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Overnite Glenn Close is back …On Broadway…Open Thread :D

Okay, this is from an earlier performance, so sue me 😉

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The Hottest Hot Takes Of 2017

Peter Daou’s cheese done slid off his cracker.

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Fuck The Nerd Prom

Sinatra before Trump arrives — Gideon Resnick (@GideonResnick) April 29, 2017 Here are your television viewing options tonight: 1. Watch the Trump rally. 2. Watch the White House Correspondent’s Dinner 3. Watch Samantha Bee 4. Watch something (anything) else. … Continue reading

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Overnight Meatloaf Open Thread

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WTF Friday

‘Overly Obese’ Body Starts Fire in Ohio Funeral Home In what was described as a “freak accident,” the body of an extremely overweight person started a fire in a Cincinnati funeral home during the cremation process. The fire erupted at … Continue reading

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Trump’s First 100 Days In Six Words

Not Hillary. Neil Gorsuch. ‘Nuff said.

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Overnight Open Thread

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Heading Home on the Trump Train (kinda) Open Thread

Muh bar 😀

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Erasing History

Ass Press: Workers in New Orleans removed the first of four prominent Confederate monuments Monday morning, becoming the latest Southern institution to sever itself from symbols viewed by many as a representation racism and white supremacy. The Liberty Monument, which … Continue reading

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*Live* From New York, It’s Saturday Night !

And that’s the truth, TCH style 🙂 Just saw these guys, Open Thread !

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Staycation Open Thread

I learned a new word today.

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Spring Break Open Thread

Heh hehe: Hillary camp scrambling to find out who leaked embarrassing info The knives are out in Hillary Clinton’s camp about who leaked embarrassing information to the authors of a bombshell new book about her “doomed presidential campaign.” There is … Continue reading

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Sarcasm: A Higher Calling (Open Thread)

Its been “overnight” for a couple of days now, and my inner clock is totally broken.  So, while thinking about all of us here at TCH, I realized that one of our greatest common denominators is our shared sarcasm.  Sarcasm often … Continue reading

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Overnight Open Thread

Blah, blah, blah.

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Let’s Roll !

Good morning from the White House! #EasterEggRoll — Amanda Baldwin (@ba1dyta1k) April 17, 2017

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Predictable, Enjoyable, Disturbing

This article from the Murky News is the closest thing I could find to an objective report: 20 arrested, 11 injured in Trump-related rallies in downtown Berkeley Police announced 20 arrests and 11 injuries after fighting broke out between scores … Continue reading

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Hello Easter Open Overnight Thread

Thank you Jesus! — Mary Lee (@MaryPena4) April 15, 2017

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Rise and Shine! Saturday Morning Open Thread

New ‘Jesus Viagra’ Makes You Rise Three Days Later From Waterford Whispers, my new guilty pleasure PHARMACEUTICAL giants Pfizer have teamed up with the Catholic Church to create a new, slow-acting version of their popular ED drug Viagra, designed to … Continue reading

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Good Friday Open Thread

H/T Taw and Melania 😉 Looking forward to hosting the annual Easter Egg Roll at the @WhiteHouse on Monday! — Melania Trump (@FLOTUS) April 14, 2017 Have a wonderful Easter weekend and if you’re not planning anything biggie, come … Continue reading

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Friday Morning Open Thread – We’re Not Going Away

Muh favorite Tea Party Anthem since 2009. I miss these crazies 😉 And this guy, swoon, I think Obama and Hillary shot and killed them both, I might be wrong 😉

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