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Virginia is For Lovers, 2018 U.S. Senate Edition

I love Nick Freitas, he’s challenging Tim Kaine this fall. Corey Stewart is also good, yet the VA-GOP will probably f**k this up, make them kill each other in the primary and Tim wins, again. Let’s just elect Nick now….. … Continue reading

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Getting 8-10 hours of sleep each day has really screwed up my blogging. And I still haven’t broken 300. I’m gonna be 58 in a few weeks!

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Good Morning Sunshine Tuesday

Open Thread and the world says hello ❤

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OMG! It’s Monday!

The obligatory Sam Nunberg dumpster fire interview. I didn’t hear any eyewitness testimony regarding criminal activity.

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Oscars Post Mortem

Whoopi cleans up nice, though I thought this was a photo of Oprah at first. Open Thread !

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Trump Slays Media

Unfortunately, there is no video. “My staff was concerned that I couldn’t do self-deprecating humor,” Trump said. “And I told them not to worry, nobody does self-deprecating humor better than I do.” I know that Trump did a great job … Continue reading

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Saturday Open Thingie

Blah blah blah.

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I Wanna See It! I Wanna See It!

Mom asked me if I wanted to go see Lady Bird or Winchester with her. I came up with some different options. We’re negotiating.

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How’s the Weather ?

I think they named this east coast storm Bombogenesis or something. Trash barrels are blowing around the neighborhood like tumbleweeds, thank goodness a car comes along every now and then “to stop” them 😀 Meanwhile it’s a great day to … Continue reading

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The View From Inside The Punchbowl

Same planet, different dimension: The News Keeps… breaking. I feel we’re at the stage in the reaction where we have overcome some energy barrier and it’s all downhill from here. As I mentioned before, Masha Gessen, a Russian American observer … Continue reading

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