The Internship, A Googley Movie.

Fun movie, especially if you’re a fan of The Wedding Crashers, think The Google Crashers 😀

Billy (Vince Vaughn) and Nick (Owen Wilson) are salesmen whose careers have been torpedoed by the digital world. Trying to prove they are not obsolete, they defy the odds by talking their way into a coveted internship at Google, along with a battalion of brilliant college students.
The Internship (2013) – IMDb

Open Thread.

Also Breaking Sad News: Glenn Campbell died 😦 Share, if you’d like, your favorites in tribute to Glenn.

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150 Responses to The Internship, A Googley Movie.

  1. helenk3 says:

    Thank You for the new thread

    • DeniseVB says:

      LOL, true. Like when Mad Maxine said she wanted to start a Black Political Party, someone responded, okay, pick a country in Africa 😉

  2. helenk3 says:

    some of my favorites

  3. CiscoKid says:

    Brought this up from downstairs, sounds important.

  4. helenk3 says:

    the scandal no one wants to talk about. very interesting article

    • dm says:

      That whole family affair stinks to high heaven…and it seems to me as though there are more than a few democrats fingerprints all over it.

  5. DeniseVB says:

    My grandtwins started HIGH SCHOOL today ! I know the educators here will understand my glees, they are on the Health Science “track”. (other choices were Liberal, Graphic and Fine Arts, Business, or STEM).

    Ok, they are only 14, but if “grandma’s boy crazy” DNA doesn’t kick in, they can graduate h.s. with a First Responder or an LPN certificate. They are also doing ROTC at the local military base, if their planets align, they’ll be accepted in military medical basic training at 18. Yay, Navy Corpsemen 😉

    This “track” was inspired by…. they’ve been Ski Patrol volunteers since they were 12 but never allowed to touch the injured. They want to touch the injured 🙂

  6. Anthony says:

    Brought up from downstairs because you started a new thread before I finished having my nervous breakdown over it:

    Sen. John ‘Künt’ McCain was the first to receive the piss dossier and bring it to Comey’s attention along with allegations of Trump/Russian collusion. Karma is doing her work but I shall continue to shitpost about him until it’s out if my system, whether he’s still alive or not. I have been known to speak ill of the dead when its deserved. And I don’t have a shred of remorse.

  7. 1539days says:

    I watched “The Red Pill” last night, which fits in with the whole Google firestorm. When the memo guy wrote about Google trying to hire women coders, even while the marketplace is so bereft of them, he makes a point about job fulfillment vs. wish fulfillment. Are there women programmers? Sure. Are there as many as men? Not at all. The US and other countries have been trying to socially engineer more women in “male” careers. Most of the time, it increases rates of women in those fields slightly and decreases men who can find jobs in those fields greatly.

    The Red Pill makes good points about this. Feminists don’t make a lot about not enough women janitors or ditch diggers. It seems like they see a job that kind of looks fun and then complain about how mostly men are doing it.

    • 49erDweet says:

      When the push came for more women cops it wasn’t for ‘cop’ cops, it was for ‘big deal cop’ cops.

    • Ann says:

      I started programming in 1976. Women programmers have existed for a long time (look up the history of computers and programming languages to see just how very long).

      • 1539days says:

        And the fact that I know about women like Ada Lovelace is an example of feminist culture making sure that women in programming are spotlighted. But for every woman who codes, there are multiple men who also code. A campus with 20 men and 3 women writing programs may not be sexism as much as a marketplace where women are highly sought and paid more and men are cheaper to hire.

        I’ve seen a half dozen incidents of women writing about their negative experiences in programming jobs who quit. What did they do? They started or started working in tech media companies.

        For example, where I work, there are about 7 coders / programmers, all men. One was a woman. She became the VP of Information Technology after a year.

  8. 49erDweet says:

    I see where NK is seriously thinking about committing mass suicide by attacking Guam. Warm up the launch pad time.

  9. lateblum says:

    And sadly, yet another singer passes away.
    Barbara Cook – who I was fortunate enough to see once, died today.

    This song just tears me apart every time I hear it. She sings it … and everything she’s ever sung … better than anyone.

    • lateblum says:

      I can’t tell you just how much I loved to listen to her. She starred in Bernstein’s “Candide” and in “The Music Man”. She is known for being one of the most brilliant singers who ever performed on Broadway — and off.
      One of her signature songs was “Vanilla Ice Cream” from “She Loves Me”. The WSJ reported that her last meal before she died was vanilla ice cream…
      I selected “Stars” by Janis Ian because it, too is so incredibly beautiful.

      • lateblum says:

        Denise – and anyone else who loves Broadway – here is the musical tribute to Barbara Cook at the 2011 Kennedy Center Honors. Despite all the stars we love to hate being there, it is magnificent.

        • DeniseVB says:

          Thanks, we don’t remember her because Hollywood replaced their stage to movie versions with the Shirley Jonesies and Julie Andrewsies (sound of musak) cuties.

          • Mt.Laurel says:

            julie Andie herself was replaced by Audrey hepernies in my fair lady and Vanessa regravies for Camelot. Movies studios did not think of her as bankable as she was a stage persona and worse, assumed she was not photogenic. If it had not been for Disney casting her in Mary Poppins, it is likely she never would have met the captain and those singing nuns and drapery clothed children. . 🎭

      • lyn says:

        She had a pretty voice.

    • Anthony says:

      Omg – i had a ringside seat at her performance in a supper club years ago. Aside from having to tolerate the insipid queen who invited me to see her, it was a magical evening

    • lateblum says:

      OMG. I just turned on the classical radio station…. They are doing a tribute to Barbara Cook! what a treat…..
      I’m saying good night for at least the next hour. ❤

  10. FYI: I am still recovering. I got off schedule and off my meds last week and I’m not back on yet.

  11. blowme0bama says:

    This is the only country song I’ve ever liked, aside from Flatt & Scruggs doing the Martha White song.

  12. helenk3 says:

    with all the brohaha over google and their hiring practices against women, if they hire a transgender are they hiring them because they are still considered a man and if they do not hire them is it because they are a woman now?

  13. #hideous

  14. Glen Campbell’s last song.

  15. The long-legged blonde pickin’ on the banjo in this video is Glen’s daughter Ashley Campbell.

  16. DandyTIger says:

  17. helenk3 says:

    maybe if they were not working part time and being paid full time they might get something done,.
    these loads could not make it in the real working world

  18. Venus says:

    lots of great songs — my favorite

  19. Venus says:

    About time:

    Republican donors are protesting GOP lawmakers’ failure to repeal Obamacare by withholding donations to the National Republican Senatorial Committee.

    At least $2 million in contributions originally promised to the NRSC have not materialized, CNN reported Tuesday.

    The failure of Republicans to fulfill a central campaign promise particularly concerns some donors because it could disillusion core voters heading into the 2018 midterms. The uncertainty could put the Republicans’ majority—especially in the House of Representatives—at risk.

    The Republican majority in the Senate is widely viewed to be safe in the 2018 midterms. Nonetheless, Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R, Ky.) has been privately warning his colleagues and donors that the GOP’s 52-48 majority should not be taken for granted, according to CNN. A campaign donation shortfall could impact the GOP’s ability to effectively campaign in states where Democratic senators are vulnerable.

    Texas-based donor Doug Deason informed congressional Republicans in June that the “Dallas piggy bank” is closed until they take major action on health care and taxes, the Associated Press reported.

    Deason refused to host a fundraiser for Rep. Mark Meadows (R, N.C.) and Rep. Jim Jordan (R, Ohio). He further informed House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R, Calif.) his checkbook was closed.

    “Get Obamacare repealed and replaced, get tax reform passed,” Deason said. “You control the Senate. You control the House. You have the presidency. There’s no reason you can’t get this done. Get it done and we’ll open it [the ‘bank’] back up.”

    Deason noted he has also encouraged “nearly two dozen major Texas donors to follow his lead,” according to the AP.

    The NRSC reported $16.2 million in cash-on-hand at the end of June, compared to $17.2 million reported by the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee, according to campaign finance filings.

  20. helenk3 says:

    this will cause a lot of wailing and whining

  21. helenk3 says:

    an important article on US and NK.
    can we have some imput from the lawyers here

    • CiscoKid says:

      No a lawyer here, but it seems that under international law you can’t attack first, but under narrow circumstances.
      The 1967 Israeli and Egyptian conflict was a good example.

  22. taw46 says:

    I always thought this was just the saddest song.

  23. CiscoKid says:

    So Venezuelans are starving, while Maduro’s son drives around Monaco in a gold plated Ferrari.
    Socialism works, for some.

  24. Via AofSHq:

    From the same people who declared that milk was a symbol of white supremacy comes this blisteringly-hot take: cheese is the most sexist food there is, cows are regularly raped on farms, and the act of eating cheese is failing to combat sexism.

    “Contrary to popular belief*,” explains PETA, cows only produce milk when they’re pregnant or have just given birth. In order to keep producing milk, PETA describes how cows are “raped” to become pregnant again and again and how their calves are treated immediately after birth.

    Tasty, tasty cheese.

  25. CiscoKid says:

    Now my grilled hamburger with cheese and bacon I get to offend vegans, PETA and muslims

  26. CiscoKid says:

    Anyone with thoughts about Geoff Diehl who’s running against Liz Warren?

    • lateblum says:

      There were over 600 phones that were at the “lost” and found” by the end of Lolla. Police found one man/thief who had more than 60 phones in his possession one night and who had great difficulty ‘splaining how he came into possession of these devices. But because they didn’t have any witnesses or evidence to use against him, there were no charges. Of course, he had to turn over the phones to police. I didn’t realize WeeWonOne was one of those whose carefree time resulted in this loss. And wow! Whoever “found” that phone has some pretty good material.

  27. mothy67 says:

    • Jadzia says:

      Going over to Twitter to read the responses from the outraged clueless people who don’t realize it’s a parody account, BRB.

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