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I learned a new word today.

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    • kanaughty says:

      God do i ever want le pen to win. Personally with all these terrorist attacks making france seem like israel in the 90’s (becoming commonplace) i do not want to visit europe until they clean up this mess there. I used to want to go there so bad to italy and uk the most. Now i think for “foreign” travel the only places i would want to go and feel safe are canada and japan. Even one of my heritages/my cultural blood, the philipines, which used to be mostly catholic, is turning into a muslim paradise. So definitely not going there ever.

      • jenlyntx says:

        I totally agree. What is wrong with humans such that when given all the options in the world they do the most evil most stupid thing you can think of? Le Pen MUST win or France and Europe is doomed and we will need to double down and re-focus on keeping ISIS and sharia law out of America.

      • NBD says:

        The fact of the matter is that, statistically speaking, you’re far safer in any large European city than anywhere in America. The November, 2015 attacks in Paris were the worst seen there, but killed only 130 (as opposed to the 9/11 attacks here, which killed nearly 2000 and destroyed a whole lot more stuff). On any head-to-head comparison of violent crime, the USA is a far more dangerous place than anywhere in Europe.

        • jenlyntx says:

          Baloney. I was in France 4 years ago and it was unbelievably dangerous. I had been there 18 years prior and it was a completely different city. We were told to avoid entire areas and when we went to famous places they were dirty, dangerous (i.e. Nigerians selling fake gucci FORCEFULLY), and sad. I have friend in England, Greece, Germany and Norway and the influx of ‘refugees’ combines with utter LACK of armed police and/or underarmed and in same cases Muslim leadership wanted to further put in place Sharia Law (i.e. Mayor of London) and they would strenuously disagree with you. In many of these places individuals are NOT allowed to own guns and cannot protect themselves. Germany last year told women at Christmas time not to wear high heels so they could run faster from Muslim rapists. England and France are nearly BROKE from the import of Muslims (France really is) and there is no solution on the forefront other than from Le Pen.

          • Ann says:

            I could not get 2015 to come up. There was no 2013 listed. It was difficult to discern a trend one way or the other without complete data – and I wondered if there was a reason those two years were omitted?

            So then I went on a hunt for information about Rapid Intelligence Pty Ltd – who owns the site with the data you linked to… because none of these sites have a political bias and selectively manipulate data. *insert cynical eyeroll* The owner, Luke Metcalfe, keeps a low profile on social media (interesting and smart in light of the businesses he starts).

            I have no idea if France is becoming more violent or not. It definitely appears that way – and that is just with the information we see on the news, goodness knows more is suppressed. To be fair, only my husband’s family that lives in Paris and on the French Riviera have concerns – those that live in Normandy really live in a peaceful area (at least when we least visited and we have heard no different from them since).

            When we were last in France, the tent city in Paris was a sketchy place to be (we drove by a number of times, and filled up our rental car with gas across the street – dumb). I definitely would not want to wander around a similar tent city in the United States either.

        • 1539days says:

          France has about 1/5 the population of the United States. So “only 130 killed” in France would be equivalent to 500 in he US. However, the 9/11 attacks were 15 years ago, and the total number of subsequent deaths in the US since then from terrorists is under 200. While the US has certainly had the worst single attack, on a regular basis, there is far less chance of any single person being hurt or killed by a terrorist in the US.

        • threewickets says:

          The US averages 40 homicides a day, 15,000 homicides a year. A half century low. But that is still 4x higher than the homicide rate in France (adjusted for population). Compared to most big cities in America, you are probably 10x less likely to be murdered in Paris.

          • Jadzia says:

            For what it’s worth, I generally feel safer here, even with everything that has happened. For a point of comparison, in the states I lived on the south side of Chicago, Oregon, Seattle, and Hollywood at various times in my adult life.

          • 1539days says:

            Let’s not kid ourselves. If we’re talking random terror attacks, you’re better off in the US. If you’re talking about homicides, most of those are highly localized and the perpetrators and the victims live in the same neighborhoods. It’s a matter of location. The difference is that in a lot of smaller European countries, it’s more homogeneous than in the US.

  1. Dora says:

    Remember when Robert Blake was accused of murdering his wife? Well, yesterday I watched a true crime documentary about that case. It happened 12 years ago! Hard to believe.

    Since I haven’t heard anything about him since then, I did a search to see if he is still alive. Not only is he alive, but he is getting married again! This woman is either brave or she is just plain nuts.

    Robert Blake I’m Giving Marriage Another Shot

  2. Dora says:

  3. elliesmom says:

    Crash and Boo have been here for the last four days. They went home last night, but before she left, Crash accidentally spilled a whole glass of milk over the keyboard on my laptop. She felt terrible. But after a bath in alcohol and being set out to dry overnight, it’s doing fine. The “r” isn’t sticking anymore.

  4. Dora says:

    I find it outrageous that the media isn’t covering this!

    • swanspirit says:

      It doesn’t fit the narrative, and they have their heads up their asses. I SOO WISH O’Reilly would start a new cable news station. Call it the Real News Network lol!

  5. Dora says:

  6. taw46 says:

    “The Nobel Peace Prize winner’s years in the White House were the most dysfunctional, schizophrenic and senseless eight years of our national foreign policy. His domestic policy was a disaster, but it was a radioactive toxic waste dump with clear and consistent goals. ObamaCare, the abuses of the Justice Department, the Department of Education and the Environmental Protection Agency were the naturally terrible outcome of left-wing policies being implemented with inevitably terrible results.

    But Obama’s foreign policy was a wildly inconsistent mess. The Nobel Peace Prize winner couldn’t quite decide if he was a humanitarian interventionist or a pacifist non-interventionist. He couldn’t make up his mind if he wanted to take the side of the Sunnis or the Shiites in their Islamic unholy war. He didn’t know if he wanted to appease Russia or sanction it, to pivot to Asia or run the other way, to play another round of golf or replace his defense secretary for the fifth time.”

    • lyn says:

      Excellent read!

    • lateblum says:

      Thank you. It was excellent. I’m sorry I didn’t have it last weekend (with the family).

      • taw46 says:

        I could give it to my family, but they would never read it. 😉

        • lateblum says:

          I know…. Last weekend, they
          (and there were lots of them at Easter brunch) were complaining about Trump not releasing his taxes. I said, “I’m more interested in Obama’s grades, his real childhood, who paid for his education, how he got into Harvard…”
          They completely stopped talking about Trump – anything.

  7. Dora says:

  8. AofSHQ:

    I want to take the time to address Howard Dean. I don’t want to let it slide. Let me say for his benefit and any other Leftist reading this, there is no such thing as hate speech. There’s only speech. And in this country, it’s still a G-d given right. So long as it does not openly incite violence, it’s guaranteed. In any case it is you and your party and political movement that incite the violence, fought for slavery and segregation, locked citizens up in concentration camps, destroyed lives via a crushing socialist welfare state, that seeks the eradication of our Constitution, the dissolution of our society and the consolidation of power via unchecked mass migration and chaos. Barack Obama encouraged your minions not to sit down and have a civilized discourse over a cup of coffee but to get in our faces. You sir and your rotten ilk are the fascists and totalitarians. Much as it might personally satisfy me to see you muzzled, you have a right to spew your idiotic, inchoate drivel as much as I or Ann Coulter have the right to call you out on it. You, sir, are a tiresome fool, but you are dangerous nonetheless. If you are given time to obliquely if not openly call for the abolition of the 1st Amendment and a citizen’s right to speak, I cannot allow that to go unanswered because if you have your way, I won’t ever be able to.

    • gram krakka says:

      Seems to me that universities like Berkley should tell their faculty and students that unless speakers like Milo and Ann Coulter can speak on their campuses without protesters injurying those who want to attend and hear these speakers and/or destroying property then there will be NO SPEAKERS allowed on campus, including commencement speakers.

      Peaceful protests are acceptable and encouraged in democratic societies. Let people listen and decide for themselves if they agree or disagree with the speakers. Personally, I wouldn’t cross the street to hear Milo or Ann speak. Why give provacateaurs the attention they crave? Once in a while I agree with something they say, but rarely. Ignoring them so they don’t get press coverage seems like a better protest strategy.

  9. lateblum says:

    I just came from visiting MOTUS and saw this….

    Something “lighter”this Friday morning.😉

  10. AFVet says:

    • jenlyntx says:

      What f..king amazes me is that so many people just don’t give a damn. The Democratic-Black Lives Matter movement used Obama for 8 years to implode this country breaking 100’s of laws in the process. They did NOTHING good and it was ALL for self gain. When you follow the train of money it is so obvious it upsets me so I try not to think about it but really people are we REALLY that DUMB? I hope not but it isn’t looking good. Also, Marine Le Pen needs to win or France and most likely Europe is dead to me.

  11. Anthony says:

    Just got off the phone with our darling Denise! Meeting her at the Trump SoHo bar at 3:30 today – so excited to finally see her in the flesh!

  12. foxyladi14 says:

  13. foxyladi14 says:

    Chess?? 😆

  14. mothy67 says:

    I am literally not going to die. I got biopsy. I’m fine..

  15. mothy67 says:

    I might be the oldest person ever with fake valves. I am 50 my ticker sucks ass. I should not be alive. I have a kid. She matters I am teflon so what she counts.

    • 49erDweet says:

      We used to burn those on purpose before WWII in SoCal to drive away the fog. That’s how we created smog. True story. After the war we liked smog so much we learned to create it by driving so many cars.

      • 49erDweet says:

        OK, OK, we didn’t burn ’em because of the fog. We did it in the early morning hours as the temp was dipping below freezing for an hour or so (just before dawn) to keep from freezing the oranges in the groves in LA. Millions of oranges. Tons of groves were still in the city limits back in the day. Just a couple of degrees made all the difference.

        • taw46 says:

          How long does it take to burn a tire? (That sounds like the start of a joke 😄).

          • 49erDweet says:

            They actually take a long time to burn completely (other than the steel bands running thru certain brands). They also don’t ignite easily, so that takes time. They were never stacked high. Just a layer or two. But they would begin around 3 am and still be smouldering when I’d get on the streetcar at 7 am going to school.

          • That depends on how much gasoline you use to start the fire.

      • Kill 2 birds with 1 stone and pour used motor oil over the burning tires.

    • blowme0bama says:

      AWESOME. Didn’t realize it was Earth Day already.

    • kanaughty says:

      I had to call the fire dept to a neighbors once because their burn pile fire got as high as our 50 foot tree line at back of our 5 acres. I was worried the fire was out of control with it shooting flames that high up.

  16. Dora says:

  17. Dora says:


  18. taw46 says:

  19. mothy67 says:

    I called a cab. I am taking greyhound to Baltimore. Seems nuts. I had a biopsy I am cancer clear.

  20. Anthony says:

    Waiting in the lobby for Denise, feel like some hooker waiting for a client lmao

  21. mothy67 says:

    Warning. I am drunk. I am not dying. I am on a bus to baltinore.

  22. taw46 says:

    FFS. He’s back.

    • lyn says:

      Bless his heart.

    • lateblum says:

      It’s true. There are no tickets left. Apparently the tickets went to students, you know, those impressionable young things who think that when a former black president wants to speak to them, they are blessed. I about puked when i heard he was coming here. I’d love to protest but in this town, the only protests one can safely do are the ones sanctioned by TPTB. My single protest could get me killed in Chicago.

    • AFVet says:

      ICE should arrest him.

  23. Dora says:

  24. Dora says:

  25. Dora says:

    How the Trump Administration Is Working to Clean Up the Messes It Inherited

    President Obama tried to sneak in a bevy of restrictive regulations on his way out the door.

    Like a bachelor before a date, the Obama administration rushed around during the transition hiding dirty laundry for the incoming administration. And now, almost 100 days in, the Trump team is still working to find and undo a handful of under reported bureaucratic messes left behind.!

  26. lateblum says:

    Just saw this on twitter and thought it belonged here…

  27. Dora says:

    Nice. 🙂

  28. Anthony says:

    Spent a wonderful couple of hours with Denise cocktailing at Trump SoHo. She is one of the most lovely, genuine and funny people I’ve met. For some reason, it feels like I’ve never NOT known her… ( ❤ you, Denise, and looking forward to the museum if you have the time!)

    • lyn says:

      ❤ We are TCHers!

    • helenk3 says:

      so glad to hear this. we do have great people here

    • lateblum says:

      YAY !!!! Denise and Anthony ❤ ❤
      And of course, everyone here @TCH 😉

    • swanspirit says:

      Woohoo, pics and video!

    • DeniseVB says:

      Back at you Anthony! ❤ Thanks again for making the time for me and the lovely wine. Though we talked so much, I think we drank more water, LOL ! TCH meetups are the best, I've known this guy all my life. I remember that meeting Mt.Laurel, instant buddies and the time flew. TCHers are the best.

      Looking like Monday will be Museum day, gonna hit Canal St. tomorrow since I'm already running out of clothes! Packed light to leave room for all those great black market discounts, hee, hee.

  29. helenk3 says:

    just announced the new FOX lineup. the 5 moving to 9pm. Eric Boling going to do a solo show at 5pm, Tucker moving to 8pm.
    I am not too sure this is a good idea. think about it 3pm shep, 4pm niel cavuto, 5pm eric boling, 6pm bret, . 7pm Martha, 8pm tucker, 9pm the five adding jesse watters.
    not much diversity there

    • blowme0bama says:

      “You are not a revolutionary. You’re not changing the world. You WILL NOT win. All of your goals are stupid and you should do what you do best…quit.”


    • taw46 says:

      A most excellent rant.

    • “I mean honestly, the most famous member of your movement is a chick who does two things with her life; drugs and post pictures of her hairy tuna canoe on the internet.”

    • CiscoKid says:

      Best comment with a healthy dose of reality.
      April 22, 2017
      “Well said. I’ve watched these morons for months and have come to the conclusion that a half a platoon of light infantry with axe handles could clean up any of these protests/riots.”

  30. taw46 says:

    Parallels to our society. Except for the free speech, they have already lost much of that.

  31. Venus says:


  32. DeniseVB says:

    Just caught Greg Gutfeld’s final minute of The Factor. Well done.

  33. AFVet says:

  34. taw46 says:

    A fun read about the Queen Mother. Also has a story about the time the intruder walked into Queen Elizabeth’s bedroom.

  35. DeniseVB says:

  36. Dora says:

    Denise and Anthony, I’m so glad you got together this afternoon and had such a nice time. Thanks for sharing it with us.

    Denise, which museum are you planning to visit? Please be aware that most of them are closed on Mondays. I’ve made that mistake a few times and had to find something else to do once I got to the city. 🙂

  37. Lurker says:

    Will antifa run to the cops now?

  38. Dora says:

    Dirty Harry Reid’s Role in Obamagate

    He was a conduit for political espionage against Trump.

    Last October, Harry Reid, the ruthlessly partisan former senator from Nevada, wrote a nasty and bumptious letter to FBI director James Comey. The letter remains a significant piece of evidence in Obamagate, as it confirms his role as conduit for Obama administration’s political espionage against Trump.

  39. Dora says:

    Of course it’s not an endorsement. He just called to say hello and talk about the kids.

  40. helenk3 says:

    another clinton associate dies.
    that woman is toxic, if you go to work for her double your life insurance.
    read this article the whole thing sounds weird

  41. Dora says:

    Remember Those Two Egyptian Guys Who “Found” a Suitcase With a Pressure Cooker Bomb And Left It On The Streets of Manhattan Because They Supposedly Didn’t Know What It Was?

    Back in September, two Egyptian nationals were caught on CCTV images walking along NYC’s sidewalk dragging a Louis Vuitton rolling suitcase which they claimed to have found unattended. Noticing it was heavy, they opened it and removed a plastic bag containing a pressure cooker which they left behind – possibly disarming the bomb components when handling.

  42. helenk3 says:

    please read until the end. worse umpire in baseball

  43. helenk3 says:

    if we could work with Russia to defeat Germany in WW2, why can’t we work with them to defeat isis now? Working together for a common cause does not mean we have the be BFFs or even believe in each other’s ideas it just means accomplishing one goal that benefits both countries and the world

    • swanspirit says:

      He has the built in smirk of superiority. Disgusting.

    • DandyTIger says:

      He kept saying his talking points over and over. I couldn’t tell if he had no independent thought and was a zombie, or if he just thought if he said those enough the stupid peasants would finally wake to his great and powerful message. Maybe those are the same thing.

  44. Dora says:

    The Clintons aren’t going to like this article.


    Please, God, Stop Chelsea Clinton from Whatever She Is Doing

    The last thing the left needs is the third iteration of a failed political dynasty.

  45. AFVet says:

  46. mothy67 says:

    My best friend lives in Baltimore. Life comes at you fast. Her hubby is taking on Mosley. I have never met him. 2001 she said he was the one and asked me to go away. We were too close I stepped aside. We were as close as it gets. Mary Ann Stowman had been shot in the head. I spent hours with that woman. My pathetic hands against her wounds. She bled all over me while she babbled I cannot die I have three children. She lived. I was so afraid I was shaking I walked into Christina’s room and said I cannot be alone. I need you. I was covered in this strangers blood. I stripped and wept. Christina gave me space. I could not process what took place that night. It was,hell. Flash forward I’m a gay dude that had many open hearts. There is a big scar on my throat. Trach I never shut up. Nor does my kid. She talks and talks.
    I am a faggot that has a teflon heart and pig valves. I grew up with an outhouse. I stepped in shit. I got a throw away kid. Pup is my thing. She is getting her red belt one stripe today. Not a soul cared about her. She was trash. I cared. Chad is running against Mosley. His wife was/is my friend. I can be here for Shay because she taught me how to care. Its cold outside. I lived with Holly. She was amazing. Her mom was a Vietnamese hooker. Her dad was a GI. She died last year from cervical cancer. Hillary was doing this woman thing. Holly was Marc’s sister. They ignored her. Why?

    • lateblum says:

      I thought I remembered this, but in truth, it was an episode of “Law and Order” that I recalled. And I think Mandy Patinkin played the role of Ira. lol.
      While I realize the episodes on that show were based on true life instances, it still makes me laugh that I immediately recognized this story because of that program.

    • gram krakka says:

      Senator Arlen Spector defended him. Even though my daughter and son-in-law are both attorneys, I just can’t fathom defending horrible people that even their attorneys know are guilty. How do attorneys sleep well at night after they help low-life scum bags get back on the street?

      • Jadzia says:

        My ex husband defends rapists and child molesters. I realize that everybody is entitled to a defense, but I pretty quickly was irrevocably sickened by the fact that that money was paying half my rent. It wasn’t the only reason I divorced the guy, but it sure didn’t help.

  47. mothy67 says:

    What comes around goes around. The kids are into Blondie. They sing Heart of Glass. I was doing heroin.

  48. helenk3 says:

    ain’t it the truth/////

  49. taw46 says:

    Hope he is right again.

    • gram krakka says:

      Wouldn’t it be sweet karma if Europe ends up with the UK-Theresa May, Germany-Angela Merkel and France-Marine Le Pen all led by women while Hillary fumes in Chappaqua!!!!

      Even Australia, India, Pakistan and Israel have had women heads of state. How about Nikkii Haley for first woman POTUS. Nikki for SOS in Trump’s second term, then VP or POTUS in 2024.

      • CiscoKid says:

        I could deal with Nikkii as POTUS or VP.
        I loved the way she gave the UN a long overdue dressing down.

    • Jadzia says:

      I hope so. What’s that German word for a slappable face? Macron has one. I’m getting up early tomorrow to vote!

  50. Dora says:

    This is good. 🙂


    Subtle – President Trump Schedules Rally Same Night as WHCA Dinner…

    President Trump announces a rally in Harrisburg Pennsylvania for Saturday April 29th at 7:30pm. In addition to being the 100th day of the Trump administration, it is also the same night as the self-congratulating White House Correspondents Dinner in Washington DC.

    Too funny. Subtle, like a brick through a window.

  51. Dora says:

  52. Dora says:

    Something Wonderful for “Earth Day”: George Carlin, the Arrogance of Mankind, and the Big Electron

    Lest we forget how minuscule we really are.

  53. foxyladi14 says:

  54. Dora says:

    • CiscoKid says:

      With all that Hatian,relief money to spend, you would think a little cosmetic surgery would be an option.
      A little nip and tuck here and there and a couple syringes of Botox and voliá.
      I could use some myself, but I it took me over 60 years to get this “look”, I’m not going to waste all that time.

  55. mothy67 says:

    Anoush gave Shayla a card with a 20. My brat is good. Anoush can’t do back flips. He was going for black belt . Shay turns on lights with her toes. She is always flipping. You have to flip to get a black belt. We went an hour early three times a week so she could teach Anoush. Master Kim was in heaven. He comes in early so my daughter can teach. I tell him over and over again she is not my daughter. I am her great uncle. He is Korean. 80 with a heart transplant still teaches. He loves my kid. I give up. He will not accept shay is my grand niece. He lets her teach. She is that good. Today she got her red belt one black stripe. They offered her skinny boards to break. She said be real give me thick boards. She broke them. My kid does not back down. She makes no excuses. I have known her for 11 years. I am gayest person ever. Shay is a brute compared to me. I held her in my arms. She is my daughter. I make yuuuuuge mistakes. I walk into a poker room and leave days later. I have to pay for her college. I just don ‘t play poker. The school sent me a fat shaming letter. Pup’s BMI was too high. I cannot buy her jeans. She is muscle. Her waist is itty but she has a caboose. It’s ballet. Michelle Obamas school calls her fat. I got a very rude letter about how i needed to participate so my kid was not a fatty. My girl. Tubby I think not. Princess gets it all. The letter said I needed to be a part of her life. I am her great gay uncle she takes jazz, ballet, hip hop, sax, piano, gymnastics, french, softball, swim, archery, horse back riding. What else can I do. I am out of days.

  56. Venus says:

    LMAO! Mess with the bull you get the horns

    • CiscoKid says:

      Poor media, still playing by the old rules.
      I doubt they’ll ever wake up and realize it’s a new game with a new savvy dealer.

    • gram krakka says:

      Stevie Wonder could have seen that coming! After all, Trump held an alternative event for veterans rather than debate under conditions he felt weren’t fair. Trump trumps the LSM once again.

      Now if the LSM had the courage of their convictions, they would party on and not cover his rally. What are the chances of that?

  57. CiscoKid says:

    Sen. Kaine gets a spanking on Earth Day.

    Senator Tim Kaine‏ @timkaine

    Science is the pursuit of truth for the public interest. Pres Trump can’t dismiss this fact, or all those marching today #MarchForScience
    : the state of knowing : knowledge as distinguished from ignorance or misunderstanding
    a : a department of systematized knowledge as an object of study the science of theology
    b : something (as a sport or technique) that may be studied or learned like systematized knowledge have it down to a science
    a : knowledge or a system of knowledge covering general truths or the operation of general laws especially as obtained and tested through scientific method
    b : such knowledge or such a system of knowledge concerned with the physical world and its phenomena : natural science
    : a system or method reconciling practical ends with scientific laws cooking is both a science and an art
    capitalized : christian science

  58. CiscoKid says:

    h/t heymikey80

  59. taw46 says:

    • jenlyn says:

      They’re already Rioting -‘ they riot they rape they burn they refuse to assimilate 75% are men. They demand Sharia law. Vote Le Pen and don’t worry about the rioting just Deport them it’s easy people you just have to use common sense. If the French people continue to take this and do not vote for Le Pen they deserve exactly what they get. And every country in Europe needs to follow get out of the EU get rid of Muslims straighten up your borders take care of your own people if you’re too stupid to see the light I pity you but I cannot help you

      • CiscoKid says:

        “Whoever is the tougheston radical Islamic terrorism, and whoever is the toughest at the borders, will do well in the election,” he said. (DJT)
        US presidents typically avoid weighing in on specific candidates running in overseas election. But Mr Trump suggested his opinion was no different from an average observer, saying: “Everybody is making predictions on who is going to win. I’m no different than you.”(DJT).
        Lifted from Drudge report.

  60. mothy67 says:

    I led a bumpy life. God showed some grace and he gave me a best friend. Her name is of course Christina. I am awful. Some how I ended up with a kid no one wanted. I gave it all to her. She is magnificent. I can’t believe I did this. I suck. My baby is a decent person. I am her great gay uncle that had multiple open hearts. No one wanted her. She was trash. I took her. She is so funny. I am not her father. I could not love her more. She is my kid. Gee I love when fem nazis call me a sexist pig. I devoted everything to her. One day her dad called at 230 he could not pick her up at day care. I ran. She was not going to be left alone. I am stupid. I did not take my wallet. I carried her all the way home. Five miles. Today is April whatever her mom has not called for Christmas. My bloke is kind. Her maternal grandmother is a drunk she has not called oncevin 11 years. Her mom is having her fifth kid. Due date is Shayla’s birthday. They think its funny. Shay will be 11. We have never gotten a card. I am a fucking monster. Kid is mine. She is my kid. I will protect her. Suicidal frequent flyer disability wrist cutting welfare bleeding person needs to stand down I will eat your esophagus.

    • jenlyn says:

      this posting made me cry and cry. I used to rescue children I know genuine you are genuine ignore everyone keep doing what you’re doing one day I will come to New York I hope you will meet me

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