a weird call out. Are they trying to get the insurance lobby to come out of the shadows to fight the EO and the detaining of illegals too? Anyway, i just thought that was really weird and didn’t fit there, but it felt like a subliminal call to action.

  16. Dora says:

    Now we even have to watch where we buy our cookies.


    Top Restaurants Will Sell Cookies to Raise Money for Planned Parenthood Abortion Business

    • dm says:

      As long as it is “known” – meaning, they damn well better inform their customers what exactly they are paying for – I don’t mind…at least I can choose to fund them or not this way…of course, who knows if they are truly advertising this fact.

  17. Dora says:

    How can any young person going through this training, turn out to be a normal, clear thinking adult? That’s what I want to know!


    Princeton’s Surreal ‘Diversity Training’ for Students

    We live in the age of inclusion where we are to be welcomed and treated equally, but, paradoxically, we are all to be labeled clearly so that everyone knows what status we may embody. Take college campuses, the incubator of liberalism gone amok. So-called “diversity training” has attempted to make students painfully aware of all of their differences (well, all differences but ones of opinion, since diversity of thought has become intolerable in academia).

    “know your kind and stick to it. Don’t risk offending people from other backgrounds by trying to understand their worldviews.”

  18. DeniseVB says:

    Stolen from MOTUS.

  19. Dora says:

    The liberals think we should invite more of them in.


    North African Migrants Allegedly Rape Milan Schoolgirl in Broad Daylight on Commuter Train

  20. taw46 says:

  21. votermom says:

  22. DeniseVB says:

    True Story !

  23. AFVet says:

  24. Dora says:

    How Obama is scheming to sabotage Trump’s presidency

    “Obama has an army of agitators ­ numbering more than 30,000 ­ who will fight his Republican successor at every turn of his historic presidency.”

    These are the unhinged, violent leftist thugs we are seeing all over the country. Obama green-lighted this rioting. He wants more of it. He was the worst president in U.S. history, and he is shaping up to be the most disgraceful ex-president, surpassing even Jimmy Carter in both categories.

    • AFVet says:

      Find the source of their funding and cut it off.
      What Obama is doing is sedition against the US government.

    • nerdle says:

      President Trump is coming through and then some with his promises of jobs. This will be the most work Obama has done in a long time.

  25. Thank you for clarifying the true state of things. Journalists today have no shame.

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