Angry White Male Loner Drops Out Of School

David “Attention” Hogg

He doesn’t own any assault weapons, does he?

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  1. Underwhelmed says:

    You know what? This is what the face of the Hitler Youth must have looked like.

  2. Underwhelmed says:

    In fact, that’s what the Dems are trying to create right now. A modern version of the Hitler Youth. Children turning on adults, lecturing adults, betraying adults. Fed on the dream of perfection that nourishes their narcissism to murderous heights. What evil, evil people they all are.

  3. Underwhelmed says:

    Let’s see if this happens next: Hogg and his little friends start bullying/ostracising any school kid who doesn’t toe his line.

  4. Myiq2xu™ says:

    • DeniseVB says:

      And Chuckie’s point? I don’t do streaming, I don’t care. I pay enough to our monthly cable bill that if there’s nothing to watch on 400 channels, what’s the point?

    • DandyTIger says:

      Maybe Netflix and their users should pay their fair share of using the bandwidth instead of non video streaming users helping to pay.

  5. elliesmom says:

    How many high schools has he already graduated from? Maybe it’s just another “gap year”.

    • DeniseVB says:

      I saw a video of the school’s last year yearbook, he was a junior then. His twitter timeline before Feb 14 was normal kid stuff, he made a video of one of the science clubs launching a weather balloon last year at the Parkland school. Pics of him surfing on Florida beaches, summers in SoCal. I didn’t see any flags. Though, former FBI dad and former CNN mom may be behind some of this. Though, still, Tinfoil Tuesday ! We’re just going need more than 48 hours now to access all this bunk. 5 months since Vegas and that’s still a clusterf**k of non-details.

      • elliesmom says:

        I’m guessing he’s planning to go to college in the fall. I’m presuming he’s already arranged for an “early graduation” with Parkland. If not, missing the last semester of high school would negate any college acceptances, which probably haven’t even gone out yet. Even an SJW indoctrination center would need some kind of high school diploma.

        • Mt.Laurel says:

          I’m guessing if he is a student there he cannot now return having made a public mockery of the other students and staff and used the deaths of others to put him on course for being the D. Hogg, Super Cub Reporter. This sounds more like a PR move by mommy and daddy and with the blessing of the good sheriff and gang and of their puppeteers to make it look like it Little Big Hogg is making such an oh so brave choice. /s

        • Somebody says:

          He can finish his classes online via Florida virtual, or Broward county virtual (each county in FL has to maintain a VS, some contract to FLVS others keep it in house. He could also complete via home study, claiming PTSD or what have you, again each county has teachers for homebound students. In this case the assignments would come from his HS teachers and home study teacher would just be courier. He could take mastery exams for his classes. He could move to home school. He could take the GED or if Parkland is on block schedule odds are he already has enough credits. Finally there is an early graduation diploma available in FL which cuts 1 English credit and electives…..18 instead of 24.

          He has lots of options, he’s bullshitting that he’s going to be a drop out.

  6. Myiq2xu™ says:

  7. Myiq2xu™ says:

  8. helenk3 says:

    the little hogg is not as popular as he thinks he is.

    i still wonder if he really is a survivor and went to that school or if he just showed up when the cameras went on

  9. jenlyntx says:

    Fake news is so ensconced I don’t know if we can get rid of it ESPECIALLY when Fox News and the Repugs are so truly complacent at not really even addressing it. As far as this boy and his insane, bully friends go I am of the belief that kids don’t kill kids unless they are psychotic OR mentally on the edge AND bullied. YOU DO NOT KILL YOUR FRIENDS you kill PEOPLE WHO TORMENT YOU. All of these kids and the school administration and families and sherrif’s office have blood dripping from their hands. These so called children leaders are so ignorant I am ashamed but not surprised just sad that we can be so truly stupid as humans. And I can damn well promise you that they bullied that young boy A LOT. Again, you don’t kill your friends….

  10. jenlyntx says:

    Also, I don’t think that this shooting was a true accident nor the shooting in Vegas. Fact patterns make no sense….I see Soros in all of this.

    • Constance says:

      I agree with you on the Vegas shooting. I tend to believe the theory that the Vegas shooting was an assignation attempt on the Saudi prince who is taking over government over there by his relatives and rivals. Remember all the people he arrested the month after Vegas . I haven’t made up my mind on the Florida shooting. But in both cases the dead would have been planned sacrifices by well organized fanatics and they didn’t come from the right.

      • jenlyntx says:

        Well, I know the owner of the hotel where the gunman shot from is Muslim and does not allow ANY of the guards at the hotel to have a weapon. There is also a horrific time line that makes no sense and every single eyewitness is missing. I think that the left has seized gun control and race as the only two issues they can appeal to idgits to vote for them and mass shootings are free press that supports their agenda…..

    • Cisco says:

      He still wants to be King of the World, lousy 💩

    • Constance says:

      Just in the last few days I have had weird ass, right wing cliq bait, that is the sort of projection Leftists do, show up all over my computer screen. It’s like someone analyzed my activity on line and projected I hate skin colors, gays, etc, etc instead of that I hate fascist leftists who spy on people.

      • Constance says:

        Oh wait I should be so paranoid……So in an effort to act more PC I’m going to say it was Russians.

  11. Myiq2xu™ says:

    I just clipped my nails before I weighed myself. It didn’t help.

  12. Searched for this news, but 4chan is what popped at first. Rolled my eyes, looked a bit further down and saw this:


  13. Dora says:

    • Cisco says:

      “Trump accused Curiel of bias during the 2016 campaign based on the Indiana-born judge’s Mexican ancestry. At the time, Curiel had been overseeing a separate lawsuit involving Trump University.”
      But Curiel still decides in Trumps favor.
      Doesn’t hold a grudge like a certain Arizona Senator.

  14. helenk3 says:

    when the video becomes available it is a must see
    Press conference of rick scott on the Fla shooting. 2 fathers of girls that were killed speak out. They are amazing. You can feel their pain and how we need to come together to make sure there are no more children murdered like this. Fix the failures and see that they do not happen again

  15. Myiq2xu™ says:

  16. Dora says:

    Now we know what happened!

  17. Myiq2xu™ says:

  18. Cisco says:

    I watched as President Trump announced the White House Initiative on Historically Black Colleges and Universities.
    The press corps again showed absolutely no respect.
    Like a pack of hyenas, when the event was over, they yelled questions at him .
    I believe if one of them asked politely, Mr. President, do you have time for a question?
    But I’d still do what he did, turn his back and walk out the door.
    👍 PDJT!

  19. Myiq2xu™ says:

  20. Myiq2xu™ says:

  21. Dora says:

    Our Kids Are Not All Right

    Skipping school to denounce a Constitution they know nothing about is becoming the Millennials’ singular contribution to civilization.

  22. driguana says:

    It’s difficult to tell about this little puke. I live in South Florida, not far from Parkland and there are all kind of comments and stories floating around about this little puke. No one can quite seem to put their finger on him. Other than the fact that he is repulsive and, I would add, scary. Who is this kid really and who is paying him to do this?

  23. Myiq2xu™ says:

    • Underwhelmed says:

      More bullshit, fear peddling smear merchants.

    • DandyTIger says:

      There is no science behind predictions. There is science behind measurements, and theories about why there are changes. That’s great, and interesting, and important. But the models are engineering, not science. They’re about making wild guesses based on maybe 1% of the data you need to make a good guess, and model. Every model built from last year and back were 100% wrong. They keep making new models. And that’s fine, but people need to understand that their just wild guesses. Just like economic models, engineering models of predicting are barely more than flipping a coin… for each of the millions of variables you’d need to include.

  24. driguana says:

    Children of the corn!

  25. helenk3 says:

    this is the kind of encouragement I want to see for all kids. It does not matter where you come from, it matters where you are going

    • Constance says:

      And all the Aliens who come to work here bring their families who all get welfare and food stamps. I mean what the hell is going on? When I got laid off 3 years ago I was lucky as hell to get 6 months unemployment. And it was a crappy amount because I got my hours cut 6 months before the lay-off. That’s after 40 years of working in the USA as a natural born citizen. I mean did someone stick signs on us that say “just tax me and use me up, I’m a citizen”.

  26. taw46 says:

  27. taw46 says:

  28. taw46 says:

  29. taw46 says:

  30. taw46 says:

  31. taw46 says:

  32. Venus E. Lee says:

    Camera Hogg usually responds to those who tweet @ him. Strangely he has yet to reply to me when discussing his efforts to get Alex Jones kicked off YouTube because there is no right to spread ‘misinformation’

    • DeniseVB says:

      I saw Hogg wanted to go on Alex Jones, was hoping Jones would put Owen Shroyer on the kid.

      • Venus E. Lee says:

        Yes Alex accepted & Hogg backtracked.
        This is from his post explaining how he would not participate on a show that promotes such garbage like Sandy Hook being fake (the fact that it was Hogg who started it was dismissed, as a child would, that he ‘didn’t realize the hurtful things Alex had said’ when he did).
        These tweets are from that conversation.

    • lateblum says:

      Isn’t it odd that he wants Alex Jones to be kicked off YouTube for spreading misinformation, but the nonsense that CNN spouts is a-okay with him.

  33. DeniseVB says:

    First time in decades I’ve agreed with a WaPo opEd. You go Sally Jenkins !

  34. helenk3 says:

    for those here who do not plan to watch the oscars

    • lateblum says:


      • lyn says:

        I want to see the billboard one. Have you?

        • lateblum says:

          I have. It was pretty powerful. And I can see how it won all those awards. It was one of my favorites this year. I’m trying to see “Darkest Hour” and the “short films” before Sunday. I may watch the show on Sunday, but maybe not. “The Shape of Water” and “Lady Bird” were soooo good. And “Phantom Thread” was bizarre and I loved it.
          The classical music FM station has a morning program that is featuring the music from the original scores this week. It’s really something to hear commentary about the music and the history of the composers. The scores from “Dunkirk” and “Darkest Hour” were amazing – “Dunkirk” especially.
          What have you seen so far?

          • lyn says:

            Zippo. You’re the film guru. I’ll wait for them to be free on Netflix or amazon prime.

          • lateblum says:

            I’m lucky. A couple of people know how much I love movies and so at Christmastime, I am blessed with gift cards to the movie theater.

          • lateblum says:

            I think you may have me confused with DeniseVB. She is the resident film and theater guru here. But thanks for that. ❤

          • taw46 says:

            I saw The Post, Darkest Hour, and Lady Bird. I liked them all. I really wanted to see The Shape of Water.

          • lateblum says:

            See it if you get a chance. I wasn’t interested in seeing it at first as it looked a bit sci-fi fantasy to me. But I did see it and I thought it was breathtaking. I think it was my favorite of all the movies this time.

          • lateblum says:

            What did you think of T”he Post”? I’m still trying to see “Darkest Hour” I reserved it at a Redbox and when I went to pick it up this morning after driving gbaby to school, the machine spit it out at me and then swallowed it right back after I tried to pull it out of the machine. I called Redbox and couldn’t understand one word of the non-native speaking person who answered the phone. I expect she sent me a code to replace the one I used to rent the movie initially. I’ll have to access email to pick it up.

          • lateblum says:

            taw — I hope you know I was responding to your wanting to see “The Shape of Water”. It was so good I want to see it again.
            (I have no idea where this comment will nest.)

          • lyn says:

            Just rented “Three Billboards” at amazon. Do I watch it before I check my taxes or after?

          • lateblum says:

            LOL. That’s too funny. It’s also a really good question.

        • Jadzia says:

          I have a friend in the billboard one, so it’s the only one I’m going to see!

    • Constance says:

      I totally believe this. It is just weird the click bait that has been coming up on my computer the last week. It’s like some Leftist projected his worst ideas of what Trump supporters want. Since I don’t click on it I wonder how long it will last. In most cases I like the tracking for advertising purposes since I don’t appreciate what advertising men seem to feel is “aspirational” so I appreciate that they removed it from my rotation.

  35. DeniseVB says:

    Why does Hannity keep having Jessica Turlov on his show? I getting so annoyed with Fox News.

  36. DeniseVB says:


  37. taw46 says:

  38. helenk3 says:

    to end the night with a smile.
    just on the local news. a man in Georgia butt dialed 9-1-1 while making a drug deal.
    police arrived a the scene in record time

  39. Venus E. Lee says:

    And the recriminations have begun:

  40. Venus E. Lee says:

  41. Venus E. Lee says:

  42. Venus E. Lee says:

  43. mothy2017 says:

    Went to a benefit concert last night for the school play. Every kid involved in the show got a chance to perform his/her own piece of choosing. 30 acts. Every kid who wanted to be in the show was given something in Wlly Wonka either on stage or behind the scenes. 63 students involved. There are only around 100 a class. Some of the kids using empirical standards would be “misfits”. One boy was stereotypically Jewish theater. Total geek. He opened his mouth and it was beautiful. The kids took out cell phones and used the flashlights as he sang. The finale was Seasons of Love with the cast and crew. All shapes and sizes, many with dubious talent. They have enjoyed themselves and been a part of something. Worked hard . Brat has been rehearsing everyday after school.
    Got me wondering if some of our schools are just too big?

    • elliesmom says:

      I’ve taught in a high school with 2500 students and one with 400. There are pros and cons for each. The big high school had a lot more varied opportunities for the kids. Lots of sports and other extracurricular activities, AP everything, lots of electives. Specialists to help with every learning disability a kid might have. ESL in 5 different languages. The downside is the competition was fierce, and it was easy to fall through the cracks. Lots of gang activity outside the school, and occasionally it spilled into the school.
      The smaller school fielded one or two sports for boys and one or two for girls every season. A couple of AP classes. Few classes offered beyond the basics. One drama production a year. All of the non-English speaking kids lumped together. Special ed teachers weren’t specialized. The kids had been together since kindergarten. Only one elementary and one middle school. Strong friendships but little opportunity for a kid to have an epiphany and re-invent himself. The pluses were no one ever fell through cracks, and there wasn’t a lot of competition to be on a sports team, in the band, or to get a part in a play. Teachers had a lot of investment in tailoring things to individual kids.
      Some kids do really well in a big school. They take advantage of all of the opportunities and thrive on the competition. Some kids slip through the cracks, Some kids are “ghosts” who make it through it going largely unnoticed. Kids don’t get to be ghosts in a small school, and that’s both a plus and a minus. Some kids prefer to be below the radar. A lot of kids feel stifled by the lack of choices in a small school, but others get to take advantage of opportunities they wouldn’t make it into in a big school.
      I think a school of about 250 kids/class would be a nice enrollment point. Not so big kids get lost, but big enough to provide some opportunities for kids to be offered a variety of opportunities.

      • mothy2017 says:

        I see your points. I went to 6 schools so I was always more of a visitor. Do think at least grade school should be kept small. Pup’s class had under 20 until this year- middle school. I saw the same parents everyday for 6 years. I know all the kids. There is a problem right now with ESL. Too many different languages for such a small school. The City of Pittsburgh is literally blocks from my home and students who wish to attend the Performing Arts school in the city or another specialized HS can. The borough pays the same it does for charter schools. I don’t see why they don’t send ESL students to one of the larger districts. The argument against has something to do with racism. It’s not like kids around here play outside. Also all extracurricular activities are open to any student in the borough. Two home schooled kids play football and a Catholic school kid is in the play. I think the goal is to merge with one of the bigger districts. Proggies frown on autonomy. The pool has always been limited to residents and guests had to be accompanied by an adult. They took federal money to put in a slide and now it has to be open ( slide not built). Was nice knowing everyone at the pool. Now anyone can come. Unsupervised kids that are not accountable. I have known these kids since they were 4. Ya think they are going to act out in front of me. Somedays I would take 10. Now its going to be open. Any dissent is racism. The crowd was diverse. City pools always have a problem the powers that be just want to share the wealth. Shame for the younger kids.

    • Somebody says:

      Yes we have many schools that are too big. Florida has a lot of Mega schools, especially in our populace areas. Most mega schools have the school within a school concept, but that doesn’t really help.

      You will find more gang issues in large schools, kids want to fit in…..well most of them do. I was shocked that suburban mega schools had far more gang issues than poor, much smaller inner city schools. Most of the latter being in crime ridden neighborhoods.

      Lots of things slip by in huge schools, the kids feel like a number because they are. They may be more cost effective, but they aren’t more socially effective. You already lose a lot of the sense of community in a crowded urban area. Building mega schools only exacerbates that.

      When we moved out of JAX my kids were thrilled with going to smaller schools. They had far more opportunities. Their elementary school in JAX had over 1,800 students, middle school 2,700 almost 2,800. The high school they were slated to attend was right at 4,000 but pushed close to 5,000 during the years they would have attended.

      My son went into high school here with 1,560 students. My daughter went to a middle school of just over 500. Moving was one of the best decisions we ever made…..actually I made it and took the rest of the family kicking and screaming! After a year or so, I was thanked for putting my foot down. I walked away from a lot, but it was the best thing for my kids. You know what pushed me? 18 automatic guns found in the HS they would have attended….oozies. All handled on the QT, but I was in a position to be in the know. Had my house on the market within 3 weeks, worked my ass off painting and what not.😌

      • mothy2017 says:

        Were I starting over Id be out in the boonies. It’s like under obama they ran a social engineering experiment with my neighborhood. My favorite is when local proggies beat the diversity is our strength drum and try to frame my opinions as simple racism. Sorry that’s a big no. K thru 12 at least a 100 ESL students have been placed here. How can any thinkingvperson not see that there is a cost. Everything is about feelings. MoFo’s put yard signs up welcoming our new neighbors and attend diversity iscour strength bullshit atvthe library. Gag. One of the kids is from Basra. She sleeps here most school nights. Has a toothbrush. It’s dark in the morning or there are snow delays. Single, working mom. It’s not a big deal. Extra bowl of cereal. Pup’s vegetarian so pizza no pepperoni is not an expense. I have been called islamophobic for supporting Trump. Huh? What? You put up a sign and want government to take care of everything. I say no more, but hold nothing against a child and actually help out a working mother because she’s a working mom nothing to do with her place of birth. What do they do? A resistance sign. How benevolent. I get looks. Last week a black kid called me uncle. The PTA terrorists were dumbfounded. He went to the other elementary school, we have two. He’s my brother’s nephew, but spends holidays with us. He’s essentially my nephew. It hurts their prog minds that I don’t fit into their narrow slot. The gay Republican thing must truly baffle them. I would dress in Trump gear 24/7 if not for the brat. The teachers make it known they hate him. Battle I choose not to engage.

        • John Denney says:

          Your attitude is good, and reminds me of the first and last paragraphs in this; your opponents may be represented in the middle paragraph:

          Who among you is wise and understanding? Let him show by his good behavior his deeds in the gentleness of wisdom.

          But if you have bitter jealousy and selfish ambition in your heart, do not be arrogant and so lie against the truth. This wisdom is not that which comes down from above, but is earthly, natural, demonic. For where jealousy and selfish ambition exist, there is disorder and every evil thing.

          But the wisdom from above is first pure, then peaceable, gentle, reasonable, full of mercy and good fruits, unwavering, without hypocrisy. And the seed whose fruit is righteousness is sown in peace by those who make peace.
          James 3:13-18

  44. Dora says:

    Jeb isn’t going to like this. Neither will GW for that matter.

  45. Dora says:

    More Winning!


    President Trump has thrown out the executive order supporting Michelle Obama’s “Let’s Move” program and replaced it an order emphasizing sports instead.

    • DeniseVB says:

      He already dumped her stupid lunch program. Let’s Move was merely a cover for her to travel and hula hoop around the world. Other than dedicating the WH garden to herself, she really didn’t make much difference in anything in 8 years. I’m enjoying Melania being more low key rather than that flashy attention grabber Michelle was.

    • John Denney says:

      Proper exercise, proper nutrition, proper rest. Valuing and helping your teammates be their best.
      We need a Federal program for that?

  46. Dora says:

    For movie fans.


    Searing Big Screen “Chappaquiddick” Thriller: Mary Jo Kopechne as First #MeToo Victim of Kennedy Family Money, Power and Corruption

  47. Cisco says:

    Read it and weep.
    Chicago will,issue ID cards to anyone, which will make them eligible to vote.
    Corrupt SanctuaryCity Chicago getting the illegal alien vote for mid-term and general election.,amp.html

    • Cisco says:

      Municipal ID cards that Mayor Rahm Emanuel is launching for undocumented immigrants and others will be a valid form of identification for people both registering to vote and voting in Chicago, according to a letter aldermen received Friday.

      Clerk Anna Valencia, who’s heading up the CityKey program, cited state election rules to explain why the Chicago Board of Election Commissioners will accept the card.

      “The Illinois Election Code requires the Board of Elections to accept current, valid photo identification cards and other local governmental documentation that includes an individual’s name and address, as proof of identity and residency,” Valencia’s letter reads in part. “The CityKey fits both of these requirements.”
      But if you aren’t a citizen, you aren’t supposed to vote – except you can lie and get a ballot anyway.”

    • John Denney says:

      Only responsible adults should vote.
      Only responsible adults should keep and bear arms.

      Voila! A voter ID card should be a concealed carry permit!

      What? You don’t trust your voters?

  48. Dora says:

  49. mothy2017 says:

    I am 3lbs from goal of 155! Off to the gym.

    • swanspirit says:

      Congratulations!!!! 💪💪💪🚴🚴🚴🏃🏃🏃

    • helenk3 says:


    • mothy2017 says:

      I had never been to the gym before. Walk a lot as I don’t drive but never did anything one could deem exercise unless you count running to the bar for last call. 51 and I will have gone 24 times in February. I love it. First few times I was like what are these torture machines. How can anyone want to be here. I watched the clock promising myself 30 minutes. I now have to make myself leave after an hour and a half. It is so life affirming. Loads of gray hair people demanding some more time. I watched as my father left. Saw my mother cradle him begging him to come back. Sat with his body until the funeral home came to take him ( someone referred to the cost of that a few weeks ago – it was 650 to go 12 houses away). I have a responsibility to a little girl. How I handle grief will effect how she confronts challenges. Kids who see their parents read more often become readers. Handling the loss properly (as if there is a “way”) was paramount. I ain’t spent almost 12 years with da brat to stumble now. The gym was a Godsend. I had already acclimated to the fitness culture when he died. I guess normal people know that exercise is healthy. I was a sick kid with a bad ticker. That was a world for other people not me. So many scars. Will not teach my brat to be defeated. I chose to have her in my life. Would be so wrong not to bear witness as a fighter. She is learning – what will I show her?
      I am still forming how sick I feel over progs and treatment of children and this ties in. Just can’t put it all together.
      Anywho at 51 I have made some yuuuuge changes. It can be done. Sharing because as we age it seems there’s always something bringing ya down. Christ we have to get a colonoscopy. Hell on Earth. I saw the light leave my fathers eyes. It’s not gone. He gave me so much. Everyone here is truly amazing. My sincere hope is that you all take care of you.
      Sorry so long. Missed my bus. Thanks again for the kindness after my Dad’s passing.

    • Cisco says:

      Time to celebrate mothy.

    • John Denney says:

      Go Mothy!!

  50. Dora says:

    I can’t believe this! I mean, I believe it, but I just can’t believe it. If that makes any sense.


    A California university is offering a class focused solely on the topic of removing President Trump from office.

    San Diego State University is offering a one-unit course in March called “Trump: Impeachment, Removal or Conviction?” taught by Professor John Joseph Cleary.

  51. Miranda says:

    Dick’s Sporting Goods caved. Sigh.

  52. Cisco says:

    Mother of Mercy.
    Who would let their daughter walk out the door like.

    Lifted from CTH

    • swanspirit says:

      I saw those. I really have no words. WTH some people do to their children.💔

      • mothy2017 says:

        I always think of Amy Scumer’s dad when she pulls her antics. Imagine your daughter promising to always go down as her wedding vow. How can she embarrass him like that. What kind of man wouldn’t be mortified hearing his child talk about oral sex. Is that somehow cool. Creepy.

      • votermom says:

        I bet their moms are Planned Parenthood donors so these gals are lucky to be alive.

  53. DeniseVB says:

    I’m sure this is a photoshop 😛

  54. DeniseVB says:

    LOL ! “Give me money so I can give back” What a pant load…..

    • Cisco says:

      F’king grifter.
      Where’s my $1,200 savings on ObamaCare?

    • lateblum says:

      Isn’t he just the Worst? He tried to convince those who are fearful of gentrification in their ‘hood if the o’bama center is built in Jackson Park. He said there is no such thing as “too much” rebuilding on the south side. Of course, he doesn’t live there so it’s easy for him to say. Also he said that 20, 30 years from now, people will be glad of the center being in Jackson Park. Again, that is so far in the future – more than a life time for many who live on the South Side – that some won’t be alive in 5 years.
      His $3m is intended to go to an astro-turf field for sports on the grounds. (I guess proving he is an athlete or something) You know, for all those athletes who will never have a chance after they drop out or fail to matriculate. or aren’t drafted into the NBA or NFL or MLB. He is such a smarmy POS. I hope the neighborhood and the city turn on him. But with Rahmbo as mayor that is highly unlikely.

  55. Dora says:

  56. taw46 says:

    “Even worse has been Hogg’s attitude toward those who have had the temerity to disagree with him. Here, one suspects, he has been let down by those around him, the loudest of whom have evidently led him to believe that our complex political discourse can be circumvented by the blunt issuing of demands. The gun debate in America remains intractable, consisting not only of difficult legislative questions, but of elaborate constitutional, sociopolitical, historical, and criminal inquiries, too. For some reason, David Hogg has come to suppose that he can slice through this reality by issuing threats: Give me what I want, or I’ll stop using FedEx; give me what I want, or I won’t go back to school; give me what I want, or Florida’s economy gets it. And, by the way, I’m going to outlive you…

    This, suffice it to say, is not how republics work, and whether he likes it or not, Hogg lives in a republic. There is no Angry Victim clause in our constitutional text.”

  57. Dora says:

  58. Dora says:

    It looks so empty.

  59. Dora says:

    Let them build it in Kenya!

    • Jadzia says:

      That just took me down memory lane, showing the kid lots of pix of u of c. Seems like all the dorms and libraries, all that beautiful architecture, was maintained for 100 years until the university went on a demolition and selling spree about 5 years ago. Blackstone gone, Broadview gone, the Shoreland gone, Students kicked out of Ida Noyés…. i barely recognize the place.

  60. lyn says:

    FB won’t let me post today, but I was able to share Anna’s great link:

  61. lyn says:

  62. lyn says:

  63. lyn says:

  64. Dora says:

    I just saw Linda Bird with her husband Chuck Robb at the memorial.

    She was looking all around to see if anyone noticed her. So far, I’m the only one who did. 🙂

  65. DeniseVB says:

    • lateblum says:

      There were two high schools in the same district just outside Chicago (I believe) whose students walked out “in solidarity” with Stoneman Douglas HS. One of the schools granted an exception to the students who walked out. The other school charged the students with skipping school and are requiring all students serve a Saturday detention for leaving the school without permission.
      One of the PARENTS whined on the news saying, “It’s not fair!” I continue to shake my head at the juvenile reaction of the parent. The fun never ends…..

  66. John Denney says:

    Only responsible adults should keep and bear arms.
    Only responsible adults should be allowed to vote.

    Sounds like a win-win to me: your voter ID is your concealed carry license.

    What? You don’t want your fine, upstanding, illegal immigrant rocket scientists packing heat?

    You racist pig.

  67. Underwhelmed says:

    They don’t understand anything.

  68. helenk3 says:

    look at schiff and hogg and tell me they are not related. skinny neck, nutty eyes, big head

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