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Happy Freaking New Year!

Jump on in, the water’s fine!

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Stay Out Of Persia!

Wikipedophilia: Iran (Persian: ایران‎ Irān [ʔiːˈɾɒːn] (About this sound listen)), also known as Persia[10] (/ˈpɜːrʒə/),[11] officially the Islamic Republic of Iran (Persian: جمهوری اسلامی ایران‎ Jomhuri-ye Eslāmi-ye Irān (About this sound listen)),[12] is a sovereign state in Western Asia.[13][14] With … Continue reading

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O’TaY Satur’DaY !

Seems our betters thought this was a white power sign? Poor kid…. White House intern who flashed 'white power' sign claims he was just trying to make OK gesture like Trump — Daily Mail US (@DailyMail) December 29, 2017 … Continue reading

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The Last Friday Open Thread of 2017

Insert lame joke here Blah blah blah yadda yadda.

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Happy Thor’s Day!

  Open thread and free mead.

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It’s Hump Day!

Kylo-Ben, Tommy the Tank and Miss Lily are coming today! Uncle Roy got on the train back to Arizona about 1/2 hour ago. I will probably venture into a store today.

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Happy Boxing Day II

Bad news: It doesn’t look like I am going to reach my goal of weighing less than 300 lbs by New Years Day. Good News: I broke 310 yesterday. (I reached half my goal of losing 20 lbs in 3 … Continue reading

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Happy Boxing Day !

Who knew it was about actual “boxes” ? If you were as clueless as I was, this little Wiki blurb might help 😀 Open Thread !

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Happy Birthday Jeebus

Later today I will emerge from my fortress of wokeitude and journey to my sister’s where there will be food and (non-alcoholic) drink. Together, my relatives and I shall mourn the millions of Americans who died for Donald Trump’s Tax … Continue reading

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Merry Christmas Eve – 2017

Open Thread !

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Happy Fuckin’ Festivus!

My top three grievances this year are: 1. NeverTrumpers 2. Resisters 3. Kneelers What are you pissed off about?

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Santarday Open Thread

This is better than a Christmas goose: To a truly dispassionate observer of political strategy and history, the rise of Donald Trump would be the event of a lifetime. His emergence and later success would evoke interest, not animosity. His … Continue reading

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T’was The Friday Before Christmas

T’was The Friday Before Christmas, And all thru the town, Everyone was out shopping, Except for the Klown. If everything goes as planned (it won’t) I am staying down in my bunker until Christmas.

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2017 – The Year of Trump

Trumptastic! Year One List: 81 major Trump achievements, 11 Obama legacy items repealed With the passage of the GOP tax bill this week, the Trump administration has scored 81 major achievements in its first year, making good on campaign promises … Continue reading

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Happy First Day of Winter !

Open Thread !

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Merry Humpmas Day!

I have a houseguest. Uncle Roy is here. The cats are not happy. This thread is open.

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The Truth About UFOs

The truth is out there. The Pentagon’s Secret Search for UFOs The Pentagon, at the direction of Congress, a decade ago quietly set up a multimillion-dollar program to investigate what are popularly known as unidentified flying objects—UFOs. The “unidentified aerial … Continue reading

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M(o Y o)T

That Amtrak derailment was on a line that had just had an $800 million improvement done on it. — digne (@lesmissy1) December 18, 2017 Christmas is on Monday this year.

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I Hate Mondays Before Christmas

Cannot brain today. I are stuck on stupid.

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Sunday Night Open Thread

Let the Force continue 😀

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