According to CNN, Stormy Daniels says that Trump has ordered the military to collect and dispose of all the bodies of black people killed by the Shutdown.

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  1. Ann says:

    The bodies are stacked high and growing ever deeper with every hour of the shutdown.

    • Anthony says:

      Here too. Could barely get to the washing machines in the basement. Stacked the bodies neatly at the curb, clean socks & undies soon!

  2. Myiq2xu™ says:

    Were those “minor property crimes” misdemeanors or felonies? In California, residential burglary is a strike felony. Sometimes you see or hear something and immediately think to yourself, “There’s got to be more to this story.” Something is fishy here. Shit just don’t add up.

    I do like the “We don’t know all the facts but we’re gonna assume it was bad and get outraged anyway” attitude.

  3. Myiq2xu™ says:

    • I can’t even follow that guy. He clearly doesn’t know he needs a different medium than Twitter. Always with the 20 numbered tweets.

      • Ann says:

        And he repeats half of what he says in the next tweet… and never uses all the characters (so little new in the subsequent tweet). I need his twitter threads unrolled to read them.

        That being said, some of his stuff is very interesting and really makes me think.

  4. mothy says:

  5. Venus E. Lee says:

  6. votermom says:

    Eagles are astonishing tonight.

  7. Myiq2xu™ says:

  8. Dora says:

    I can only wish.

  9. Myiq2xu™ says:

    • elliesmom says:

      Since a lot of the pics I’ve seen appear to be from last year, maybe the coverage was “muted” because the crowds weren’t very big. Maybe a lot of folks were sitting in city diners, too.

      • Lulu says:

        After the cold snap around here everyone just wanted to get out of the house and EAT something they didn’t cook themselves and was “different”. I suspect it was kind of like that everywhere and people wanted some normal type socializing and not PC ordered posing for propaganda. I think the Resistance is about over.

      • lateblum says:

        According to the news here, the numbers were much larger than last year. 300,000was the first estimate I heard Saturday. My dd#1 lives near the park and said it was crazy large. This year she said she wasn’t going. Don’t know if she actually did, though. D-i-l and her mother took the gbabies down there. I wonder what new words the little girls learned this year…

        • elliesmom says:

          None of my friends who marched last year even mentioned the march this year. Nothing popped up in my FB feed at all, and last year it was all over it. No pussy hat patterns exchanged in my online knitting club, and there are thousands of members. I didn’t watch the Boston TV news this weekend, but the local Providence news was all about the shutdown. The print news says there were 175,000 in Boston, but I can’t find a wide angle shot anywhere. There are only around 100 comments at the Globe article, and at least half of them are negative.

    • Lulu says:

      Paul seems kind of hurt over the fizzling-ness of the Resistance. Keeping up that level of outragey spite and umbrage is exhausting. And this bunch weren’t known for their zip and vitality to begin with. They’ve worn themselves out shooting blanks. And now come the excuses, I had to wash my hair, my toe hurts, !!!I HAVE A DATE-REPEAT-I HAVE A DATE!!!, I could have gone if it was after payday, my therapist said I was to rest on the weekends, etc, which are inching towards self-realization that it is all a lunatic clown rodeo, a passing tacky fad, Hillary’s brain fart.

  10. Island Girl says:

    Such wonderful musical memories

  11. Lulu says:

    According to the Daily Beast (yes I know) the House Intelligence Committee won’t let the FBI see Nunes memo. LOL. Since they leak, lie, plot, and are the main actors in the investigation, the very fact that someone in the FBI is whining about it is hilarious. Sorry shit heads but you don’t get tipped off in advance.

    • Lulu says:

      AND the geniuses at the FBI have reportedly “lost” due to “glitches” five months of agents “Horn Dog” Strozk and “Corn Hole” Page very special text messages spilling the beans and shit-talking. What exactly were these functionary capo morons texting about? Were they figuring out that they were convenient expendables who were tolerated because of their idiotic willingness to do the dirty while in thrall to third class vile prog criminals? Or were they throwing around the BIG “A” as an ultimate solution and it is so awful the FBI can’t let the public see what filth works there? Or is this another bait and switch to break them. Who knows? Whatever it is the FBI just looks worse and worse. Why are we paying for this shit show of malevolent doofus?

  12. Dora says:

    That was a short campaign.

    Former Military Lawyers: Chelsea Manning Subject To Prosecution For Running For Office


  13. Dora says:

    I’m proud of these representatives, even though they will probably drag out the shumershutdown even longer.


    House GOP warns: We’re no rubber stamp for Senate DACA fix

    Rep. Mark Meadows (R-N.C.), the head of the far-right House Freedom Caucus, is sending a similar message. He emphasized that Trump has insisted that any deal on DACA must also include provisions to strengthen border security, reduce family-based immigration and eliminate the diversity visa lottery. Meadows said he trusts the president to hold that line, regardless what the Senate moderates produce.

    “The president has been very clear in articulating what it would take,” Meadows said.

    Meadows also pushed back on reports that Trump might be considering a deal with Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer (D-N.Y.) that would combine the DACA protections with billions of dollars in border wall funding.


  14. Dora says:

    I don’t have a link yet, but Hubby is inside watching the news and it was just reported that on April 1st, California is making all illegal aliens eligible to vote. Yikes!

  15. Dora says:

  16. Dora says:

    So have a referendum! Soon!


    EU BOMBSHELL: Macron admits France would vote to LEAVE EU if country held referendum

    FRENCH president Emmanuel Macron shocked Andrew Marr during their interview when he admitted that had France held a referendum on membership of the EU after Brexit, the French people would vote to leave.


  17. DandyTIger says:

    Great article about the video of Peterson and the UK journalist:

    The identity of the group providing the intellectual foundation for both critical theory and the social justice movement are mostly white middle-and-upper-class intellectuals from the political left in advanced Western economies. It may be more illuminating to see this group’s interests as the driving force of societal change, rather than those of the ever-changing group of the powerless. In effect, the intellectuals of the political left are creating the type of society they personally want to live in. ‘The powerless’ are temporary allies on this journey.

    Over the past few decades, this group has become increasingly powerful, essentially becoming a bourgeoisie much like the one Marx and the early critical theorists were criticising, and using many of the same mechanisms: suppressing criticism through control of the news media and now social media, enforcing rigid etiquette in speech and behaviour, using the education system to teach its values, and most importantly, representing its own interests as universal values and beliefs.

    Peterson represents a growing group of people who are now waking up and starting to look more closely at contemporary morals, beliefs, and institutions that they had previously held beyond reproach and are now asking: “Are these things really universal or interest-neutral, and if not, whose interests are they serving and whose values do they represent?” This is a process, I think, that is inevitable.

  18. Dora says:

    I never would have believed it!


    Luis Gutierrez is the first Democrat to publicly support funding for the border wall…


    • lateblum says:

      I would only believe it if he acted on those words. And if he WERE to vote for the wall two things are possible 1) he is actually listening to those many constituents who came here LEGALLY and who are furious that their voices are silenced about illegals, and 2) he knows his vote won’t make a difference.

    • taw46 says:

      I would never trust him or any Dems. If Dreamers are protected? Their goal isn’t the 800,000 number they toss around, but up to 3 million or more. Because of course they also want amnesty for all the relatives. And once you give amnesty for that group, why what about the other illegals here, don’t they deserve it? This never ends.

      Also, when the Dems talk about funding for the wall, are they talking about giving the money right now, this year? No, they always talk about allowing x amount of money per year over a 10 yr period (or more). Which means the wall never gets built.

      Sorry, I never trust the left, especially Luis Gutierrez.

      • Myiq2xu™ says:

        If those Dreamers came here illegally as children, where are there parents? Are they still here illegally?

        Dreamer applications should include the following:

        “List the names, ages and current addresses of all immediate relatives who are illegally in the United States.”

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