Feminist Science

So who births the other half?

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  1. lyn says:


  2. Lulu says:

    l always wondered why I never could “get into” feminism as a movement or philosophy or reading list? I think I know now.

    • DeniseVB says:

      Back in the 70’s the feminist movement seemed to be about guilting SAHM’s into hating their husbands for making us no value to society. I could never understand any of their “waves”, they seem to be all man hating at their core.

      I do remember Gloria Steinem asking Mary Tyler Moore to be a spokeswomen for their “cause” because her show was so popular. She said no, because their “cause” wasn’t friendly to the women being homemakers raising children as a “career”. (which was glossed over during the MTM memorial tributes, R.I.P.)

  3. I can hardly wait to not read it.

  4. Lulu says:

    Globalism is now officially tacky.
    “Billionaire tech entrepreneur and adviser to President Trump, Peter Thiel, declared globalization to be over on Tuesday, claiming it’s “so 2005, it feels so dated.” http://www.breitbart.com/tech/2017/03/08/peter-thiel-globalization-feels-dated/

  5. elliesmom says:

    That tweet showed up on my FB feed. I’m still dizzy from shaking my head. Which party is the party of science?

  6. AFVet says:

  7. John Denney says:

    Some people are left-brained and others right-brained.

    In Nelini Stamp’s case, I wonder which half she has.

  8. taw46 says:

  9. Venus says:

    JFC! That shit-weasel Paul Ryan is on Tucker right now saying re: his obamacare bill that “it was out there in ‘A Better Way’ and we ran in 2016 on ‘A Better Way’
    No one knew then nor knows now about some piece of crap ‘A Better Way’ — all anyone knows about 2016 is TRUMP, dumbfuck.

  10. taw46 says:

  11. taw46 says:

    I missed this. From about a week go. So glad Sharyl was there.

  12. taw46 says:

    Reporters John Solomon and Sara Carter were on Hannity show tonight. New article.

    “U.S. officials, who spoke only on condition of anonymity because of the sensitive nature of the information, said there is widespread frustration among intelligence professionals who have watched in horror as a normally secretive process has been distorted by media leaks and politicians uneducated about how counterintelligence operations actually work.”


  13. Lulu says:

    “In an episode of Believer, a six-part CNN series on spirituality, US religious scholar Reza Aslan meets with the Aghori, a nomadic Hindu sect in India.”
    “After Aslan has bathed in the sacred Ganges river, an Aghori scholar smears the ashes of a cremated body on his face and he is given alcohol served in a human skull.”
    “Reza Aslan is a religious scholar and was filming a documentary about spirituality” He is also a Muslim and public speaker.
    Azlan eats some human brain. “He added: “It was burnt to a crisp!”
    “Soon after the interview turns nasty and one of the cannibals tells the presenter: “I will cut your head off if you keep talking so much.”
    “Then the guru begins eating his own poo – and then flings it at Aslan and his camera crew.”

    THIS…is CNN.

  14. taw46 says:

    Well, just damn. They believe former NSA (?) operatives hacked DNC, because they were tired of the Clintons. No Russians involved.

  15. kanaughty says:

    Wow, i couldn’t believe when i read this how absolutely dumb this statement is. It’s beyond idiotic, proba ly the stupidest statement passed off as fact i have ever heard. This is common core math and science or something.

    • lateblum says:

      And you so much for turning me onto this site. I’ve been reading the post for several minutes and decided to send it to both of my brothers who, bought the bronco bama stories from beginning up to today. One lives in an affluent suburb, the other lives in a university town in a rural area. They both need to read what the writer had to say. I’m moving on to the second part after I finish up with things this morning.

  16. Dora says:

    Those who have studied the presidency of JFK, know how he felt about the CIA.


    WikiLeaks’ Vault 7 Password Is A Nod to Anti-CIA JFK Quote

    On Tuesday WikiLeaks began releasing a series of encrypted documents dubbed “Vault 7,” detailing the surveillance activities of the CIA.

    As part of the release, the organization posted to Twitter a password for “Vault 7” that read as follows: “SplinterItIntoAThousandPiecesAndScatterItIntoTheWinds.”

    That password was a subset of words spoken by President John F. Kennedy 54 years ago, only a month before he was assassinated:


  17. mothy67 says:

    So I looked up Ashley Judd’s story. Very tragic. Why is it that some people make it through things unscathed and another becomes jello. I was only vaguely aware of her before her nasty poem. I found it vulgar. Wasn’t the words it was her inflection. Like something inside her was decayed. It did not evoke empathy. What transpired in her youth is reprehensible. Not something I can fathom. She is 49 this path does not appear to me to lead to a good place. With her fortune you’d think she could afford intensive therapy. I don’t mean to belittle her tragedy and perhaps she is going through a process. Grieving a little girl that was robbed. I have known people that grew up in dark places. The bottle was a coping mechanism. I am not ashamed to say I was comfortably numb during my 20’s.
    Maybe her message resonates with other victims and she speaks to me in a foreign tongue. All I hear is scalding pain. Because I was an idiot and walked into a parked ambulance high on the Whitman’s Sampler. Judge gave me 9 months in bucolic Ronkonkoma. First I was locked down at Bellview, then a crisis center, then rehab, then 280 days of half way house. The sentence was absurd. I was wasted in public. I am grateful. I sat and listened for almost a year. Most patients were just people that got busted in the inner city drug culture not addicts but a handful had these complex sagas. When I was at South Beach (a very nice psych hospital on Staten Island with a rehab) they brought in a mole person. I thought they were a myth. His skin was stained from soot and he gave off a terrible stench. I guess his organs had called it a day. I had to be there for 28 days and he was the most interesting person. He had no money. I mean zero
    Smoking was okay back then. I had money we talked a lot. He was from New Jersey and one day he got off school bus and as he was walking home his mom took a header off the roof. He saw it. He got into drugs wound up on the street and eventually life in the tunnels. . I didn’t grasp how he was able to buy enough booze to become an alcoholic.
    95% of people in those places are looking for 3 shots and a cot or are trying to evade prison. 5% are souls battling demons. I spent almost a year basically institutionalized. I learned to listen I had no choice. Prisoner type van picked us up at 7 and we did NA, AA meetings with small group thrown in to the mix. All day. Everyday. I am not arguing against 12 Steps, but it’s all or nothing. My way or the highway. I did not go to Harvard or Columbia to study the dynamics of penal institutions or rehab. Instead I lived it. Counselors only need a certificate.some of these clients need real help. One day I was in group and the counselor decided he was going to talk about the Agony and the Ecstasy he made it all up. I was a lit major most people living in a half way house attending all day therapy don’t have degrees. He could tell them what ever he wanted. I was like, no you ass it’s a fictional account by Irving Stone about Michelangelo. He also constantly referred to Africa as a country. The medical and psychiatric community let AA stand as it does work for some people. Thing is the people I engaged lacked training. I saw people with bi-polar disorder get thrown out and head to prison.
    I don’t give a shit about Nasty Poem. I thought it pedestrian. I spent 280 days listening to pain. Nepenthe had lots of women’s housing. I heard them everyday. I may not know my ass from a hole in the ground but that actress seems blinded. The characterization she gives of Trump reflects upon her. The incest innuendo is beyond the pale. I suppress the urge to call her nuts but lady get a grip. If something awful took place in her youth she needs to talk to someone not The mall in Washington. I watched her tirade again. I think she flipped her lid or is 49 trying to stay relevant.

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