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Happy, Happy 4th, Weekend?

Open Thread ! Advertisements

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American Pravda Part 3

While “Psycho” and “Crazy” are playing victims on their show this a.m. this was released. Open Thread !

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“Psycho” and “Crazy” ! Yes, Please !

Well played Mr. President, well played. How is this entire photo shoot not incredibly sexist? Objectification much Joe? — Bill Mitchell (@mitchellvii) June 29, 2017 Open Thread !

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“Pravda” Means “Truth”

Van Jones was the first openly communist person to work in the White House. Barack Obama appointed Jones to be his green jobs “czar” which is ironic because the communists killed all the czars. The disgusting part is that CNN … Continue reading

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Overnight Open Thread

The natives are butthurt.

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CNN Producer Admits Russia Story Is Fake News

Project Veritas: Project Veritas has released a video of CNN Producer John Bonifield who was caught on hidden-camera admitting that there is no proof to CNN’s Russia narrative. “I mean, it’s mostly bullshit right now,” Bonifield says. “Like, we don’t … Continue reading

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Which makes it a good Monday 🙂 Open Thread ! It was a UNANIMOUS DECISION by #SCOTUS to reinstate #Trump Travel Ban Suck on THAT, you insufferable 9th Circuit CLOWNS 😠#MAGA #Hannity — Boca Vista (@bocavista2016) June 26, 2017

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