Memorial Day Weekend Is Not Just About Mattress Sales and Hot Dogs

Take a moment to honor and reflect.

Ok, now go shop and eat 😉  Open Thread !

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151 Responses to Memorial Day Weekend Is Not Just About Mattress Sales and Hot Dogs

  1. DeniseVB says:

    Happy Memorial Day is not an option, I hate when I see that …. though Memorial Day’s become the kick off for summer and Labor Day the end of summer. Crazy. 😀

  2. Island Girl says:


  3. Island Girl says:


  4. elliesmom says:

    My dad was a dedicated member of the American Legion. Every Memorial Day he was in charge of the fried chicken dinner. It was always followed by bocce. In lieu of flowers, I always make fried chicken and get out the bocce set. Dad had a bronze star, a purple heart, and pride in his service. He passed his love of country on to his kids, The two he fathered and the three he became a father to. In my family Memorial Day was always his day more than Father’s Day.

  5. lyn says:

    The media has another monkey to spank. The replies are crazy.

    • lyn says:

      • Lulu says:

        The Broncobama Iran Deal club are some of the biggest idiots who have ever been in government. It didn’t take a bunch of ex-Mossad to prove it either. The “film” The Final Year shows Rhodes (especially), Kerry, Bronco, and Power in all their idiot glory. I hooted laughing watching clips.

  6. DandyTIger says:

    • Myiq2xu™ says:

      As distasteful as being associated with him is, he does have some cred in the black community. But I’m pretty sure that Lincoln and Grant could both make strong cases that they did more than Trump.

      • Lulu says:

        Even that old shit Farakhan knows that the more economic independence all minorities have the better off they are in all ways. Bronco/progs/globalists/open borderers want the opposite. It is ruinous for them. JUST LIKE IT IS FOR EVERYONE.

    • votermom says:

      Kanye effect?

  7. Myiq2xu™ says:

    • Myiq2xu™ says:

      • Dora says:

        That thought was made into a song a while ago. “Poor Johnny One Note’. I think it’s from a Broadway musical. 🙂

      • Lulu says:

        The global climate change scam collapsed faster than they can comprehend. It will be one of Bronco’s other failed “legacy”. Cut da money off and it collapsed like a whoopee cushion.

    • 1539days says:

      But wouldn’t global warming make people browner? Racists don’t want that.

  8. Dora says:

    In case you missed it.


    “President Trump on Friday signed three executive orders overhauling the federal bureaucracy

    The first executive order aims to strengthen accountability for federal employees and makes it easier to fire poor performers in the federal government.

    The second executive order creates a federal labor relations working group to analyze union contracts with the federal government. It also makes it harder to pay federal unions to appeal firings and to lobby Congress.

    The third executive order, focused on federal unions,… requires federal employees to spend at least 75 percent of their time working on the job they were hired to do, as opposed to working on federal union work. It will also allow the federal government to start charging unions for office space in federal buildings. ”

    • Lulu says:

      Federal unions have plenty of money to pay employees to do union work rather than keeping them on the federal payroll. But that would cut down on how much money they give to the Dem Party.

      • lateblum says:

        Too bad he didn’t also regulate the political donations unions are allowed to make. All my union supporting friends and family members think me a traitor because #child labor or some such idiocy. They were furious with me when I refused to picket and instead actually did the work I had been hired to do.

  9. Dora says:

    I think these kids should all go home and have some milk and cookies.

    • Lulu says:

      I’m sure that the protest went over like a lead balloon with the customers trying to shop for a holiday weekend. Two year olds laying in the floor blocking people trying to get milk and eggs, etc having a fit is not a good look. Who exactly is supposed to be sympathetic to brattiness?

    • Anthony says:

      Maybe it’s time for the Hogglet brigade to admit they’re an OFA/Soros paid mob who are really protesting Trump and not guns?

    • DeniseVB says:

      Publix should have called the police and had these kids removed. Problem solved.

  10. Dora says:

    Poor Harvey. NOT!


    ‘I thought Dr Dre really let himself go’: Harvey Weinstein courtroom sketches flood social media with people poking fun at the chubby disgraced Hollywood producer and likening him to E.T.

  11. Dora says:


  12. Dora says:

    I don’t believe there will be civil war because the Europeans aren’t willing to fight back to protect their land. Instead, I predict it will turn into a mass slaughter once there are enough of the invaders.

    • Lulu says:

      They have to end welfare. They aren’t there yet because they like it so very much. But freebies and drugs and lax criminal codes is what draws these types of migrants. Free housing and food while drug dealing or running car theft rings is a dream lifestyle for thugs. We have the same problem with Mexican/Central America criminal classes.

  13. Myiq2xu™ says:

    I’m pretty sure that Obama asked the question, but it could easily be Comey too.

  14. lateblum says:

    Why do I now see this message on my screen:

    Privacy & Cookies: This site uses cookies. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Cookie Policy

    I’ve never seen this here before now. Is anyone else seeing it?

    • 1539days says:

      Might be part of the new European internet rules.

    • gram krakka says:


    • lateblum says:

      Thanks everyone. ❣️

    • SHV says:

      Over the past week or so, I have been getting pop ups on web sites about “new privacy” procedures. New US, EU(?) regulations??

      • Jadzia says:

        It’s the EU rules. As of yesterday, the LA Times simply was blocking people from Europe. I am taking this as an opportunity to passively unsubscribe from every email list I ever subscribed to.

        • Jadzia says:

          I don’t know if I’m seeing what you guys are seeing, but about half the websites I have visited today have blocked me from seeing anything unless I check a box to agree to waive whatever my rights are under this new EU law, the details of which I have frankly been too busy to familiarize myself with. I don’t check the box, I just go elsewhere.

          • Ann says:

            Pretty much the internet for the EU stopped today if you (generic you meaning people located in the EU) are unwilling to tick that box (but you may have also been blocked and not have a choice to see the content).

    • taw46 says:

      Yes, and so far just here at TCH. I haven’t seen it on other pages I have visited today.

    • swanspirit says:

      Yes, saw it the other day.

    • Ann says:


      A website can have geotargeting software so it only pops up for people in the EU, but since that idiotic law extends to “citizens of the EU” anywhere they are in the world, many sites have decided to do the pop-up for everyone who stops-in.

      This is a WordPress hosted site, so WordPress probably decided to do it for all on their sites. Non-WordPress-hosted sites have some built-in options with the last update.

      You will now see tick boxes for newsletters, affiliate links (those should be better geo-targeted though, and “may” only be shown to EU country IPS), and privacy policies are now obnoxiously long (I want to write one that says, “are you too stupid to think!? You are tracked everywhere online, and even a proxy server only protects you so much”).

      The biggest thing with this stupidity is the EU declared the whole world must comply, and they will sue people/companies who are not based in (or citizen of) in the EU!! I know a TON of bloggers that simply blocked all of the EU – not worth it for the tiny bit of traffic. (I contemplated it, and decided against it. Let them find me and “warn” me.)

      The lawsuit against Google and Facebook was t-ed up to go the second this nonsense went hard yesterday.

      Soooo in conclusion, that is what the 4716312 privacy policy updates you have received in your email this past week were all about. That is what the cookies + privacy are about on websites (the cookie policy has been in place for the EU for years – I’ve had that pop-up forever because Google made us comply if we wanted to keep google ads). And this is what I have been pulling my hair out over for the last month as the law’s pièce de résistance is that it is vaguely written without any firm guidance.

      • Ann says:

        *That is what the cookies + privacy

        That is what the cookies + privacy pop-ups

        We’ve all had to have privacy policies in place due to Google. They are now just beefed up to say what information is being tracked, stored, and how it is being used. The old “if you are not paying for the product, you are the product” vis-à-vis targeted ads.

      • taw46 says:

        Thanks for the explanation.

      • DeniseVB says:

        The one that popped up on TCH was for Word Press I suppose. I just keep clicking I Accept, never read those things anyhow. Hope I’m not going to be sorry, but here’s more info:

        • Ann says:

          No one reads them! That is what is so ridiculous about this. You go to a website, your IP is tracked. You leave a comment, your IP, “name” and email (and website if applicable) are saved. If people haven’t figured out how this internet-thing works by now, they should shut off the computer and pick up a book.

          Another nanny-state overreach to give lawyers billable hours.

          • DeniseVB says:

            Exactly. I’m so low on the internet food chain, nobody’s interested in where I go 😛 I don’t do online banking just in case. I also don’t take those cute little tests on FB asking me security questions for figuring out my porn star or pirate names 😀

      • Jadzia says:

        To be fair, it’s not like the United States has never played the universal jurisdiction game. A similar stunt with FATCA and FBARs and other tax issues resulted in me (and many others) being denied banking services because it was too difficult and expensive for foreign banks to comply with American law when said banks were providing local services to local citizens. My preferred outcome would be for each country to apply its own law on its own soil, but that ship has apparently sailed.

        • Ann says:

          I’m trying to figure out how this is the same thing, Jadzia. The world banks could have continued to tell the US to pound sand on this information, and it still would have been up to the American citizen to declare their interest in those foreign accounts (as American’s have had to do for almost 50 years).

          Those banks caved (even the Swiss! I know because I have a Swiss account) because they wanted in on (or to continue with) the US market. As I understand it, the banks are still under no obligation to report on US citizens if they do not want to do business in the US. (This carrot and stick is access to the US market.)

          With GDPR the EU – who is not the boss of me (since I do not live in the EU, do business with anyone in the EU, or have an EU passport (I mention this as you do not have to be an EU citizen to have an EU passport)) wants to tell me how I must do A, B and C “because they said so”. And when I say “me” I mean the rest of the world who are not EU citizens nor doing business on EU soil.

    • Constance says:

      Yes, I got that message too.

  15. Dora says:

    More Winning!

  16. lateblum says:

    OT… I just heard a report on news radio that there were MANY protestors who kept interrupting the Chicago City Council meeting yesterday when they were discussing the funding of the new police and fire department academy to be built. Nothing new there. Racism dontcha know.
    One of the alderman, I didn’t catch her name, became pretty disgusted and wearied of all the interruptions and finally said,

    “If you all have a problem with me, meet with me after this meeting. If you have a problem with the Police or Fire Department, next time you’re in trouble and need help, Don’t call 911.”

    She is one of the AA women aldermen from the South or West side. She sounded like a little bitty elderly woman. I hope she is. That would be even more awesome.

  17. driguana says:

    This is a really good article on Afghanistan…and, gee, guess where the fingers point???

  18. SHV says:

    “Chicago City Council meeting yesterday when they were discussing the funding of the new police and fire department academy to be built..”
    Project likely full of corruption, I think I read that current academy is located on valuable property and is being moved to empty land that was over priced.

    • lateblum says:

      Also, some of the city wards have been stiffed on infrastructure funds so the streets and sidewalks ar becoming more treacherous even without the ubiquitous handguns and violence. That was what one of the 2aldermen who voted against approval of the funding said. No! I take that back. That was said about the vote r/t the obama presidential center.

  19. helenk3 says:

    there are 18 year olds that have more integrity and backbone and are willing to serve to keep this country free. I salute them
    this there is this thing

  20. DeniseVB says:

    Would you look at those clown feet ! 😀

  21. lyn says:

  22. lyn says:

    Comey did Conan.

  23. Myiq2xu™ says:

  24. DeniseVB says:

    I just deleted and trashed my comment with a *Live* video Free Tommy Robinson protest in London. I couldn’t stop it and the camera work was making me car sick. Just in case you saw it, that’s why I removed it. There’s a link to it in this tweet…….

  25. Dora says:

    • DeniseVB says:

      I hope they start at the top. So much deadwood in top GS positions just hanging on waiting for retirement. They need to freeze hiring in the non-essential (you know those guys who get to stay home during blizzards and hurricanes) positions.

  26. lyn says:

    I like this guy.

    • DeniseVB says:

      Man, I’m going to start making ciggie runs from Virginia and sell “loosies” on the NYC streets to pay for my fabulous 5-star vacations 😉

      • swanspirit says:

        Some local friends of mine who smoked, used to drive to Virginia from here to buy their cartons of cigarettes for themselves. It’s only an hour drive, and there is lots of pretty scenery on the way. Even considering the cost of gas, it was cheaper than buying them here. Of course, quitting would have been cheaper too, but having been addicted myself long ago, I didn’t suggest it, because I knew they knew.
        But if and that’s the big IF ; you don’t get caught and go to prison, bootlegging cigs would be really profitable. Bora Bora sounds nice. 🌞🌞🌞🌴🌴🌴🌴🌴🌅🌅🌅

  27. Dora says:

    Regarding that American hostage.


    Family of American freed from Venezuela calls release a ‘miracle’

  28. lyn says:


  29. lyn says:

  30. DeniseVB says:

    True story, but Nick has primary challengers next month…..we’ll see who the GOPe will be pushing.

    • DeniseVB says:

  31. Seymour Clearly says:

    A soldier’s last letter to his wife:

    • lateblum says:

      Every time I hear this I am so touched. Touched by his love for his wife, and for his boys, and for his country. This is powerful and should be played every day in every public place so the ungrateful can understand what sacrifices were made that our way of life might be preserved.

  32. Underwhelmed says:

    So, the unprecedented bs following Trump’s election is because the deep state is terrified of what will come out. And now it seems the response to Parkland was ginned up for the same reason.

    • Lulu says:

      The porn hounds and drug dealers selling VA hospital drugs will now be on the street. Of course they can file for civil service disability if they can convince anyone they are nuts.

  33. DeniseVB says:

    Ha, Hogg’s “victory” at Pubiix? Not so fast, they’re pulling ALL their political funding !

    • Lulu says:

      Yep. Backfire. I am starting to believe that public corporations should contribute ZERO to anything. That is money that belongs to the stockholders and the stockholders can contribute if they want to do so. Contributing other people’s money or property is not cricket.

    • DandyTIger says:

      Funny thing about retail that tends to have middle class or working class customers that virtue signal for the 1% elite progs. They end up losing a lot of their actual customers because the 1% don’t shop at those places.

  34. SHV says:

    Weird story, a friend of Al’s returned from grocery shopping yesterday and found her husband lying in the front yard, dead. This AM found her 91 yo mother, who was living with her, dead in bed.

  35. Dora says:

  36. Dora says:

  37. taw46 says:

    More outrage and lies from the commie left about Trump losing 1500 kids. Now also seeing it on FB from the left who repeat the MSM talking points. They NEVER bother to try and uncover facts.

  38. taw46 says:

    We have had two days of rain, rain, and more rain. And breezy weather. All from not a tropical storm #Alberto. I think one more day to go.

  39. Cisco says:

    According to emails obtained via a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request, first reported by The Baltimore Post, advisors to then-President Barack Obama immediately strategized how to exploit the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary school to push their gun control agenda. “Tap peoples [sic] emotions,” Chicago mayor Rahm Emanuel advised then-Education Secretary Arne Duncan on December 16, 2012, just two days after the massacre that left 26 dead. The victims’ bodies were yet to be laid to rest.
    The two discussed how they could exploit the tragedy to bring about their anti-gun agenda. “What are your thoughts?” Duncan asked Emanuel on an email with the subject line, “CT shooting.”

    “Go for a vote this week asap before it fades,” replied Emanuel. “Tap peoples [sic] emotion. Make it simple assault weapons.”
    Nice people,eh?
    No wonder where Snotzi Hogg gets his ideas.
    Tks. SSC

  40. Dora says:

  41. Cisco says:

    No tv for rest of Memorial Day weekend.
    I hate, abhor the “sales” being pitched.
    Such a sacred day.
    Arlington Cemetery, Tomb of The Unknown(s), Taps.

  42. DeniseVB says:

    TCM, on now: From Here to Eternity ❤

  43. DeniseVB says:

    Pretty much true 😀

  44. DandyTIger says:

    Muppet outtakes

  45. taw46 says:

    We are now under a Tropical Storm Warning for the “not a tropical storm” #Alberto. Lol.

  46. Dora says:

  47. DeniseVB says:

    Been following the Tommy Christopher ragey crowds today, also joined the FB groups, Pro Great Britain and Make Britain Great Again. Lots of US peeps joining too asking how they can help! SEND TRUMP and THE MARINES. LOL.

    • swanspirit says:

      I have been following that too, and it seems weird to me, that he was arrested, tried, and convicted in about an hour. Who ordered that? I am not acquainted with British legal proceedings, but it seems to me that is not the usual procedure. Did someone have to order that done, and if so who could, and who would and did?
      Also, from what the Brits are saying, Robinson’s life is truly at risk, in prison in the midst of violent Muslims, so this may be a death sentence.

      • DeniseVB says:

        Tommy’s very controversial, sort of if Milo and Alex Jones had a son. The Brits are reacting to that trial-conviction-jail, they’re very frightened by that. As much as lefty journos annoy me, I wouldn’t want this to happen to them. It could happen here too, but it won’t be the lefties tossed in jail.

        • swanspirit says:

          Right! Controversial, shouldn’t equal a jail sentence! For anyone. As much as I think Acosta could cool his heels for a few days behind bars.😎

        • taw46 says:

          The left considers him controversial because he speaks the truth about Islam and the invasion of the UK. Has for years.

      • DeniseVB says:

        Of course, Mark Dice can explain it better…..

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