George Clooney ! Before he was famous !

As a Roseanne fan, from the first season…..

Let the weekend open thread continue…..bring it !

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  1. DeniseVB says:

    Clooney, ER famous, the rest is tabloid history 😉

  2. mothy67 says:

    He was on The Facts of Life before Roseanne and also an Elliot Gould sitcom that lasted one season called E/R.

    **** Things I have no idea why I know.

    • DeniseVB says:

      George is son of the white privelege white folk from Kentucky. ER lasted a few more seasons than that. Last I remember Elliot Gould, former husband of Barbra Steisand, he was Ross and Rachel’s “dad” on Friends. Yeah, I have no idea why I know that either 😉

      • 1539days says:

        Try this for random knowledge. Elliot Gould was in the audience of Andrew Dice Clay’s comeback special while Dice did a routine about how annoying Streisand was and how Gould looked like he’d be a terrible lover. The video is both hilarious and cringeworthy.

  3. 1539days says:

    George Clooney, before he complained about being famous.

  4. DeniseVB says:

    What fresh hell, is this true?

    On edit….

  5. DeniseVB says:

    Met him at Deploraball last Jan. Not a fan, but, but, but, is he any better than the Clintoons?

  6. votermom says:

    From the ER “grads” I like Noah Wiley. The Librarians is pretty funny (movies & tv show)

  7. lateblum says:

    Stolen from MOTUS…. 😄

    I still can’t stop laughing…

  8. helenk3 says:

    now official US ground troops fighting on the ground in Yemen

  9. Dora says:

    Watch out for that desk. Don’t scratch it.

  10. Dora says:

    Boss tells state workers: Kick ICE out of California labor offices
    By Adam Ashton

    California’s top labor law enforcer wants federal immigration agents to stay away from offices where state investigators weigh claims about underpaid employees and workplace retaliation.

    Labor Commissioner Julie Su last month directed her staff to turn away Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents unless the federal officers have warrants.

    Read more here:

    • Lulu says:

      “weigh claims about underpaid employees and workplace retaliation.”
      That is such bull. They have illegals so they can UNDERPAY them. That is the whole point of illegals to begin with. Has California elevated the illegals to honored voters now? That is a pretend “enforcement” office to begin with to fool the illegal “slaves” into thinking they give a shit about them.

      • lateblum says:

        Sounds like SEIU and other unions that do nothing for their “members” but work their asses off for whatever pol who will promise them status and protection.

  11. helenk3 says:

    very interesting history of the CIA

  12. helenk3 says:

    the untold story of college entrance hardships

    • votermom says:

      My neighbor’s kid got accepted to University of Pennsylvania. They are upper middle class, 3 kids. She turned it down and went to William & Mary instead with a nice scholarship. Penn was just too $$$

    • John Denney says:

      I’m thinking I should start my own college.

      Education in America should not be a cutthroat every man for himself endeavor. Rather, we should strive to see everyone blossom to their full potential. This should be drilled into the students, so that they help their fellow and junior classmates along, which forges lasting relationships.
      If some in the class are not “getting it” for whatever reason, as evidenced by test results, the professor could simply say that he apparently failed to communicate a concept to some of the students, so would you students who “got it”, explain the concept differently.
      It has been my experience that explaining something to someone deepens my understanding of the topic, so having students explain to other students is of benefit to all the students.
      Communication is the most important skill, one that engineering geeks perhaps need to develop more, so perhaps it’s a good exercise for a geek who immediately “gets it” to figure out other ways of presenting the concept to others.

      • elliesmom says:

        Communication is a valuable skill, and one that should be taught to all students, but it’s a myth that engineering geeks lack communication skills. They communicate with each other very well, give presentations of their work, and write papers to be published. It’s more important for the geeks to be able to communicate with each other than to be able to discuss their work with the average man on the street. Unlike someone like a doctor, engineers do not interact with the public about their work very often. Put the average jock into a roomful of engineers, and he’ll be the one unable to communicate. I went to college with thousands of engineers, and trust me, they also have no trouble getting a date when they want one. TBBT is an amusing show, but not very realistic.

        While I agree that smart kids who get things quickly can be a valuable resource to a teacher, unless the kid wants to be a teacher himself, there’s very little value to that student to halt his progress forward to help other kids catch up. Finding other ways to solve the problem might be a good exercise for the smart kids, but that’s not the same thing as what you’re suggesting. For years we’ve neglected our brightest kids and even looked for justification for why we do it. A kid who can read a chapter book in first grade gets very little benefit from helping other kids sound out words. A kid ready for calculus is being educationally abused if we expect her to spend her days in algebra class walking another kid through the steps of solving a simple equation. We don’t keep our varsity athletes in Little League.

  13. lateblum says:

    This came in my email from Real News . com.
    Whet the hell are people trying to do in this country???

  14. mothy67 says:

    Eric Bolling suspended for sexting.
    I cry bullshit unless it was a trap

  15. Dora says:



    Trump Leverage Succeeds: U.N. Security Council “Unanimous” Vote Sanctioning North Korea…

    President Trump’s strategic approach using economic leverage to gain U.S. national security has established a very rare victory in the U.N. with unanimous support for Security Council sanctions against North Korea. Yes, China and Russia supported.

  16. helenk3 says:

    just who is robert mueller?

  17. Dora says:

    This is sad. The girl needs help.

  18. helenk3 says:

    can someone explain why you pay for cable tv and get shows that are 35 minutes of commercials and 25 minutes of show?

  19. mothy67 says:

  20. CiscoKid says:

    Check out Cook Counties soda tax.
    Almost $3.00 on a 12 pack of Sprite .
    Now if you buy into the same excuse that the Dem’s every time start a new tax, ” it’s for the children”, you’d be wrong.
    From SCCcop.
    Just two weeks after raising the sales tax to pay for pensions, Cook County Board President Toni Preckwinkle is moving to give tens of millions of dollars a year in pay hikes to county workers.

    Legislation introduced yesterday by the county chief would extend raises of up to 6.5 percent throughout county government. Only those who make more than $200,000 in annual salary would be excluded.

    The proposal, sent to a Cook County Board committee for review, extends to other unionized employees new contracts with some county unions that were negotiated earlier this year.

    It then goes a step further: It proposes granting raises to nonunion workers, too.

    The price tag totals roughly $130 million in raises over a five-year period—$50 million alone in fiscal 2016.
    The above is from 2015, so you know that Toni has been expecting to raise taxes across the board for a while. Dart has increased the number of six-figure jobs by how many again? Foxxx has how many extra “deputies” and such?

    • DeniseVB says:

      I thought sin taxes were supposed to go to health related programs ? For grins, I checked Amazon and you can get a 20pk of Sprite for ….. $23.00 ???? Free shipping though 😉

      • Lulu says:

        So sugar addicts are supposed to do what? Start buying crack because it is cheaper and a cut goes to the pols? I see a big uptick in the sales of SodaStream with the little flavor (sugar) thingies being smuggled in more easily.

        • lateblum says:

          I see the poor paying the most because they have no way to drive to a different county. BTW, the tax is on EVERY sweetened drink. Whether sugar-sweetened or sugar substitute-sweetened.water, coffee, tea, soft drink, juices, any sweetened drink. The originally stated purpose of the tax was to pay for the programs and the workers who implement them for Cook County. It was never about health.
          In fact, when the movement to challenge the tax increase gained traction, Preckwinkle – county bd president – laid off hundreds of county workers to “prove” her point that the increase was needed. What a manipulator. A typical Chicago democrat.

      • lyn says:

        Oregon passed a bicycle tax–a $15 surcharge on the purchase of bicycles that cost $200 or more.

    • lateblum says:

      When I worked for the state, I was forced to join SEIU. They took union dues out of my pay despite my refusal to sign the card indicating my desire to join the union and authorizing them to take money out of my paycheck. This happened to all the hundreds of workers who took the same position as I. There was nothing we could do about it. And the union did NOTHING to rectify any of the workplace issues that existed while I was there. They did, however, donate to the Democrats running for office.

  21. DeniseVB says:

    Eric Bolling accuser comes forward. My God, is there anyone at Fox who didn’t ruffle her feathers? She’s lawyered up with Allred, of course.

  22. Somebody says:

    OT, my family wants to go look at puppies today. They are very insistent. I miss my baby, but I’m not sure I’m ready…..I really don’t think I’m ready. I think my family thinks a puppy will make me happy. I guess my family, especially my husband is ready for me to get over the loss of my dog……I mean gosh it’s been 3 whole weeks……insert eyeroll.

    I don’t know how I’m going to handle puppy training and take care of the grandkids, I’m not 20 something. They all promise to help, gee I’ve heard that before.

    I guess we’ll see, but I’m not convinced this is a good idea.

    • DeniseVB says:

      I’ve had no desire to have “another child” as much as I’ve missed my dogs, there’s something about not having that responsibility again. Go with your heart, not the pressure 🙂

      • Somebody says:

        I hear you Denise and that responsibility will be all mine. I truly miss my baby, she was my faithful companion but nothing is going to bring her back. Another dog isn’t going to be her and in fact could be a world of problems.

        My Lucy was a once in a lifetime dog. Seriously, she was house trained in about 2 weeks. She didn’t chew on stuff, etc. Sweetest dog you ever met. I loved our bichon, but he was challenging quite often……he was a dog, he did dog things. We sought out a dog when we bought our bichon. Five years later Lucy happened into our lives, she picked us (me mostly) and she was an absolute joy from day one. It’s possible at some point fate may bring another dog into our lives, but the last time we sought out a dog he was challenging AND had all sorts of medical problems. My Lucy was healthy and easy going, a reaction to medication is what took her…..far too early, IMO.

        We’ll see how the day goes, they’ve lined up 3 puppies to visit.

    • lateblum says:

      What Denise said…..

    • votermom says:

      I don’t know how I’m going to handle puppy training and take care of the grandkids, I’m not 20 something.


      I couldn’t have handled both in my twenty-somethings or at any age.

    • Anthony says:

      Some of my ‘well meaning’ friends tried to pressure me into getting another cat immediately after losing Son. I had to first assimilate the loss myself, responsibly re-negotiate the household dynamic with Sambo (my other cat) who was grieving (Son and Sam were inseparable and devoted to each other), and just plain be in a receptive mood to bring in another life to be responsible for.

      I would explain that to my friends but they would still say “you just need a new cat to be able to get over your loss” which would drive me up the wall. Then one of my most adamant and annoying friends lost his dearly loved Aunt. I suggested we take his Uncle to a few senior centers to go wife shopping for a replacement asap. He finally got it and backed off.

      In short – finish grieving, enjoy a period of freedom from responsibility and then follow your heart. It took me 8 months to finally bring a new kitten into the house to torture Sam. Now he and the new little one are also inseparable but in a totally different way than he was with Son. I don’t think that could’ve happened if I didn’t wait for my heart to heal and for Sam to finish grieving.

      • Somebody says:

        The Aunt story is funny Anthony, love it! I may borrow it!

        I truly miss having my girl at my side, but I’m not over her death yet. Part of what sparked this is because I broke down yesterday sobbing. I’ve put off cutting the grass, no need no dog to get lost in the tall grass. It was bad so I cut it yesterday, at least part of it hubby finished. My Lucy used to watch me cut the grass, wagging her tail so excited. When I finished she’d be waiting at the door. She ALWAYS had to go out and do her business on the freshly cut grass. She picked that up from the bichon, he HAD to mark the whole yard after it was cut. She didn’t mark, but it was a thing. It was so hard not seeing her peering out at me and not having her waiting at the door, I lost it.

        Hubby was so caring, he literally said “WTF us wrong now” exact quote. I didn’t take that well, nobody can be that obtuse. I replied by telling him to go fuck himself and leave me alone. A few hours later I find out we’re going puppy shopping today, FML

        • Somebody says:

          Is wrong not us wrong, stupid auto correct

        • votermom says:


        • elliesmom says:

          I’m going to come down on the other side here. Samantha was my “once in lifetime” dog. I was sure there was no other dog who could take her place. I was right about that part, but I was wrong about not needing another dog to help me get through the grief. I, too, went kicking and screaming to look at other dogs to shut up the people who insisted I needed another dog. Samantha died in late June, and for the past month Facebook has been reminding me about how sad and lonely I was. This week my Facebook memories have been filled with stories about Ellie. Meeting her for the first time, her interrupting my yard work to make me play with her. Pics of me getting smothered with puppy kisses. Looking back, I can see where she loved me through my grief and waited, impatiently at times, for me to love her back. She’s not Samantha, but Samantha couldn’t be her, either. Sam was a “serious” dog, and Ellie is a giant goofball. I respect your right to grieve and mourn in your own way, but don’t shut out the possibility the people who know you best might be right. They might not help you train and care for the new puppy as they promise they will, but the puppy might help carry some of the weight of your mourning.

        • AFVet says:

          The very fact that you are hesitant means that you are not ready.
          Trust your instincts.

        • Anthony says:

          Borrow it, use it, hurl it around like a flash grenade when you’re feeling the pile on. You can go look at puppies just to shut the family up, but decide on none of them.

          There will be a day when a new little one looks at YOU, and you’ll know the right time (and puppy) to bring it home. In the meantime, even though you’d like everyone to STFU, understand that they’re trying to help relieve your pain. Thank them for their love, but then instruct them on how to best deal with YOU and your feelings and let you make the decision

      • mcnorman says:

        Yeah!!! Sambo has his friend now. Loss is felt just as much by animals. When Tea (cat) lost her mother (dog that adopted her at 4 weeks), I did not think she would last long. She adopted one of the other female dogs within a year. She’s 17 now and they are inseparable. Time soothes wounds of the heart.

      • DeniseVB says:

        So glad to hear the kids are getting along now 🙂

    • Lulu says:

      Just say no. Not going. Thank you, I love you too but not ready. What is on tv today? It sure is hot don’t you think. Etc. Never ever get a pet unless you desperately want one especially a baby one. And like you said you don’t have time. Human babies come first.

      • dm says:

        I feel for you Somebody, especially given the level of responsibility you deal with on a day to day basis. In the last 5 years, I have lost 3 pets and the last one was the beginning of a very rough cycle of loss for me. I had decided given my vision disability I wasn’t going to get any more animals. But then I had an other worldly kind of experience – woke up one morning to a voice asking “What is your purpose” – no one around, just inside my head and started giving consideration to adopting another senior dog. And, I did and that is what I have decided my purpose is – for now, giving an old dog a decent “retirement”. But that definitely came in its own time with no pressure from anyone else. I can’t imagine taking on a new pet with your life, especially a puppy! My God, they are adorable, but require a lot of time and energy. Take Lulu’s advice – just put your foot down and say no…not until you are ready and like Denise, you may find you are never ready for that committment again…be strong, do what is right for you – especially now.

        • Somebody says:

          I’ve had dreams, my Lucy came to me and faded away. I see her image faintly sort of overshadowed by a darker dog. I’ve also seen a couple of distinct images of two adult dogs that look nothing like Lucy or the darker dog. The first couple of days after she passed every night the same short dream of a particular dog running up to me or someone at what appears to be a shopping area. Gray pavers instead of a sidewalk, metal table and I could see a bit of a green sign above and then ahead what appeared to be store fronts, but fuzzy.

          We got lost when we went down state thanks to hubby and his insistence on using WAZE, we got in a huge fight…..long story. BUT, after several wrong turns we ended up at this shopping strip in Delray Beach. We were starving so we stopped there to eat. As we walked up I had this deja vu feeling. I wanted to sit outside, I was overruled. I ordered and then went outside and sat at the tables out there…….waiting, hoping……nothing. Hubby comes out and tells me my food is getting cold, so I go back in to eat. In a few minutes he tells me some people showed up with two dachshunds, just like I described but they didn’t run up to him or anything…….to say I was pissed would be an understatement. I’ve been stalking Delray beach area online looking for puppies…….but nothing…..I’m crazy, I know.

          BTW since we came home from Miami, I haven’t had any more dreams it’s like I lost some connection or at least that is how I feel.

          My family thinks I’ve lost my mind and they are trying to intervene.

          • elliesmom says:

            See my comment above. ❤

          • AFVet says:

            25 years ago we had a cat named Heidi, mostly black long haired fur ball.
            My wife bought a picture (print) that hangs on our wall that looked like her.

            7 years ago, a stray kitten was found in the parking lot where my wife works during a rain storm and she brought him home.
            We named him Scooter.

            The picture looked somewhat like Heidi, but is IDENTICAL to Scooter.
            And by identical, I mean a photographic image of him.

            Weird huh?

            Scooter is my best buddy.

          • dm says:

            I do believe sometimes that things are “meant to be”. When I adopted my senior dog in February after losing my other dog in December, I was reviewing her paperwork when we got home and found a strange “coincidence”…my dog Pepper was surrendered to the shelter on the same day my dog Peaches passed…some things just don’t really have a “logical” explanation, but I believe I was meant to find her and maybe my old dog guided me to her…the answers will come to you in time. Husbands can be so well intentioned but sometimes they are dumb as a box of rocks.

          • DeniseVB says:

            Here, read……it helped me in the grief process for each of my pets…..


    • Ann says:

      Don’t do it. There is a reason people have children in their 20s and not their 50s.

  23. Dora says:

    It sure looks delicious.

  24. mothy67 says:

    Sorry for your loss. I doubt I will ever bond with a dog the way I did with my Henry. I don’t want to and its been over 36 years. I’ve had others but its not the same. I was a lonely sick kid and he was my friend. You are grieving. There is no time table. No different than losing a human loved one. Thoughts are with ya.

  25. Dora says:

    Oh please! Don’t do us any favors! The Church is screwed up enough.

    • Anthony says:

      The pope needs to STFU and tend to his flock. If he wants to insinuate himself in foreign (to him) policy, then he needs to give up his tax exempt status and perform as a political operative. He also recently tried to vilify President Trump re the wall.

      As Jesus said, he needs to “take the (fucking big-ass) log out of his own eye” and knock down the wall that surrounds his own sovereign nation before lecturing our President on how to conduct business.

    • lateblum says:

      I can see how global warming/climate change is a good reason to join the Catholic Church because Jesus preached so very much about global warming and unicorns.
      Maybe we should throw him a “Welcome to Catholicism” party.

      I am being angry and sarcastic… Beyond angry if truth be told.

    • mothy67 says:

      He ignores to a large extent third trimester abortions, but delves deeply into American domestic politics. He is a new world order appointee. Joke.

    • votermom says:

      like all SJWs, Frankie is a socialist first and a Catholic second. Sad.

      • Jadzia says:

        My daughter sure loves him though. The only thing she asked me for in Rome was a cheap little notebook with Papa’s picture on it. She loves John Paul too. We were at Santa Maria and I was dealing with her little sister, and when I turned around I saw her kneeling in front of his picture praying. It was her sweetest moment ever because it was 100% sincere.

      • 1539days says:

        He’s a Jesuit. They’re the original SJWs.

  26. Anthony says:

    Anyone have any opinions (pro or con) on Jason Chaffetz? I saw him railing against the way Mueller was conducting his witch hunt, and thought that perhaps a other Senators and Congressmen could resign from the GOPe and start a new party (or faction of the GOP) for sane people who don’t let their butthurt about an outsider winning an election get in the way of serving the people who elected him.

    Any thoughts?

    • lyn says:

      Yeah, fuck ’em all!

    • mothy67 says:

      I think they (RNC and DNC) have a very low opinion of us. They fabricate this divide while following the same basic agenda. The Rinos just proved it. Each side tweeks it a bit to satisfy a base. Same story in the end. DC has been sucking on the middle class teat for decades.
      I was psyched to vote against Bob Casey, but after health care showdown I don’t think it matters. No one save Trump cares about working class. Me thinks if they continue to disrespect Donald they will burn themselves to the ground. I have no allegiance to any party. Hillary thought she owned the PA vote. I boarded Trump Train long before wikileaks. I honestly think they think we are stoopid. I like many others here worked for her in 2008. She changed not me. Assumption was we would blindly follow. Fat chance.
      Chaffetz I don’t know. I do believe at least one third of Trumpsters are not going to be voting for what ever puppet they deign to gift us.

      • AFVet says:

        The primary season is going to prove to be quite interesting.
        I hope that Trump supporters come out in droves to to challenge the status quo and proclaim,….Can you hear us now?

    • helenk3 says:

      my problem with him is that he quit right before the healthcare bill. his vote would have counted and made a difference.

  27. mothy67 says:

    Speaking of pets my brother and his wife bought shaypup a rabbit when she was 4. It was cute for a few days, but she was 4. Bunny became my responsibility. Kid will be 11 in 3 weeks suddenly out of nowhere she has taken to the fur ball. Plays with her for hours. Still a pain in the ass, but watching little one take ownership is priceless.

  28. AFVet says:

    Somebody, and in echo to what Mothy said above.
    There is no time table, sometimes it just happens re: my remark above.

    My wife is convinced that we were supposed to have Scooter.

    • lyn says:

      When we moved into our first house (we’re still living in it), I always felt I would find a critter in our garage. Four years later a malnourished kitten flew over my head off a cupboard when I was doing laundry. I put out food, water and a litter box, and we caught him in a fishing net a few days later. We loved Sneakers for 13 years.

      • AFVet says:

        All of our cats have been strays.

        • AFVet says:

          Check that, I got one from a pound years ago to sooth the loss of another one.

          • lyn says:

            Our first kitty was from the Humane Society. She was a 2-year-old Manx and a love bug. We were the third family for our second girl who was also 2, and we adopted her three weeks after Bobcat died. m.e. lou lived to be almost 20. Sneakers was the third. We now have three boys adopted from our vet who saved their mother from being euthanized. She had been shot in the shoulder, and her owners didn’t want her. Our vet performed the surgery and later discovered the kitty was pregnant. No one wanted the three boys. We adopted them four months after Sneakers died. m.e. lou had to put up with all our boys whom we took in when they were kittens. She was a saint.

          • AFVet says:

            Great story Lyn.
            All they want is love and companionship, which they return in spades.

          • lyn says:

            Today is the anniversary of Bobcat's death, so it was nice to remember her life.

  29. helenk3 says:

    a pretty good article on why trump was the choice of the everyday American and the politicians missed it

  30. helenk3 says:

    I have real problems with this kind of thinking.
    you do not start grooming little kids. At that age they do not have a clue about sexuality and really do not need to know about it.

    God Help the future generations of this country , they will be so screwed up that they can be taken over very easily by enemies of this country.

    • AFVet says:

      That is just sick.

    • mothy67 says:

      What scares me is so many kids today are from broken homes or face mommy or daddy munching pills. A child being neglected will crave attention and a sense of belonging. What if gender dysphoria provides that. I am getting noticed.
      I look at Jackie Evancho. Local news intimates that the family has an affinity for the arts. The older brother was taking classes along came Jackie with this gift. He cannot compete. She is a star. Is it possible that he became transgender as a way to insist he also be acknowledged. See I am special too. He was all over local stations about bathroom fight.
      I don’t see why a boy can’t be feminine if that is his nature or a girl be butch if it is hers. They talk about gender being a social construct, but make up, bras, skirts are relatively modern. A woman is not defined by lipstick.
      I think it criminal and abusive what these educators are doing. Denial of the corporal self has to be indicative of something deeper. Rooted in some form of self loathing.
      My 17 year old niece attends a yuuge school. There is one student there who is transitioning. She has known I am gay her entire life. So we are not coming from a prudent place. I asked her what she thought. She replied its about attention.

      • mothy67 says:

        I also think there is something akin to Munchausen by the parents or in some cases even the schools. I have watched some administrators and my spidey sense goes off. They are far to earnest. I think they bask in the attention and want the world to see how evolved they are. The kids mental health be damned.

    • helenk3 says:

      planned parenthood—kill the kid before it is born or after it is born screw it up so badly that it will need help for a lifetime. Get government money to help you do so

  31. helenk3 says:

    lets see how many people now have to go to Canada for affordable prescription drugs due to health insurance companies greed, now the the government want to give them more.
    no way in hell should the American people go for that

  32. helenk3 says:

    China tells NK to stop rocket tests.
    this is a big win for Trump even if NK does not comply

  33. DeniseVB says:

    This made me think of swannie. Just mesmerizing as you watch, you no longer see a dancer, but a swan. Beautiful, even though she dies …..

  34. Venus says:

    From my fav poster at Big Pink

    August 6, 2017 at 6:30 am
    I usually look for patterns and trends. And I have been alarmed, disgusted, and self limiting my intake of garbage “news” lately. The Mueller witch-hunt is a faux-legal attempt to finish off our legal system which would destabilize our business, politics, criminal and election system. We need to remember that this clown Mueller is down stream from the latrine.

    For whatever reason the Senate finally approved a big load of Trump nominees this week for judicial appointments as well as an FBI director to replace the almost certainly criminal fool who has been the acting director. I hope the new guy sends the temporary old guy to the front lobby with a shine box for the rest of his career if they can’t or won’t jail him.

    The wall is going to be built. Law-fare threats from the progs over environmental and condemnation right of way were just that. Threats with no basis in law. Bill Clinton’s administration during his Wall phase wrote and passed with Congress these provisions clearly in the last big statute. Obama administration, open border types, and ass clowns like Ryan have been lying. Most property owners on the border are very happy to sell a strip of land at market value to keep violent destructive cartels out. With the wall their property values will go up not down. And national security comes before horned toads. It will be built up first where illegals run into the traffic or drown to “save lives” just like all the trucks coming into the Lower Rio Grande Valley from Mexico have to be searched for drugs and human cargo. Thanks for the excuse to do it cartel freaks!

    The leak of transcripts of US presidential diplomacy is a step too far and even stupid Democrats know it. Besides it is an old leak. The media having the attention span and IQ of gnats (see Jim Acosta) rushed out with a BIG LEAK OMG! This crap was leaked in January. The transcripts if anyone bothers to read it is not harmful to President Trump nor Trumbull nor Cartel-Boy in Mexico. It is Trump being Trump. Trump is pretty grim in telling Cartel-boy he has a big mess on his hands and what are you going to do about it dude? After the initial leak Trumbull hemmed and hawed and basically said yeah so what and don’t believe everything you see in the “transcript” indicating he knew an additional “leak” in the future was possible. The transcript was full of typos. The leakers are too dumb and sloppy to correct (and afraid to covert them into a document on their computer) them thus making them traceable back to said leakers or the White House did it on purpose. Anyway the Dems are beginning to back off from their “resistance” which looks more like teen oppositional defiant disorder (this was cooked up by Mook and Podesta to protect themselves from furious donors in November so of course it is childish) to the US public rather than a rational plan or policy. A certain sub-class of Democratic voters are openly admitting to mental illness aggravated by an election in which they didn’t get their way. Senile pickled Nancy is good with this but I don’t think Schumer wants to be stuck with LOON Party as alternative title for DNC.

    Our system of government moves slowly by design. After eight years of mayhem which was preceded by eight years of malevolent incompetence as prologue, there is a horrendous amount to do to fix it. I have been impatient but I’m trying to correct this with some perspective and looking at little tells put out by the Resistance. They are beginning to crack. Their schemes were not thought out well (or at all in their panic) since they cannot process cause and effect. Mueller and Co are not bringing down an elected government but rather harming the only things that makes a legal system work-TRUST and FAIRNESS. If there was Russia, Russia, Russia we would already know it and impeachment would be underway. Instead Democrats are looking at blowback and backfire and fury. THEY are the reason we can’t have nice things. Like a functioning legal system or a non-partisan and informative media. Thus like so many actions of Hillary and the professional Democrats have done in and for her quest for succession to Big Dog it turned into a right royal cluster-f. It is going to be a long slog.

    “Now this is not the end. It is not even the beginning of the end. But it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning.” Winston Churchill

    • mothy67 says:

      That could be set to music.
      Like Mormaer as well.

    • dm says:

      I am having an increasingly difficult time even thinking about our current political state, much less discussing it. It sickens and disgusts me and there really are no words to adequately describe how utterly disgusted I am. It wasn’t like I didn’t know everyone hated Trump, but the depth of their deceit, lying, etc surprised me…why, I don’t know. 99% of our elected officials are worthless, useless, hunks of rotten meat. No one wants him to succeed or his agenda passed. I agree with most everything he wants to do and it seems to me that it is all for the good of our nation and its citizens. But the hatred is so intense, it has completely obscured any rational thought from people. Hate the man, fine…I don’t really care about that. But how can anyone truly hate what he is trying to do???

      • AFVet says:

        Trump did us a big favor by exposing the irrational minions that have until now festered in the wings determined to undermine our country.
        What he is trying to do directly threatens their hold on the direction they are determined to see this nation go, toward a socialistic society.

        Thank God there are still enough of us out here to stop it.

      • DeniseVB says:

        I blame the media for f**king up the message. Trump is doing very well, but they want us to think otherwise, like HE’S ALWAYS ON VACATION or some b.s. I’ve stayed away from cable news except for special events then I’ll check in with FBN. I get all I need to know through the filters of Trump supporters on Twitter and FB, all the rest is just insanity and noise.

    • AFVet says:

      Awesome post, thanks for sharing.
      The American people who voted for Trump had been waiting a long time for someone with the balls to stare down the establishment.
      The only one that can ruin that relationship with our new POTUS is Trump himself.

  35. helenk3 says:

    the perfect solution to the healthcare problem.
    everybody gets what they want

  36. Dora says:

  37. Dora says:

    I love this. 🙂

  38. swanspirit says:
    Yes, there are. Valid ones.
    Read it all,it’s great. These reasons should kill transgenderism.

    Gender identity laws remove sex-based protections for females

    I have written about this topic before but I’ll break it down again real quick. If you can’t legally distinguish what a woman is, you can’t protect them. Protecting females requires us to identify females as differentiated from men, which is what legislation such as Title 9 and the ERA (never passed) are based on: sex-based protections. Let’s put these gender identity laws into action: any sports team, leadership position, or opportunity for females could be filled entirely by biological males who identify as women, and females would have no way to legally claim sex-based discrimination. No discrimination could be considered to be taking place. These are the rights and protections women have been fighting for.

    2. Transideology denies the existence of females
    Transactivists, in order to support their ideology, have now gone down the rabbit hole of trying to convince the world that there is no such thing as a woman or a man, a male or a female. This takes the form of a couple of different arguments. (a) sex is a social construct, (b) penis is female, and (c) intersex proves that dimorphic sex is not real. All lead us to the same conclusion: females are not real people, that being a female or a woman is a feeling or an identity that anyone can have or adopt.

    3. Gender doctrine does not allow you to believe in the existence of homo, bi, or heterosexuality

    Homosexual means same sex attraction. You cannot identify a homosexual if you are called bigoted for pointing out someone’s sex. If you believe that men who identify as women can become women or already are women, somehow, there is no way for you to understand sexual orientation. In reality, it is not possible for men to identify into female homosexuality (translesbianism). A lesbian is a female whose sexual orientation is towards other females, and transwomen are men. (See #’s 7&8). For further explanation on this issue, watch this youtube video.

    4. Gender defenders are medically pathologizing and sterilizing gender deviant children

    She goes on, more very good reasons, everyone.

    • DeniseVB says:

      During my informative years of the 50’s andd 60’s homosexualality was considered a “mental disorder”, it took years and a couple of generations to sort that all out, so I’m trying to keep an open mind. I still can’t wrap it around a man wanting to cut off his penis or a woman having one made. Doesn’t that kill the sexual part of it? So no, it’s not about sex, I’m leaning mental disorder. Leave the kids out of it…..and the military!!! Jeebus, even that loon Chelsea Manning is harping about the military should spend the money on transitioning, not armor and fancy planes. Yegads, make it stop

      • DeniseVB says:

        Damn typos, too lazy to fix’em, should have been formative years though 😉

      • Dora says:

        I thought of my brother when I read your words. He works in the Post Office. He loves being a mailman.

        Several years ago, an upper managers gathered the workers in his department together for a talk. He explained that their immediate supervisor – a man – was going to take a leave and when he came back he would be a woman. When he finished his explanation, he asked the group if any of them needed help dealing with it and wanted a transfer. That’s when my brother spoke up – “Mr. So and So is getting his dick cut off and you are asking US if we need help”!

        After that most of the department put in for transfers, including my brother. 🙂

        • DeniseVB says:

          Several years ago the only “trans” I was familiar with were transvestites. Those adorable guys/drag queens dressing to the nines in Manhattan. The RuPauls. The Birdcage. It’s just gotten more complicated than that.

        • Dora says:

          I always liked Dame Edna. He was hysterical. For someone a bit more sexy you can’t beat Lady Chablis. 🙂

  39. Twitter has gone goofy. It’s all far-left and far-right.

  40. THIS thread:

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