Thank You President Trump

Soon, President Trump to address Muslim World Leaders. Sunday Funday on FNC via TCH !

Stealth Magnolia

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150 Responses to Thank You President Trump

  1. DeniseVB says:

    Watching now, looks like our Prezzy has been up for 48 hours. True story. Tune into FNC….

  2. DeniseVB says:

    Meanwhile, m’uh dear lib relatives on FB are demanding “health care is a right! Not a pivilege!!” Also noticed, Dear Lib relatives are active/retired spouses and get FREE healthcare.

  3. DeniseVB says:

    Sidebar: Found the Chariot Scene…enjoy the ride 🙂

  4. taw46 says:

    What a disconnect between our two worlds.

    This morning I listened to an in depth discussion about this summit on FNC. Newt Gingrich, a Muslim woman, and others. Gingrich talks about the economic deal that will bring jobs, the agreement to have a terrorism eradication center in SA (overseen by Mattis and McMaster to ensure objectives), ME nations signing an agreement to stop funding terrorist operations through their banks (overseen by Mnuchin), having SA start defending themselves as our ally, young members starting to modernize SA.

    James Woolsey spoke of visiting SA in 1978. It was laid back, dress was casual, people drinking wine. Due to terrorist activities in 1979, kingdom let Wahabbism take over. He thinks SA is starting to reverse that.

    So then I had to listen a little to MSNBC (because of my lefty relatives). What did i hear? Trump will be reading a speech handed to him, SA is only nice to him because they want something, wait till he goes to Europe they dislike him more than us, he has a short attention span! Blah, blah, blah.

    It was no different after that excellent speech. MSNBC back on Russia, Russia, Russia. Comey, Comey, Comey. I am glad I live in the sane part of our world.

    • lateblum says:

      I am going to spend a week after Memorial Day with my sis and her DH. They are true obama lovers. They looove him. They’ve said so multiple times. We’d better not talk politics or I’ll have to rent a car and a hotel room. The last time I was there, it was an election year – 2012. They asked me if I were finally going to vote for bronco and I said I’d be voting for Romney. You’d have thought I just said I killed my mother. I reminded them that that I’m allowed to vote my conscience and they simply turned on me. So I said I’d speak to them again when they chose to be good citizens and allow people the right to their own vote. I hope this visit turns out better. That was the last time I was a visitor at their house.

      • taw46 says:

        My 2 relatives here are die-hard Dems, but I wouldn’t call them Obots. Just brainwashed by MSNBC. I feel for you, I live it everyday, lol. As I said before, we came to an agreement shortly before the election not to discuss politics. I am OK with discussion, but my sister stresses out. So we have a truce. I have learned to ignore MSNBC, I just leave the room. I dearly love my sister, we have been close my entire life. 2008 almost ruined that. My BIL is fun, and we even have an occasional joke about it. I hear so many lies/distortions on MSNBC, but it is pointless to try and talk about it. They don’t want to hear it. Maybe one day they will figure it out.

        So I will be thinking of you when you make your trip!

  5. taw46 says:

  6. Dora says:

    The speech was great!

  7. helenk3 says:

    different places on facebook are talking about kim going on Hannity monday night and talking about the seth rich murder.

    • lateblum says:

      I read that on kimdotcom’s twitter timeline last night or a couple of nights ago.

  8. DeniseVB says:

    Obama never got this message ?

  9. taw46 says:

  10. taw46 says:

  11. gram krakka says:

    While the Dems & media are distracted by the unsourced leaks and POTUS’s tweets, much good work is going on quietly behind the scenes to undo Obama’s pen & phone destruction of America that will MAGA.

    So many of Trump’s cabinet are older successful business leaders who aren’t using the cabinet position as a resume builder to further political ambitions. I think Trump appreciates how they refrain from getting swept up in the media frenzy. Tillerson and Mattis seem to be quietly laying the foundation for the Trump Doctrine that will bring greater respect for America and more stability throughout Asia and the Middle East through leadership, diplomacy & judicial use of military might. Like my favorite Pres said, “Speak (tweet) softly and carry a big stick”.

  12. taw46 says:

    CNN had a positive article on Melania? Wonders never cease.

    • Anthony says:

      I can hear Manzilla now: “I even brought them a camel toe, and I didn’t get a single picture in their local paper!”

      • lyn says:

        Did she really dress like that?!

        • DeniseVB says:

          Photoshopped from the family trip to the Grand Canyon in year one. MO never got off AF1 dressed like a homeless person again 🙂

          • lyn says:


          • lateblum says:

            Golly gee, Remember that get up? While my obot friends were defending her *fashion* choices, I reminded them that despite where she was – she was still representing this country and needed to demonstrate respect for the “office” of FLOTUS even though she didn’t deserve it.

      • CiscoKid says:

        I’ve never seen that picture before.
        Meeting the King of SA looking like a slob.
        No class whatsoever.

      • swanspirit says:

        Mooch is the G word. Not ghetto, but Gauche. her picture is next to the word in the the dictionary, and on the online thesaurus! No class, no social graces whatsoever.

  13. mothy67 says:

    Gay Patriot had a post about an episode of Law & Order SVU. He nails it. What libs think of Christians is so messed up. A girl gets raped to stop her from being gay. Yep they are from Indiana.

    • lyn says:

      She seems nice. Whose cock is in her mouth? (And I don’t mean rooster.)

      • DeniseVB says:

        Obama’s. My reply to that news twinkie:

        • lyn says:


        • kanaughty says:

          Bad way to try to win back voters who many of them voted for obama before trump. Let’s ridicule trump voters and call them stupid, yeah that’s a great strategy to have them vote for booker, pocahontas, or mitch in 2020. Whatevs dems. You all suck at strategy.

    • 49erDweet says:

      Gives me utmost confidence in the Repubs on Capitol Hill that Cheri is a like-minded spokes-peep for some of them ——NOT.

    • Miranda says:

      What does ‘hold them accountable’ mean, exactly? Re-education, rounding them up? Last I heard, people were allowed to cast their vote for whoever they wanted.

  14. foxyladi14 says:

    Our Awesome President isn’t just Making America Great again,
    He is working on the whole world. 😀

  15. Dora says:

    Hubby watched the speech with me. A little while ago, in a voice filled with frustration, he said to me: “This man has put together a coalition of 50 Muslim countries in an attempt to fight Terrorism and he is letting them take the lead. This should be on every channel. It’s the biggest news story in years!”

    Hubby is surprised at the reaction of the media, but I’m not. I expected it. Sigh.

    • taw46 says:

      He is right. So frustrating. I just hope most Americans watched and can see for themselves.

    • CiscoKid says:

      Sadly it won’t be. It doesn’t fit the propaganda corps narrative.
      I tried watching PBS news yesterday, I did, for 15 seconds.
      Opening statement, “Trump on diplomatic tour, but can he withstand the chaos at home”
      Chaos? Who in the hell determined America is in chaos?
      CNN, MSNBC, CBS?
      I also watched, imho, historic.
      I read that it should be called Arab NATO.

  16. Anthony says:


  17. AFVet says:

    Here’s a webpage where you can track who gives money to the parasites in congress.
    This one is for Schumer.

  18. votermom says:

    I think I must look like a Leftist. Yesterday and today two acquaintances confided to me that they were unhappy with the election results. Since I didn’t want to argue or engage (needed to stay on good terms) I just smiled and deflected the topic.

  19. taw46 says:

    Haters on Twitter freaking out that Melania wore this today. Fitted pants!!! Pussy bow!!!

  20. taw46 says:

    Now we know what happened to the left.

  21. taw46 says:

    I don’t think he slept in two days.

  22. DeniseVB says:


    • lateblum says:

      I saw that cover in the grocery store and nearly gagged. In fact, in my very very Lib town, I turned the magazine around in the rack so I didn’t have to look at it. That is an act of real daring here in Jan Schakowsky’s obamaville.

      • DeniseVB says:

        It came in my mail box. I need an intervention, Peeps mag is like crack…! I did leave a message on the peeps tweet.

        • lateblum says:

          Just rip off the cover and you’ll be okay. (or cover it with a brown paper bag the way we made book covers in grammar and high school growing up during the 50’s and 60’s.)

        • taw46 says:

          I subscribed to People from the day it came out until about 2 yrs ago. Finally broke the habit!

    • taw46 says:

      Enjoying downtime with their girls? I haven’t seen the girls with them on these trips.

    • AFVet says:

      POTUS and FLOTUS are sucking all of the air out of the room.
      They are desperate for attention.

  23. helenk3 says:

    brought up from down stairs. please share it with your friends and families. it could save a life

    • lateblum says:

      Thank you again! ❤

      • helenk3 says:

        you are more than welcome. I am very serious about this kind of thing. Over the years I have gotten reports from all over the country on crossing accidents. The worse are when kids are in the car. Also as a train dispatcher I have had to notify trains when vehicles were on the tracks.
        It is one of the most preventable accidents there are.

        So please let your friends and families know about this

  24. AFVet says:

    Why isn’t this murder being investigated?

    • lateblum says:

      Hey AFV, if you watch the clip Myiq just posted @3:50 p.m.on “gun safety” and stay to the end, there is another youtube – several in fact, that are related to the death/murder of Seth Rich. Here is the first on I clicked on. It questions the role Joh Podesta may have played in the death of this young man.
      Now, I wasn’t all about the obama birth certificate, or his sexual preferences or his relationship to the lives and deaths of certain members of the Chicago gay community. I didn’t even pay attention to the death of Vince Foster or Ron Brown, but I may well be falling for the stories about Seth Rich and his death.

      • AFVet says:

        I saw Newt Gingrich today before the POTUS speech and he mentioned the the DC police have Seth Richs’ laptop but won’t release it.
        Also, the FBI (under Comey) didn’t investigate saying the police had the case.

        This reeks of the Clintons.

      • taw46 says:

        If it is proven that Seth gave the emails to Wiki, everything falls apart for the crazy left. They started all this by saying Russia hacked DNC. There are some powerful people who don’t want that story changed.

        • lyn says:

          MSNBC has a story with this hed: “In Montana, miles from Trump’s Russia crisis, no calls to impeach.”

          What Russia crisis? Is it the one Hillary, Obama and the newsies made up?

    • AFVet says:


      • Somebody says:

        True confession I’ve been 2 of those people, blush. The 2nd lady that gets hot, spent casings down her shirt. I learned the hard way the gun range is no place for cleavage, even if it is part of date night.

        The other example was the lady with the shotgun. Years ago hubby invited me to go clay shooting with he and his brother, except he didn’t run me going by his brother. Basically all I got to do was load and launch the clays and watch. I might have been a tad bitchy about that fact. Finally my BIL decided it was my turn. The asshole put buckshot in his 12 gauge and handed it to me. At the time I weighed 110 pounds. That shot knocked me to the ground. My BIL thought it was hilarious.

    • AFVet says:

      Here’s some more…

      • kanaughty says:

        The girl with the desert eagle cracks me up. It’s almost like some of these people never shot a gun ever before and their friends give them something really high caliber to shoot first and they have no clue the kick incoming. 🙂

  25. DeniseVB says:

    This is what happens when I wrap the tinfoil too tightly around my head. Any one familiar with this guy? Hannity’s going to interview him about Seth Rich.

  26. lateblum says:

    I gotta go…. I have CBS’ 60 Minutes on the tv and it seems they are honoring the summer resistance people rather than encouraging people to come together. this is just too much.
    see y’all later,.

    • DeniseVB says:

      Thanks for watching so I don’t have to. 😉 Been plugged into TBS today which seems to be a Will Ferrell marathon day, Blades of Glory, The Campaign, Anchorman, now Ricky Bobby! Trying to turn my brain to mush, not working 😛

  27. taw46 says:

  28. AFVet says:

    Livin’ it up in Italy.

  29. Venus says:

  30. Dora says:

    The swamp is so filthy I don’t know if it can ever be drained.


    WIKILEAKS BOMBSHELL: Stephen Colbert Took Orders From Clinton Group

    • DeniseVB says:

      I think I can safely say, the entire entertainment industry took orders from the Obama/Clinton Cartel the past 8 years, it’s the only reason I can think “Late Night” comedy stopped being funny.

  31. CiscoKid says:

    This was interesting.
    The opening of the global center for combating terrorism.
    President Trump, the King and check this out and Melania ALL placed their hands on a globe that lit up thus officially opening up the center.
    This First Lady is extraordinary.

  32. Dora says:

    Tomorrow is another day.

  33. AFVet says:

    • CiscoKid says:

      “Join us”
      And bring your check books, although like in the past I prefer cash, small denominations and unmarked.
      Has-been, washed-up, no longer relevant, ex-president.
      Barry Obama

  34. DeniseVB says:

    Seconds ago…..

  35. lorac says:

    Do any of you crawdads know what happened to No Quarter?

  36. lorac says:

    Thx, Helen. I heard a rumor that he was on tv and talked about something the deep state didn’t like. So they didn’t make him, he just decided to not have a website anymore? Was there advance warning, do you know?

  37. lorac says:

    During the election this site seemed pretty anti-Trump so I stopped checking in. I’ll have to start peeking in again and reading now lol

    • Venus says:

      what meds are you on that this place seemed anti-Trump?

      better to keep your mouth shut and be thought a fool than to open it and remove all doubt.

    • DandyTIger says:

      That’s an odd take. During the general election we were definitely anti-Hillary and for Trump winning. There are some that aren’t pro-Trump per se, but many who are. During the primaries things were a bit more mixed with a few pro establishment GOP who were anti-Trump. Funnily some of us were pro-Hillary in ’08. But Hillary corrected that for us in subsequent years. 🙂 But there’s no way anyone could take us as anti-Trump during the general if they followed the blog.

  38. Venus says:

  39. taw46 says:

    • lyn says:

      It’s a cover up!

    • kanaughty says:

      Isn’t it his job to make deals with allied countries. Obama made many deals with our non allied countries without permission from our congress including that dirty iran cash and the cuba thing but not punishing them for how they still treat their people under communist rule.

    • kanaughty says:

      My theory, They are trying to get quick money to pay for the removals that supposedly were paid for by an anonymous person, to quickly refill the coffers so no one notices that money went missing at the same time as the removals. In other words an accounting trick scam lol 😉 i can’t wait for mitch to get caught and indicted someday. If it can happebn to nagin, it can happen to mitch. The owners really need to rebel by all of them not paying that ridiculous tax.

  40. Dora says:

    Bye Bye Saudi Arabia.

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