Oscars Not-Watching Party


If I wanted to watch a bunch of politically-correct overpaid Leftist assholes bash Donald Trump I would watch CNN. I plan to read a book (“Void Moon”) instead.

So what will you be doing while you are not-watching the Oscars tonight?

This is an open thread.

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  1. Someone (cough, cough, votermom) needs to get her Oscars Pool picks in.) There is still room to join in. The winner gets nothing, but the losers get naked pics of Lena Dunham.

  2. Venus says:

    LAST CALL!!!

    Just because I’m boycotting, doesn’t mean I don’t want to win. There are still spaces available — get your picks in!!

    votermom — you haven’t made your picks yet.

    We have 11 signed up and 25 spaces — so there is still room for 14 more people to sign up.

    I recently set up an online Academy Awards Pool at RunYourPool named ‘Crawdad Oscar Pool’. If you are interested in joining the pool, please go to the following link and fill out the form:


  3. Venus says:

    WT Serious F?

    I really think this guy is the anti-Pope. Benedict is the Pope.

  4. DeniseVB says:

  5. Dora says:

    Who cares about the Oscars? Tonight is the Governor’s Ball. 🙂

    • Venus says:

      If they don’t mention the last 8 years of them vis-a-vis Obama, they’ve missed the true definition.

    • Venus says:

      Wait — one of the signers of the letter is the Iranian director? LOL
      In Iran the government gives gay men a choice to have a complete sex change (including the penis being removed and turned into a vagina — something that *most* of the high profile “trans” women like Lavene Cox and Caitlyn Jenner have NOT done) or be put to death.
      And this motherfucker has the NERVE to lecture the USA on “dividing people by race, sexuality” etc?
      He can go fuck himself.

      PS: Mohammed was a homo.

  6. Venus says:

  7. kanaughty says:

    this is what I will be watching: mardi gras – super krewe bacchus parade in new Orleans live stream from nola.com and the advocate on Livestream platform…
    nola.com stream on youtube: https://youtu.be/Stxe8nV2EDs
    the new Orleans advocate livestream: https://livestream.com/accounts/23114648/events/7063360

  8. lyn says:

    The snow is coming down sideways.

  9. votermom says:

  10. threewickets says:

    America as a wealthy gay patriarchy will die with Michael Bloomberg. The hubris, especially of his troll brigade, is too much.

  11. Venus says:

    I’ve got E! Live from the Red Carpet on TV (on mute).
    Won’t watch the show, but gotta see the dresses.
    Juilianna Ranic has always been super skinny in a very unhealthy manner but she is legit a skeleton with a spray tan now. Not good.
    What in the ever loving hell is Jessica Biel wearing around her neck? She looks very pale & sickly too.
    Scarlett Johanson’s hair, as usual, looks like shit.
    Dakota Johnson — talk about riding your famous parent’s coat tails — girl is a total plain jane with a wet mop personality.
    I see Matt Damon and his “beard” has arrived. Yes, Matt, everyone believes you’re totally straight and with all those Hollywood starlets and models at your beck and call you fell in love with and married a not-too-attractive make up artist.

    • CiscoKid says:

      And the bidding starts at Iranian rial 1,000, do I hear Ir 1,500?
      Come on boys, we’re talking primo stuff here.

  12. kanaughty says:

    you asked the question of who we would want to have to dinner and I really couldn’t decide. so for now I would say, queen Elizabeth 1 (to talk to her about how the united states came to be who’s jamestown settlement began soon after she passed, one of the founding fathers (to ask them their intention on the bill of rights and especially 1A and 2A and to ask them why they couldn’t have protected us as individuals from the fed gov better in a more specific writing of the 10 amendment and to ask them why they didn’t write in term limits for all gov elected positions), and banksy (so I can see who he really is, plus he is witty as hell)

  13. Venus says:

    So far Michelle Williams, Kristen Duntz (yes, Kristen Duntz!) and Hailey Stainfield have best dresses.
    Nicole Kidman gets honorable mention for a gorgeous dress after clunckers the last few shows.

    Ryan Gosling with that stupid ruffled tux shirt looks like a moron.

    • lateblum says:

      I agree r/t Nicole Kidman. She does look stunning. Plus, the “interview” with her and her husband on ABC was really quite nice. Robin Roberts? (or whoever that tall woman is) interviewed them both and quite complimentary to Keith.

  14. mothy67 says:

    Pope Climate the First is completely irrelevant to me. He’s a social justice warrior. I have two orbits in my head that actually see real stuff not what 5 o’clock news tells me I see. Clairton, PA was a lovely place to grow up. We slept out on the porch and rode our bikes. On my street there were 5 churches. Catholics always got some shit but it was nice and safe. People were ashamed to be on welfare. Back then it came in books. Everyone went to bible study in the summer. When someone died everyone cooked. Today that same town is heroin capital. It’s very sad. All the churches are gone. Main street is shuttered. No one tends to lawns. Plywood in place of Windows. How did it happen? We neglected. It was “The City of Prayer” featured in The Deer Hunter. Film was not shot there. It was progressive agenda that turned it into a hell hole. My favorite is when they talk about race. Clairton was 49/51. I never knew of racism. My god parents are Puerto Rican.
    A few years back the Clairton Bears became the most winningest team in high school football. Broken city came to life. I think Trump is offering hope. Make is an action verb.

  15. Venus says:

    Emma Stone looks really good too.

  16. Constance says:

    I’m cleaning and organizing my house instead of watching the Oscars.

  17. Venus says:

    This chick I don’t know Naomi Harris — obviously a British actress based on her accent — is a pretty woman but the tube top white sequence top is a disaster.

    meanwhile, Dakota Johnson is wearing Joan Crawford’s gold dressing gown. Gucci sucks.

    • lateblum says:

      Naomi Harris played the addict-mom in Moonlight. I hated the movie, but she was really amazing. I just heard they shot all her work in 3 days. She wanted to make the woman more likeable, But Barry Jenkins, the director/writer, said “No.She was just like the woman I wrote.And I outta know. She was my mother.”

    • lateblum says:

      I just looked it up. You’re right! LOL
      Dakota Johnson:

  18. Venus says:

    Lots of long sleeves tonight — must be Saudi influence (no joke).

  19. Venus says:

    WTF — BIG TIME movie star Denzel couldn’t get a tailored suit? He looks like he picked up his jacket at good will — it is about 2 sizes too big.

  20. Venus says:

    Halee Berry is wearing a bird’s nest for a wig. Dress is basic bitch.
    Jonelle Monae is a beautiful young girl but that dress with the side bustles is ridiculous. What woman wants to make her hips look twice as big?
    Emma Roberts looks good — dress is super similar to Michelle William’s.

  21. Venus says:

    Salma Hayek still looks beautiful without making herself into a frozen faced mummy.

  22. Venus says:

    Ok, red carpet is over. I’m switching to HGTV.

    • lateblum says:

      At least the beginning of the monologue is funny! Only 1 or 2 negative comments about the POTUS. But he’s really been good. I’ll turn it off when it gets harsh. But so far so good.

  23. lyn says:

    Re: Oscar Pool. We’re all in first place! Yay!

  24. Venus says:

    Told ya’ll Mahershala Ali was a lock for supporting actor #OscarsSoWhiteSoNowOverCorrect

    • In every category where there was a black nominee I picked him/her.

      • Venus says:

        LOL – so did I.
        This is the most nonchalant I’ve ever been about Oscars. Saw barely any of the movies. Did no research (i.e., who won at the Globes, BAFTA, etc to try to gage who will win Oscar). Just picked “La La Land” or “black person” lol

        • lateblum says:

          I did that as well. Except there are categories where MORE THAN ONE aa was nominated. Then it was a crap shoot.
          (I did, however, see all the nominated movies. Cuz I love going to the movies.)

    • Jadzia says:

      I have not seen the movie, but I think he’s an amazing actor. He’s one of the best things about House of Cards, and he was the absolute best thing in what I think was his first TV show, one that nobody but me seems to have watched: The 4400.

      • Venus says:

        I’m taking nothing away from him as an actor — this year’s Oscar was a PC driven “correction” of last year’s #OscarsSoWhite though, which taints the “wins” this year.

        • Jadzia says:

          Fun fact: his full first name is Mahershalalhashbaz. Which I’m guessing even he couldn’t pronounce and that’s why it’s shorter now. (Do I get to say that? I have a ridiculous first name, too.)

      • mothy67 says:

        I caught it on netflix. It’s so Canadian Sci Fi. Why is Billy Campbell in every Canadian TV show?

        • Jadzia says:

          I have no idea! I loved him, though. He was absent from an entire season-ish of the show because he decided to go sail around the world. Nice bosses! The actress who plays Isabelle (Richard’s daughter) I saw somewhat recently in a bunch of sexy pictures taken because apparently she’s now Chris Rock’s young-enough-to-be-his-daughter girlfriend. She’s still gorgeous.

      • 1539days says:

        I was trying to remember where I saw him from. Crossing Jordan was the first thing to come to mind, but I watched the 4400 all the way to its abrupt conclusion.

        • Jadzia says:

          I am very sad about the fact that they weren’t able to wrap up the series. They should have been given SOME opportunity to do that, like a crappy movie of the week. So many unanswered questions!

          You know who I was really surprised never to see in anything again after that was the younger man who played Billy Campbell’s acolyte who later came to his senses. Shawn? I thought he was going to have a big career.

          And then there was the actress who DID have a career after that and God only knows why: Summer Glau. I’m not sure if she’s a bad actress or an actress who has just become typecast as a badly-written nutcase. I am currently suffering through all of her scenes on Firefly.

          • 1539days says:

            The guy who played Shawn did okay, but you’re right he never hit it big.

            Summer Glau became a sci-fi darling, kind of like Felicia Day. I think she has sort of an out-of-place quality. I also liked that she played herself on Big Bang theory. Two of the guys tried to hit on her, both unsuccessful for different reasons.

            I think the finale ended it as well as a 2 hour movie would have. People were getting full-on powers and the future was supposedly saved because of it.

  25. Venus says:

    Guy Benson is still talking like he has something to say worth hearing after being ludicrously wrong about Trump for the last 2 years.

  26. lyn says:

    Lateblum is defending her title well!

  27. mothy67 says:

    My family is funny. As you know my dad did the coma thing. He can’t work. He is doing facebook all day. We are like Shameless. Rough around the edges but loyal. I said we should take him bowling. Just casual statement. It is now an event. My sister is coming from Florida my brother from North Carolina my Aunt from Alaska. Cousins. Everybody wants to go bowling. It’s going to be yuuuge. People are driving from those make believe towns in Ohio and Pa. Yeah sure Scranton is a real place. It is a celebration of my dad’s life. Had I planned a party it would have been boring. Every one of my billion cousins is in. Bowling with Uncle Jim. He lived because my mom is a first class bitch. They sent in a panel to declare him dead. You do not fuck with Sharon. Jim is doing well. He’s my dad. I do not get how some progs hate their family. Same thing with Obama bashing America. I love my country. When I told my parents I was gay my mom fell apart. I walked to liquor store and asked for the vilest thing on Earth for the worst person alive. Guy did not miss a beat. Mad Dog 20/20 grape flavored wine. I was sitting in basement bathroom chain smoking and listening to Led Zep. My dad knocked on the door. He said Timothy John no kid should ever go what you have went through. Try and be happy, but aren’t you people supposed to be neat. Best response ever to a queer. I really am a slob.

  28. Dora says:

  29. Dora says:

    Nicole looks nice.

  30. Dora says:

    Back to the ball. 🙂

  31. votermom says:

    hey Hacksaw Ridge won something! why didn’t I pick it …

  32. Did anybody NOT pick Viola Davis?

  33. But only one Negga for Best Actress

    • Venus says:

      Yes, please revel in the fact that the Academy has been brow beaten into nominating any and all POC anywhere near a movie regardless of the worth of the performance/movie (see: Moon Light — the guy who won best supporting allegedly had 3 lines; movie itself said to be horrible by our own lateblum).

      And take the crumbs of 2nd tier “supporting” wins, while lead role wins go to whites. (my prediction of the next complaint).

      • lateblum says:

        Some POC guy named Anthony on ABC is now SCREAMING about the mess up and is saying it was a conspiracy and demanding that every card with the winner be read to make certain that any while person who won, was the actual winner.
        I hope they find out that Moonlight really one won ONE award. ffs

  34. votermom says:

    uh oh Columbo is getting poisoned

    • votermom says:

      oh, a fake-out! how could I ever doubt you, Columbo, even without your trenchcoat

      • Mt.Laurel says:

        MeTV episode?
        I was watching the back to back episodes on COZI TV where Columob goes up against Ricardo montalban as a matador and then Shatner hams it up as a TV detective trying to out Colombo Colombo.

  35. lateblum says:

    Oh, I changed from “The Salesman” to “Toni Erdmann” just before the Oscar program. 😒
    But I really wanted “A Man Called Ove” to win. Go see it if you can. It is wonderful.

  36. lateblum says:

    They’re all applauding for the song from the movie about James Foley. He’s the journalist murdered by ISIS while Obama was POTUS. I believe bronco took off for golf after he was “told” of the murder. Did these “people who celebrate life” (or whatever it was that Viola Davis said) protest bronco’s nonchalance? No? Maybe they didn’t value life then. I wonder what happened. /s

    • Venus says:

      Obama is first president to be at war every.single.day. he was in office.
      Every 20 minutes for the last 8 years, Obama dropped a bomb — and these fuckheads said nothing.

    • lateblum says:

      With all their talk about tolerance and love and not being fearful of the “other”, they can’t even grasp the irony.

  37. votermom says:

    Myiq is climbing in the rankings

    i can’t believe zootopia beat kubo

  38. votermom says:

    oh now I’m last!!!!

  39. Venus says:

    I *love* Ivanka’s dress — the polka dot top is so cute & unexpected.

    • lateblum says:

      This dress is simply wonderful. I like it better than most of the dresses I’ve seen tonight at the Oscars. Of course, her ball gown for th inauguration would have worked well for the academy awards. Remember that beautiful shimmering sparkly gown with the long sleeves? Stunning !

  40. Venus says:

    Iran lecturing the USA about human rights and “inhuman travel ban” while the idiot Hollywood crowd cheers. /eye roll
    I really do hope the MSM keeps playing that clip over & over so that the entire USA population sees it.
    Stupid really should burn.

  41. lyn says:

    My SJW picks tanked. Yay!

  42. lateblum says:

    i am a simple, uncomplicated person and the music suited me. I loved the music in La La Land. I hope it wins.
    (I also love Mozart, Bach, Beethoven, Copland, Bernstein, Bizet.)

  43. Venus says:

    Ha ha!

  44. lateblum says:

    Before we go any further, I hated “Moonlight”. Just in case someone missed the last 3 times I said it.

  45. With four to go I am mathematically eliminated. I can’t catch Jeffhas because we share a pick and he’s 4 ahead of me.

  46. Did everybody take Emma Stone?

  47. Venus says:

    Just FYI — “Hidden Figures” is a complete lie; nothing even *close* happened as depicted in the film. Total revisionist history

  48. Venus says:

    And the winner is:

    1 Jeffhas 17 17 7
    2 Angie 14 14 10
    2 lateblum 14 14 10
    4 Myiq2xu 12 12 12
    5 Elliesmom 11 11 13
    5 La La Lyn 11 11 13
    5 Swannie 11 11 13
    8 vmom 9 9 15
    9 dm 8 8 16
    9 Lynette 8 8 16
    11 blowme0bama 6 6 18

    Congratulations to Jeffhas — remarkable job with 17/24 correct.
    Also to Lateblum — even though we tied for 2nd you came out of the gate kicking ass.

    And thank you all for playing in the pool and making this insipid event fun each year. xoxo

  49. lyn says:

    Faye and Warren should have aged gracefully.

  50. jeffhas says:

    Thank you… thank you… really… thank you…

    Leave it to Angie to create a little added drama ! (But I still won!).

    I would like to thank The Academy (I mean Angie).

    Every year she puts the pool together… and every year I fill out one of those damn surveys (I might’ve forgotten last year?)… and I always lose (but I get close sometimes!).

    I gladly accept your wonderful prize of NOTHING… so fitting of this generous group.

    Now I’m off to a post Oscars party at Arby’s where I will treat myself to The Classic – I wish you all could be here with me…

    …farewell to all the ‘little people’ …. (takes bow and moves along…)

    • Venus says:

      We told you that you’d get NOTHING *and* like it.

      Don’t doubt us again! LOL

      I don’t get the reference to the drama I caused, though. ???

      • Jeffhas says:

        “I don’t get the reference to the drama I caused, though. ???”

        Oh I figured you had something to do with the LaLaLand vs Moonlight hiccup… since you pretty much control the universe… (seriously, you really do).

        Thanks again… fun with all of you for sure.

        • Venus says:

          WTF? Moonlight hiccup? I seriously have no idea what the hell you are talking about/trying to imply. Spit it out.
          If it has anything to do with your picks, even though I’m the mod (because I created the pool), I can’t see anyone else’s picks until the show starts, just like everyone else. So if that is the stick up your ass, you can remove it now & apologize.
          If it isn’t — explain yourself or GFY.

          • Jeffhas says:

            Just joking about the Moonlight win instead of LaLaLand… I know you had nothing to do with that on-air Oscar mistake… my attempt at a joke about how l’il ole Angie might control the Academy to create a little extra drama – sorry, bad joke I guess, didn’t mean anything by it.

          • Venus says:

            No, I’m sorry Jeffhas — I didn’t watch the show so wasn’t aware of that clusterf**k at all until just now. I reposted the correct results below and sorry for my mistake/confusion and then jumping to the conclusion that you meant something bad by your comment. My bad, as we used to say in the 80s. 🙂

            (And now that I know the story, your comment *is* funny).

          • Jeffhas says:

            No worries.
            Mad Respect.
            You rule.

  51. lyn says:

    Just saw that Moonlight won.

  52. taw46 says:


  53. DandyTIger says:

    The Oscars were so stunningly incompetent. So La La Land wins. Then they made a mistake. And Moonlight wins. What a mess. Next years Oscars will have inherited a mess. Sad!

  54. Venus says:

    HO LEE PHUC! A new FX series starts next Sunday:

    FEUD: Bette and Joan, the first installment of the new FX anthology series from Ryan Murphy, tells the story of the legendary rivalry between Joan Crawford (Jessica Lange) and Bette Davis (Susan Sarandon) during their collaboration on the Academy Award®-nominated thriller What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?, and well after the cameras stopped rolling. The series explores how the two women endured ageism, sexism, and misogyny while struggling to hang on to success and fame in the twilight of their careers.

    In addition to Academy Award winners Lange and Sarandon, the cast includes Alfred Molina as the film’s director Robert Aldrich, Stanley Tucci as studio titan Jack Warner, Judy Davis as gossip columnist Hedda Hopper, Jackie Hoffman as Crawford’s housekeeper Mamacita, and Alison Wright as Aldrich’s assistant Pauline.

    Notable guest stars include Dominic Burgess as Crawford and Davis’ co-star Victor Buono, Catherine Zeta-Jones as film star Olivia de Havilland, Sarah Paulson as Geraldine Page, Kathy Bates as Joan Blondell and Kiernan Shipka as B.D., Bette Davis’ daughter.

    FEUD: Bette and Joan is created by Ryan Murphy and Jaffe Cohen & Michael Zam. Ryan Murphy serves as Executive Producer along with Executive Producers Dede Gardner of Brad Pitt’s Plan B Entertainment, Tim Minear and Alexis Martin Woodall. The series is produced by Fox 21 Television Studios.

    Even though I loath that idiot Ryan Murphy, the 1st seasons of his shows are usually good (rest are pulp), this is Must Watch TV!
    I’ve already got my DVR set.

    • lateblum says:

      It does look really good, doesn’t it? I became intrigued the moment I saw the previews at the movie theatre yesterday. Isn’t FX the same network that did “American Crime Story: The People v. O.J. Simpson” ?

      • mothy67 says:

        I heard he wants to bring straight plays back to tv I would love it Big O’Neill fan. HBO did Death of a Salesman a few years ago. It’s incredible watching live theater. No big budget special effects. Save for Who’s Afraid of Virginia Wolf and The Philadelphia Story I’m not a fan of screen adaptations. Does pbs still do American Playhouse?

  55. Venus says:


    LMAO — I told you all I wasn’t watching that idiotic awards ceremony — our “superiors” in Hollywood who think they know better how we should live our lives, can’t even get the right envelop on stage on their biggest night of the year.

    Here are the actual results — JeffHas still in 1st, but with 16/24 right and lateblum in solid 2nd (I’m knocked down to 3rd — I picked La La Land for best pic; lateblum had Moon Light):

    1 Jeffhas 16 16 8
    2 lateblum 15 15 9
    3 Angie 13 13 11
    4 Elliesmom 11 11 13
    4 Myiq2xu 11 11 13
    6 La La Lyn 10 10 14
    6 Swannie 10 10 14
    8 dm 8 8 16
    8 Lynette 8 8 16
    8 vmom 8 8 16
    11 blowme0bama 6 6 18

    Idiots on Twitter are all crying that they wish this could have happened on election night — BWAHAHAHAHAHA! Lib tears are still tasty 4 months later.

  56. Venus says:

  57. CiscoKid says:

    The Hollywood elites, the ones who just know so much better than we and Trump is incompetent .
    They can’t even open an envelope and read the card inside correctly.
    Remember that the next time Hollywood starts pontificating against Trump.

  58. Venus says:

    The only profession that celebrates what it means to live a life but can’t run a fucking awards show.

  59. DandyTIger says:

  60. Venus says:

  61. Venus says:


  62. DandyTIger says:

  63. DandyTIger says:

  64. NewOrleans says:

    A really good article about Trump’s Saturday night dinner. With photos!


    Inside Trump’s Secret Dinner: A Side of the President You Don’t Ever See


  65. DandyTIger says:

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