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Don’t #WalkAway – Run!

We are in an existential battle between good and evil, and we’re not evil. John Hawkins: I’ve been around politics for almost two decades now and one thing I have learned about liberals in politics is that they do not … Continue reading

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Saturday Open Thread

Love it. After decades of promoting & courting singles, single moms, and teaching the young to hate their families of origin, here we are. LMAO. Trump knows what he's doing. #FamiliesBelongTogetherMarch — Lola (@lovelalola) June 30, 2018

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Abolish Ice?

I wish Democrats would make up their damn minds. After years of hyperventilating that global warming was gonna melt all the ice, now they want to abolish it. This is an open thread.

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I can’t believe I missed this one

Forget who made it and listen to the words. He’s right. It felt GOOD. Now here’s a message for the Democrats:

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Is it just me or is Trump getting better at this?

Two years ago you could get almost 100% agreement on both sides of the political aisle that Trump was not smooth and polished like your typical career politician. Some people saw that as a good thing, and some people saw … Continue reading

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BREAKING: Justice Kennedy to Retire

The Donald gets another pick on the Court. This is why elections matter. VOTE this November. Ginsberg ain't getting any younger. — Lola (@lovelalola) June 27, 2018

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We Haven’t Reached Peak Batshit Yet

I don’t want ANY of these people to EVER hold power again. If this mass insanity doesn’t peak by November then God help us all. (Graphic courtesy of Legal Insurrection)

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