Welcome to Peaceful Portlandia

Antifa goons attack Trump supporters, media says “opposing groups clash.”

Cops nowhere in sight.


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  1. lyn says:

    People who wear masks are cowards.

    • DeniseVB says:

      They’re just ISIS wannabes, most city’s ban masks now, even though alt-right nerds have perfected eye i.d. apps which have helped local police. Nah, won’t read about that in the msms.

      Based Stick Man is still a hero in my book !

    • foxyladi14 says:

      Lyn, Obama’s Army Doesn’t want people to know who they are. 👿

  2. Tried to mow the lawn. Lasted about 10 minutes. When the mower wouldn’t restart after emptying the grass catcher I took it as a sign from God and gave up.

    • It’s a balmy 95 degrees out there.

      • AFVet says:

        Wish you were here in Ohio.
        We are enjoying mid 70’s and 50′ at night with low humidity.
        Coolest August so far that I can remember.

      • 49erDweet says:

        No sucha message today and it was balmy but I was saved when the lawn guys showed up. Takes 2 of them 12 minutes. Would take me 2 days. I got the message, too.

    • lateblum says:

      It really is a sign from God.
      You must stop mowing until another sign tells you to start mowing once again.
      You”ll know it when you see it. 😉

    • DeniseVB says:

      Do what we do in coastal Virginia, stop watering the lawn and lose the bagging. Easy breezy mow. Also, looks better than our neighbors’ who use lawn services and automatic sprinklers. Plus those clippings are more beneficial to your lawn than chemical additives.

    • DandyTIger says:

      Was going to mow today, first cool day in a long time. Ended up raining all day from morning to night. God telling me to relax, eat Chinese, and watch Ninja Warriors. Who am I to disagree.

    • helenk3 says:

      would this help?

    • dm says:

      What is so difficult for these people to understand that when you do shit like that ON THE JOB, you tend to get fired…at least, most everyone I know would…why are professional athletes exempt???

      • lateblum says:

        If you work for some employers, you can get fired for acting like Kaepernick on personal time as well.

        • DeniseVB says:

          It’s why I have no interest in watching the Will & Grace reboot. Loved the show on it’s first run, but com’on, Debra Messing’s been calling me an idiot for a couple of years now. Nah.

    • DeniseVB says:

      My right to change the channel=American 😀 NFL finally got that recently.

    • swanspirit says:

      The Raven’s management got such immediate and intense blowback from FANS AND SEASON TICKET HOLDERS, for even considering him, he was off the table faster than you could say yesterday’s news. He wasn’t banned, he just wouldn’t be good for the team.

    • Lulu says:

      He isn’t banned. No owner, who pays and employs the players, coaches, office people, want to mess with him or his girlfriend who pick fights and talks nasty about other people and makes everything about him or them. Bad attitudes are anathema to a TEAM. Since he is such a diva why doesn’t he take up an individual sport or opera or something? Maybe it is because he NEEDS all those other people to do anything which he refuses to acknowledge and cooperate with on this. He is a big baby and so are the doofs who tweet dumb stuff about him. Team owners to not exist to give him a social justice platform.

      • The low down dirty truth is he just isn’t that good. He was riding the pine before all this kerfluffle started.

        • Mt.Laurel says:

          Tin foil hat says he and girlfriend thought acting like a jerk would get him enough praise from the SJW warriors that teams owners would make him $$$ offers much higher than his barely middling skills are worth so as not to be called out for being prejudice. Did not work out that way.

    • helenk3 says:

      actions have consequences. No team can afford to PO their fans and ticket holders. That is where the money comes from to pay some outrageous salaries. Money talks and BS walks

  3. helenk3 says:


    shall we break out singing “My Heart Cries For You”? NO not really

    • DandyTIger says:

      Haven’t been for a couple of months now. First, the basic coffee isn’t very good. The other drinks are good, but expensive. And I found a little place that’s a lot better. Hell, even Panera has much better coffee. Once you push people out, they try other things and find better.

  4. Venus says:

    OMFG!! Still the MADMAN!!! ❤ ❤ ❤

  5. helenk3 says:


    Sessions on the godfather’s treat to sue over sanctuary city

  6. GOT spoiler:

    Bronn saved Jaime because Lannisters always pay their debts and Bronn lost the gold Jaime had given him. He needed Jaime alive to get more gold.

  7. helenk3 says:

    I thought this was so funny

    • CiscoKid says:

      Gives a good breakdown of the numbers.
      It has the makings of a important win.

    • Constance says:

      I hope this sends a message to the rest of the establishment Republicans who are listening to the insurance industry lobby. Nothing pisses me off more than being told “Americans are now used to Obama Care and they want it” No we don’t. That is insurance industry BS.

    • DeniseVB says:

      After 9-11, even the anti-war peaceniks would have approved GWB dropping a nuke and turning Afghanistan into a parking lot. Message sent. Could have saved many lives over the years and who knows, may have made the Mid-East a nicer place today.

    • elliesmom says:

      If CNN is asking for Mueller to be reined in, they must be worried about who’s going to get caught up in his investigation.

    • John Denney says:

      Maybe you missed the Editors Note at the top of the article:

      “Matthew Whitaker is a CNN legal commentator and former US attorney who directs the Foundation for Accountability and Civic Trust (FACT), a conservative ethics watchdog group. He ran in the Republican primary for Iowa Senate in 2014. The views expressed in this commentary are solely those of the author.”

  8. DeniseVB says:

    Whoa is me….

    • 49erDweet says:

      I smell fake – or at least manipulated – news. CA is yuuuge. There are 4 bakeries per mile. At least 60% would bake and decorate any kind of bday cake requested. Pass on this one.

    • Lulu says:

      I don’t read the agitprop. They are so boring. Zero historical or anthropological information clutters their brains so they can rationalize anything. They don’t know what they don’t know so they write stupid shit. Notice the “conservation” instead of the lefty until recently preferred “environmental” term. They know “environmental” means ignorant, fanatic nut-burger. Next they will start using “liberal” instead of “progressive” which has a growing reputation of evil-m’f’ers.

      • lateblum says:

        Remember what Ben Rhodes said about the 27y/o being so stupid they’d believe anything? Once again NYT is proven to be just another propaganda machine.

    • CiscoKid says:

      Using the swastika?
      So how are the nazis now?

    • taw46 says:

      They pulled it off the website today. Why did they think this was a good idea?

      • CiscoKid says:

        I wish I could give you a reasonable answer.
        But I’ve been searching for 1/2 hour.
        I can’t think of one.
        Except the left and Anti-fa like to use a red flag or the hammer and sickle so maybe there’s a correlation there.

        • Lulu says:

          Ignorant and stupid. When you have the specifically and carefully uneducated and that meets marginal IQ this is what you get. There is ignorant, and then there is dumb, and when they meet you get spectacularly stupid. This is why we see young “journalists” tweeting the most amazingly moronic shit and young “entrepreneurs” (LOL!) selling Nazi themed crap for gays who of course would want SS gear next. Maybe purple jackboots next. So cool!

    • Lulu says:

      I have never got the “never sitting still” brag. Does that mean she is a toddler that goes and goes until she falls over and asleep or hyper with attention deficit? Anyway I think her misandry is going to bring a big lawsuit. DEEP POCKETS! So glad it is GOOGLEY! And viewpoint discrimination and fed dollars to Googley, and summary firing with no investigation, and white male discrimination by virtue signalers and censors. The Title IX hunts for “rapers” is starting to turn so one of THOSE lawyers would take a hundred million “discrimination” suit. Knee-jerk herd mentality doesn’t work so well. And of course now that Ms “Diversity” has stepped into it she doesn’t want the blow-back. In her bubble she thought she would be cheered. She should have SAT STILL and listened.

      • Lulu says:

        Linked in shows Ms Diversity has a business degree not a science or math degree. She doesn’t understand engineers but she does understand the new Affirmative Action aka Diversity.

      • mothy67 says:

        Bubbles burst.

      • elliesmom says:

        There is great value in sitting still. There must be. We go to great lengths to drug kids who can’t do it. Maybe she needs her dosage increased? It would explain a lot.

        • Lulu says:

          It’s good and cool when girls do it but bad when boys and men do it. And yes she sounds like fidgety mess leaping off into “assumptions” and group-bubble-think. She is smart but not wise.

          • elliesmom says:

            While most of the kids who arrived at my classroom drugged were boys, a fair amount of girls also took drugs like concerta. and adderall. Mostly girls whose parents weren’t happy with their grades. I heard things like “scattered thinking”, “lack of organizational skills”, or an “inability to focus”. I’m not sure it helped them much, but they could make a lot of money selling their prescription drugs at the high school before finals. Besides the cash, it gave them a couple of weeks of feeling normal.

    • Miranda says:

      I’m not a fan of the rah-rah mentality in the workplace, but I don’t blame them for firing the guy who wrote the memo. You can’t use company resources and a company mail server to insult a section of your company. That’s for ANY company. Like it or not, Google has its corporate culture. If Engineer didn’t like it, that’s what other jobs are for. There have been plenty of places where I worked, where my internal response was ‘What are you smoking? Can you bring it to the next meeting?’ but I didn’t say it out loud or put it in writing.

      • Lulu says:

        You are exactly right that they can have whatever culture they want at the workplace. It can be a zombie farm with everyone cranking out shitty code and “their truth” products and the business starts failing and then stockholders say “why is my money shrinking?”. Engineers are not social conscience types by genetics. If Googley wants to replace math engineer types with Diversity women’s studies sociologists they should go for it! Their product will be doo doo but Diversity! If I had Google stock, I just double-checked and don’t, I would sell that shit today. Starbucks is an example of social engineering claptrap vs business plan and their market-share shrunk. Most businesses are trying to get away from this but Googley is leaping in head first. Lots of opportunities for their competitors.

      • Constance says:

        I think it is typical for companies to not let engineers represent the company publicly. My daughter (an engineer) was talking about the Light Rail booth their company had to staff at fairs so I ask her what shift she was taking. She said “Oh that is the marketing people, they don’t let engineers talk to the public. If you ask an engineer what will happen to people in an underground, underwater light rail in an earth quake they will tell you “many people will die a horrible death, we do what we can to over engineer for normal circumstances there is nothing we can do for that extreme of disaster.” So it looks like Google let one of their engineers escape the cone of silence.

        • Lulu says:

          And that is why we need to hear from the engineers and not some marketing liar. Everyone is such a pussy now they can’t stand the damned truth. Then expectations and assurances are not met everyone is pissed off. Stop lying you fools. Let them talk! Then we know what is what and can make informed decisions which is the last thing the “elites” want.

        • Miranda says:

          I’m married to a programmer, and while he doesn’t do ‘marketing speak’, he’s interacted with customers to help them set up their systems and troubleshoot problems. They’ve all been very happy with him. Basically, he knows how to act like an adult and behave with common courtesy.

          The memo wasn’t a minor mis-speak. The engineer deliberately created it on company time and with company resources to complain about a segment of the other employees and policy. If he doesn’t like the Google diversity policy, fine. If problems develop, there’s always something like “We should focus more on our core product than around the company environment”

          Dance like no one is watching. Email like it will be used in a court deposition 😉

          • Lulu says:

            “First, federal labor law bars even non-union employers like Google from punishing an employee for communicating with fellow employees about improving working conditions.”
            “Second, the engineer’s memo largely is a statement of his political views as they apply to workplace policies. The memo is styled as a lament to “Google’s Ideological Echo Chamber.” California law prohibits employers from threatening to fire employees to get them to adopt or refrain from adopting a particular political course of action.” (Viewpoint discrimination is also against federal law.)
            “Third, the engineer complained in parts of his memo about company policies that he believes violate employment discrimination laws. Those policies include support programs limited by race or gender and promotional and hiring scoring policies that consider race and gender. It is unlawful for an employer to discipline an employee for challenging conduct that the employee reasonably believed to be discriminatory, even when a court later determines the conduct was not actually prohibited by the discrimination laws.”

            Google has opened itself to a massive discrimination and retaliation lawsuit. And they will lose.

          • Lulu says:

            What the engineer wrote is correct. Only Google and their posse don’t like it. http://www.breitbart.com/tech/2017/08/07/scientists-claim-google-viewpoint-diversity-manifesto-is-scientifically-accurate/
            “The author of the Google essay on issues related to diversity gets nearly all of the science and its implications exactly right,” declared Rutgers University Professor Lee Jussim. “Its main points are that: 1. Neither the left nor the right gets diversity completely right; 2. The social science evidence on implicit and explicit bias has been wildly oversold and is far weaker than most people seem to realize; 3. Google has, perhaps unintentionally, created an authoritarian atmosphere that has stifled discussion of these issues by stigmatizing anyone who disagrees as a bigot and instituted authoritarian policies of reverse discrimination; 4. The policies and atmosphere systematically ignore biological, cognitive, educational, and social science research on the nature and sources of individual and group differences.”

          • taw46 says:

            Miranda, from what I read, he wrote it on one of the many platforms Google provides for employees to express their opinions. And all employees use those platforms, the SJWs don’t mind putting their viewpoint out there. And I read it, he does not say women should not be engineers, he suggests ways to make it a better experience for them. He also references the many programs at Google that are only open for women and minorities, instead of all employees. He describes himself as a “classical liberal”. Maybe a couple of points could have been phrased a better way, but overall it is well-written.

          • Lulu says:

            The memo author per a commenter at Althouse (who had knowledge and heard of this guy) wrote a PhD on this very subject which is why Google hired him. The reprint of the internal Google chat left off all of his charts and evidence. And since it is a scholarly work by a real scholar most people (including me) don’t understand a lot of it. He worked on gender stuff for Google in search engines. Now they fire him for the very work they hired him to do. I don’t think “The engineer deliberately created it on company time and with company resources to complain about a segment of the other employees and policy.” is what happened since that is what he worked on FOR Google if this backstory by the Althouse commenter is true. He had also filed a last minute National Labor Relations Board complaint right before they fired him. They should have suspended him until they cleared this up.

      • Jadzia says:

        I agree that he showed spectacularly poor judgment for somebody who wished to remain employed in what is, at the end of the day, a corporate workplace. And who knows, perhaps it was a Colin Kapaernick situation and he wasn’t good enough at his actual job to make his taskmasters want to spend time dealing with him.

    • Lulu says:

      Could someone who hasn’t been blocked ask her if her female Diversity plan also applies to the zillion or so H1B’s Google imports? How many are women as compared to men? Does it only apply to US white males or also to Indian and/or Asian men imported as H1B’s. Do they recruit females as H1B’s? Or not.

      • Constance says:

        That is a really good question. The sexism that is apparently normal in India should not have to be tolerated here. Especially when we have a lot of American STEM kids who can’t find work who are properly socialized for our communities.
        As soon as I find out a company has their consumer calls handled in India I don’t go with that company. Too many times I’ve gotten a male I can barely understand who thinks my request is a non issue and blows me off and I’m sure that is just how their culture treats women.

  9. DandyTIger says:

    Guy takes his mom flying for the first time. So funny.

  10. Anthony says:

    Joe Scarborough insisting that VP Pence is really planning to run in 2020 despite Pence’s denial. Says “Don’t believe him!” and then shows Jimmy Kimmel clip for proof that Pence is lying

    The MSM and Deep State have now officially become the new KGB. Ironic.

  11. Lulu says:

    The Left-Prog-GOPe-globalist-permanant government/media-elite academia colossus of stupid is running around changing the nomenclature. Affirmative Action is now Diversity, environmentalism is again conservation, Vile Progs are creeping back to being left or liberals, and who knows what else will be undergoing a marketing and re-invention by name change. Why would they be doing this? Because they are big fat fucking failures and more and more people are tired of their stupid bullshit.

    • mothy67 says:

      I think the rejects had their time in the sun under oblahblah. Tried to force an agenda. Angry misguided children. Rather pathological in positions. Narrative was theirs for 8 years. Was not organic. Decent, mature people stood down and allowed them to throw fits. Seriously 18 to 22 year olds needing safe places with crayons and puppies because of a Trump sign. A vocal minority on campuses. I have family in that age group. The SJW’s get an eye roll.
      Morning Joe is morphing into Olbermann. Not a serious journalist or commentator. Far too transparent.

  12. mothy67 says:

    Senseless GoT trivia
    The nurse who marries Robb Stark (Talisa) is played by Oona Chaplin– granddaughter of Charlie and great granddaughter of Eugene O’Neill. Talk about pedigree.
    Have no idea how or why I acquire this useless knowledge.

  13. Dora says:

    The Times They Are A Changing.


    American Support for Polygamy at All-Time High

    According to a 2017 Gallup Values and Beliefs poll, 17 percent of Americans have embraced the concept of having more than one spouse at a time. Of those surveyed, people with a Christian background, 9 percent of Protestants and 10 percent of Catholics, affirm polygamy at a lower rate than non-religious respondents.


    • Lulu says:

      These are the lazy dumbasses who think being in a harem would be great. I’m sure it would be for them until they are told to shut their mouth and go sit in the corner with your kids until we decide when to kill you.

    • mothy67 says:

      What a load of tosh.
      Fantasy vs Reality.
      Who would not want free reign to satisfy every caprice. Paying a mortgage, raising kids, keeping the lights on.
      Might as well ask respondents if they support having no personal responsibility.

    • Jadzia says:

      I can’t imagine how shitty my life would be with 2 husbands to support!

    • John Denney says:

      I was home sick one day and happened across the Jerry Springer episode where he had a Mormon polygamist and his multiple wives on stage, along with his 15 year old bride to be, and her parents, who heartily approved of the marriage because they didn’t want her turning into a slut like her older sister.
      The audience was hostile, but I was amazed at the composure of the wives, all trim, wearing very modest long sleeved dresses, no makeup, with beautiful long hair. The audience verbally assaulted them for being sexual perverts, but the women simply said no, most of their time is spent cooking and cleaning and taking care of their children, and showed home video as evidence.
      Sadly, the husband was imprisoned afterwards for this flagrant public violation of polygamy laws; the 15 year old bride is now in her 20s with a couple of kids and suffering because that man, her husband, the kids’ father, is still in prison.
      Yet Charlie Sheen can live with his two goddesses with impunity.

  14. DeniseVB says:

    LOL, Spicier. I hope this guy sticks around ….

  15. Lulu says:

    Fakey McFake social justice not very good football-player has been trying to run up his salary with marketing and very bad blackmail attempts. It’s a scam!

    “Despite the ongoing narrative that Kaepernick’s very public political views are preventing any NFL teams from offering him a roster spot, TheDC’s source claims Kaep himself has turned down at least one contract in the hopes of stirring up a media frenzy that eventually leads to a more lucrative deal for the 27 year old vet.”

    “Kaepernick allegedly doesn’t want to make “backup money” and specifically instructed his representative team not to sign one contract offered at the league’s minimum rate of $900,000 per year for a seventh-year player.” http://dailycaller.com/2017/08/07/nfl-source-kaepernick-turned-down-at-least-1-contract-to-play-up-the-race-card/

    • DeniseVB says:

      In Kaepernick’s case, 900k to sit on your ass ? I want that job!

      • Lulu says:

        It appears to be that he went on a SJW as marketing “look at me!” when he was nearing the shrinking salary phase because 1) he is getting old for a QB, 2) he is a not so good QB, 3) he is really boring and not cute so not getting sponsorship ad deals, 4) is greedy, 5) didn’t make good investments or have a second career lined up 6) has bad advisers 7) thinks he is Tom Brady and can play till he’s forty.

        • DeniseVB says:

          Well, there’s the problem, shoulda spent more time trying to be a better football player 🙂

          Didn’t the Cowboys owner issue the threat that if anyone pulls that crap yer off the team!

  16. votermom says:

  17. Dora says:

    Have to keep this in the headlines.

  18. mothy67 says:

    Getting a kick out of the push for Suckaburger running. Progs seem to think its the correct response to President Trump.
    They will never get Donald’s appeal. Suck has name recognition. Zero charisma. He could never take it to the people.
    I keep trying to grasp why some of my affluent friends despise Trump so much. At this point I think the open borders argument is leaking like a sieve. I am leaning towards they know they are not all that much – attended great schools because of providence not talent. A smart poor kid threatens their dull spoiled brats. Most people are average. They get to pity the paupers. Elevates them.
    Suck is one of them.

    • elliesmom says:

      The progs have never really had an SJW president. If they ever get their wish, they may be surprised at how he or she works out the conflicting interests they have. I worked with an SJW teacher. While she tried her best to please everyone, she ended up pleasing no one, and the sad thing is she ended up being shown the door. She made the mistake of not putting the loudest parents at the top of her list.

  19. Dora says:

    The poor dear.


    Anthony Weiner has no friends

    “Nobody speaks to him. He is truly ostracized,” one source told me. “People won’t even get on the elevator with him.”


  20. DeniseVB says:

    Yes, this…..

  21. helenk3 says:


    lets see, he takes $1 a year as pay, stays at places he owns so there is no rental fee and works while delayed WH repairs are going on and this is wrong why?

  22. helenk3 says:


    something to think about. I am sorry it is happening in my lifetime

    • helenk3 says:

      By colluding, the mainstream media, deep state, and the special prosecutor’s button men, with a license to roam, may bring down yet another president. So doing, they will validate John Adams’s insight:

      “Democracy never lasts long. It soon wastes, exhausts, and murders itself. There never was a democracy yet that did not commit suicide.”

      • Lulu says:

        I saw on another site an attorney say why is a special counsel, who is not a prosecutor, just a counsel, accessing a grand jury? The DOJ would have to do the grand jury stuff. It would be funny if witnesses subpoenaed said You don’t have the power and I’m not talking until I see something in writing that says DOJ and Rosenstein said you can do this then I’m talking about it. If I was on that grand jury I would be going Whoa Nellie what is up. Rosenstein talks about their authority like it is a gentlemen’s agreement. Witness lawyers should say f’ that show me in writing your authority.

  23. helenk3 says:


    this should be read and shared. I do not care if you are republican, democrat or independent this has to be stopped

    • CiscoKid says:

      “The balance of power will shift back to the Democrats. We will measurably impact US Senate, gubernatorial, and state”
      Only by hallucination or force of arms.
      And We the People have the arms. And the will, fortitude and Constitutional authority to do so.
      Even without it, DeOppressoLiber, that’s us folks.
      Freedom, 55 grains at a time

    • Lulu says:

      That is a funding pitch by mad David Brock (as in cray-cray) as his pyramid scheme of getting moolah is falling apart. He is reduced to buying drug store hair gel. Ugh! Sell the dream David! It is all bullshit but whatev’s.

    • dm says:

      Couldn’t say…didn’t wear one for the last two – no judging now!

      • Lulu says:

        I didn’t either. Nor mother or grandmother. DO NOT MESS UP OUR HAIR! Before that probably too poor to have “veils” or even wedding dresses. That article sounds like more malarkey to stop traditions because… racism or slavery or misogyny.

        • CiscoKid says:


          • Lulu says:

            No one can have nice things because someone somewhere in the distant past didn’t have nice things. And thus a story is made up on why it is BAD. It is all like Lena making up shit in the airport.

        • taw46 says:

          She doesn’t like veils? I bet she is totes cool with burkas.

          • elliesmom says:

            Actually, the author is OK with veils as long as they’re not being worn to make it hard for the bride to change her mind and runaway. 😉 I know the bridesmaids carried flowers to disguise their body odor.

    • Ann says:

      it’s believed it was initially part of an ancient Greek and Roman tradition to ward off evil spirits. Covering the bride’s face would camouflage her, and having bridesmaids (who originally dressed in the same attire as the bride) would serve as decoys for demons.

      I have read that about the bridesmaids before.

      As for the veil – supposedly it did not cover the face Roman wedding clothes link.

    • Jadzia says:

      I always thought it was because of Rachel and Leah.

  24. votermom says:

    Puppy is wuffing at the garbage truck.
    Wuff! Wuff!

    He’s descended from fierce wuffs, you see.

  25. DeniseVB says:

    I love Christina! You remember her as the one who triggered Triglypuff at a Milo event.

  26. taw46 says:

    Breitbart is interviewing Google employees. It really sucks there. But then, we knew that.

    • Lulu says:

      That is going to make the “diversifiers” mad. They look like loons. And it will freak out their customers who will be watching them like hawks.

      • taw46 says:

        Yep. Diversity first, tech second.

        • Lulu says:

          From that article is seems more like 1) Diversity, 2) Bitchiness, 3) Something, 4) Virtue signalling, 5) Tech
          I skimmed those Breitbart articles and it seems a horror house of bitchy old hags but they mostly were “younger” men! Yikes! Those internal mean girl, retaliation, law breaking, hateful bitch snarks and one one-upmanship are going to cost them some money. That is some major stupid going on there. They put it in writing! Now it is on Breitbart!

  27. DandyTIger says:

    The things you see going down the road:

    • CiscoKid says:

      Rahm Emanuel a racist?
      “So don’t be fooled by Rahm’s fake lawsuit against the Department of Justice. Emanuel’s token lawsuit against the DOJ’s sanctuary city funding threat is a just convenient diversion from a $55 million scandal in Chicago that broke last week.

      Chicago aldermen and city watchdogs have accused Emanuel of secretly redirecting $55 million in TIF funds earmarked to help a poor, predominantly black ward on Chicago’s South Side. Instead, the diverted property tax funds were poured into a popular tourist attraction in a wealthy area – another vanity project for the Mayor. Chicago taxpayers are on the hook for these funds too – but they’d never know it because it’s not disclosed on their tax bills.”

      Lifted from Daily Caller

  28. DandyTIger says:

    FYI, here’s the full Google memo and the response from their diversity officer (whop is probably holding a whip and wearing jackboots):


    • CiscoKid says:

      Very, very interesting.
      Well worth giving it a listen.

    • Constance says:

      I don’t believe all the sexism charges at FOX but here is the thing. This plan is only taking out men. Many of FOXs best hosts are women. I never liked Megan Kelly but Kim G, Dana Perino, all the women on “Outnumbered”, Martha MacCallum, Judge Jeanine, and others are really great conservative voices. So You can’t take down FOX by only taking out male hosts.

      • Constance says:

        I mean if whoever it is, keeps this up, FOX news will be nothing but smart attractive women’s news. Many men would prefer to watch women news readers and commentators. It is so rare to find women on TV that aren’t some male designed character participating in some ridiculous charade to get the requisite number of tit and ass shots in an hour program. that women are going to watch FOX because other than the shopping networks they are the only representations of women who aren’t offensive or ridiculous on some primal level. I know MSNBC and CNN have some women but they have a certain kool-aid drinking Stepford submissiveness to them.

    • CiscoKid says:

      I wouldn’t put it past McCain to be the leaker, especially after leaving the hospital and casting the deciding no vote with the other rinos.

  29. mothy67 says:

    Local news was going on about Coumo and NY airports. Only caught a smidget.
    Looks like the dims are co-opting some of Trumps platform.
    Why would airports in NY be on Pittsburgh local news? Making the dims look good?

      • helenk3 says:

        his music brought a lot of joy to many people. I am sorry that he and his family had to go through dementia in his last years. It is a cruel disease.
        May he rest in peace now. Prayers for his family

      • lateblum says:

        It is really sad. I wish his family peace. I wish him to fly on eagle’s wings into the arms of God. .

  30. CiscoKid says:

    I just stopped by conservative tree and caught this video of Trump.
    If the link doesn’t work here, stop by over there.
    “Fire and fury” PDJT

  31. Dora says:

  32. helenk3 says:

    Can I ask someone to start a new thread? this one is getting rather long. Thank You

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